Predictions 10-30-16

“Japan.. Japan.. Japan.. 7. 39.. big one.. such a massive flood.” (Between December 6th-8th?)

” Pennsylvania.. violence erupts.. around the 8th-10th”

Earthquake in San Jose? “Your time is 9”

Again Spirit implies we are about to have a tragic prediction unfold soon. I heard a shot fired, then I heard glass shattering, then I saw a Zero form completing the time frame of the event.

The destruction in Japan is expected to be massive, the implication is a Tsunami. 7 39 could represent 39 days from now, which puts it between the 6th and 8th, most likely the 7th. In the past when they show the number 7 it represents ‘date’ or a countdown. More details should follow.

Pennsylvania might be symbolic to the US government ‘Pennsylvania Ave’ as they say. Which could imply violence after the elections.

I plan to ask about San Jose again, on one prediction they talk about 01 and now 9?

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    1. Nathan,
      Given the recent developments of Hillary’s new FBI email troubles, maybe the prediction of walking away (‘I will let you decide. They did say something else is coming, “Leaves.. walks.” Sounds like he or someone else walks off the stage, or walks out, I think they are talking about one specific event in the future, not the overall picture?”) could it be that Hillary’s trusted advisor Huma quits?

      1. I have asked the Spirits 3 times and each time they said Hilary would be our next president. Not only that they made it clear it would not be that close of a race. In my own personal opinion it is very hard to see this happen with everything going on. But I work for Spirit and this is their message, their word, and it is my position to give it to you as they say it.

      2. The prediction has nothing to do with it. Maybe, you could get Mr. Leigh-Pink to ask about Huma Abedin.

      3. Huma’s not going anywhere, the fix is in. It was announced that the Department of “Justice” will be in charge of the new email investigation and heading it up will be one of John Podesta’s besties. Every time it seems that things can’t get any more orchestrated or crooked, *bam*, they do.

      1. Not in your life either of you. Most of the accepted polls still have Clinton leading even after what happened on Friday. And it looks like it is hurting James Comey more. Also, Harry Reid has accused James Comey of violating the Hatch Act and holding back on evidence of Trump ties to Russia.

    2. He’s not the only one predicting Hillary winning. There are others who see her winning by a landslide, running again in four years and winning again. I am also reading assassination attempt which I hope isn’t true for either candidate.

    3. They don’t change their predictions. Once said that’s it. The only tangible part of world predictions is timing. I would encourage you to look at all the old political predictions, they are never readjusted (other than timing). They are still predicting she will win, they are still predicting that it won’t be a close race, they are still showing the number 62. It should be interesting to see because with everything going on its hard to see she will win, from what I have seen on the news its hard to believe she will win, but I work for the Spirits, I give you what they say unvarnished by my own belief or opinion. According to the prediction her success is based on two things, a scandal with Trump (already happened) and one massive turnout of minorities.

      1. Many have asked about 62, my only thought (just my opinion) is 362 electoral votes, but that’s hard to swallow because that would imply a landslide.

  1. I wonder if Pennsylvania, a swing state, means that the count is so close in that state that the supporters of the losing candidate in that state riot. Obviously, the 8th is Election Day.

  2. I’m so sad for Japan. Like Haiti, they just keep getting pummeled in the worst way. I wish they would catch a break.

  3. Has anyone else besides me been having weird feelings lately? I don’t mean psychic feelings; I’m not psychic, but the last few weeks I’ve been tense, on-edge, and have this sinking feeling that something bad will happen soon. Could be just the mood I pick up on the news, this year’s campaign’s been run by emotions, not logic. Still I wanted to ask if anyone else has had similar issues.

  4. Yes, I have and since the red moon, I’ve had my car totaled that I had for 2 weeks, kid in car that hit me was texting (I walked away sore, but ok)my son broke his leg playing basketball, both of the kids cars need major repairs and my friends son, (he was like another son to me, he grew up with my kids; now a young adult) had a shocking revelation of a really bad drug problem; and legal trouble as a result! Both my cats died, both unexpected, This is ALL in October in 2 weeks time!!. Bad energy abounds, my animals are nervous. Stop watching the news if you can. It seems like the bad energy can come from TV, read instead if you need to know. Personally I think the negative energy of this election has affected us all. Try to think positive loving thoughts. Even with all this that happened recently, I am still thanking God and I am trying to ward off the negative with the positive! If bad things do happen we need to stay positive and ward away the negative energies out there! But yes, I do feel the bad energy, no I am not psychic, just sensitive I believe.

  5. Everyone who has a soul is psychic for “psychic” is of the soul. As we move into the new energies, this will become more and more apparent.

  6. This morning I awoke from a dream….I was being warned of a tsunami. It was not the height but the sheer volume of water that the ocean would push toward land. As it came in it was a red-orange color which reminded me the color of pacific island clay. The trees were also of tropical origin. I was told we were being given a second chance. (Not sure what that means) The initial wave flooded the lowlands to midlands but the third wave was to go even higher. At that time I was getting people to move quicker to gather their belongings and head to even higher ground.

