Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack

In regards to an airplane(s), a bridge, and the body of water below, fear sweeps the United States. The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed.  All around the anniversary. –25–

The original prediction from the past reads 2-25 or 10-25, I believe the two could mean two airplanes, 25 is a key number but its unclear whether it’s a date, it was also common back then to put the numbers in reverse, 5 as in May perhaps, 2 or 20 the date?. A horrible prediction that was predicted long ago on the previous blog and YouTube, one I expected was just wrong, but now they are dredging it up again. The original post can be found on YouTube (below).


28 thoughts on “Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack

    • Not necessarily. Its most likely going to unfold on the 25th of May, June, July. However assuming the worse the anniversary would be in May. But with its uncertainty I am presenting other possibilites.

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  5. hi eric i was just reading the agenda for the San Fracisco May carnaval. there are alot of references in there that spirit mentioned.could you give it a read. the Grand Parade is on the 25th and goes up17th st and then 16th and24th . it even mentions panhandle. The 21 is smack bang in the middle. It finishes at GoldenGate Park. Thete is even paper plane modelling and making. blessings and lots of love and light being sent to all.

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  8. #1 Airplane just went down
    #2 Double bridge (golden gate )
    #3 Anniversary (meaning new years)
    IM really thinking the 3 attack is in San Francisco!

    • One of the attacks was said to be in New York or New Jersey. The second is really looking like California. The last one is unclear, they showed a large clock, but they also talked about trains. Part of me believes it might be the UK.

      • There is the Colgate clock in jersey city of the largest in the world they took it off the building now it sits off the water pretty sure pointing towards nyc…it’s across the water beautiful view of ny from jersey city from what I have sen on the internet.

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