Notes on 1-10-15

I had a visual that a newspaper fell to the ground, it read “Four Attacks!” as the headline.

I had a visual I was standing, staring at a very long legged Spider.

I had a visual that a train/trolley arrived. The doors opened, and a madman snapped what seemed like a staple gun in his hand, he stood right beside me.

I had a visual there was police cars with flashing lights everywhere.

I don’t think they are talking about a train attack, but I could be wrong. This prediction seems to imply the arrival of a prediction. They are clarifying that another terror attack is approaching very soon. We are expecting another event today or tomorrow, “around the 10th”

I had a visual of a man with a gun walk into a building with an awning above it, like a hotel.

I had a visual I was walking through what looked like a school, I went into a theater or auditorium. It was dark, there were audience seats, and a stage in front.

The Spirits and I debated the ‘pickle’ we find our self in. We know there is a calculated attack on various parts of the world coming very soon. These are not lone wolf attacks, but calculated attacks by someone behind the scene. We desperately want to share every detail we can gather, but also acknowledge that due to a fast moving timeline we will stumble, and trip over ourselves with mistakes. But at the same time we are setting a tone of fear and dread, these predictions are some of the darkest we have ever presented, its not just one event but several only making things more dreadful. Even I am having problems sleeping, I find myself nervous and watch the clock tick away. For now, with your help, we will continue to make our best efforts in foiling these events through awareness, but there is a likely hood that the Conductor might just pull the plug on these horrible terror attack predictions  if it looks like we will only accomplish more damage than good. For those of you with dread and fear I can say this is a passing moment in time. Better days will come, know that. To all of you, a reminder, we need you to take action, to share and prepare everyone for what is coming, that continues to be our primary goal.

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    1. There was mention in prediction from 12/16 of a “golden necklace”. The Golden Globe Awards are coming up tomorrow. I pray there is no connection, but could there be?

      1. “I had a visual of a man with a gun walk into a building with an awning above it, like a hotel.”

        Could be a red carpet awning that they use in case of rain. Security is usually pretty tight but ya never know.

  1. Yes, I’m thinking the same, things are getting getting way out of control. Something has to be done to stop them. I’m sure the governments will be working on a plan. The world can’t keep living with this fear and worry . It will pass as nothing stays the same forever.

    1. I worry that once this ends however, the nex will just begin once more.. climate problems, food problems, our future does not look healthy i fear.. I pray i and Eric am wrong all blessings and peace to you

      1. No it really does get better, they are predicting this year ISIS is stomped on, not the end of ISIS, but it will be dwindled. They also predict the rise of a more moderate voice. It will get better.

      2. I can confirm with you on that eric I did see that myself that the would rise and then fall this year. But I have been shut out of the visions of what was to happen…so I have nothing to add I feel bad I can’t help on a spiritual level.

      1. i pray you are right friend, tell spirits the world needs healing, more hope, less fear see what they can do 🙂 he he he

  2. Eric the news is reporting that the one terrorist girl has crossed the border into Turkey. Perhaps trying to get to Syria they are saying. (I hope they are following her somehow). Could this post on 12/16/14 of “I am not going to just walk away, I will take good care of her”, be referring to this person and where she is going to hide out and be taken care of by someone? Also noticed the “T” in Turkey. And the past prediction of someone crossing into Turkey on a moped/bike and the chemical attack.
    Also, just wanted to say again what a great service to humanity You and Spirits are doing. I hope this doesn’t get to dark for you and that you will get some much deserved sleep soon. Blessings Always

  3. im waiting. 2 years of this dreadfull conduct is long enough.Need name behind the scene in dream. Conductor might just pull the plug on these horrible terror attack

    1. Islamic terror organizations have played with the math of dating attacks using nines, sevens and elevens i was reading

      1. Read the same thing Anthony. Think there may be something to it. I am waiting to see if anything happens tomorrow. I hope not.

  4. thank you eric and the group, PLEASE know, down the road, this will all end, many many changes are coming, during the next five years, it WILL get better! keep, having the group, send prayers out, THEY ARE HeARD! another higher group, like the conductor, group, is also, hard at work! PLease, let everyone know, that it will be getting better, down the road, don’t loose faith and hope, TWO, of the most powerful tools, next to love……………..

      1. I really hope your right allen i been living in fear for months now with people saying our governments out to get us talk of economic collapse talk of fema camps and everything its dark now

  5. Could the prediction that says “don’t worry I’ll take good care of her”, (or something like that), be talking about the woman terrorist who escaped and is said to have crossed the border to Turkey? I hope someone is tracking her.

  6. It looks like there will be 4 terror attacks : one will be a trolley/ train, one a hotel or public place that has an awning entrance doorway, and one being a school or auditorium. Not sure you got a separate 4th image here. Yes, this is a depressing set of predictions. The newspaper print headline might indicate all 4 will happen, unless headlines can be changed through free will of individuals intervening.

