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Predictions 2-10-17

I had a visual of a building engulfed in flames and smoke, the fire was massive. “Negligence.” The implication was Canada. Later they would add ‘around Toronto’, however I question if the message of Toronto is just the start of a new prediction? … Continue reading

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Predictions 12-22-16

I had a visual of a flag, black, white and yellow. ‘We have got him!’ Then you see shadows of people beating, pulverizing a man, sprays of blood shot out. His face was completely bloody. Then his face had dirt on … Continue reading

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Terrorism on Ramadan

Such tragedy, such horror on this Islamic holy month. Pray for all the victims of this tragedy. The Facts: In France, a man stormed an American-owned chemical plant, decapitated one person and apparently tried to blow up the facility The Prediction:  … Continue reading

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Notes on 1-10-15

I had a visual that a newspaper fell to the ground, it read “Four Attacks!” as the headline. I had a visual I was standing, staring at a very long legged Spider. I had a visual that a train/trolley arrived. … Continue reading

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Boko Haram?

Spirit the 21st is coming, cracker? – Eric “Oh yes.. it is on the way.. around the 21st” – Spirit But again I received the feeling that questions our expected location. Something is coming and soon. I also have an … Continue reading

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Prediction 54: Dark Times For The United States

I saw from the sky a massive explosion, a bellowing fire and smoke cloud racing up. Then they said “Dark times for the United States are returning. We are about to turn the corner”. It’s another addition or sequel to previous … Continue reading

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