4th of July Terror Plot Foiled

Good news as this attack was foiled. It sounds very similar to the predictions they made about July’s attacks,  however that location was never mentioned.

Today Spirit said ‘New Jersey’ multiple times, implying New Jersey as a target. Perhaps the first target.

Spirit has also said the New Zealand earthquake is just around the corner. Those living in New Zealand prepare yourself.

Prediction: US Attacks in early July  4, 3, 2, 1, Boom! I could hear what sounded like an explosion.  Spirit is this the earthquake you are counting down to?  “Attacks!” Spirit responded.   I had a visual of black dust, it looked like black pepper. Three piles of them.   I had a visual of three different locations mentioned, Vermont, New York/New Jersey, and California…

18 thoughts on “4th of July Terror Plot Foiled

  1. For the Record – yesterday a whale was spotted in Wellington Harbor, Meters from the shoreline and railway line. Its common for dolphins and sharks to enter the harbor but a whale very rare. They do often say that Whales are an omen for something, maybe that whale was warning us of the quake….personally i do hope its nothing big, normally after a “reasonably sized shake” the city is shut down for 24 hours while infrastructure is checked and its business as usual the following day.

    1. Saw that!..why it came to wellington harbor on July 3rd? Very unusual and rare. I keep monitoring NZ. However, how’s the animals behaving? Anything out of odd. …just keep eyes on.

  2. I don’t quite see how this Cleveland terrorist fits the prediction of ‘multiple attacks in New York/Jersey, California and Vermont’. There are no significant bridges in Cleveland he could have affected, let alone multiples (3 piles of pepper)…
    And..I’ve been having dreams for two months now about a TERRIBLE thing (war? Civil Unrest? Attack?) coming on the 2nd week of July (keep seeing the 7th, not sure why)…
    I think whatever is coming is still coming…and this doesn’t fulfill what you saw…because what I saw was MUCH BIGGER than this…an event larger in national scope than 9/11 ever was, or will be…

      1. Sara, a ‘Cleveland Terrorist’ doesn’t fit the description of what Eric said, to start with. YES, I have visions that come true FREQUENTLY….that I don’t profit off it or run a website based on it is totally academic.
        Here you go, chew on this:
        The dead will rise, all of them since time did begin…10-fold and more, they will return, not as zombies, but to walk again for the evils done, until they can do right of their own will, they will not sleep again. This is the judgement, this shall be done.
        The ancient law was not told the giant ones, and though most now sleep, they cannot be judged for what they did not know. They also must return and know the law, for to be judged by it. The fallen shall mislead them to torture those left that did not repent or see the folly of their ways. The travesty shall be great, unlike any known in modern times.
        The promise fulfilled, none see it as it is. That which was promised has finished, yet most shall not see it as such, for theirs is a life of self-disbelief.
        A great voice shall start the final act…when the lights shall dim, know it shall never again be as it once was.

        Everything you think you know is a fairytale…one to be set right soon..

        These are the sums of my dreams…and have been for a long time as such. Most come true, pray these don’t…

    1. Unfortunately you may be right Logan. Lets send positive thoughts to the universe. On Sunday I was meditating and NEVER had a vision sinister in nature on this scale like this come to my mind. A tall, dark hair man (black background like in a dark room or at night) was tidying up a large, black, tall cylinder shape plastic barrel maybe 4 feet in height. Material like tough, plastic pond liner for landscaping. Inside the barrel looked like dynamite of some sort wound up super tight. Not well versed in what these materials may look like. Gave me the impression the bang power could blow a half a block out. Then the next day Cleveland thrwarted. Not sure what this represents, but really took me by surprise as it was the first to pop up during meditation. The other thing is I could “hear” his thoughts. Retaliatory in nature. A tit for tat. You did this, now you pay. Not an individual targeted, but a group. The collective conscious may be tapping into something as to why we are all getting “signs”. Hope the airline prediction is foiled. It feels next.