  7. Did you see the article on It links to a Newsmax story. You got a LOT of press coverage, much more than the other “psychics” and yours were presented as very credible, including “He says he began getting spiritual messages and has dedicated his work to “predicting the events of tomorrow with the intent of altering the tragedies.”

    I have been following you for ages, but never had a reason to post. Keep up the AWESOME work, and having the purist intentions is what keeps you accurate.

    I tried to copy the link, don’t know that I did the best job of it….

  8. Hi Eric. I awoke this morning with the words “Stage play, they all will die ” in my thoughts “. After meditating on its meaning given the information you have received from Spirit, I offer the following : this relates to NYC. In Times Square there is a high tower hotel called the Marriott Marquis (like royalty). Inside on the second level is a Broadway Theater. It has a marble lobby like a bank. People line up and get on elevators to access the theater, which is up on the second level.
    My sense from what I heard and your predictions combined is that there is potential for a shooting or a bomb at this location.
    I hope that any energy associated with this prediction can be transmuted and that people can be informed so a better outcome can be manifested.

  9. Eric,
    not to change subject or diminish seriousness or these situations, but i feel we can all use a bit of levity right now. I was thinking the other day, if you are with a repair man or mechanic does spirit ever tell you “the price is too high the man is a a schyster?”

    Allen, i hope and prayer whatever spirits guide you are right.. i hear the same predictions as travis and tremble

    1. It is scary dream and im not saying im right and i pray im wrong its just to coincidental that so called terroist are out to get us so these big wigs behind closed doors can meet there agenda of fear and control controversy creates money dont get me wrong i believe theres evil out there but is there as much as media claims thats my question i really think they really want us seperated by thank you french people for standing up for your freedom and rights that are left.

      1. i certainly like Allen’s message better. but it is not the first i’ve heard this opinion, please understand i’m not saying this regarding you, but a lot of people, i think are the theoriest of hoping that terrible things happen just to prove their right? do you understand? as people have been saying such things for many years and nothing.. people said similar after the towers fell, i’m not saying your incorrect although i pray so, i agree on some of what you say but i don’t believe it approaches this level again, i pray

  10. Eric,
    I hope our Collegues know that we need to stay strong in our resolve to go forward to insert light, hope and a lot of hard work( prayers, research, our time and thoughts) to battle the negative acts, and intentions.
    To not let fear, or our reluctance to want to stand up to horrible evil.
    Consider that few people really “know” how to help? Consider that through spirit we CAN .

    When there is so much thrown at you all the time,,, it is hard to stay focused..
    It is time for “us” to gird our loins – to dig deep .. To not let the doubt of possible failure, keep us from the path of success..

    See and use the light of positive influence that spirit gives us to be able to arm us for this time in our history, it resides in your mind, all times.

    I hope that you all become spiritual is needed.. Do not think 2 years is too hard to deal with this evil.. If you think of will falter..think of results..

    We need to get our steel in our spines . I have been concerned that some individuals do not have the fortitude of spirit.

    However I think it is only that too many do not realize how strong we are together. We are a powerful force.., do not dismiss or diminish the leadership of Eric or Spirit offers..they are the beacon ..We just have to decide if we are strong enough to follow…Blessings…

    1. You are very right star and i agree russiain dream im not trying to bring controversy by any means and im not even claim im right i just pray im wrong and i guess my message was just to see what your guys thoughts were i come here with best intentions and feel like one big family and you all have a big heart like mine. I just hurt so much for all evil thats going on in the world and i will be first to admit my fear and as to the theories people i dont know where to stand im pretty lost if that makes sense with what they say then you start thinking on it and the more you do you buy into it ya know i will also sure there is probably quite some good in governmence but then lot of bad cause wealth and power.

      1. Travis, you are not lost. You just need to let that worm of doubt die.. Just close your eyes and focus on light…the answers are there..

        1. Star,
          you are certainly correct. However, just being truthful, i think where things become difficult some of us here, like I, am just people. we have no connection to spirit, do not have dreams, intuition, or spiritual connection, so when we visit here all we see/ read is scary predictions which unfortunately are becoming true by the day with no inervention so that is what raises the fears and the uncertainity particularly because spirit only provides puzzle pieces with multiple sizes and shapes so when we read things fear takes forefront because we do not experience what you with gifts do.. we only know this body, this flesh that god has given so when i read things as travis says, i become scared no matter how much i believe in God, when i read Erics things of horror to come, i get scared. and cling to what he says about this getting better.

          there was no meaning of direspect, i want to help, if i could, i would ake all spiders in my hand and crush them like wine grapes, i love his world and its people and don’t wish to see arocities happen.. i want my kids to live a long fruitful life but i get scared when i read horrible things because i feel like wheels in mud. i see problem, i try to fix, i still spinning spinning

          all lifes blessings to you friend

          1. Russian Dream,
            you are just people? You have no connection with spirit? Huh
            I do not want to get into a rousing back and forth.. Just read what you put down..

