Predictions 4-1-18

Happy Easter!

Yesterday Spirit said  “5 minutes.. in 3 minutes”. That points to a timeframe around the 4th and 2nd. It could fall on today and the 3rd depending on which days you are counting, unfortunately the message was given to me at 1am yesterday.  They are counting down to a prediction, that they call a ‘major event’.

I had a visual I was walking behind a mad man. “I am going to run them down.. I will run them down.” he thought

I had a visual of a fair or carnival, then it was in flames. It was a horrible scene of a large inferno. “Never or (Neber) Street Fair” The message was spoken and the first word wasn’t entirely clear. 

“Nerve agent.. 150.. so evil.. poisoning”

Perhaps Al Assad and Syria again?

Is the bridge attack and Pennsylvania attack connected? Spirit reminded me of the Pennsylvania attack while asking about the Bridge attack. What are they counting down to? They have referred to both the California earthquake and Bridge attack as ‘Major events’ but unless they clarify that would be guessing. I plan to ask for clarity. 

Predictions 2-17-18 Pennsylvania Attack

Prediction: Bridge Attack

The Truth will be ready on the 5th. 




Predictions 3-28-18

Spirit where is the attack on the Bridge?

Pelosi.. area..

Are they talking about Nancy Pelosi? I had to look it up. I honestly thought her district was on the east coast. To my surprise we are back to San Francisco. So we are back with the original message, so what does that say about cobblestone?  It seems like a handful of old predictions about attacks are now just around the corner. The previous message: Prediction: Bridge Attack

“Spring terror.. its back.”

“After the break.. terror.” 

As many of you know our family watches foster children and orphans, normally they are in school, right now all of the kids are home with us because of Spring break. This is the only connection to a ‘break’ I can think of. It should be noted the similarities, the break ends as of the 2nd, and the previous prediction mentions “2” and “2 in the morning” however the old message reads “around 30”

I had a visual of multiple pictures all women; “9” Spirit said. “All killed”

Then it shifted to show a march or protest, maybe a gathering. The impression was there was an explosion that took place. This is very similar to an old prediction.

Then it shifted to show a map, the map was split into 4 sections, they showed the South east region of the map.

This prediction above also has a previous prediction that sounds very familiar: Predictions 1-10-18

“Get your hands off of me! .. All these woman work against me.” Spirit said something similar right before the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which implies another scandal is coming.

“Mars.. water.. a large body of water found.. hidden.. underneath.”

I had a visual of cars racing, then a massive accident, cars mangled, one had flipped over.

Then the introduction of a new prediction one that will have our undivided attention: I had a visual I was above looking down at an area, the area was completely destroyed. The buildings in rubble, towering metal rods sticking up from the ground. Nothing was left of the area that wasn’t destroyed.



I had a visual of Spirit showing a rubic’s cube floating in mid air, twisting and turning very fast, then the puzzle was solved. They showed all the different sides showing how complete it was.

“We are done.. are you ready”



Prediction: Bridge Attack

“We are under attack.. bridge.. coming now.”

“Two” (Are they saying in two days?)

“The bomb hits it on the right spot, destroying the foundation.. there was extensive planning by more than one.. two in the morning.. this is coming in a matter of days.. your bridges don’t have cobblestones.. their planning to do even more in the next day(s).”

“Gay people are under attack.”

Spirit told me to clear my night schedule for this message. The last time they did that was the Mexico earthquake that happened two days later. Though we started the conversation in California, from the view of the cobblestone ground, this message could be outside of the US, it looked like Europe. I still question San Francisco as the old predictions point in that direction. I asked Spirit where and they showed a map that read ‘Kaybeb’ but the spelling was incorrect. In an odd way the map looked like the Netherlands? I plan to ask again, because the location must be made clear. 

The old predictions: “The Bridge will collapse
People very badly hurt.. Gay.. How can they be so cruel.. its beyond approach.
Around 30” – Spirits Voice

The bridge will fall into the ocean.. on purpose.. then.. monuments to the dead.

“Nick.. Nicolas Cage or Gage is an ugly human being.

“Religious fervor is on the rise.”

“Protest in Europe and Asia explode into all out violence.”

“China earthquake.. heavy destruction.. please take caution.”

“Great Britain.. the water just kept going.. growing.”

We are expecting a major event in the coming days. I am going to look over the old predictions to see if any predictions point to a date between the 24th and 30th. If anyone remembers a prediction expected in that timeframe please let me know. 

Are there any LGBT events soon?


London Bridge Attack

Such tragic news again. Please pray for all of those in London.

The terror attack is unconfirmed.

This set of predictions was acknowledged before, but I believe the facts being reported today have much closer ties. I wanted to include the entire set of information. The prediction starts with airplane attacks and then discusses how a white van attack would be an incident right before the airplane hijacking.

Predictions 2-17-17   I had a visual of an airplane, I slowly floated closer to the airplane to peek in window, then the visual switched to show a massive storm heading towards a large airport.    “The airplane will be hijacked.. those on the plane fight back.”    “The other plane will have an explosive device.”   “The sky once full will become empty.”   “In about 10..  but there will be other attacks prior to that one.”

