Prediction: Spring Attack

I am presenting this list with caution. If you look at the list of predictions below it implies a terror attack.. April? May? The 15th is clearly marked. Are the OOOO racing down a road a race or gathering.

Be cautious, I am unclear if its one event coming or a multi level circumstance. But it does look like a terror related incident is coming this Spring.

Predictions 4-5-18  I had a visual of the number 315 written big and bold, they showed the number three different times and gave the feeling of urgency.

I had a visual of 4 different zeros lining up. Four different predictions are about to happen. In the visual they looked like silver metal thin rings racing down a road. They the rings lined up one after another.
I had a visual of a man with a cowboy hat turn a corner and then leave.

Predictions 3-28-18  “Spring terror.. its back.”    “After the break.. terror.”

I had a visual of multiple pictures all women; “9” Spirit said. “All killed”

Then it shifted to show a march or protest, maybe a gathering. The impression was there was an explosion that took place. This is very similar to an old prediction. Predictions 1-10-18

Predictions 4-9-17  7 then 15  “Bad News.. the spider is in New York.”  (That implies the 15th or a countdown) I had a visual of bodies laying on the ground. There was what I believe an airport tower in the background. I also heard a popping noise, gunfire? Later they would show a Buffalo

I had a visual of the clock striking 12.  I had a visual of someone using their finger to push the world button on Facebook.  I had a visual of a large explosion by buildings. Followed by waves of people running away.  Then I heard the word Russia.  Then I heard the word Danish

Predictions 12-13-17  France attacked.. in two.. around 15. I had a visual of multiple police cars with flashing lights.

Predictions 12-1-17     Madness.. such evil. They then pointed to a location in France, first starting with Paris then shifting outward to one then two cities out from Paris. There was initially the feeling of a vehicle attacking people but then it shifted to a train? We need to clarify exactly what happens. There was also an implication of an attack on youth because they showed a back pack on the ground. Then Spirit shifted to Ohio. We need to ask about Ohio first and then clarify whether or not the attack in France is one attack or multiple ones.

Both the 15th and 19th are marked.

Spirit has already predicted that the Tsunami that will affect Australia will arrive in May.

Predictions 1-3-18 “Eric you have it backwards.  First will comes terrorism and then the Tsunami.” I had a visual of the number 5. “Multiple terror attacks are coming back to back.. 5.. It will be huge.. The Tsunami.. 10”

These predictions are less likely connected but should be noted. 

Predictions 2-14-16  “Daesh  (ISIS)  in New York.. attacking multiple locations.. on a Sunday or Monday the plans set.. when football would normally be played.  Such a horrible nightmare, like a war zone” – Spirits Voice

Notes on 8-30-14   “A major threat.. Boston marks.. the same area.. the same vicinity.. screaming, unspeakable horror.. video made.. soon.. by weeks end, on or around the sacred holiday.” — Spirits Voice

Predictions 1-4-16 New York Shootings  I had a visual of a very large group of people gathering together for a run or walk. Then it switched to a scene of horror, people where laying on the ground injured and deceased, several people where upset holding each other. Then the visual switched again and I watched a TV being turned on to a commercial that showed two football helmets coming together, with the familiar football song playing in the background. Then the visual switched again and the word “New” was written. (I believe it was meant for a location like New York)

I had a visual of a news paper falling to the ground it read:

“NYC attack. Shooters attack the people.”

Predictions 1-5-16   “15.. targeted.. lockdown”   “Charge!”   The implication was that someone might tackle a gunman, or attack the gunman directly. That is probably the football helmet reference.

Prediction: Bridge Attack

Prediction: Multiple Terror Attacks

Prediction: Airplane Attack P2


Prediction: Vehicle Attack in France

I had a visual of a truck sitting in the dark of night.

“Wednesday.. chasing France.. insult to injury”

“Still asleep”

I had a visual of Spirit waving a paper in the air, I have the name of the culprit “Joe.. Joey..” Its unclear if they are talking about this situation or another. Later they would add “Baton” however that part was unclear. (This post has been re-edited 4-3-18 1100)

Previous Prediction that might be related: Predictions 4-1-18

I had a visual I was walking behind a mad man. “I am going to run them down.. I will run them down.” he thought

Yesterday Spirit said  “5 minutes.. in 3 minutes”. That points to a timeframe around the 4th and 2nd. It could fall on today and the 3rd depending on which days you are counting, unfortunately the message was given to me at 1am yesterday.  They are counting down to a prediction, that they call a ‘major event’.

It looks like there is going to be a vehicle attack in France. Its unclear if this is the event they are counting down to. I tried to get more details on the location, they implied the far east side of France. Wednesday? Are they talking about tomorrow or the following Wednesdays? Asleep? Its possible the timeframe is during a timing in which I would be asleep on the West coast of the US. Spirit also implied this is just one piece of a larger situation.  

J’ai eu un visuel d’un camion assis dans l’obscurité de la nuit.
“mercredi.. chassant la France.. insulte à la blessure “” toujours endormi “prédiction précédente qui pourrait être liée: Predictions 4-1-18
J’ai eu un visuel que je marchais derrière un homme fou. «Je vais les exécuter vers le bas.. Je vais les exécuter vers le bas. “il pensait
Hier l’esprit a dit “5 minutes.. en 3 minutes “. Cela indique un échéancier autour des 4ème et 2ème. Il pourrait tomber sur aujourd’hui et le 3ème selon les jours que vous comptez, malheureusement, le message a été donné à moi à 1H du matin hier. Ils comptent jusqu’à une prédiction, qu’ils appellent un «événement majeur».

