George Michael Passes

This tragic prediction has happened. I grew up listening to his music.

Predictions 7-18-16   “George will pass soon the nation and family will mourn.”

Predictions 12-22-16   I had a visual of a white sheet covering a face. “He had problems breathing.. he is about to pass.. he is coming to us now.. our hats off to him” — Spirits Voice  Who is dying? You got the impression that out of respect they did not answer that, however they referenced the passing with a previous prediction.

The prediction has gone full circle, first the prediction initially on 7-18, and then a reminder that the prediction is about to happen on 12-22 right before its arrival. The Spirits are starting to give us these reminders more consistently.

With the utmost respect,  are the Spirits referencing Mr. Michael to a Queen? To his procession? They are familiar with our slang. I would encourage the UK to take caution on that day, as Spirit is using one event as a timeframe for another: Predictions 12-23-16

34 thoughts on “George Michael Passes”

  1. Hi Eric,

    Hannah wanted me to pass on that the “Queen” prediction is absolutely not George Michael, but Queen Elizabeth.For what it is worth she feels very strongly the information below as well that it is Queen Elizabeth (I post what she sees or feels because she hates typing, btw). She asked that you think back to your prediction about a hotel bombing in the nation’s capital – she now feels very strongly this will be during the procession. World leaders and people from all over the world will fly in to pay their respects to Her Majesty. She feels this is happening in the next few weeks – February to be exact. She keeps getting “old London” and thinks this in deference to her reign and possibly her age. She has seen old black London taxi cabs, filling with blood, as well as the streets of London, filling with blood.

    If you combine your recent predictions with this information (if it speaks and resonates with you) see if you (and anyone reading this who is able) are able to further refine what you think. (She also says hello and she will send you an email soon about the attack you thwarted that you helped her with in her reading) <– Yes. Eric is a hero everyone. Especially in our family. 🙂

    Not sure if it does, but hope this helps —


    1. Hi Shanna, nice to meet you

      My name is Alex (Ksander Richardsen on FB). I’m an active follower of Eric’s. Your builds are very interesting. May I ask if you’re a psychic yourself? I follow all of Eric’s work but selfishly, your prediction intrigues me as I will be staying in London in February with my twin cousins who are only 12yo. It scares me a little bit. Thanks and take care

      1. Hi Alex,

        It is very nice to meet you as well.

        Yes, I am psychic, but not to the degree of my daughter, Eric, and others on here. The seldom few times I post here on Eric’s forum it is from my daughter’s visions or what she has heard and I do so in an effort to help us all refine locations, times, dates, etc. She is a very powerful (accuracy-wise) psychic medium (she said out loud George Michael would pass three days ago), though she does not do readings or anything like the good work Eric and others do. Her heart is in the animal world so she works with police (as a volunteer) departments and animal shelters across the country helping them to find missing animals and advocacy work, though she sometimes helps them law enforcement find missing people as well when asked. I just say that because she doesn’t do readings (though Eric does and he is SO amazing in personal readings….holy cow…Eric is SO SPOT-ON). I’m not sure if that is why you were asking – if not, disregard. 🙂

        To answer your question, she only knows what she sees and feels right now as I type this (though it could change as we get closer – it usually does). Sadly, she feels very strongly that Queen Elizabeth will pass soon. She feels something for her in February. Not sure if that is the passing or the funeral (though Hannah feels funeral procession is in February). She feels very strongly the procession (as Eric and I think a few others have also seen) will be under some threat. She has plugged her own visions into those of Eric’s and others who have posted here (it takes a village!) to help Eric out because she feels indebted to Eric (long story). That said – her advice for you is this – please do not go near the funeral procession. Watch it in a pub or on tv. Or, be so extremely careful. It COULD be that the attack happens elsewhere – but at the same time of the procession. (Perhaps attack is in town while law enforcement is all at procession, so to speak).

        Hannah doesn’t have a blog or post her predictions or anything like that but she said she will tell me if she gets anything further or additional on sweet Queen Elizabeth and I can post it here. Bottom-line Alex is to just be careful. It is normal to feel fear, especially when the “threat” could be near to where you will be. That’s scary! But. We can’t live in fear. It serves zero purpose in life. We CAN live smarter and higher. Go within and trust your own gut. We are all intuitive. See how you feel about the situation — and trust it. Go enjoy your time with your cousins but be mindful that something COULD go down (nothing is etched in stone so this could all change overnight).

        I hope this helps, Alex. Be well and enjoy your time with your cousins. I will surely post anything additional around this Queen Elizabeth scenario as I am sure Eric and others will as well. You have plenty of time to make decisions before February. — Take care!

