Predictions 12-22-16

I had a visual of a flag, black, white and yellow. ‘We have got him!’ Then you see shadows of people beating, pulverizing a man, sprays of blood shot out. His face was completely bloody. Then his face had dirt on it.  Then the visual switched and showed a Vengeance symbol with the Karma symbol in the center.

I had a visual again of the bombings coming in December. A lady was singing on a stage. Then you could hear a massive explosion in the background. People screamed and ran.

I had a visual of a white sheet covering a face. “He had problems breathing.. he is about to pass.. he is coming to us now.. our hats off to him” — Spirits Voice

Who is dying? You got the impression that out of respect they did not answer that, however they referenced the passing with a previous prediction.

I had a visual of authorities rummaging through terrorist things. “Look, look, this is terrible its a review of flights.. the terrorist have information on different air flights.”

“Bombing in Somalia.. very soon.”

“A coup is coming.. Philippines.”

“To the Native Americans.. the eagle is lying to you.. he has no intention of living by his word.”

“A new material is coming, like pink Tupperware, like space metal. Its like rubber but metal. Just as iron, then rubber, then plastic spread across the world so will this.”

The Spirits asked me to remind you:    Predictions 6-11-16 UK Terror Attack Posted on by

I had a visual of individuals waving small British flags.

I had a visual of a large Spider walking the streets of Britain.


I had a visual of an explosion, followed by people ducking and hiding their faces.

Then the heroes responded in droves, people put themselves in harm’s way for strangers they did not know. Giving life. It was awesome to see such a godly sight surrounded by such tragedy.

I had a visual of Spirit showing numbers rolling past me, that lead to the number 22.

I had a visual of a door and on the door was a blue symbol (like those used on a bathroom door) but it was an airplane symbol.

“Soon afterward the US will be attacked.”

“In a weeks time 3 locations attacked”

I had a visual of the eagle landing next to the crown and rooster. An alliance was formed. One that put the full weight of its military powers. The nations would strike back with force, it was aggressive and bloody.

Spirit why such a focus on terrorist?

“We have every intent of one day foiling these nightmares.”

“Next.. next.. earthquake.. Philippines.”



117 thoughts on “Predictions 12-22-16

  1. Thank you Eric and Spirit. I did a quick search. There are three flags with those colours:

    Russian Empire (1858—1883), House of Romanov
    Baltimore, Maryland, United States
    Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

    So best guess is Baltimore?

    1. Could also be the country of Brunei?
      I’m pretty sure the eagle and Native American reference is to the DAPL pipeline.

  2. the four aces! 3 divine,hindu and white. end of the water earth and spirit! your all family. when you only focus on one your missing the other two! thats been my point the whole time. unless you can talk for everyone you dont speak for anyone.

  3. “I had a visual of the eagle landing next to the crown and rooster. An alliance was formed. One that put the full weight of its military powers. The nations would strike back with force, it was aggressive and bloody.”

    Interestingly, The Enquirer this week has a two page article on predictions from two or three psychics. One of them said the US and Russia would team up to defeat ISIS.

    I don’t know if you ever look at other psychics’ predictions, Eric, but KNOWITNEXT published a preview of his 2017 list. There were some real doozies and alarming ones in there. I still think you are the most accurate (and objective, neutral) one I have seen, and you are the one I give the most credibility to, but I am always curious to see if I can find predictions that reflect each other.

    1. Ditto on Eric being most accurate and unbiased. Heck, I don’t know whether he is Democratic, Republican, or independent or where he is on the political spectrum. It’s good to keep it that way.

      I would generally ignore other psychics though I’d trust remote viewers following procedures developed during Star Gate by program director Ed May.
      I think some other Star Gate alumni have no clue what they’re doing, however.