Predictions 2-4-17   “NOW.. the 1st of multiple attacks coming.. the vehicle will run down the people.. multiple people on the ground.. many injured laying on the street.. in your own back yard.”

“In the following week.. airplane (s) attack.. 7.. hijacked..  worse and worse.”   “Boston”  — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a white van or truck, and individuals shooting at the tires of the vehicle.  I had a visual of multiple people being hit by the vehicle.  I had a visual of 2 then 22

Spirit also acknowledged three attacks coming after Manchester, but I do not believe the diving prediction has happened yet.

Predictions 5-24-17   Three terror attacks coming.

The castle.. castle..  under threat. (Castle was used several times it could be the location but also could be a separate prediction)

The first: Deadly game..  I had a visual I was under water watching 3 young people diving into a pool racing to the other side.. “the blood of fathers and mothers”.. around 15.. package with an explosive.. in just a few minutes.. in 2.

We also believe this prediction below might be related to the “Borough Market” in hindsight Marlboro and Borrow Mark sounds similar, some of you have pointed that out before; Predictions 5-10-16

I had a visual of a man pointing the gun at several people.
I had a visual of a child who had been shot.
“In Advance.. Children targeted.. how truly evil.”
I had a visual of a pack of cigarettes with the brand name Marlboro. “Maron Borrow.. Mark
I had a visual of salt being poured into a large lake. Salt Lake?
23 years


Predictions 12-23-16

“The queen will pass.. the procession under great threat.. terror.”

“LA bombing.. in a few minutes (days)..” (Los Angeles?)

I had a visual of a building or structure that was completely desolate, burned, nothing but ash and rubble.

“The good (or goods) store.”

“The San Francisco bombing is a vehicle bomb.. the target is the frame.” (perhaps the frame of the bridge?)

“Another attack with a vehicle as a weapon to run others over” (This prediction is incomplete, my hope is to get the information prior to Christmas.)

Spirit, can you give me a specific date?

“We don’t know yet.”

Spirit clarified that they know the intent of these terrorist; San Francisco, Los Angeles, DC, and hijacked planes. But for now its their intent, their ideas and plans in motion. So they aren’t entirely predicting the future as they are sharing the plans of these vicious individuals. We will continue to monitor the information, the minute they can predict the time I will let you know.

Has these predictions happened?

I had a visual of a flag, black, white and yellow. ‘We have got him!’ Then you see shadows of people beating, pulverizing a man, sprays of blood shot out. His face was completely bloody. Then his face had dirt on it.  Then the visual switched and showed a Vengeance symbol with the Karma symbol in the center.

Did I just mix up the colors and this prediction is talking about the German terrorist that was killed in Italy? But he wasn’t beaten?

“Hijacked.. 27”

There was a hijacked plane today in Malta but there are no ties to the number 27?

Predictions 12-6-16

“Eric we are sorry for the horror we are about to share. December is marked with some of the worst terror attacks” — Spirits Voice

“Bombing in SF.. Bridge.. 26.. bridge collapses.. in December.” — Spirits Voice

“Eric there is a gathering of people on or around the bridge.. a contest.. we might not be able to change this nightmare, but if the contest was dead, perhaps part of this horror would melt.”

The Bridge attack has come full circle. This is one of the very first major predictions they made years ago. They implied an event was happening on the date of the attack in or around the bridge and we should make every effort to warn those people to stay away from the bridge. Imagine if we could save just one life. In the predictions the date has changed multiple times, 22, 25, 26. Also note how the plane hijacking was marked with the number 27.

I had a visual of a large explosion, then a visual of another explosion. Then it was followed by the word ‘bombing’ spelled out.

I had a visual of a zero blinking.

This implies a prediction is about to happen. The implication was it could be one of the bombings. We need to ask for a location, however one of them is assumed to be the bridge.

I had a visual of one massive fire with massive amounts of smoke surrounding it. The inferno was so massive I could not see anything else. “So many lives lost.. everything in its path liquefied.” — Spirits Voice

We desperately need to find the location. But the event is expected in the coming weeks. I don’t believe this is a terror attack

In about 30 minutes (30 days) heavy damage.

“The leader is so off the rails.. unhinged.. an eruption of violence.. the regime is about to fall.” — Spirits Voice

Sounds like Venezuela, even though they did not mention the location, we have been keeping one eye on the events unfolding there.

The old predictions that discuss a bridge attack:

Bridge Attack   “The Bridge will collapse
People very badly hurt.. Gay.. How can they be so cruel.. its beyond approach.
Around 30” – Spirits Voice

Notes on 4-16-13 – Bridge Attack  There is a bridge attack or the bridge is blown up on the west coast of the United States perhaps in San Francisco California, related or not there is something involving airplanes as ’90 plus’ tragedies. Two things to keep in mind is they were not specific on what bridge, and from the visual it  seemed more like an explosion of the bridge.

The number 5 and 2 has come up almost every time or 25. There was also a message of an anniversary, holiday or date  of significance.

They talk about a storm coming for the United States, a storm over the White House, Capitol, and the US as a whole.