    Note: I’m wondering if the “second chance” refers to nuclear power. As it stands, the nuclear reactors which melted down have been leaking their contamination into the Pacific ocean since 2011 after the last tsunami. I personally believe that much of the environmental damage is being covered up which is why I significantly reduced eating pacific seafood a couple years back. Maybe, as catastrophic as this event may be, it could be a warning to “manhattan project” clean renewable energy and batteries so that the nuclear power plants can be dismantled.

    1. Yes I too had a weird dream lately. Tried to save Many furry animals like dogs, horses…..then my close family member as we tried to reach top from drowning in huge wave water surface inside the house building and tried to escape and kept getting attack from zombie like. It’s weird. Not sure the meaning. The dream was in colors.

      1. Tsunami – This scary dream means you are unable to deal with a powerful force that’s out of your control.… Tsunami dreams indicate that your at your emotional capacity… on how you might emotionally deal with a up coming situation. Sometimes this can be a force that is out of our control,… and we have to brace for protection. … This symbol can also mean an unconscious shift due to repression that all the emotions will erupt . How you feel and act in the dream will suggest how you will handle this issue.…

        The election and its outcome is scary to a lot 0f people. It doesn’t help with the constant name calling and demonizing on both sides. Water in dreams means an abundance…. Positive or negative. So Trust God, take care of what is right in front of you and offer hope to others. That’s all you can do.

      2. Hope,
        Interesting interpretation. I’ve read storms in dreams often symbolize turmoil in a person’s life. (For me, the storm is usually a tornado dream, not a tsunami.)

        I agree with you about the election…there has been demonizing on all sides. But what we all need to remember is, no matter who we vote for, most Americans are scared and angry about the way things are going. And we’re all making choices as best we can, with what few options we’ve been given.
        Some are so fed up with the status quo, they feel Trump is worth the risk, and others believe it’d be too dangerous to vote for him and so will vote for Clinton. Still others will abstain or vote for 3rd parties or write-ins.

        Everyone has different opinions on politics, but we all want things to get better, and that’s the similarity we all need to remember. We’re all in this crazy life together.

    2. Greg, was this tsunami dream vivid? I agree with you below in response to Hope. I dreamt about the Japanese tsunami 3 weeks before it happened. I also believe Hope has some good input about tsunami dream meanings. I hope you can shake off your dream – I find that the hardest part to cope with upon awakening.

  7. Eric regarding the EQ in San Jose, your timing is 9. Could that be a countdown of days? Which brings you to Nov 8th on Election Day or there around? When researching older EQ predictions I came across the one that states “After a gathering of Americans”, which made me wonder if it could be Americans gathering for the election, voting, parties, etc. Here is that prediction.

    1. Jules104- After a gathering of Americans could be Veterans Day too. That’s what I thought last year….but…that day came and went without a hitch. Which, of course, is a good thing.

      1. R2D2, I’d forgotten all about Veterans Day. Well I hope that’s not it but it is coming up around the same time frame. Thanks for reminding me.

  8. hi Eric did yu see big events before or after usa elections+ and any big vilonce after USA elections results.

  9. Eric,
    Any idea which “tragic prediction” unfolds soon? You mentioned a gunshot and shattered glass, any ideas what that refers to?

      1. I vague remember there was a secretary named Clinton for Lincoln or was it Kennedy. Have to look up again and see if there was a Clinton that worked closely with Lincoln. Lincoln and Kennedy were shot. So Clinton would be next in time frame. Lincoln was shot in 1865. Kennedy in 1963. Suppose if Clinton in 2016. The same number is 6. All three combined is 666. Does that mean something may happen after three 6 about to happen? Just brainstorming wild thought.

  10. I had a vivid dream tonight that i saw a blinking ball of light falling from the sky, and as it hit the ground i heard a huge boom and saw this huge fiery explosion like it was an atombomb or an asteroid. I’ve never had a dream like this before, because it involved extreme emotions, like i felt the emotions of every people on this planet at the same time.

  11. what ever leader gets elected becomes the anti-christ. Thats prophecy. 2012-2016

    1. The word of the LORD came to me a second time saying, “What do you see?” And I said, “I see a boiling pot, facing away from the north.”

    2. Anthony, can you please share a source link for the prophecy.

      thanks, Maria

    3. No they don’t. The antichrist comes from the East, and when he arrives on the scene, he will bring peace. Neither of our candidates are bringing peace. Read the King James version of the Bible.

    4. The antichrist is a human invention designed to keep humans suppressed with fear and false beliefs. Don’t worry you’re all about to find out you aren’t alone and that your beliefs have constricted you from opening up to all the life around you. The future is so bright for this world, but people live within their own fear they can’t see passed what those trying to repress them are doing

    1. Kerry was the nominee in 2004 and somehow lost to George W. Bush The major parties generally don’t give a failed nominee a second chance. It’s a shame because Kerry might have been a good President.

