Southern California Terror Attack Foiled

My undying gratitude goes out to all the law enforcement involved in protecting us from this bombing that could have been. This entire prediction has been foiled. The port was mentioned as a part of his planned attacks.

World Predictions 4-25-19 “Terror Attacks against the US are around the corner

Predictions 12-23-16 “LA bombing.. in a few minutes (days)..” (Los Angeles?)

I had a visual of a building or structure that was completely desolate, burned, nothing but ash and rubble.

“The good (or goods) store.”

This prediction also might be related: The number 3 might be 3 years.

Predictions 12-10-16 I had a visual of an attack. In the vision they went into great detail to show a port.

They made sure to show me that even though the port was in the background the act was a bit more inland and not entirely over the water.

In 3, 3 days of deployment, around 3.

They pointed to a map and said “Here” as if implying Southern California or San Diego

9 thoughts on “Southern California Terror Attack Foiled

  1. Finally some good news. Law enforcement almost stopped the synagogue shooting too but the warning came to them just a little too late.

    1. Wonder if this was an attempted retaliation to the SoCal terrorist’s attempted retaliation for Christchurch? Horrible either way.

  2. SWC,
    Like and infection..
    Australia 🇦🇺
    Event details

    CBRN in Australia on April 30 2019 04:38 AM (UTC).

    A court has heard police are preparing to detonate an explosive known as “Mother of Satan” found in an Adelaide home. The home at Heytesbury Road at Davoren Park, in Adelaide’s north, was raided by police last night and “explosive-related material” was found. Properties surrounding the home have been evacuated as emergency services prepare to detonate the explosive material. The chemicals were housed in a garden shed, and it is expected the shed will be destroyed in a controlled detonation. Aaron Ellis, 43, has been charged with possession and manufacture of explosives. He appeared in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court and has been remanded in custody. Brevet Sergeant Daren Cross told the court Mr Ellis had come to the attention of police in February after he posted on social media that “he hated Muslims”. “When they attended the address in February there was nothing to cause grave concern,” he said. “The reason they went there was because he put a post on Facebook stating that he hated Muslims. “They couldn’t find anything constituting an offence on that occasion.” The court heard police received “fresh information” yesterday that the accused was in possession of chemicals. “Police attended with [the] bomb squad … [and] he explained that he mixed the chemicals into a substance referred to as ‘Mother of Satan’,” Sergeant Cross said. “This is a highly volatile explosive and cannot be transported. “Bomb squad members have advised that it will need to be detonated in situ. “They have sealed off the area … it’s likely that the local neighbourhood will be evacuated.” Police have dug holes in the backyard of the home and have laid sandbags ahead of the blast. “There is potential that had it not been located that it could have caused substantial damage and injury,” Sergeant Cross said. “From my information on file from the bomb squad they have come across this type of explosive once before interstate where a person lost their hands, that’s how serious the chemicals are.” Sergeant Cross opposed his release on bail. “We would be opposing bail because between February and the incident yesterday, that’s just a matter of eight weeks, he has managed to get all these chemicals, he’s managed to find information on how to make bombs and explosive material,” he said. “We have concerns that if he’s released there is potential for him [to] obtain these chemicals and continue to do his bomb making for whatever reason, we don’t know.” The court heard police had seized his phone and computer and that further charges could be laid. Defence lawyer Josh Bach called for Mr Ellis to be released on home detention bail to live at his daughter’s house. “Mr Ellis is someone on bail who would not pose a significant risk to the community,” he said. “[He] is missing one leg, he lost that leg in a motorbike accident some 25 years ago, he needs the assistance of crutches to walk around. “He has no criminal history of violent offending. I’m instructed that he abhors violence and that he is very distressed at the suggestion.” Magistrate Gary Gumpl remanded Mr Ellis in custody to face court again next Monday when he will consider whether he should be released on home detention bail. “I suspect that your client is in this invidious position where he doesn’t want to talk about the offences out of fear of incriminating himself and yet without explaining the reason behind this he’s going to have difficulty getting bail,” Mr Gumpl said. A perimeter has been established around the home. “They told me they’d found explosive devices or the makings of explosive things and it was dangerous, and either to stay inside or go, so I’m going,” neighbour Cynthia said. Another neighbour Renee McKelvie, who lives two doors down from the property, said emergency services had “put sandbags down near the driveway”. “They’re currently about to do some kind of explosion test, that’s why if people are inside they’ve asked them to stay away from the windows and doors, but they would rather people out,” she said.

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