Predictions 5-24-17

Three terror attacks coming. We started with several other messages first:

The yacht/ship prediction is about to happen, they also corrected it by saying the ‘singer/dancer is not about the yacht but Manchester. The previous prediction: Predictions 5-20-17

The baron.. duke will pass soon. (unfortunately that could be Prince Philip)

The deadly storm that will strike Australia is about to form.

Trump.. one person after another dropped.. take it as an omen of when things are about to unravel.

There will be a coup by congress… Latin America.

The attacks:

The first: Deadly game..  I had a visual I was under water watching 3 young people diving into a pool racing to the other side.. “the blood of fathers and mothers”.. around 15.. package with an explosive.. in just a few minutes.. in 2.

The castle.. castle..  under threat. (Castle was used several times it could be the location but also could be a separate prediction)

The youth of the swimmers implied a high school or college. I need to verify if this is about the UK. New Castle? There is another prediction very similar, but in that prediction the US was mentioned? Predictions 8-23-16

Whether related or not Spirit said the word ‘John Walker’.

Then the other two attacks:

There are two attacks back to back.

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 holiday.” That is their countdown to the next attack, they would later add zero next to a Tuesday or Wednesday box on a calendar.

It sounds like around 8 minutes there is going to another group of attacks

You can’t keep him down.. someone radicalized him..

How dare they attack us.. war is coming.. bombs will fall. (This is not Spirits voice but a tone they were relating to the future.)

Unfortunately we did not have time to finish our work, it turned to 5am and I began to doze off, so we will try and get the rest of the details very soon. Spirit implied these next two attacks were old predictions. Perhaps those below:  US: Prediction: US Terror Attacks  Turkey: Predictions 8-23-16

I had a visual I pulled out a bee hive from the ground to see bees fly in every direction. (sounds like I stir up something, hitting a hornets nest as they say, though I am not trying too?)


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  1. Donna Avatar

    Thank you for the info Eric; and for keeping us up to date! I hope whatever was going on in your life is ok and I am glad you are back! Thank you

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  2. Holaca Avatar

    I wonder if john walker is NZ gold medalist Olympic runner, he now has Parkinson’s not sure unless its referring to New Zealand as our main political offices in Wellington are called the beehive, could be connected?

    1. Francine Avatar

      OR John Walker Lindh, the American who joined ISIS. He is imprisoned now but could be getting messages out.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I did not know that, thank you

    2. Kim Avatar

      There was a spy John Walker along with several others including his son who spied for Russia in the 1980’s he gave them info to decipher coded messages. He died in prison 2014. Possibly another spy ring revealed?

      1. jérémie Laigre Avatar
        jérémie Laigre

        This could mean an event regarding the Russian / Trump affair.

        “Russia.. an image is leaked.. Washington continues to be topsy turvy.. one that changes the scope of the investigation dramatically. ”

        “Trump will now be exposed.. the truth now out.”

        “Now the state knows.. a direct line of collusion between Trumps people and Russia.”

        “We pay our deepest respects to the great journalist”
        Spirit showed an image of Woodward and Bernstein but that might just be an example.

    3. psychic chris Avatar
      psychic chris

      our election is on september 23, the beehive theory could mean election 2017 could be a very messy election indeed.

  3. Linda Blair Avatar
    Linda Blair

    Hi Eric, lots of ominous events coming up…thank you and thank you spirit for your watchful eyes. I hope and pray that this will be diverted…as always, will share this prediction on Facebook for my friends and family. These poor people in England certainly do not need another attack…they are already dealing with so much pain….God bless them all

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  4. Rob Avatar

    Eric in terms of war being immanent I feel its war in North Korea. The US has sent 2 aircraft carriers, 2 nuclear subs, over 100 F-16’s have been doing drills in Guam, F-35’s have been sent over. Sounds like a military build up to me.

    1. Linda Blair Avatar
      Linda Blair

      Agree…just read that TRUMP told another country about top secret plans about nuclear war…..ugh!!!!

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It could, they did not say who yet.