On dirait qu’il va y avoir une attaque de véhicule en France. J’ai essayé d’obtenir plus de détails sur l’emplacement, ils impliquaient le côté Extrême-Orient de la France. Mercredi? Est-ce qu’ils parlent de demain ou des mercredis suivants? Endormi? Son possible le calendrier est au cours d’un calendrier dans lequel je serais endormi sur la côte ouest des États-Unis. L’esprit a également laissé entendre que ce n’est qu’un élément d’une situation plus vaste.


Predictions 4-1-18

Happy Easter!

Yesterday Spirit said  “5 minutes.. in 3 minutes”. That points to a timeframe around the 4th and 2nd. It could fall on today and the 3rd depending on which days you are counting, unfortunately the message was given to me at 1am yesterday.  They are counting down to a prediction, that they call a ‘major event’.

I had a visual I was walking behind a mad man. “I am going to run them down.. I will run them down.” he thought

I had a visual of a fair or carnival, then it was in flames. It was a horrible scene of a large inferno. “Never or (Neber) Street Fair” The message was spoken and the first word wasn’t entirely clear. 

“Nerve agent.. 150.. so evil.. poisoning”

Perhaps Al Assad and Syria again?

Is the bridge attack and Pennsylvania attack connected? Spirit reminded me of the Pennsylvania attack while asking about the Bridge attack. What are they counting down to? They have referred to both the California earthquake and Bridge attack as ‘Major events’ but unless they clarify that would be guessing. I plan to ask for clarity. 

Predictions 2-17-18 Pennsylvania Attack

Prediction: Bridge Attack

The Truth will be ready on the 5th. 




Prediction: Our Father is Coming

“God is coming.. our father is arriving.”

I had a visual of rolling dark clouds all hovering over us all, then a voice, “And like that!.. In one instant.. everything changes..” The dark clouds dissipated and sun shined.

“Everything headed in one direction will suddenly shift in another.. our father was there.”

I had a visual of the spiritual realm tapping certain people around the world. and they glowed with Gods energy.

“Their message will have our blessing.. and our fathers unwavering power.. marked they will channel righteousness, noblility, compassion, love, nothing will stop them from carrying our adopted message.”

Then I had a visual of the ground being unearthed, large boulders were turned over.

“Our father will expose the hidden lies and deceit, share them with all of you.. hand it to you.. saying do with it as you wish.”

“As quickly as he came.. he will come home.”

Wow! Just Wow! Unfortunately it was not all good news.


Sounds like October or a countdown, could be somehow related to the above message. 

I had a visual of the earth cracking, an earthquake is coming very soon.

“The lines are drawn.. the wolves are out.. the battle begins.. the white house.”

I had a visual of the assault of the 2008  Taj Mahal Palace hotel, where terrorist laid siege to an entire hotel. “It’s coming again”

The implication was a different location, I need to ask where, I was a bit caught off guard with the first message.

Austin Texas Package Bombing

This prediction is unfolding. If you live in Austin please stay safe.

Predictions 8-23-16    “Explosion” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of someone opening a package and then it faded to black, then I heard an explosion. I had a visual of multiple potatoes, in the past that means Idaho. But it could be a reference to something else.  I believe this is the start of multi level act I had a visual of what looked like either a large hospital center, or large campus, which had ties to the explosion.

I need to ask for more details on the explosion, unlike before the impression was either a lone wolf or domestic terrorist. Packages seem to be key to this horrible act.

Three predictions posted today: Predictions 3-7-18  The Spirits clarified that 000 isn’t about three predictions as it is that several of their predictions unfold back to back.


Predictions 3-2-18

I had a  visual of Japan, we circled the area.

Are they predicting the earthquake/Tsunami for Japan, it almost seemed like they were making a correction, previous prediction:

That implies a Tsunami is coming. We have two dueling predictions one by Japan and another in the Indian Ocean. There is some confusion on which is coming first. We need to verify this locations, here are the previous predictions about Tsunami’s: Predictions 12-13-17  Prediction: Earthquake Coming Soon Predictions 12-22-17

In 4 or 5

I had a visual of a plane taking off: “The plane will crash, the weather.. just a horrible tragedy.”

I had a visual of a happy group of people in a parade or protest in the background the darkness lingered. “Those different from the norm, unique in their own way,  proud of their differences, will become the new target of the darkness.”

“Radical Muslims?.. now the Radical Christian will rise.. its the Radical that perpetuate evil”

I had a visual of a man boarding the train or trolley, he had a device in his hand, perhaps a bomb, ties to Russia.

Violence, rioting, America turning on each other, thanks Vlad.

There is a surge of rioting coming in droves.

Spirit wrote the word ‘Cult’ several times, as if to imply it was in the news, again and again.



Somalia Twin Car Bombings

This horrible prediction has happened. I just don’t understand how one group could be so evil. Please pray for all of those in Africa, and an end to Al Shabaab

The prediction is off by one day, we also failed to predict a specific location, only Africa. The video reports that security forces shot dead five gunman suspected of attacking the building, which explains the number ‘5’. The final message about the car is in question as Spirit implied it would happen in Israel, however the imagery is identical.

Predictions 2-19-18   Predictions 5-16-17 .Predictions 12-22-17

Spirit implied a massive massacre in Africa.  Bombing in 5.. so bloody, so brutal.

The timing of this bombing is the 24th

I had a visual of a bomb that went off, there was a hollowed out burned car.