      1. I am going through the other sites to see what similarities I can find. The guy at KnowItNext, in his preview the other day, also predicts a likely death for Queen Elizabeth by the end of thos year, if not, then in the next two years. He also says Jimmy Carter will pass on.
        I’m sure you know just about every psychic out there predicted a Hillary win, but that’s not really a good example of similarities. If I find any others I will post them. 🙂

  4. We are Blessed to have Eric and Spirit bring forth all this information. Its a lot of HARD work and I appreciate it even if it scares the heck out of me at times.

    1. Thanks Lisa, always remember this site is not a reflection of our world. We seek out the tragedies, the nightmares, and the worst humanity has to offer, but that is a sliver part of the world as a whole. Most of us living on this small little planet are truly good people who want to enjoy all life has to offer.

  5. My first thought is that the person who is about to pass is Jimmy Carter. He has advanced Melanoma of the brain. One of the symptoms can be difficulty breathing. I also found out that the drug used to treat him, Keytruda, has been found to shrink tumors in lung cancer patients which they found out quite by accident. This drug could be a big cancer break through. In the 4/16/15 notes which were linked to the Baltimore Riots (black white and yellow flag) the spirits point to a huge breakthrough in cancer. Just trying to think outside of the box but imho, Jimmy Carter is certainly someone worthy of taking your hat off to (showing great admiration).

    1. President Carter is in remission and from what I understand doing quite well. Of course at 92 he is old and would fit the respect element of all of this. My gut is that it’s not him (someone else’s President George HW Bush resonates as much more likely if a President) though interestingly / strangely I had a dream about President Carter last night (not about death though).

  6. thank yu Eric am from somalia .please where is location .and also the event is big event because we are going election this month r yu see worse event against election .please help us Eric we don’t have intelengence .

      1. all elactions will held in muqdisho ; and also garowe city host somalia girls voly ball ; mojor city list is here ; muqdisho ; garowe ; hargaysa ; baidio ; kismayo ; at same time please ask if event happend this month ; al shabaab prime target alwys is muqdisho ; please ask loction eric ; ithink also amisom bases is prem target is chersmass

  7. “I had a visual of the eagle landing next to the crown and rooster. An alliance was formed.” This could refer to the United States (eagle), England (crown), and France (rooster).

  8. “I had a visual of the eagle landing next to the crown and rooster. An alliance was formed.” This may symbolize the United States (eagle), England (crown), and France (rooster).

  9. ““To the Native Americans.. the eagle is lying to you.. he has no intention of living by his word.”

    I have a bad feeling here! I felt, when reading this, that this refers to the pipeline that is wanted to cross the sacred lands, there in the dakotas, and so many people are protesting and that right now, the government seems to stop this pipeline from running there.
    However….I can sense why so so many people want this pipeline to cross where it was proposed.
    Big companies have clout. We need rhe gas. I can imagine promises being broken. There will be people who might even say I t is time these Indians all move to the big cities and become vibrant urban dwellers, like most of us, who leave our dying Midwest towns and become suburbanites in mega cities.
    Grit teeth.
    Don’t the Indians have rights?
    Don’t the zillions of people who want the pipeline, for many reasons, also have rights?
    …..blood could be spilled, I see little solution.

  10. The eagle is lying to you: I think this refers to Standing Rock, and the fact that Big Oil will not keep its promise to not build a pipeline on the Sacred Ground of the Native Americans. As for people waving small British flags, I think this may refer to a death in the British Royal Family. At Diana’s funeral, there were crowds of people waving small British flags.

      1. I thought the Duke of Edinburgh might be next for a death, but I can’t see the streets lined with Union Jacks for him, he’s not exactly popular. I can see it for George though, his parents have a lot of fans and the shock of such a young death would bring people out to show their respects.

        I remember reading a prediction, don’t know if it was here, that implied that a royal baby would be born a girl who would eventually take the crown, which looked wrong as George was a boy and first in line. If something happens to George then that supposedly ‘wrong’ prophesy would fit too.

        The hats off comment makes it sound like a distinguished older fellow though.