    3. kim Avatar

      I think the Feeling is nondescriptive at the point but immiinent, it will happen and World War III is here. We will see it happen in our lifetime.
      There’s so much hate in this world I see it everyday even by simple gestures that most people ignore to the detriment of our future because as a whole, we’re not trained on what to do about it.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        In our lifetime yes, but we still have a decade or two away

  5. Sonndra May Avatar

    Eric, Johnnie Walker is a high end, popular Scotch whiskey. Established in 1820 by JOHN WALKER, Kilmarnock, Scotland, where no doubt there are castles near.

    1. Francine Avatar

      I have a feeling we are not done hearing from and about John Walker Lindh.

  6. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    “Trump.. one person after another dropped.. take it as an omen of when things are about to unravel Could you please explain?

    1. Sonndra May Avatar

      Nathan, a couple of days ago I read that the identity of the leakers in DC have finally been revealed. (Leaking classified info is a felony crime and according to Clapper’s testimony before Congress, a danger to national security). Since the identities have become known, the news is that we can expect firings. That seems to match “one person after another dropped”. Also, bombshell revelations have started re: Seth Rich’s murder, the DNC, and Obama admission to FISA court his administration had illegally spied on Anericans….. No doubt other bombshells and unraveling that we know nothing about YET.

      1. Francine Avatar

        Very excellent points, Sonndra.

      2. Tot Avatar

        It doesn’t really sound like the prediction Sonndra.

      3. keokihi Avatar

        Fox news retracted the story about Seth Rich, the DNC and WikiLeaks.
        Hannity is losing advertisers for still pushing this conspiracy theory.

      4. Francine Avatar

        Keokihi, Julian Assange is the one who first indicated Seth Rich as the leak. It is no conspiracy theory. Assange insists the leaks are not from or by Russia.

      5. anita Avatar

        Francine, it was actually a Reddit user who created this conspiracy theory; it then spread to Twitter and 4chan before Assange used it to bring doubt into the whole Russian meddling/collusion/possible ties to Wikileaks. Here’s a timeline detailing how the Rich conspiracy theory came to fruition:

      6. Francine Avatar

        Anita, Assange IS Mr. Wikileaks. He knows where his source material comes from. No, he is not jumping on a reddit bandwagon. He pointed in Seth’s direction and was saying it was an inside leak WAY before anybody else did. Including Reddit or Sean Hannity.

      7. Amy Avatar

        Thank you, Anita. Very informative article.

    2. Karen Avatar

      I suspect with Flynn refusing to testify or turn over papers, and I believe I read Sessions lied about meeting with Russians as well, I think the investigation that’s ongoing will show more and more people around Trump will be brought down because of their Russian connections. All it takes is one person willing to tell all to save themselves or enough connections among a group of people then they will fall one after the other.
      As a side note, I believe many politicians from both sides will fall this year. Many truths about whose interest they are really working for will come to light.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      When he starts firing people that’s when his position begins to unravel

      1. Karen Avatar

        I suspect once he returns from his visits back to the states some changes will be made and the firing will start, albeit small and few at first.

  7. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    I think you should see this:

    What do you think?

    1. Linda Blair Avatar
      Linda Blair

      Scott walker??? Johnny walker??? McConnell??? Bombshell

  8. Sonndra May Avatar

    Eric, the Cannes Film Festival in France underway. Lots of celebs, lots of yacht parties, including Leonardo DiCaprio hosting one of them.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Could be.

  9. Donna Avatar

    A heightened terror alert issued for Las Vegas; just heard on news; ISIS the news said recently released a video showing that and other major cities, terror alert heightened

    1. Heather Avatar

      What other major cities were mentioned Donna? Thanks so much!!

      1. Donna Avatar

        I saw it on CNN New York was mentioned it didn’t say the other cities, they said drones are being used by these people now too! Hopefully they all get caught

  10. Nicole Avatar

    Eric – on the swimmer prediction would a few minutes “in 2” imply around 2 days from now?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes the expectation is this will happen very soon, we are expecting a ‘zero’ moment.

  11. Amanda UK Avatar
    Amanda UK

    The Castle – it feels like Balmoral Castle the Queens residence or Windsor Castle another of her homes. Johnnie Walker is a Scottish whiskey brand – makes me think of Balmoral, Scotland, UK.

