The Fall of the Butcher Al Assad

This prediction was posted in 2012 and clearly October is a key time frame of when things would unravel for Al Assad. For Syria,  the spiritual force that guides me wants to remind you that they will always stand with you against your transgressors, you are not alone, they want you to know they stand with you in your darkest hour and promise there will be peace one day. The old prediction, wrong in its year, reads:

Prediction 28: The Fall of Bashar Al Assad
Around October 2012 Bashar Al Assad will be dethroned from his position as Syria’s leader.  The people of Syria rejoice! Rejoice! The bloody butchers reign is closing. Finally Peace!
Everything really starts to unfold in September and carries over to October. This prediction is posted fairly early, but in the coming weeks you will see a shift in regards to the war in Syria.

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  1. Richard Avatar

    Hi Eric,

    Regarding the September 28th terror attacks you mentioned earlier; do you see it directly related to Syria and Iran in their desire for retaliation against western intervention/bombing of Syria? And if so, in the aftermath of any terror attacks, will it prompt the US and Israel to launch a counter-offensive against Syria and Iran?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am not sure if we should be calling it a terror attack. The spider has also been used in the senseless school shootings as well. It is expected to be sinister act. But unrelated there are other predictions clearly talking about terrorist attacks. So it could be. Al Qaeda and its factions continue to be at the front of those attacks for now.

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  3. star48 Avatar

    Ref: Assad regime..
    With Russia,Turkey, and Iran for Assad.,,

    It is difficult to believe that Assad will fall. However I believe spirit only tells the absolute truth..

    So please, can you get any update from Spirit if it is this October?

    In the news today.. summit…
    To looming battle in Syria Idlib.'s-Idlib

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will ask after the earthquakes and storms are covered

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