World Predictions 10-23-19

“ISIS is back.. with vengeance in mind.. a wave of global attacks is coming.. crystal clear.. the old predictions about terror attacks have come full circle.”

9/11 was shown big and bold.

Those stars will say “This is all your fault”

I had a visual of the map of the US being thrown in the trash.

I had a visual I was looking down to the ground. Then suddenly I saw a large crack in the ground.

“First will come a moderate quake.. then a larger more damaging quake will follow.. two earthquakes back to back.”

This visual of a crack implies an earthquake, but also verifies that what they are talking about is coming around the corner because the crack happened right next to me (close). Even as they talked there was this implication that the quake was happening as they made the predictions on 10-23. Are they still talking about California? Later they would bring up Alaska? Or is this a separate message entirely?

I had a visual of a mug shot or a most wanted poster. On it was a Hispanic man who was presented with a dark ominous tone. Then it shifted to show the number ’13’.

I am sorry for the delay of the next “Truth”. Spirit has implied that I have the capacity to collect the information from the source directly instead of learning it second hand. So I am on a mission to figuring out how to do that.

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49 thoughts on “World Predictions 10-23-19

  1. I wonder how long it’ll be until the US’s reputation is restored, or the we longer become a superpower and become a pariah to the rest of the world.

    1. Oh, I hope the US moves on from this divisive time-period soon, it’s depressing to see such hatred and anger. Someday, I hope Americans will look back on this time in history and say, “Wow, I’m glad things aren’t like that anymore!”

  2. Those stars will say “This is all your fault”?

    Is this about ISIS reemerging or is it something to do with you because I know there was an older prediction about you coming under scrutiny, right?

    1. Nevermind. The more I read that prediction the less I think it could be about the prediction regarding you, though that older prediction is an odd one.

    2. My thought was generals, famous people honestly did not cross my mind till I read the comments. Normally they come out and say when criticizing is coming my way. They did not imply that here.

        1. My initial thought was a well known general speaking up after an attack over how ISIS terrorist escaped the prisons in Syria because of the way Trump handled pulling out of Syria but that’s just an opinion.

          1. Stop spreading fear and lies. No isis prisoners escaped Syria. The most dangerous ere transferred by the USA army to other prisons. And the others are under guard by the Kurds.

  3. Yes it is obvious that the map of the US being in the trash means most of the world views us in a negative way due to this administration’s bungling foreign policy actions. What clowns we look like! No one will trust anything our government says or does for a while…

  4. “Those stars will say this is all your fault” could be a reference to many people in the public’s eye such as entertainment stars putting the blame on Trump and his administration at every opportunity for their bungling, but they already do that…let’s imagine that after another 9/11 attack occurs they start to do this with even more fervor. Then there will also probably be multiple movies and documentaries that show how Trump’s mismanagement of all of our government agencies put us all at risk and lead to the attack…
    They make documentaries to explain these things but most people want to see the dramatized movies that show what happened…many docudramas will be unveiled in the future about this period in our US history and how all could have been avoided, prossiby–if things had been managed properly!

  5. Maybe the reference to the 13 and the Hispanic man is a refers to MS-13. It’s a violent gang from Mexico that has a foundation in the U.S. now.

  6. The map in the trash could be that idiot Trump claiming he was building a wall on the border of Colorado to keep the Mexicans out.

  7. The stars saying “this is your fault” could be a prediction of major Hollywood folks all becoming more vocal after one of these predicted terrorist actions. They would blame Trump’s foreign policy moves, especially the recent ones in Syria, as opening the door for Isis to reform in the vacuum left behind.
    Might be worth asking.

  8. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of a mug shot or a most wanted poster. On it was a Hispanic man who was presented with a dark ominous tone. Then it shifted to show the number ’13’.

    MS 13
    Massive MS-13 bust: Officials charge 96 members in gang takedown
    “The arrests, all in Suffolk County, are the result of a nearly two-year county, state and federal investigation — and include nine cell, or “clique” leaders of the violent gang — virtually the gang’s entire presence in the county, officials said.

    The investigation also thwarted seven Long Island-based murder plots, officials said.”

  9. “Former intelligence chiefs: Trump’s removal of experts is deeply destructive to our nation’s safety”

    “Trump fired Joe Maguire as DNI a month ago. Now he and practically every other living ex-DNI or NCTC chief has signed onto this piece warning that Trump is putting the nation in peril”

    1. As the @DeptofDefense continues to see high-level turnover, Chairman
      @RepAdamSmith warns of the dangers of gutting the Pentagon during a period of presidential transition:

      Smith: “If this is the beginning of a trend — the President either firing or forcing out national security professionals in order to replace them with people perceived as more loyal to him — then the next 70 days will be precarious at best and downright dangerous at worst.”

  10. “U.S. military officials systematically misled the public about the war in Afghanistan, according to internal documents obtained by The Post.

    “These are The Afghanistan Papers: A secret history of the war.”

    “Confidential documents reveal U.S. military officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan
    For nearly two decades of war in Afghanistan, U.S. leaders have sounded a constant refrain: We are making progress. They were not, documents show, and they knew it.”

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