Predictions 5-27-17

I had a visual of pieces of a ship. One person was stranded.

The countdown of this prediction is complete, we are expecting this prediction within 1 to 2 days: Predictions 5-20-17

Spirit also implied that the next terror attack would happen soon after the ship incident: Predictions 5-24-17

India, I had a visual of a great multitude of people in the hospital with injuries and some unfortunately deceased.


(I believe 4 means ‘for’)

The implication in India was a horrible accident. Perhaps a train accident.

690 was presented as a correction to this message even though I know of no holiday? : “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 holiday.” That is their countdown to the next attack, they would later add zero next to a Tuesday or Wednesday box on a calendar.

It sounds like we are talking about June 9th. But we are still expecting the first attack with the pool either at the end or beginning of the month. But we should receive a completed countdown for that first attack. Does that mean this Tuesday/Wednesday  is the first attack?

I had a visual of a river that began to rage faster and faster. There is a great change coming for all of you. The world will change faster and faster. So many of you will try so hard to hold onto an old world that no longer exist.

41 thoughts on “Predictions 5-27-17

  1. Eric, Monday is a bank holiday in the UK, a national holiday, so a long weekend there… Could that be the holiday?

      1. Hi Eric, hope all is well with you again…I’m back on deck but sleeping is all out of whack, hence why this early morning post, Aussie time.
        Could the holidays be holy days?
        Ramadan is a holy time for Muslims from 26th May till 24th June.

  2. Eric, your interpretation of June 9 as the “zero” sounds right. But, here is also another way to think of it, which incorporates the “holiday” reference: if you read the old countdown backwards starting with the holiday of Memorial Day Monday May 29, then go 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1… The “1” lands on Tuesday June 6…then the implied “zero” would be Wed June 7. (adding the zero changes the original countdown of “8 digits” to a countdown of “9 digits”. ) Do you think that fits with the messages/corrections you were getting?

  3. Eric somali piretes kidnap south Korea fisher ship .so south Korea order and send army to rescue this ship .ithink this boat end taragic event .we look closely what is going on .on this boat .

  4. What type of change is coming? Spiritual? Political, boy wouldn’t that be nice. Economic? Environmental? Or all the above in some fasion?

  5. Does the “great change” prediction have anything to do with the prediction about the position change of the constellations (which would mean Earth changes)?

  6. I can feel how the climate is changing rapidly. Like North Pole is coming over where I am living. Will there be summer at all? It’s late here and I can’t feel it arriving.

  7. eric the old world is dying and changing, how do you inprase the new world, with so much change, terror, and unspeakable acts? please ask the council, to point out good stuff, so that many people, can see hope,,,,, feel hope…… and experience good….. a lot of people, do want to go home, so any good info, will help so many…. always, thank you for all you do!

  8. Eric the changes you speak about is this another “truth”? Was there any elaboration on it? Thanks!

  9. today all british airqays
    flights cancelled out
    of heathrow. computer
    IT issue. planes stranded
    on tarmac and airport on

    1. Mari hasn’t there been other airlines who have had this same problem lately? I seem to recall at least one other one, it may have been for a different reason, I can’t remember.

      1. hi karen
        united and delta also…
        seems very strange ..seems deliberate.
        i have been flying for many
        years and never remember anything
        like this happening even after

  10. also today terminal A closed at newark. pressure cooket
    found but was not active. news said
    security concerned that it could have been
    a distraction or a dry run.,

  11. Eric,
    That CEO’s wife died in a boating accident. Do you think that’s the ship prediction? It seems to be the only thing that fits.

    If it is, “the spirit said the next attack would happen soon after the ship incident” implies a terror attack could happen soon. And didn’t you mention Tuesday and Wednesday being marked, and being worried about May 30th-June 1st?
    All that seems to imply something happening within a few days–unless the attackers change their plans.

    Just a theory, anyway.

  12. There are two attacks back to back.
    “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 holiday.” That is their countdown to the next attack, they would later add zero next to a box on calendar.
    It sounds like around 8 minutes there is going to be another group of attacks


    Counting on July 24th, its 8 days.
    It’s produced on a Wednesday.

    If it is this attack is the second (and the prediction of the pool ? > The threat of a bomb at the castfield campus)

    So, the next attack should be very close.
    “holiday” : During The Pentecost Monday is June 5th ? (also known as Monday of the Holy Spirit).

    Today, a big terrorist attack is produced in Kabul, Afghanistan, near the German embassy.
    The presidential palace is near the place (the castle prediction?)
     At the moment, there are 430 people affected, including 80 dead.


    1. But, the countdown announced on May 24 from 8 was corrected later in 9.
      So if it’s a countdown in days:
      The second attack is expected to occur on 1 or 2 June. (By hiding or not the 24 as the departure date) (unless it is the attack of kabul)

      “We mean 9. The number 9 is the countdown.”
      There is no doubt that this is not the case. Memorandum of Understanding.

      Other possibilities:
      1) The countdown refers to June 9 (if no counter displays 0)
      2) Another date

      Everything will depend on the countdown to 0. However, they are rarely mentioned just before the event.

      If the attack on Kabul is the second attack corresponding to the countdown 8
      The third terrorist attack is expected tomorrow (the countdown to 9).

      1. Is this the third attack?
        If so, then my assumption yesterday is correct.
        If the attack on Kabul is the second attack corresponding to the countdown 8
        The third terrorist attack is expected tomorrow (the countdown to 9).

        There are two attacks back to back.

        “Hotel.. 160.. each individual brutally murdered.. there (their?) falling apart.. yet another terror attack.” — Spirits voice

        160 > 01/06/17 ?

        Attack on a big hotel-casino in Manila

        To escape the shooting perpetrated by an unknown several people jumped out the window of the first floor and received serious injuries.

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