Predictions 2-17-18 Pennsylvania Attack

“Times Up! I am very sorry.” Spirit wrote 18. 

Here is the final message about an attack coming in Pennsylvania. I would encourage all of you to please share this message, we have to warn the people of Pennsylvania. We have to alter this nightmare. 

There was a back and forth over whether this prediction would happen on Saturday or Sunday. Please keep in mind that even though they showed the number 18, when it comes to dates and timeframes it is always ‘around’ the predicted date. Its possible the attack unfolds late at night, crossing over to Sunday. In hindsight when they said 8th-10th they might have been trying to say 18. I believe the sports reference is about the Olympics. I have edited out the visual of the horrific scene, it’s just too gruesome and dark, one added message is they showed semi automatic weapons being loaded. 

I tried to ask for a more detailed location, unfortunately they showed a visual of a hamburger. A symbolic jester of some kind. It could be a street with a similar name, or a play on words.

Here is the previous messages:

The Pennsylvania prediction is about to happen”

Which one Spirit? I had a visual of a ‘ram’ vehicle bellowing towards me, ready to strike. I had a visual of a large truck jumping up and down through mud to strike its target.  “In an area that is mostly gay. Warn them Eric, get up and warn them now! It’s coming very soon.”

Previous Predictions:

Predictions 10-30-16 “Pennsylvania.. violence erupts.. around the 8th-10th”

Predictions 7-14-17  I heard spirit say ‘attacks coming’ while seeing a visual of a sports game being played. Then it shifted to show mickey mouse.


I had a visual of man with a scowl on his face. “The mad man.. Running people down.. not breaking but accelerating.” They implied a 3 to 4 minute (day) time frame. That questions Saturday?  I had a visual of a lemon among fruits. I had a visual of the US flag. They implied Pennsylvania perhaps Pittsburgh. However there was a question mark with the locations.

Heroes will rise during this nightmare.  I had a visual of a man trying to tackle a car?? He jumped on it and then crawled around to open the door.

How much of that is symbolic is unknown.

I had a visual of a youthful person do everything to support those in the community affected by this monster, the persons success comes in droves.

Other new predictions:

I had a visual of a large fire symbol, and then a second one soon afterwards. Where Spirit? “In the bush country” (That sounds like Australia)

Earthquakes: “A deadly quake approaches.” Spirit then discussed three separate events.

Spirit started by saying South America, by Brazil. Then Spirit shifted to write the words ‘here’ then the word ‘Alpine’ which implies California again. Predictions 2-7-18

Then Spirit marked an area in the ocean Southwest of Japan. This again implies a Tsunami prediction is approaching. Predictions 2-14-18 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

“Disgraceful” Trump meddles in the affairs of others.

The word disgraceful is not their opinion but part of the prediction, perhaps something the news reports with this odd message. 

On a positive note Spirit is working on what they call an ‘epic’ prediction. This is an event that changes the entire world. For example; the creation of the US Constitution. This ushered in Democracy for the US but also paved the way for the world to shift from countries ruled by kings and queens to a democratic rule. Other examples are the birth of the World Wide Web (the Internet) or the creation of penicillin both of which changed the landscape of the world.


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  1. Joy Parks Avatar

    There’s a town in PA called Hamburg. Not a very big place, maybe 5000 people.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Really?!Thanks I will look it up

      1. Gwenyth Avatar

        I live about less than an hours from Hamburg and I don’t think of it as having any gay people living there. Maybe the driver of the car is from Hamburg. The bigger cities have more of the gay population. Bigger cities are more liberal.

      2. MotherofanAngel Avatar

        Harrisburg is one of the cities in PA that are really progressive and considered gay friendly. There is also a secret society called The Royal Order of Jesters-it’s a suborder of the Masons. Their local chapter is located in Camp Hill, a suburb of Harrisburg.

        Harrisburg is also the host to the annual Monster Truck Thunder show at the PA Farm Show Complex-monster trucks bouncing up and down. This year they are scheduled for the second week of March. Just to the east of Harrisburg is Hershey, PA. It’s where the chocolate is manufactured. The Hershey Bears (hockey) play at Giant Center just outside of Hershey Park. The center will sponsor Disney on Ice in April.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      They actually have a hamburger festival there. “Taste of Hamburg-er Festival”.,_Pennsylvania#

  2. star48 Avatar

    Ref…I had a visual of a large fire symbol, and then a second one soon afterwards. Where Spirit? “In the bush country” (That sounds like Australia)

    Fire..United Kingdom..

    Fire in United Kingdom on February 17 2018 06:06 PM (UTC).