  12. Laurence Avatar

    Hi eric

    I actually live not far from newcastle in the uk but the thing that concerns me more is the next city down Sunderland (12miles), the host an annual airshow its the biggest in the uk and brings huge crowds maybe when spirit says protect castle they maybe referring to the sunderland airshow which would then link to the uk plane terror link

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Is there any building or location that has more symbolic castle to it.

      1. Michael Avatar

        Not really where the airshow is located no it was just thought when you gave newcastle as an example maybe talking about a location and not an actual castle

      2. Michael Avatar

        Actually when i think about you can actually see a castle in the distance from the airshow
        In tynemouth but again i could be putting 2 +2 together and getting 5

  13. Sara Avatar

    The swimming terror attack prediction sounds like a high school/college swim competition where parents are invited–hence “the blood of fathers and mothers” part.

    Anyone have ideas on what ‘holiday’ the spirits were referring to? 8 days from now would be June 1st.

    Some ideas for “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, holiday”:
    Memorial day is May 29th–five days from now.
    Ramadan goes from May 27th-June 25th.
    Pentecost–a Christian holiday is around June 4th, about eleven days from now.
    A Jewish holiday Shavuot on May 31st, about seven days from now.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They just clarified the one on 9

      1. Sara Avatar

        Which one’s 9? Do you mean June 9th, or did you mean May 29th? Sorry, a bit confused.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Yes it is confusing last night they added 690. I do believe now it’s June 6-9.

  14. amharri Avatar

    I regularly look at tbis great site as I often get dreams and strong feelings which come true. However I felt compelled to point something out regarding the pool prediction and reference to ‘Castle’. I live in London next to a well known area called the Elephant and Castle. It has been redeveloped and part of that redevelopment is a brand new indoor pool and leisure centre. It is called the ‘Castle Centre’ and is very popular with families. Also it is a bank holiday here on Monday and is the start of the half term school holidays. The pool will be extremely busy.

    I was also thinking about the number 22 and the fact that at least five attacks took place on the 22 of the month.

    Just felt I needed to share.

    1. Tot Avatar

      There is also the Sandcastle pool in Blackpool.

      1. Michael Avatar

        That was another point i was making about the sunderland airshow that also falls on the 22nd of july

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Now pool itself could be the message

  15. Randy Avatar

    I don’t know of this related to your prediction Eric but a bomb had just exploded in a residential area in Jakarta
    5 people including 2 perpetrators were killed and 10 were injured, all of the dead were policemen

  16. BeachHut Avatar

    The bee is the symbol for Manchester, it’s found all over the place. Eric you may not have poked the hive, but the bomber definitely did. I hope that doesn’t portend an escalation.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      Perhaps the hive coming out of the ground refers to a network, community, movement or general anger that’s been ‘underground’ and is now surfacing, provoked into causing havoc?

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        The Manchester hive is the extensive terrorism links now being uncovered through the investigation into the Manchester bomber. That’s Manchester whose symbol is the bee.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Can I have a link to that news

  17. Karen Avatar

    Eric if the bee prediction is for you, stirring up the nest, please take precautions, pay attention to your surroundings and who is around at all times. There are many people who believe people who make predictions are not of God. It could also mean that you are bringing attention to the acts these people are planning and thwarting them, which will not be looked upon well. I can’t shake the feeling that your messages are getting out more and more and people are taking notice. Stay safe. Will pray for you and peace.

    1. Michelle Record Avatar
      Michelle Record

      I agree

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  18. Francine Avatar

    ISIS is targeting the Vegas Strip. This could be your hotel bomb prediction.

  19. Raymond Avatar

    Maybe John Walker refers to the Scotch : Johnny Walker…….produced in Scotland?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That crossed my mind

      1. Dominique Avatar

        Johnny walker is sold in Edinburgh castle and they have the castle pictured on the bottle we have a lot of events on this summer at Edinburgh castle including the military tattoo which is on the 26.7.17

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks for the info

  20. Raymond Avatar

    ^ I was thinking that Scotland might be the location of the next event.

  21. Joy Parks Avatar

    Eric, it’s Fleet Week in NYC. Could the pool imagery just mean water. And the Navy?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It seemed like a pool, but I wasn’t looking around.