    2. I agree that “Queen” refers to Queen Elizabeth. Since her illness was announced last week, I felt that this is the beginning of the end for her reign and that her death was imminent. I agree that it will be in the next few weeks, with end of January, with the funeral taking place in February. I feel a tightness in my chest as I am typing this, so that leads me to believe that she has pneumonia now, which will quickly lead to more issues. Pray for the Queen and for the English people.

  2. I think “our hats off to him” might refer to the fact that in secret he was a great philanthropist who donated millions to help others.

    1. What’s coming out now are stories of how he helped people, charities and did good work behind the scenes, without exploiting it for his image or ego. Despite his big tabloid-headline calamities what comes through is a consistently sensitive, generous soul who lived with integrity. Hats off indeed.

  3. Queen Elizabeth II is either the great-great granddaughter of Queen Victoria, who died on Jan 22, 1901. Elizabeth just recently beat Victoria’s record as the longest living monarch (in England’s history). Just an interesting bit of trivia.
    Oh, also , when Victoia’s son, Edward VII died, his funeral procession was the last of its kind, as many of the monarch’s and prince’s who attended, either did not survive or their countries no longer existed after the coming Great War (WWI). You could say Edwards funeral procession represented the end of the “Old World”

  4. I’m in the UK, and like many grew up with Wham and George Michael – I even saw them at Wembley Arena when I was a kid, ( I remember feeling disgust that Andrew Ridgeley’s guitar wasn’t plugged in, what a fake!) I also knew many gay people who worked or socialised in London and in entertainment. Everybody on the gay scene knew he was gay before he was forced to come out, it was quite matter of fact. Although he’s now being celebrated as being defiant against homophobia (and kudos to him), he really wasn’t seen as a ‘gay’ performer in that flamboyant sense that might be labelled a ‘queen’. Elton John might be seen as a ‘queen’ with his sense of outrageous camp – and he even lives in Windsor! – but in this case I don’t believe the ‘queen’ reference fits George Michael. Just my thoughts. Yes, I agree that it’s Queen Liz who is on her way to passing soon.

    1. tend to agree with BH as far as regards George Michael (RIP).
      Am very unsure about Queen Elizabeth II – even though she is very old and somewhat indisposed at present.
      It may just be denial on my part as like the vast majority of the general population in the UK we have known no other head of State throughout all our lives.
      Can anyone who lives in a republic like the USA or France, for example, Ireland or Italy imagine having the same president as you had in 1952 continue non-stop to the present day?
      That means respectively Truman, Auriol , O’Kelly and Einaudi – names that belong to the history books as the nations have evolved and progressed.
      Elizabeth II seems immortal to her people

      1. I can’t imagine having one ruler for so long, but I see why the idea of losing Queen Elizabeth II is so awful. Change is always scary, especially in a time where changes seem to be happening so quickly. And she’s well-liked, isn’t she?

        Hopefully she’ll be fine, and all this worry is for nothing. But if something happens, people in the UK will have to stay strong, and be there for each other.

    1. So many good hearted people struggle internally and sometimes that manifests into addictions. Usually highly creative people and it is always heartbreaking. I still admire the man and the artist, I hope he is at peace and his energy continues.

    1. Not entirely following you. The assumption with the predictions we have is that the US will be attacked by years end. The time frame for the U.K. is unclear right now, in both cases the focus I have is all about “when??”

    1. RIP Carrie. Maybe she was the Queen Eric referred to? She was famous for playing Princess Leia and she was Hollywood “royalty”, being the daughter of 2 famous film stars.

      1. It looks like the shock of Carrie’s death has now hit Debbie Reynolds, her mother. So sad, the granddaughter must be feeling completely shell shocked.

  5. Prayers love and light to Debbie Reynolds and family …at the sad passing of Carrie Fisher ..
    thank you Carrie for your contribution to for our entertainment.

    1. star 48 jules 104
      Im stunned loved her so much
      Debbie was my Idol growing up ..
      so much love and light to her family and friends ..
      reunited with Carrie it was just a moment and they hugged once more 😇💖💖🎶🎶🎶🎶

  6. George Michael’s music has played a huge part in my life like millions of others. I have felt him since he died and he sends so much love. He will always be special to me. A friend of mine received this message from him. Enjoy

    George Michael
    “I am such a family-loving person. People see me as the public figure I was, the sex symbol, the icon of a generation, as you see me in the light of your perspective. From my perspective, I am, and my life was, much centered on emotion and f…family. My passion was creating, but there was another side to me. If you really want to know me, then listen to my ballads. Listen to the B-sides. There is where you’ll find me in a way that’s accessible… don’t read the news. You may find some facts and you’ll find some opinions there, but you won’t find ME! Much love to you, all the love back that you have given me in abundance. And keep dancing.”

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