    At least 50 firefighters responded to a huge fire on Great Portland Street in London. London Fire Brigade (LFB) said it was called to reports of a fire at 12.45pm on Great Portland Street, where officers were still establishing the situation. The London Fire Brigade said: ‘The Great Portland Street fire is in a building under refurbishment. ‘There are a number of gas cylinders involved in the blaze. ‘A exclusion zone of 25 metres has been set up, as a precaution, as some cylinders can explode when exposed to heat.’ The road is close to Oxford Street – the capital’s busiest shopping hub. A column of acrid black smoke could be seen rising from the fire in pictures posted on social media, apparently visible from miles away against the blue afternoon skyline. Calls to the fire service had suggested that the fire had either broken out close to or in a building site, an LFB spokesman said. Ten fire engines had been dispatched to battle the flames, he said. Videos on the scene shared on social media showed flames licking up the buildings and acrid plumes of smoke filling the street. The blaze is close to the BBC’s London headquarters. Witnesses shared footage of thick smoke and flames leaping up a scaffold structure surrounding a building on the road. More than 40 people have already called 999 about the fire, LFB said. No injuries have yet been reported from the scene of the fire in London’s West End, Scotland Yard said. A spokesman said: ‘Police were called shortly before 12.50pm today to reports of a fire at a building site on Great Portland Street. ‘The emergency services are on the scene and there are no reported injuries at this time.’ Road closures are also in place, the spokesman added.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s another prediction

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  3. Sara Avatar

    When you talked about sports and the Olympics, does that mean the Pennsylvania prediction happens around the time of the Olympics, or is it a separate prediction about something happening AT the Olympics?

    Sorry for the confusion, just wanted to clarify!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Because the original message is so old, I believe Spirit is just referencing the background timing, by saying when the olympics are running this prediction will happen. That is my assumption

  4. Sabrina Waff Avatar

    What about Hamburg, PA??

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh good catch. That’s a thought.

  5. Gwenyth Avatar

    Don’t forget the White House is located on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    1. Trina Avatar

      I was just going to say that.I had a vision of something horrible.i just saw bodies and a flag waving…

      1. Sara Avatar

        Do you think this vision indicates Pennsylvania Avenue?

  6. Anita Avatar

    Yeah, you’re probably right about the attack unfolding late at night, crossing over to Sunday. Or it could even be late Sunday night, crossing over to Monday.

  7. Interested Avatar

    I hope that epic prediction is about a new energy source instead of burning fossil fuel and instead of nuclear energy. Some kind of magnetic energy or practically free energy source.. That would make a huge difference for the world.

    1. Sara Avatar

      And it might help with climate issues, like fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, global warming, etc. You’re right, a different energy source would solve a lot of problems.

    2. Anita Avatar

      Dr. Steven Greer’s already spoken about the gov’t having “zero point” energy but that it’s withheld from the public because it free energy, meaning they can’t make money from it or start profitable wars in the Middle East to profit off it.

  8. velvetmaggot Avatar

    Adam Rippon (olympic men’s figure stater) is from PA. He is came out of the closet publicly last year and has been rocking the ice this year. We could try to track down parties in LGBT communities that may be celebrating the olympics…just a thought.

    1. swampy11 Avatar

      Velvetmaggot, THAT seems to really fit, too. If that’s it, then good catch!

    2. dopeanddiamond Avatar

      Very good idea.

  9. Sara Avatar

    I just did some research, and I have a possibility: There’s a hotel called Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since jesters were common around the Renaissance period, maybe the jester image implies that hotel.

    The hotel is also within walking distance of many different bars, restaurants (the hamburger reference?) and it’s located very close to Liberty Avenue and Penn Avenue–which apparently has A LOT of gay bars, nightclubs, etc.

    All in all, my research told me Pittsburgh in general is tolerant of gays and has a lot of them there, but especially in the areas around Liberty and Penn Avenue, and the Renaissance Hotel.
    I don’t know of any specific events going on, but if someone plans to attack gays, they won’t need to wait for an event, just pick out one of the bars or whatever in that area.

    Maybe you should check with the spirits? A lot of it seems to fit, though I could be wrong.

    1. Amy Avatar

      Maybe I’m wrong, but when Eric used the words – “symbolic jester”, I assumed he meant to say – ‘symbolic gesture’ for the Spirits using the image of the hamburger.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Maybe he did mean ‘gesture’, I didn’t think of that!

        Still, I think I recall that Eric mentioned Pittsburgh in connection with this some time ago, and the other locations–Liberty Avenue and Penn Avenue–have lots of gays there. It’s still a possibility, and I’d advise everyone in Pennsylvania to be cautious.
        Be alert for any cars jumping the curb, or drivers acting suspicious.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yes your right.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  10. Michael Avatar

    Clearfield pa sports show event today. Home of the largest hamburger….

  11. jules104 Avatar

    Eric this old prediction had to do with a hamburger.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is also a prediction in 21 about an earthquake in new Zealand. Does not entirely fit 20th?