The enemies of the US are busy bees planning horrible sinister acts.

“The spiders are out” Spiders are the worst character they use, in the past it has been used to describe Bin laden and Breivik, note the plural part.

Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack   In regards to an airplane(s), a bridge, and the body of water below, fear sweeps the United States. The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed.  All around the anniversary. –25–

I had a visual of an airplane on a tarmac. ‘Hijacked.. 27’ — words written

Predictions 5-30-16   “It is like a war zone, multiple targets attacked back to back.”

Spirit has clarified two different time frames, the first is close, weeks away and the second in December. Keep in mind its also possible these events could unfold on multiple dates  in the following weeks. Some imply a sacred holiday perhaps July 4th. However in previous predictions any time they present the spider the event unfold days or weeks away,  That implies the middle of June.

I had a visual of a large bridge that was half destroyed. It was a horrible sight.

I had a visual of a state land mass that looked very much like Oregon, however the coast was on the east, in the middle of the coast line I could see an explosion. Perhaps they are talking about Massachusetts.

“Airplanes again! Again…”

Notes on 3-8-15   I had a visual of a bridge. Then a vehicle with a bomb was driving towards the bridge.
In the vision it was the Golden Gate Bridge, but this might be symbolic to a popular or famous bridge in another location. Its unclear if the intent is to blow up the bridge or use it for logistic purposes.

Bridge Attack

Next – Prediction 6-28-16

“The Bridge will collapse
People very badly hurt.. Gay.. How can they be so cruel.. its beyond approach.
Around 30” – Spirits Voice

We need to find an event on a bridge that couples with a gay pride event, and then find its date. One can assume SF means San Francisco but lets assume for a second it isn’t so we can verify any and all events where a bridge and gay pride event intertwine. The number 30 is most likely the 30th or around it. However it could also be seen as in a ‘month’. Since this is a ‘next’ prediction the 30th is most likely.

Are you, who is reading this now, going to stand on the sidelines or are you going to act? Act to stop this event from happening by any means necessary. This cannot be allowed to unfold. We have the means and information to alter this tragedy and save lives but not without doing everything in our power to bring awareness to the people, the officials, and those in California who might be affected. We can make a difference- ELP

In sharing this post with those skeptical to Spirits message please remind them of the previous predictions  in regards to terrorism:   Paris Terror Attack     Terror Attack in Brussels    Turkey Bombing

Prediction 54: Dark Times For The United States

I saw from the sky a massive explosion, a bellowing fire and smoke cloud racing up. Then they said “Dark times for the United States are returning. We are about to turn the corner”. It’s another addition or sequel to previous predictions. Turning the corner is a familiar line that we are talking about less than a months time, perhaps two at the latest. If prediction 17 the annihilation of a bridge unfolds it could imply the anniversary as a reference to the coming holidays I thought I would lay all of the previous predictions to view, these predictions might be separate situations or the same. I implore you if you have it in your means to bring awareness to this and perhaps foil the outcome please do so;

Whats Coming

“The terrorist are busy bees with dirty plans. There sinister acts are in full preparation.” This again sounds like Prediction 17, 52, and what I believe is 31. The Bridge attack is still on the table for the future, so too are these kidnappings. There is a reference to the anniversary in prediction 17 which they have clarified as a warped play on the number 9 and 11.  There is still time to foil these plans. Change through awareness P 31,17:

Massive storms are projected for the North East part of South America (Brazil) and then again Mexico plus Central America, both will cause massive deep and destructive flooding, mud slides, and raging rivers on land. One of the storms is expected at the very end of November and/or the first week or two of December. Prediction still coming, need more details

Syria’s predictions are still going to unfold, they are wrong with their timing but the rebel meeting they predicted has already unfolded in predicted 44. Al Assad the butcher of Syria will fall and the several predictions about this are still coming, good riddance Al Assad.

Change comes through awareness, making individuals aware provide opportunity to foil sinister acts by the rats who make them and prepare people for coming storms. There is still time to act, with your help we can still change and alter whats coming. If you have it in yours means to make the right people aware please do so. Change has and always will be the core purpose of the ‘World Predictions’ .

Prediction 31: The Storm

A Storm is Coming

A dark storm is coming over the Capitol, over the White House, and the United States as a whole.

Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack

In regards to an airplane(s), a bridge, and the body of water below, fear sweeps the United States. The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed.  All around the anniversary. –25–      Posted originally on 4-28

They are in fact talking about the same situation presented completely differently. Its timeframe continues to be hazy but now they present it as just around the corner.  If you have it in your means to facilitate change I encourage you to do so.

Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack

In regards to an airplane(s), a bridge, and the body of water below, fear sweeps the United States. The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed.  All around the anniversary. –25–

The original prediction from the past reads 2-25 or 10-25, I believe the two could mean two airplanes, 25 is a key number but its unclear whether it’s a date, it was also common back then to put the numbers in reverse, 5 as in May perhaps, 2 or 20 the date?. A horrible prediction that was predicted long ago on the previous blog and YouTube, one I expected was just wrong, but now they are dredging it up again. The original post can be found on YouTube (below).