            We are all people..we all have doubts, fears, .. I like your visualization of the spiders been squashed like grapes! Keep seeing that..
            You do have a means of helping.,you have a unique view of the world.. You —see the pieces of puzzles by your view., that is valuable.,
            Do not doubt – That there is a chance to change outcomes., Spirit is giving us that chance., take heart., things will get better..not as soon as we want..
            DO NOT lose heart.. Do what you need to do to become more secure in your understanding of spirit.,within and without.,

    2. Thank You Star48. Well said!! I always think on this saying… “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” And this one I just found… “When bad men combine, good men must organize.” Blessings to You!

      1. Thanks for the kind words star thats why i love the site and i will try to keep that in mind blessings

    3. thank you for your beautiful message! everyone, and their energies, can and do, make a difference! stay positive and strong. we are all souls of light, remember, our connecting to the source, GOD.

            1. Eric or anyone really my religious studies teacher the other night said that all of this bad is because the rapture is about to start occurring and the world is falling apart do you get anything like that?

            2. i’m Russian Dream’s wife, i tried posting before but i used old email address so i use his now my religious studies teacher says the rapture will begin either march or october this year and has me uneasy. “D” (Russian dream) says i can ask Eric if he sees anything like this since i don’t believe his wife 🙂 . he has told me of future predictions, but why would a Godly man predict horror, we have nothing like this in orthodox study

              Eric, you are a true miracle for society

      1. Eric, of course!
        Always have known that you are a spiritual warrior..
        Now you are gathering the army!

  11. Eric/All. I have been trying to go back over some of the old predictions to see if we can get some more clues from Spirits on what could be targets for the terrorist/spiders. This stuck out to me. On 1/25/14 it was asked, “what are the major events that include fireworks?” On Feb 01, 2015, Katy Perry will be hosting the Super Bowl half time show. Among others, it is said she will be doing her song “Firework”. Katy Perry is well known for her pyrotechnics and fireworks displays during her shows. Lenny Kravitz will be her first “special guest”. It will be during “half time” when she does this show. I am thinking more and more that this will be one of the “targets” of the terrorists. Also, has anyone else noticed that perhaps some of these predictions are one year out it sometimes seems? Does anyone know if Lenny Kravitz and Freddy Mercury have similarities or something in common? Just really, really want to stop these spiders from accomplishing anything else they have planned. Blessings to All.

    1. Well put russian dream i couldnt say it better matter of fact i would say same thing eric is doing wonderful work but like you i cant reach spirit first hand however i believe we all have one so that leaves you like stuck in limbo cause what you see and fear. One way i try to vision making the world a better place is passing on my kindness i figure if you just open one door for someone or let someone pull out onto street and car and someone sees this maybe just maybe the person that you did kind act for and person that witnessed it will pass it on

      1. I was also thinking of the prediction with the ball rolling down the field to a bit over the halfway mark, “half time”.

  12. As I have read in the BIble, these signs Are signs Jesus coming home and The Lord God for his world. I pray and ask what does My Lord ask of me to do in these times. I ask for forgiveness,repent of my sins, and fear not to be one day be with my Lord. I call upon the Holy Spirit to watch over all souls that live thru him. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. And I pray for you all. God bless. And please pray for me, that this sickness leave my body.

  13. now more than any, it seems like people are talking about the end Why? even though i want to meet my creator, the ambassador as you say, people seem to be lining up proclaiming the end. as my wife says this man says who speaks on bible is almost giddy the world is falling away I feel theres so much more to do… it saddens me people want to see this go it seems

    1. What does that mean.. end? Never really understood that. From what I have seen in the future, evil gets stronger, then is defeated, then everyone lives in a better world. The bad guys lose, the good guys take over. But nothing really ends.

      1. excuse me Eric. my apologies. i know that the world as a whole will endure after my passing but yes, it seems people are in a rush to bring on that evil. to experience the suffering, to see this society , our physical world end. I know you say its not for years but it seems like instead of making things better now people like to say “society will crumble” our way of life will end and they seem almost happy, because then their belief is validated are you understanding me? i’m not sure if I am clear with expression.. I want to meet the great creator but i do not wish to speed up the evil.. i’m still a young man, middle 30s i want my kids to have joy not all pain but it seems like there is a push for this generation, you, me to leave this world… to see the evil and meet God. I want to experience so much more of life, of living, make things better.. sometimes i feel bad because i feel like i’m rejecting God but.. i’m not wishing to die as of yet or speed up the arrival of a great evil or troubling times

  14. Eric,
    i agree wh what you say but for now what do we have but this society?, No?s, which makes me uneasy when you say this society ends

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