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Eric this am I found an older prediction that had numerous predictions for attacks and earthquakes on it. Like one of your summaries.
        It had the 23rd, 24th marked a lot and then it had the 20th, 21st marked also in these predictions over a period of time. I can’t seem to find it again. Ugh do it all from my phone. But…my thoughts were that possibly because Spirit has said attacks first then an EQ and tsunami after those could be the dates. Or because they have said earthquakes back to back those could be the dates. Do you know where this prediction that had a bunch of predictions combined together with those dates could be? The 20, 21 and the 23, 24. Thanks.

  12. michael834 Avatar

    So is Hamburg in Germany in no danger then big city gay community just i no location has been off quite a bit

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Michael1834, there is a Hamburg, Germany… and a Hamburg, PA. The prediction may have nothing to do with Hamburg though. It’s just Eric had something with “hamburger” and so we are trying to figure out the connection. It could just literally be a real hamburger. For me it’s a “just in case”, over here is Hamburg PA. Eric can say yay or nay. I hope that made sense. Blessings

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Interesting thought guys, it is possible they are trying to have a separate message of a gun attack in the hamburger location.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Michael1834. You may have something there. Hamburg Germany is known for being a gay city and for its hamburgers. Here’s a link.

  13. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, just an FYI. Hamburg Germany’s Sister City is Chicago, Illinois. It is also Toronto’s Sister City. I was looking back through old predictions for the hamburger reference in the attacks and came across the “T” and Sister City prediction. You had mentioned Toronto and so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t Pennsylvania. It’s not it’s Chicago, Illinois. I just find that odd since you recently had something for that area. Anyway probably nothing but as Michael pointed out Hamburg, Germany is very gay and known for its hamburgers. Could be a future prediction maybe? As I am finding these predictions seem linked at times. Here is one with hamburger and Sister City “T”. It is also mentioning Australia which happened but is now coming into the predictions again too. It is really confusing but there does seem to be some links going on here for Chicago, Illinois and Hamburg Germany. Though I don’t doubt Pennsylvania is still in the mix. The one thing I did find for Hamburg, PA is that it is in the middle of three different nucleur reactor sites and if you drew a triangle it sits rather in the middle. Okay probably nothing I’m sure, but just in case.

    1. michael834 Avatar

      Yeah I thought it just might be worth mentioning i no Hamburg has had gay parades etc I could be barking up the wrong tree also but its a well known city in Europe

  14. Patricia smith Avatar

    Could an epic prediction that changes the world be the young survivors of the Florida shooting passionately pressing for gun reform laws? Marching and protesting in Washington DC in March. I believe their generation will be the one to force change. Also, Bucks county, PA, has a large gay community in a town called New Hope. They hold a very famous parade in the spring

  15. MotherofanAngel Avatar

    If the jester listed is actually a typo and is supposed to be gesture, is it possible that Philly is the target? Philly has a much larger gay population than Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has neighborhoods that are gay friendly, but not a large community like Washington Square West in Philly. With the hamburger reference, if it is symbolic, could it be a reference to a Philly cheese steak? They are a huge item in Philly. The flag makes me think of Betsy Ross-she made the US flag, and was from Philly. Washington Square West is known as the Gayborhood, and is in historic center city, just blocks from the Betsy Ross house. If the sports reference is for time and the Olympics, could Mickey Mouse and the lemon be the same? Predicting that this occurs after the tragedy in Florida?

  16. Michael Avatar

    I thought you were going to post what was next?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That will unfold over time, I will say this week we plan to try just that, to test the waters.

  17. Logan Avatar

    I believe your Pennsylvania prediction has already ran it’s course. Mickey Mouse turned 89 on November 18, 2017 (a Saturday). Simultaneously, in Pennsylvania (at this same time) a child’s character actor that dressed up as Mickey Mouse was indicted on raping five boys under 16, by using his knowledge of them and their family to gain trust.
    This seems to fit all the details of this prediction – ‘largely gay’, 18th, Pennsylvania’ though not sure about the ‘mud truck’, unless there are yet more details I overlooked.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the information Logan, can I have a link to that news so I can look over the details.

  18. star48 Avatar

    Connecticut..Car crashes into sets himself on 🔥 fire.

  19. Angela Avatar

    Possibly Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC?

    George Washington University
    Stadium on campus between 22nd / 23rd Streets
    Shops at 2000 Penn – Mall on campus (brownstones converted to a strip mall but also inside access with restaurants, shops, etc.) – borders on Pennsylvania Ave
    Nearby Dupont Circle, sited by NY Times as the gayest place in America

    Saturday, March 24, 2018
    On Patricia’s comment above, she mentioned the children-led DC March scheduled on
    Saturday, March 24th. They were originally planning to rally at the National Mall which is unavailable. Now, Pennsylvania Ave is one of the two alternate locations they’re considering. Expecting 500,000 attendees.

