World Predictions 3-19-19

In the mid west US an attack is coming soon.

I tried to ask where? Spirit pointed to a location in or around Ohio.

They would also point to what looked like Cincinnati.

The old prediction is back.. 21

The old predictions talk about a shooting, however they showed explosives?


New Zealand Mass Shooting

This horrific prediction has happened. Please pray for all those in New Zealand. My heart pours out for all those in New Zealand during your darkest day. Please New Zealanders stay safe, and we all stand with you.

The number 14 seems to be the date. Spirit seemed to be using my time, as it is the 15th in New Zealand. The visual from the outside implied a house but it was a mosque. The news reported multiple shooters one of which was a woman. According to the news one of the shooters was Australian.

World Predictions 2-24-19 “Killing spree.. 14 they say.. 14 victimized.. such darkness.. violent history.”

I had a visual of a glass window that was broken. It looked as if someone broke into a house at night. Through the window you could see a dark monster lurking, in the visual the dark figure had the shape of a woman.

7:52 .. “That is when they reveal this revolting monster.. takes refuge on the islands.. such horrific attacks.. 14.. she said you ruined everything.”

Predictions: Major Events Coming “The spider lays wait in the bush”

Spider represents a terrorist or someone who commits a sinister act. Historically when they say ‘bush’ its a reference to Australia. I need to go back and ask for the details.

World Predictions 12-6-18 When you peddle fear.. when you peddle a divide.. the outcome.. the expectation.. will inevitably be violence and violence is coming.. its coming soon.

Osama Bin Laden’s Son

Though unverified, several of these old predictions might be pointing to Hazma Bin Laden. I do question whether or not the last two posts are related.

Predictions 8-21-18 The new terrorist will be the son seeking his revenge.

This message might or might not be related, here they seem to imply that the ‘son’ of a terrorist is the new leader.  I also had a visual of Saudi Arabia.

“Its an attack.. in 2.. the explosion so massive.. a sudden flash of light.. so much destruction.” One of the events have a nuclear or radioactive component.  

Are these predictions related, click on the blue to read the entire prediction:

Notes on 8-10-14 This prediction points to an Arab child who would become the next monster of the world. However young looking he is, he was not a child in 2014?

Predictions 2-5-18 This prediction points to an evil zealot who controlled an extreme religious group, wearing a blue or white turban or blue robe, bringing horror to the world. Some of the predictions about his attacks mirror above.

World Predictions 2-18-19

I had a visual of someone shooting a man in his chest twice.

“They shot him.. Venezuela.”

This has ties to a previous prediction: I had a visual of a green plate attached to a grocery store basket, it read “27 Ideology over” Then I heard “Maduro.. murder.. shot”

I had a visual of a large spider just sitting, with its legs moving back and forth.

“Car.. bomb.. 20N.. NY”

I had a visual of a huge police and ambulance presence.

I had a visual of narrow rectangular windows on a building. One of the windows was shot out with what looked like bullets.

I had a visual of a curtain being pulled away, on the other side was a large strong built man holding a large gun.

“The cult leader is dead.. many celebrate his demise.”

Afterwards they showed a large Scientology building. However this might just be an example of a Cult.

A massive tide coming in.. TIDE! (We need to gather the details on the location. Is this a large Cyclone or Tsunami?)

“Now.” This implies a prediction is happening today the 18th or tomorrow the 19th.

World Predictions 2-1-19

I had a visual of a town completely destroyed by a tornado or large storm.

They implied Tennessee. I am hoping to gather more details.

“Barcelona.. day.. Spain.. Terror attack.. soccer.. or park.”

I heard a large explosion.

Countdown from 5..4..3.. Marking the 5th or 6th.

I had a visual of two singers standing side by side, one was a woman while the other was a large man with a beard and straggly hair. Again they point to this coming shooting spree, we need to reverify timing. In another message both 6 and 10 where marked. So the 17 is in question.

I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.”

“There will be multiple attacks at one time.. 9/11.. three places back to back.. airplanes.. Texas.. and North California bay.”

Later they would bring up Illinois again as a target.

I had a visual of 2:27

Converting clocks into dates can be confusing but the interpretation here would imply February (2) and then mid month (27). If it was at the end of the month it would read 2:59. To add to the confusion (27) would imply a date right before the 15th. Bottom line, 27 isn’t a date but how far into the month we are.

I had a visual of the 79 and 714 marked that means the 9th and 14th are marked.

I had a visual of a calendar showing 7, then 8.

“Your Fired!. Two will go.. ” Then it shifted to show Trump yelling at Mulvaney.

World Predictions 1-24-19

I had a visual of a large box of crackers on the top of the shelf, on the box it said in big letters ‘premium’ (large earthquake)

I had a visual of Spirit pointing to California again.

I had a visual of numbers counting down on a clock one read 3.. and the other 5..

7 30 and 7 17

A major attack against the US is still coming.

I had a visual of someone thrown out of power and replaced with a second in command leader, who took the stage. ” He will be a ruthless, dark, dictator.”

I had a visual of a jungle (South America?) like area then it showed riot police hurting people in the worst way.

The first message talks about a very large earthquake, its a message that an earthquake coming is historic for the year. They also reminded us of the California earthquake. Its possible they are talking about two different events, an earthquake and attack in California. They have marked multiple time frames, between the 27th and 30th. Now I am going to try and link the marked dates with the predictions. We are now officially shifting to the new process by Spirit. In this new process the focus will be set on what is coming ‘now’. Which means most predictions made should start unfolding within a months time. With this rollout I have been asked to take a back seat and give them complete autonomy. This new system might need some ironing out at times, and we might have a slow down as we adjust, but the hope is by focusing on ‘now’ events we can end our inconsistency on predicting the correct timing of these events.

World Predictions 1-12-19

“There is a threat to the United States.. clear and present danger.. bombing.”

I had a visual of the number 7 big and bold afterwards Spirit said 20 minutes. Later Spirit wrote 9 then a minute later wrote 11.

Spirit implied ‘NY’ again. Spirit clarified that 9/11 is a reference to similarities, a building being attacked, New York, an explosion, all mirroring each other. In the previous prediction they showed 1:51 in red. They are now implying the 20th. If I assume 1:00 as January, and 2:00 as February, then 1:51 could be seen as the later end of January. Is the prediction below related? Both predictions imply a timeframe around the 20th.

“I had a visual of a bomb going off in a building, there was massive smoke coming from all directions. (I believe ‘it will be huge’ is a reference to the size of the bombing) Then Spirit wrote 207” — In this prediction made in October they implied the Empire State Building, however that could be symbolic to a New York building or skyscraper.

China.. Train.. 13.. 14

This prediction might be related to a previous message:
I had a visual I was looking down a city, then it showed a black fog sitting next to train tracks. “Train destruction.. 52.. such a horrible event” Then I saw the number 7 30

I had a visual of both rural and farm land that was lush green, the ground was wet. Then the visual shifted to show the droplets of water on the wet ground. Then the visual shifted again to show a woman who looked catatonic, but standing in the field. Then I saw another person who was acting insane. Then the entire visual shifted to show a house, a mobile home, and barn up in flames. The fire scorched the earth.

“What was meant to be a safer chemical.. the chemical is exceedingly dangerous.. ruining ones mental faculties.”