  11. Both the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had to delay their travel for Christmas as they both had bad colds and were very poorly. Could be him? Didn’t you have a post about the queen wanting to abdicate and then changing her mind?

      1. I just had a spooky moment of synchronicity. I went straight from this thread to reading a British newspaper online and one of the headlines was ‘Hats off to the Queen!’

  12. I know it’s a while back, but could the vengeance and karma be for flight 370, from Kuala Lumpur that went down? Brunei’s flag is yellow white and black. They recently arrested a terrorist from Brunei in Sep.

      1. Eric,
        Yes they are still looking for him ..100 thousand reward,.,
        Latest info on German marketplace thread…

      2. If it was the German flag (the colours threw me off a bit) then this will definitely be about the manhunt. It’s a horrible image, but when I first read the part about the man beaten to a pulp, the lorry murderer was the first thing that came to mind. Without condoning such a response, I can easily believe that’s what people would do to him if they see him in their midst. There have been lots of photos posted, he can’t hide for long.

  13. Did anyone see the tweets from Trump and Putin saying they are going to escalate the nuclear arms race. Very disturbing rhetoric. Any thoughts Eric?

      1. Trump is an absolute nut bag, it would be mad to make more. Maybe it is one last Christmas, I she’ll be enjoying it just in case there’s not another.

    1. Star 48 cant believe we posted same article sorry didnt see yours just got excited and went to comment box to post without reading previous comments …

    2. News to make Christmas celebrations all the sweeter for Melbourne citizens and their families, though it would be better if we didn’t have to have this sort of ‘good news’ in the first place.

  14. Eric, is it possible that the Spirits can share their predict of my near future as what it may happen and will I find my happiness in job?


    1. If your interested in a reading please email us at It would inappropriate to discuss ones life in the comment section, as thousands a day read this site. You can go to ‘personal readings’ for all the details including price and what I need to start the process. Thank you.

  15. I’m very sad as felt hopeless to help others that died in the hands of evils in Syria and Eppleoo. I think it’s not corrected spelling. Killings are so wrong and want to destroy/wipe out the evils. So sad as their minds are twisted messed up from their beliefs. Praying for peace!

    1. Mary,
      I understand your frustration. I always feel helpless whenever I hear news stories about the people suffering in Aleppo. And when I hear about people killed or raped by ISIS terrorists. I hate not knowing how to help–or if I even can help.
      I don’t understand how they can hurt people so badly and not be torn apart by guilt!

      1. Same here, Sara. I wanted to be there to stop their senseless killings. My heart goes out to their souls and hurting ones that cried for help. I will kill the evils instantly. It must be stop.

        Praying for their innocence souls. Have mercy, Lord. The earth is in pain as it hears the cries from their bloods running through the soils. Poor souls that had the privilege to come to life on earth that taken away from evils. Lord, please help us to help You And your children on earth. This is not acceptable and it’s inhumane to kill.’s not acceptable. We’ll come after the evils to stop the senseless killings. It shall be done In His name from above. Amen.

  16. BREAKING: Two hijackers board plane as Prime Minister warns of bomb threat this hijacked plane is to do with malta and also not a british plane although i do think malta is owned by the uk if i’m not mistaken?

  17. A Libyan plane has been hijacked. The plane, Afriqiyah Airways, an Airbus A320, is currently in Malta with the hijackers still onboard. Women and children have been let off the plane, but male passengers still remain onboard. The two hijackers are threatening to blow up the plane. The situation is still ongoing as of Friday morning EST. Eric, I think I remember you having a prediction of a plane being hijacked.

  18. Eric looking at the post from June Spirits wanted you to remind us about…could the plane hijackng that just happened be a part of a time line? So the attacks on the US are next? The Afriqya plane has blue and white and black markings, so maybe match the blue and white symbol from that prediction. It also has the number 22 associated with that prediction. Glad nobody was hurt in the hijacking and it ended well for everyone. Here is a link to what those planes look like.