      1. Hi RsD2,
        I don’t class myself as psychic (not studied/disciplined in that realm) but do very occasionally have ‘pop-ups’ as you so described.

        Earlier this calendar year I had a very strange image of being up in the ‘dry mountains’ a couple with remnants of snow. They were ochre-reddish in color & barren.

        In the foreground to this view there were two identical spiders, small innocuous ones, both spinning webs. One then spun a normal looking eggs sack, while the other spun one too that then started morphing & expanding into dark grape-like globules. Like a tumor growing fast in plain sight.

        It wasn’t a nice feeling during this sequence.

        I live in AU & we have no ‘dry’ mountains of this magnitude, only ‘wet ones’ of that size. So I don’t think the image relates to here.

        I was wondering if these mountains are in USA, like SoCal west of LA or SD?
        If so & with Eric’s mention of spiders representing sinister plots/terrorism, I dread this is some sort of planning for an attack in LA or San Diego.

        Could there be a terror cell or similar holed up in a small desert/mountain community building bombs, planning etc ? ?

        Anyway, let’s hope enough positive energy goes out there to float this to the surface, so it can be flushed away in time.


      2. Hi again R2D2,
        I mean to ask if those mountains were EAST of, not west of LA/SD. Not used to having ocean to the west & ‘in-land’ to the east, living on the east coast where I do.

    2. I’m with you. We’re on the brink of something dark. And while I certainly don’t have Eric’s gift, I have had random premonitions about things have happened. I have a gut feeling that something ominous is still close at hand.

      1. Hi Joy! Weird feeling isn’t it? The premonitions. That gut feeling. Thanks for sharing and validating. I try to send out white light, prayers, positive thoughts…anything…. to the universe. Don’t undermine your gifts. 😉

  3. If they’re still saying “New Jersey”, I advise everyone there to be extra cautious….though we shouldn’t let our guard down yet, wherever we are.

  4. To everyone in America, Happy 4th of July – I pray for unity, peaceful hearts, minds and actions…. To all in New Zealand – may your land be gentle and may you all be safe. Blessing to you Eric for all you do to serve the greater good.

    1. Agree with everything you said, Cee. Unity and peace and safety for all the good people of the world.

  5. Let’s hope the lord exposes all terror attacks as July 4th is a sacred day. The usa is a christian nation. Your president is a big dummy. There is no mistake in the name usa. Jesus real name I methusala. See usa is methusala. Jesus was a priest of melkezdiak in jerusalem. See usa in jerusalem-melkezdiak. Add to the fact marduk is the creator of the white race who is anysof 000.we still have 00 and 0. There is more than one sun . Add the omni present osiris ani who is also co-creator plus father. God bless on July 4th. Now if only Mr trump can resign as he is a terrible image of god marduk. He was elected to transform in some aspects. He was elected to bring christmas back. Quite the embarrassment to his father. Dont ask for any favors from me anymore. Dont bite off the hand that feeds you.marduk. That’s exactly what you did.maybe marduk goes to russia or Sweden . Might even end up in cuba. Might be even halifax which is east.

  6. I have an idea. Why don’t we all find online or physically, a map of the state of New Jersey, NY, Vermont, California, and USA and the world in general. Then, place the palm of your hand(s) over the specific place on the map and say a personal prayer for all those persons residing in that state. Picture beautiful white and pink ( or whatever color suits you) light flowing from your hand into that portion of the map. Visualize peace for all humanity, the animals, all vegetation and elements of the earth (particularly the trees). Picture the roots of the trees spreading the love you are sending into the Earth’s soil through pure water below, that fluidly shares the loving wisdom of the trees. Picture the ripple effect of sparks of light flowing across a town, a county, a state, a municipality, a region, all the way up mountains and down into rivers and streams and oceans. Broadcast
    freedom, love and peace for all. Love to all of you lightworkers!

    1. Great idea, Lia! That would help by visualize and putting hands sending light of energies onto certian area on a map.

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