  22. twiceblessed Avatar

    8 days from today is June 2nd.
    Perhaps we should look at Italy as it is a National Holiday.
    “Republic Day, also known as Festa della Repubblica in Italian (Festival of the Republic), is a national holiday in Italy on June 2 each year. It celebrates the day when Italians voted to abolish the monarchy in 1946 so their country could become a republic.”

    1. twiceblessed Avatar

      Well, I guess that is 9 days, not 8.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        My thought was between the 30th and 1st. I need to verify whether or not yesterday counts, usually I start meditating at 10, and it ran to 5am so where does the calculation begin.

  23. Sara Avatar

    What time frame are we looking at for each attack? (How many days, weeks…?)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The pool one is now by the end of the week. The other 2 I believe will happen at the end of the month. We need to all look back at all those messages slotted for December because it looks like so much of that is coming now.

  24. Mari Avatar

    2-10-14 andd 3-1-16 posts also mention
    castle. Maybe can shed some
    light on this ?

  25. swampy11 Avatar

    Eric, the Philippines is also having terrorist activities. The President is having Marshall Law in place:

    1. Sara Avatar

      I heard about that. According to one news website, terrorists attacking the Philippines pulled over a truck full of people, and when they discovered they were Christians, they tied them up and shot them to death. 9 victims.

      I sure hope ISIS doesn’t get a foothold in the Philippines next.

      1. Trina Avatar

        Actually ISIS is already there.I was there last month,visiting relatives and it’s well known to be careful where you go.

  26. ivetta Avatar

    The British have their S.F. teams swimming under ships in port looking for bombs

  27. Nicole Avatar

    FYI – I was a competitive swimmer. It is not currently college or high school competitive swimming season. If this is a swim meet and is soon it is likely either a summer rec league (which has already started) or a year round club team. Both would be youth, potentially up to 18. (Though in summer college swimmers will swim with a club team while on break). Summer rec teams may have meets any night of the week or a weekend, but a club team would likely be over a weekend Thurs or Fri to Sunday. If you can narrow down size or pool and if it was indoor or outdoor it would possibly help us narrow down. At this time of year if it’s a club meet the pool would be very long (Olympic sized – 50 meters). A rec league would be half as long – 25 yards or 25 meters. No idea if this info could help.

    Also if John Walker is related to the swimming it could be the name of the pool or the head coach of the host team?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will try and ask

    2. etcettera26 Avatar

      I thought this, too. My son’s club team has an intramural meet this Friday which definitely has me a little nervous. All of the swimmers will be under 12 and it’s an outdoor pool in Southern California with 2 25 yard pools. I don’t expect the pool reference refers to his particular swim meet, but I feel compelled to mention it as I’m sure there are lots of similar swim meets occurring. Colder climates tend to have more indoor pools (especially before Memorial Day which is opening day for most outdoor pools), while warmer climates like California are nearly all outdoor.

  28. cat Avatar

    Eric! I Hope you are feeling better and things are looking better and brighter on your end! I am so glad you are back and Hope you are taking it easy , day by day!
    On another note…
    Your prediction above about the -Holiday—
    Eric, you posted:
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 holiday.” That is their countdown to the next attack, they would later add zero next to a Tuesday or Wednesday box on a calendar.

    Well ….the USA July 4th holiday this year is on a Tuesday – and you also had some predictions about an attack on a beach???- Perhaps it has to do with a July 4th holiday celebration??

    Also …I could be really wrong about this— but I want to echo the above poster, Sondra May- the Cannes film festival is happening currently in the South of France–, and you had a prediction about the celebrities/stars on a boat – something happening on the boat and that boat was not going to return- something to that effect.
    Cannes/ Nice -the town next door and St. Tropez and then Monaco further down the coast– are all on the Coast of the South of France…and the Boats docked there,..More like Yachts docked there and all the Celebrity partying 24/7 on boats and yachts -also beaches are all along the coastal towns….

    I am just thinking of your predictions and how they can fit into the Cannes/Nice/St Tropez and Monaco locations…??

    Anyway- I am SO GLAD you are back and sending love and blessings, hearts and hugs your way 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, the Cannes to fit, but I would not limit ourselves to just that.