  19. Anyone informed the North Dakota Natives yet? Personally I think the know deep down it was not over, and hopefully they can be fully prepared.

  20. I wonder what is now In store for Yellowstone volcano. Seems another prediction site gave an eruption there within ten years. That one volcano could make the USA a third rate power! I saw the movie “supervolcano” the other day and the ideas, even ten years old, is scary.

    Too, either the media is getting to report terrible crimes more, or that criminals seem to be more over the top in doing terrible crimes. Torture victims, hyjaxk cars , shoot police , slowly the world becomes more insane, it seems.
    I had a dream a few months ago. A voice told me this,
    “The entire world will become insane, starting early next year”! The dream date, I think, was in late summer and the next year is 2017. When I awoke, I wondered….is not the world insane enough now?! Seems insane now . Bu t if this dream is a True Message, this means that by comparison, this 2016 year is a time of soberness and calm!

    Trump could calm the insanity, or create more of it! Problem is….that sometimes by trying to stop such things, the insanity might get worse. It is not so much, maybe, the trump actions by itself, but the unintended consequences that might happen. Like…in order to vanquish isis, we might have to really really make friends with Asad, in Syria! To back him, to help him. No matter how evil. This is how everything is linked together. Trump might lack political subtle ideas. Thus is foresee next year as a year of unintended actions and results. And in trying to fix these results, yet more not intended results might happen.

  21. Saturday, January 28, 2017 starts the Chinese New Year. The year of the Rooster. There are a good number of commonwealth countries like Australia who acknowledge Elizabeth II. There are monarchies in South East Asia in disputes with China. Japan has an Emperor. We would come to the aid of Japan or Australia. Had a strange dream this morning that focused on a 1900s book in a box with Brit Empire tone. And a Brit on a Mountain Bike flying down and up 35 degrees hills.

  22. Eric not sure if this is connected but just incase…in an old prediction Spirit reminded you “this will be a trilogy”. I was wondering if it could be related to these upcoming attacks now and could this be one of the targets? The Portland Rose Festival and Fleet Week is coming up. Here is the link for both.
    Just to add because it seems as though some predictions have similarities and overlap like a repeat of history sometimes…Portland is known for its bagels and it has a magazine called The Portland Mercury. The festival begins over Memorial Day weekend and goes into June. That would be about one week later from the U.K. Attack.

  23. ERic, SWC, 10/29/17

    TERROR files found …(classified)

    Reference in this post..
    I had a visual of authorities rummaging through terrorist things. “Look, look, this is terrible its a review of flights.. the terrorist have information on different air flights.”

    PLEASE. Note:::
    Heathrow chiefs are reeling after a memory stick crammed with confidential information was found in the street – posing “a risk to national security”.

    Britain’s biggest airport launched a “very, very urgent” investigation after the Sunday Mirror alerted them to the frightening security lapse.

    The USB stick – containing 76 folders with maps, videos and ­documents – was not encrypted and did not require a password.

    The man who found it plugged it into a library computer and was alarmed at what he saw. It revealed:

    The exact route the Queen takes when using the airport and security measures used to protect her.
    Files disclosing every type of ID needed – even those used by covert cops – to access restricted areas.
    A timetable of patrols that was used to guard the site against suicide bombers and terror attacks.
    Maps pinpointing CCTV cameras and a network of tunnels and escape shafts linked to the Heathrow Express.
    Routes and safeguards for Cabinet ministers and foreign dignitaries.
    Details of the ultrasound radar system used to scan runways and the perimeter fence.

  24. Eric,
    “To the Native Americans.. the eagle is lying to you.. he has no intention of living by his word.”
    See excerpt
    SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Members of Congressional delegations from Oregon and Washington state say the Trump administration has walked away from the federal government’s obligation to build new homes and villages for Indians whose original abodes were submerged by the building of dams along the Columbia River decades ago.

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