  12. I am grateful to you, Eric for telling us what Spirit says about world events as clearly as you can and I am grateful for your time and effort. I hope we can focus on positive ways to stop a prediction from coming true and not attack each other here on this thread or other threads. We all have opinions, but I feel that what Spirit says is more important than voicing opinions and trying to pull each other down. I voice my gratitude to all who follow Eric and Spirit’s information and hope for more useful contributions to this thread.
    Light supports light. I believe in all of our capacity to give light and not darkness. Illuminate the this space! Help if you can.

  13. Eric, SWC
    We’re down to a week till the election and I’m very scared. I have the same feeling I had before the Orlando and Nice terror attacks. It’s almost worse. I’m not trying to scare people, but everyone please be extremely cautious of your surroundings.

    1. Em,
      Believe me, I understand your anxiety! I’ve been tense and on-edge the last few months, and it feels like part of me is trying to warn the rest of me about something, but is speaking Greek and I can’t understand the message. (I don’t know if that makes any sense!)
      But yes, I agree everyone should be cautious. Terrorism, the election, and all of this bad feeling between people is scary as hell. But if we’re all aware, not panicked, just aware and alert, that can help us react if something happens. And possibly prevent anything if we see something suspicious and report it.

  14. Mary hi hope your well ..
    reading your numbers correlation with Kennedy Lincoln and Clinton
    interesting but if i may point out that the next number sequence would be 2061
    as it goes
    2061 …
    stay safe love and light to you and yours

  15. Just as grandpa showed me in dreams long ago, the Nazis are coming. They are coming backing Trump. His supporters have all the guns and they are willing to kill to get him in office. They admit it. The Reuters article proves it. Also they set fire to a black church yesterday. So part of your prediction is coming true, Eric. Anyone on the side of Trump will be viewed in later history as evil for the terror they cause in the land. These militia terror groups are bound and determined to murder anyone that disagrees with them. The rise of facism. I stand with Hillary and civilized society where we fight with debate… not guns and violence. Be safe out there everyone. My advice is get to a militarized zone like Richmond, San Diego, Portland, etc if it gets dangerous with these uninformed goons trying to kill people who don’t support Trump. It is like “Night of Broken Glass” in the 1930s in Germany.

        1. We discussed it 3 times, the first prediction was direct, Hilary would win, then they talked about Hilarys fall, then because trump was ahead and the dnc had their scandal i asked them to verify the elections and perhaps explain how she would win, they made the fall of Trump prediction that they implied would turn the tide. So we discussed it 3 times but from different angles.

      1. Yes, Hillary will win! That is also the way my grandpa put it in the dreams. But there would be violence mostly from the Trump side afterward. The well respected Reuters reported on it today. There is even a podcast of these scary Trump supporters within the article that speaks on what they want to do. Hillary will win and peace will eventually come for a time.

  16. Gosh, we certainly have two totally unfit Presidential candidates. Frightening supporters on both sides..some of the Trump supporters (not all, some) who happen to be extremists, who gloss over the serious accusations against him, and some of the Hillary supporters who are bending themselves into pretzels to ignore her well documented corruption and defend the indefensible things she has said and done and continues to say and do.

    It would be a blessing if whomever gets elected was immediately impeached and the Vice President stepped up.

    1. Clinton supporters have been inciting these incidents against Trump supporters, destroying their signs and attacking them! I can’t wait until the Clinton Machine is destroyed and Hillart goes to jail!

    2. Eric,

      Any idea how soon we can expect the assassination or the terror attacks?

      The closer we get to election day, the more on-edge I get. I hope nothing bad happens, but I know emotions are running high. And of course, terrorists like ISIS would like nothing better than to cause disarray during such a rough election year.
      Everyone just be cautious…

      1. I’m with you, Sara. Falling for people pressing buttons creates a distraction so that those who really are creating ways to damage us can succeed. All that high-flying anxiety and attacks also throws logic out the window.

    1. That is one big hole. As for the prediction it is possible they are talking about one massive storm but we are expecting heavy flooding either way.

  17. Eric, Star, SWC
    If the magnitude was 7.3 then what do you think the “9” means? They are calling for waves 10 feet in height or could it be related to San Jose? Do you think San Jose is next?

    1. Can i have a link to the news that confirms a 10 foot wave? I do believe your right its not time but the magnitude. I have asked Spirit to keep one eye on all large earthquakes. So when san jose draws closer i will post

  18. Eric, SWC,
    Super Typhoon “LAN”
    Massive flood?
    Super typhoon..landfall expected southwest of Tokyo

    Typhoon “Lan” is now a Super Typhoon heading toward Japan. Landfall is expected just southwest of Tokyo late Sunday (UTC), October 22 or early Monday, October 23, as a Category 2 or 3 hurricane equivalent on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Very heavy rain will accompany its life-threatening hurricane-force winds, which will likely lead to flash floods,

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