Predictions 3-21-17

Q31 – I had a visual of a man pointing a gun, shooting a gun, in what looked like a mall or strip mall. In the background of this city was a stadium of some kind. “22nd/23rd”

They implied Pittsburgh again. But that contradicts the old prediction that talks about a location with the letter “T”. They also showed the number 7 in the old prediction, but its possible they are referring to 2017

Here is the Previous Prediction that might be related : Notes on 1-8-15

I  had a visual I was walking down a sidewalk, on one side was a parking lot on the other side was the back of a mall. I walked into the mall to see people scrambling for safety. In the background you could hear shots being fired. I saw to the left of me a picture of a hamburger in the window.  In the corner of my eye I saw a fireball race by.
Part of me believes they are implying a food court, but it could also be just a set of different restaurants. The fireball could be a launcher of some kind.
I had a visual of the number 7 carved into a wooden plaque.
“Everyone get inside!”

Q32 – I had a visual of the number 7 “Trump in trouble for wiretapping someone in the US.. Russian equipment.. caught red handed.. his demise mirrors Nixon.”

Q33 – I had a visual of the word AIDS “By the end of the year this great epidemic turns to ash. The old system replaced with a new one. Such wonderful news”

Those that live in Pennsylvania, can you please tell us if there is a Stadium/Mall and where is it? Try your best to make individuals aware, do what you can to warn people. Some of you in the past called in a threat, please do not do that. I do hope in making everyone aware we can alter the tragedy, I would love to hear that no one was killed in this nightmare prediction.

I believe the number 7 represents July. July was used in a previous prediction and referred to the height of the US governments ‘Topsy Turvy’. The question remains are they talking about 2017 or 2018? In some ways it might have happened already, perhaps the prediction is referring to when the act is found out?

Q 31, 32, 33 are reference numbers. The hope is that instead of showing the number zero right before a prediction happens they will use the reference number instead.


44 thoughts on “Predictions 3-21-17

  1. PNC Park is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Team. It is in the same area as the Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium. The area looks to be called North Shore. In between these two stadiums there is a road and eateries with big parking lots behind for the stadiums maybe. (Gold lot 1,2) All seems within walking distance of each other. There is a place called “Burgatory” for burgers, though Heinz ketchup comes to mind for burgers now that I think about it. There are numerous shopping malls in the same area. It’s all on the Allegheny River also. There is a Veterans Memorial nearby.

  2. That is wonderful news about the elimination of AIDS! So many countries will benefit from this, but can you elaborate what system they are referring about?

    Also it is possible that other prediction is referring to the current investigation, it has been really heated the past few days in the media.

    • This went to court in the UK as the NHS did not want to fund it but campaigners won. When taken consistently, PrEP has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection in people who are at high risk by more than 90 per cent. It contains two antiviral drugs, also given to people infected with HIV, which stop the virus multiplying.
      There are many countries working on a cure so maybe something even better is about to be declared.
      It would indeed be fantastic news.

    • It’ll be great if AIDS is defeated. There are so many children–especially in Africa–who were orphaned because of it. Hopefully, that won’t be as big a problem anymore!

      • That could fit many of the predictions in, including the bridge, soccer ball, etc. Would be wonderful to thwart these plans in one swoop!

      • Yes, the Commodore Barry bridge. This Stadium is located in Chester, PA. Very, Very impoverished City. I-95 runs right through it dividing the city in half. One side is the river, stadium, casino and bridge. The other side is Wiedner University and Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

  3. Eric.
    There’s a football stadium in Turtle Creek, PA, 12 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. (I don’t know if there are any football games, though.) You should look it up and see if there are any malls around there; I’m not familiar with the area at all.

  4. Eric I love the Q number reference idea. Great idea! I think it will really help with the timing and which prediction is coming up next. Blessings.

  5. You know 7 could also mean September. After all, before Julius Caesar introduced the 365-day calendar, September was the 7th month of the Roman calendar, hence its name.

  6. I agree with you on 7 refer to July. Nixon was caught in audiotape inferring with Watergate scandal when it was released in July of 1974 and it led to his resignation in August of 1974 and Republicans lost the elections in 1974 and 1976 to Democrats including Ford’s loss to Carter in 1976 election.

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    • Do you think that’s the reference that the outcome will be like Nixon as well since the timing, if correct, is the same?
      Please forgive me, I still haven’t figured out who has this gift of prediction vs those of us who are trying to put the puzzle pieces together in hopes of helping.

  7. Eric-
    I am from Philadelphia-
    There is a Stadium the Wells Fargo Center. (sports and concerts/music events)
    Veterans Stadium (sports) –
    Lincoln field- sports concerts events-
    Citizens Bank Field- baseball and concerts.
    AND there is a Indoor Shopping Mall right down on 12th and Chestnutt st in Center City in Philly- right at the train station.
    I am sure there are other malls but that is the one that I can think of that is right in center city Philly- but I am sure there are other ones..

  8. “I had a visual of the number 7 ‘Trump in trouble for wiretapping someone in the US.. Russian equipment.. caught red handed.. his demise mirrors Nixon.’”

    That figures. While campaigning, Trump did borrow a lot from Richard Nixon. He considers Nixon, his major inspiration for how he wants to act as president. No wonder he is ending up like him.

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  11. When I read your the first part of your prediction re the stadium against a city, I immediately thought of Nashville … a fairly new stadium, by a river, near downtown, revistalized an old industrial area … then I saw the T (Tennessee). Also consider that Arlington Texas has two stadiums in the middle of the city.

  12. When I read your the first part of your prediction re the stadium against a city, I immediately thought of Nashville … a fairly new stadium, by a river, near downtown, revitalized an old industrial area … then I saw the T (Tennessee). Also consider that Arlington Texas has two stadiums in the middle of the city.
    Also one of Nashville’s sister cities is Tamworth, Australia per Google.

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  17. I hope this prediction isn’t headed for Philadelphia, PA. However, I am drawing some familiarity to what I’m reading here.

    – hamburgers (could these be Philly cheesesteaks?)
    – jester (could be a mummer – another historic Philly symbol, similar to a jester)
    – T could be relevant to Temple University
    – Penn could refer to a variety of things University of Pennsylvania (also located in the city, referred to as Penn), Pennsylvania Hospital or the statue of William Penn on top of the City Hall or Penns Landing (the riverwalk along that stretches North / South along the Delaware on the north side of the city.
    – The Fashion District / Department Stores / and Underground Mall stretches between 8th – 10th streets on Market
    – Also, we have a celebrated Gayborhood here located just a couple blocks from that mall
    – Philadelphia has 4 stadiums on the south side of the city


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