  29. piers Avatar

    There is a British diving championship in Edinburgh from 1 June to 4 June. The venue is near holyrood palace

  30. afraax Avatar

    UK intelligence said the bomb maker is in UK and will strike .any time the country .at same time Europol said .large number of Isis return in eurobe via Mediterranean sea .so is about time .pray for world peace Eric .at same just days to go unit Ramadan begun.

  31. jérémie Laigre Avatar
    jérémie Laigre

    The baron.. duke will pass soon. (unfortunately that could be Prince Philip)

    “A loss in the ‘Great’ family. We welcome the person with open arms.. abdication follows.” (Great implies Great Britain)

    1. jeremiethomaslaigre Avatar

      “The queen will pass.. the procession under great threat.. terror.”

      With the utmost respect, are the Spirits referencing Mr. Michael to a Queen? To his procession? They are familiar with our slang. I would encourage the UK to take caution on that day, as Spirit is using one event as a timeframe for another: Predictions 12-23-16

      1. Jérémie Laigre Avatar
        Jérémie Laigre

        Spirit implied these next two attacks were old predictions. Perhaps those below: US: Prediction: US Terror Attacks Turkey: Predictions 8-23-16

        They several mentions of attacks in the two predictions relative to the queen of the united kingdom.

        The predictions of attacks are published with the predictions relating to the queen,
        Can they happen side by side?

      2. jeremiethomaslaigre Avatar

        U.K. Queen’s Husband Prince Philip Hospitalized With Infection


        England underwent several attacks, very little spaced.
        The last attack was on March 22, 2017.
        In the space of about a month, there are 3 attacks

        United Kingdom: On 22 May 2017, a suicide bombing in Manchester, committed at the end of a concert by the singer Ariana Grande, killed 22 people and about 60 wounded. The next day the terrorist group Islamic state claims this attack.

        United Kingdom: On June 3, 2017, a van rushed to the London Bridge by knocking people over. Then, three people emerge from it and stabbing passers-by saying “for Allah” 247 before they are killed by the police. The result is 7 deaths and 48 wounded including 41 between life and death. These attacks are claimed the next day by the Islamic State.

        United Kingdom: On June 18, 2017, a van crashes into a crowd of faithful who leave a mosque in London. The result is one death and ten wounded.

        = We soon arrive towards the abdication..

  32. Barbara Avatar

    Very depressing events described. Makes me wonder what power Spirit has. Just more frequent examples of failings of humanity. Destined to repeat violence on an endless loop. Awful really.

  33. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    The “castle “is among the closed?

  34. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Concern over arsenal…found after arrest.. Bomb material.

  35. Sara Avatar

    Do people celebrate Memorial Day by having swim-meets? I was just wondering, because ‘holiday’ could mean Memorial Day, and swimming is a summer sport, so maybe the predictions is about a Memorial Day celebration where people are swimming for fun.

  36. mariakaos Avatar

    Today 25.05.2017 I had a visual that I was looking at the front page of the New York Times.
    It was covered by a picture of a very large ship with a huge front bow and tall mask possibly military in a dock of some kind. Every where looked like the aftermath of a fire and was covered in black soot. I couldn’t see signs of life anywhere. The visual was in shades of black and grey.

    Eric when I have seen bees/wasps in visuals it has been accompanied by humming. It has represented engines and bomb timers.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      In the past they showed bees as terrorist, a sort of ‘conspiring bees’ a roman reference. So its possible that I am showing you what the busy bees are planning??

  37. […] Predictions 5-24-17  The first: Deadly game..  I had a visual I was under water watching 3 young people diving into a pool racing to the other side.. “the blood of fathers and mothers”.. around 15.. package with an explosive.. in just a few minutes.. in 2. […]

  38. Muriel Avatar

    The Danish parliament building is known as “the castle”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s interesting can you forward a link

      1. Jérémie Laigre Avatar
        Jérémie Laigre

        Christiansborg Palace (also known by its nickname Borgen, Danish for the castle) has been the domicile of parliament since 1849. The palace is located in the heart of Copenhagen.


        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  39. Karen Avatar

    Does anyone know which sites are currently closed in the U.K. because of this horrible act?
    I am wondering if we can narrow down some places that could be still open and use this as a list that we could look at regarding the predictions.

