4th of July Terror Plot Foiled

Good news as this attack was foiled. It sounds very similar to the predictions they made about July’s attacks,  however that location was never mentioned.

Today Spirit said ‘New Jersey’ multiple times, implying New Jersey as a target. Perhaps the first target.

Spirit has also said the New Zealand earthquake is just around the corner. Those living in New Zealand prepare yourself.

Prediction: US Attacks in early July  4, 3, 2, 1, Boom! I could hear what sounded like an explosion.  Spirit is this the earthquake you are counting down to?  “Attacks!” Spirit responded.   I had a visual of black dust, it looked like black pepper. Three piles of them.   I had a visual of three different locations mentioned, Vermont, New York/New Jersey, and California…


Foiled Terror Plot On Paris

This vague message has happened.

Notes on 2-24-15   “Eric there is a threat to Paris.. focal point.” — Spirit’s Voice

Notes on 7-21-13 Foiled Terror Attack?

More numbers as riddles. You could argue they are talking about today and this Tuesday, perhaps predictions will unfold especially with the countdown at its end. But be open to the idea it is unrelated and a different month.

“The 21st marked.. The 23rd marked.. 040.. 8-4-3..”
Just a thought. 040 was originally  presented on the 19th, I am pretty sure ‘0’ is not zero as it is a cycle used to imply that they have gone full circle from predicting an event to its arrival, they have used it several times before. Four days from the 19th would be the 23rd. The 23rd has been brought up before, including the other prediction that on  Notes on 7-13-13 “Mark it, 8-9 minutes (days) from now.

I asked, what will arrive around the 23rd? “The burners do not work.. it fails.. look three months ago.. ” They showed a stove opened up and the burner underneath was covered with a sealant.
My Opinion; Burners in the past have been used to describe fire, especially forest fires. More recently they have been used to describe terrorist acts as a description of the bomb they might use. In the post Terror Plot Foiled on Canada Day they said the same exact words. It implies a terror attack is foiled somewhere. The only thing that comes to mind is  on Notes on 5-1-13 they mention that Germany would be under attack by terrorist but questioned the success of the attack. There is also Notes on 4-16-13 – Bridge Attack , which has been a looming prediction.