Predictions 4-1-18

Happy Easter!

Yesterday Spirit said  “5 minutes.. in 3 minutes”. That points to a timeframe around the 4th and 2nd. It could fall on today and the 3rd depending on which days you are counting, unfortunately the message was given to me at 1am yesterday.  They are counting down to a prediction, that they call a ‘major event’.

I had a visual I was walking behind a mad man. “I am going to run them down.. I will run them down.” he thought

I had a visual of a fair or carnival, then it was in flames. It was a horrible scene of a large inferno. “Never or (Neber) Street Fair” The message was spoken and the first word wasn’t entirely clear. 

“Nerve agent.. 150.. so evil.. poisoning”

Perhaps Al Assad and Syria again?

Is the bridge attack and Pennsylvania attack connected? Spirit reminded me of the Pennsylvania attack while asking about the Bridge attack. What are they counting down to? They have referred to both the California earthquake and Bridge attack as ‘Major events’ but unless they clarify that would be guessing. I plan to ask for clarity. 

Predictions 2-17-18 Pennsylvania Attack

Prediction: Bridge Attack

The Truth will be ready on the 5th. 




48 thoughts on “Predictions 4-1-18

  1. Happy Easter! Happening today, “San Francisco’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence made their debut on Easter Sunday 1979. Decades later, the group, a self-proclaimed “order of queer nuns,” continues its tradition of community building through irreverent fun with the annual Easter celebration, this year themed “Sacred Jesters and Wise Fools” to mark the coincidence of April Fool’s Day and Easter Sunday on April 1.”

  2. Narberth Spring Music & Arts Fest — Narberth, Pennsylvania

    The Narberth Music and Arts Festival event is an outdoor street festival featuring live local bands, and local artists as vendors featuring painting, photography, pottery, furniture, jewelry and more.

    WHEN: Three times a year,
    SPRING FEST: Sunday, May 20, 2018
    SUMMER FEST: Sunday, July 15, 2018
    FALL FEST: Sunday, September 16, 2018

    1. This is what I was referring to as a possible relation:

      “I had a visual of a fair or carnival, then it was in flames. It was a horrible scene of a large inferno. ‘Never or (Neber) Street Fair’ The message was spoken and the first word wasn’t entirely clear.”

      1. Thank you Cory for that research. It’s everyones collective efforts here that set the stage for us to alter these nightmares. I would have never found that on my own.

  3. Good morning Eric, it’s coming up to 8 am here. Two hours ago, as I woke, I got a very strong message that ‘today is the day’. When I asked for more info, I just felt utter sadness. Considering I’ve been getting “a major quake coming soon” for quite some time, I am assuming that is the event.
    As I awoke and cleared my head, I got ‘within the next day or two. We are here for you Pete when you need us.’

      1. Pete,
        Actually, bigger space debris than this has burned up in the atmosphere, so this likely will too.

      2. Hi Sara. Most of the space junk is controlled when it re enters, or at least is fully traceable. This one is rogue and should lob in the lower south Pacific, as programmed, but the European Space Agency has it possibly hitting the Atlantic.

    1. Let me track down the Tsunami predictions and try and assess their expected time frame. I know both had a countdown like time frame. Thank you very much for the message. Did the guidance point to earthquake specifically?

      1. No Eric. Its still just total sadness, like this is going to be quite big. My feeling/interpretation were what I posted re the quake and tsunami.

  4. Eric, I promised you links to any stories on the New Guinea earth quakes. There has been nothing reported on the more recent one, however I came across this story relating to the effects of the 7.5 quake in Feb and it is so troubling to think the world has abandoned these poor women and children:
    “PNG earthquake: Women and children facing ‘double trauma’ from quake and tribal fighting”

    1. This is so awful and sad. May God be with them during these cruel time and protect them from.all evil doers.

  5. hey petemedium

    a youtuber named Frankie Macdonald has been predicting a “major earthquake to hit indonesia at any time now” so im wondering if this is the prediction youve been seeing.

    1. Hi Chris, could be. I only know that there will be much sadness in the world generally, so that would mean it either effects a lot of people, or it hits a very populated place.

      1. Thanks Eric. There’s been a hell of a lot of seismic activity around our north lately, right from Burma down to Fiji and all the places in between. We even had a 3.5 mag in central Australia the other day.

    1. The implication was May, but with all the other messages I wasn’t certain if the may message was for the fire or one of the other predictions. I plan to ask for more details

  6. Happy Easter everyone.
    Even though things seem scary at times, we all have the power to help cheer up and give courage to those around us. We can push for political change, have civil discussions, help look out for our friends, volunteer….

    There’s a book called “Brighten the Corner Where You Are”, and though I didn’t really understand the novel, the title itself seems like a good way to live life.

  7. I came across something very interesting which may be of help. There is a mostly gay neighborhood in Philadelphia referred to as Gayborhood. I have provided a link which lists upcoming gay pride activities which might be relevant, some taking place in or near the Gayborhood area. There are 2 event weeks in April of note. Both of those events have multiple dates and have some outdoor events. There are bigger ones closer to the summer.–item-1

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