  20. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, in the Farsight Projects March remote viewing one of the remote viewers, Melanie Hall, describes what sounds like an event with a “monster truck” or what seems almost like a “bus” that plows through a crowd of people. Possibly something with college kids partying or near a college. It starts around minute 11:00 and mentions the monster truck around minute 19:50. It reminded me of your prediction. Here is that link.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  21. jules104 Avatar

    Eric can you ask Spirit if this “Monster Truck Nationals” event at Penn State on Saturday, April 28, could be what the ram truck prediction is. On the Farsight remote viewing March video the remote viewer also saw the colors blue and white, which is their colors at this school. This location is between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and there are certainly a lot of cities that end in burg (hamburger) in the area. There are other events coming up, but this is the one in Pennsylvania. Here is the link.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s interesting thought, yes I will

  22. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, sorry for all the comments but I just found another link. The mention of “ram”. I took a look at some pics. There is the truck called the “Raminator” and the man who drives it has a jacket that says ram across the front. I don’t think this individual is the perpetrator, as it could just be someone who decides to get in and take off in the truck I think. But it’s really odd that there is a reference to a ram in the prediction. Also the truck looks to be black with red and white and is scheduled to be in the event at Penn State. Here’s some pics.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info

    2. rhona2 Avatar

      Jules 104
      Thats very interesing point … ” ram”
      i think coupled with ” bouncing around in mud ” in prediction . it could fit .
      They are Having another event in PA on Sat 1oth March Harrisburg ..The ” Burg” bit reminded me of Hamburg er …..–harrisburg-pa/

      Im thinking 10-30-16. is seperate event for Penn .

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Rhona that could be it also, especially since that’s right around the corner. I’m not sure about the 10-30-16 Penn. It’s confusing since it seems that there are shots fired and that part seems as though it would be from a different event or separate. Maybe the monster trucks are symbolic to rage? Either way, I hope this can be thwarted.🙏🏻

  23. […] Predictions 2-17-18 Pennsylvania Attack  I had a visual of a large fire symbol, and then a second one soon afterwards. Where Spirit? “In the bush country” (That sounds like Australia) […]

  24. […] The bush country is most likely Australia, but could also be seen as Texas (President Bush). Predictions 2-17-18 Pennsylvania Attack  Pennsylvania Attack I had a visual of a large fire symbol, and then a second one soon afterwards. […]

  25. star48 Avatar

    One of the separate events?
    Brazil 🇧🇷
    Tens of millions without power..

  26. star48 Avatar

    California Air Force Base..
    Vehicle rams through..propane tanks in vehicle./Fire..
    Air Force and FBI investigating.

  27. star48 Avatar

    Ref..madman running down people…

    Children purposely mowed down…deliberately hit and run

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  28. […] Predictions 2-17-18 Pennsylvania Attack […]

  29. star48 Avatar



    Exchange student arrested for planned attack…on May 1st.
    At Bonner HS. ..had 1600 rounds..and gun…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you very much, I do believe that is it.

  30. star48 Avatar

    Pennsylvania, Bucks county, Philadelphia..

    Man arrested for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

    20 explosions 💥 More may be out there..

  31. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::::I had a visual of man with a scowl on his face. “The mad man.. Running people down.. not breaking but accelerating.” They implied a 3 to 4 minute (day) time frame. That questions Saturday? I had a visual of a lemon among fruits. I had a visual of the US flag. They implied Pennsylvania perhaps Pittsburgh. However there was a question mark with the locations.

    “Tree of Life” Synagogue. Nazi..Shooter..kills 8
    Hate crime..,attacker in custody..

  32. star48 Avatar

    Ref earthquakes

    Chile 🇨🇱
    M 6.2 – 89km NE of Iquique, Chile
    2018-11-01 22:19:52 (UTC)19.660°S 69.529°W….95.0 km depth

  33. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::Spirit started by saying South America, by Brazil. Then Spirit shifted to write the words ‘here’ then the word ‘Alpine’ which implies California again. Predictions 2-7-18

    Timing flag?
    Fireball over Brazil..
    Rio Grande do Sul

  34. star48 Avatar

    A 21-year-old Pittsburgh resident accused of planning an attack on a Christian church on the city’s North Side and providing resources to ISIS has been arrested.

    Mustafa Mousab Alowemer, 21, was arrested Wednesday based on a federal complaint charging him with one count of attempting to provide material support and resources to ISIS, and two counts of distributing information relating to an explosive, destructive device, or weapon of mass destruction in relation to his plan to attack a church.

    Alowemer allegedly planned to bomb the Legacy International Worship Center using a weapon of mass destruction. The FBI said he recently bought a number of items that could be used in making a bomb.

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