    While it is heartbreaking to see such hate and turmoil in the world, it is also important to look at those who put their lives on the line to help others, the outpouring of love, doctors donating their time and services to help the injured with reconstruction. While those who commit these horrible acts certainly create a level of fear in all of us, they also show us that we live at an amazing time with people all around the world ready to help those who have suffered at their hands. This I believe is where we must focus our hearts while we try to work as a group to change what we can when we can.

      1. Karen Avatar

        Thank you!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  40. Trina Avatar

    I said this in another post,singer Ariana Grande is headed back to Manchester.
    She will be doing a benefit concert in Manchester.
    I hope nothing happens

  41. […] Spirit also implied that the next terror attack would happen soon after the ship incident: Predictions 5-24-17 […]

  42. […] Predictions 5-24-17   Trump.. one person after another dropped.. take it as an omen of when things are about to unravel. […]

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      lol I thought of that before posting

  43. […] I had a visual of the shadow of a castle in the background in a dark space, completing the countdown of a prediction: Predictions 5-24-17 […]

  44. […] have ties to the pool prediction? The castle? As the news comes in we will update you.  — Predictions 5-24-17  Predictions […]

  45. Adrian Michael Avatar
    Adrian Michael

    Hi Eric,

    In regards to the “”deadly storm “” forecast for Australia….. its now the 3rd of June and we have nothing but good weather here!!, just saying!…… the predictions by Spirit through this webpage and you,posted here that the storm was “”about to form”” , and that was on the 24th of May….. no disrespect intended but?….. any sign of a storm forming is certainly not evident if you look at the weather map for us down under, we have nothing but fine weather forecast for at least the next week or more,

    Thanks and all the Best,


  46. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Terror attack…London Bridge, van mowed down people…(20?)
    Also reported…preliminary….reports..
    Another incident stabbing..Borough Market…
    Another incident…reported….details scetchy..

  47. […] Predictions 5-24-17   Three terror attacks coming. […]

  48. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    CASTLE ISLAND….Regatta ?..Tall ships…BOSTON..
    Sail Boston….State police using drones…

  49. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    French attacker …ISIS loyalist on watch list…

  50. jeremiethomaslaigre Avatar

    Car hits pedestrians at Eid event in Newcastle, 6 casualties, ‘not believed to be terror’

    The attacks:

    The first: Deadly game.. I had a visual I was under water watching 3 young people diving into a pool racing to the other side.. “the blood of fathers and mothers”.. around 15.. package with an explosive.. in just a few minutes.. in 2.

    The castle.. castle.. under threat. (Castle was used several times it could be the location but also could be a separate prediction)

    The youth of the swimmers implied a high school or college. I need to verify if this is about the UK. New Castle? There is another prediction very similar, but in that prediction the US was mentioned? Predictions 8-23-16

    I had a visual of the shadow of a castle in the background in a dark space, completing the countdown of a prediction: Predictions 5-24-17

    The prediction of the castle does not correspond to the event at castlefield, nor to
    The attack at the hotel in Manila.

  51. […] I also had a visual of young people playing around water, some jumping into the water like they were diving. Then the visual shifted to show a train track, the background looked like New York but it could be symbolic to a large city. Then the visual shifted again to see a very mad man accelerating his vehicle with the intent of hurting others. Predictions it might be related to: Predictions 7-14-17  Predictions 5-24-17 […]

  52. […] Predictions 5-24-17  Trump.. one person after another dropped.. take it as an omen of when things are about to unravel. […]

  53. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Australia 🇦🇺 Queensland. (Worst in a decade.)
    A violent storm, described as one of the worst to hit the region in a decade, hit eastern Queensland, Australia on November 7, 2017, with hurricane-force winds, heavy rain and large hailstones. Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey said the severity of the winds was something he had never seen before.

    The storm hit the region Tuesday afternoon with five severe storm cells on the radar at one point, winds reaching up to 150 km/h (93 mph) and hailstones up to 5 cm (1.96 inches).

  54. star48 Avatar

    The baron.. duke will pass soon. (unfortunately that could be Prince Philip)

    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, has died, the royal family announced on Friday.

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