Notes on 1-8-15

Spirit tell me what the next terror threat is?
“Australia, Canada, the sister city, “T” — Spirits Voice
They mentioned Brisbane but its unclear if they are talking about the expected flood or this terror act. “T” could be Toronto. Australia was mentioned several times, leading me to believe this event below is in Australia.
In two days, ‘around’ the 10th
I had a visual I was walking down a sidewalk, on one side was a parking lot on the other side was the back of a mall. I walked into the mall to see people scrambling for safety. In the background you could hear shots being fired. I saw to the left of me a picture of a hamburger in the window.  In the corner of my eye I saw a fireball race by.
Part of me believes they are implying a food court, but it could also be just a set of different restaurants. The fireball could be a launcher of some kind.
I had a visual of the number 7 carved into a wooden plaque.
“Everyone get inside!”
I had a visual I was in a kitchen and there were cans everywhere. “By sharing this prediction with everyone you open the millions of possible outcomes. You ‘can’ change these events, you can alter the horror of tomorrow. You ask what’s the point? Taking action is and always will be our point in sharing these predictions. So please help us bring awareness and pry open the millions of possible outcomes.”

46 thoughts on “Notes on 1-8-15

      1. Just throwing this out there.. But there is a Victoria in Canada as well, but it’s the Capital of BC, nothing to do with “T”??

      2. Isis made a threat to Obama saying he would cut off his head in the white house..He went on to make threats to other western countries which included Paris and its “sister city” Belgium….

  1. This is really scarey as I live in Brisbane and I am afraid it’s not a flood we have not had much rain to cause a flood I pray the blast or what ever it is not here in Brisbane let us know if you find out any more Eric

  2. We have a huge mall in Brisbane called Toowong Shopping Mall I hope it’s not that one as it is big and would be terrible

    1. There is an area along the Yarra river Melbourne that is a very touristy area with lots of eateries lining the river a short walk from the casino and across the river is Melbourne’s major train station. I hope it’s not there. My daughter is attending classes near there over next few days!!

      1. Looking at the sister city coin, it is made in the Perth mint, could the word mint be part of the candy prediction?

  3. I am wondering if the sister city is the “T” Torontos sister city, which one of them is Chicago and another Amsterdam. The T made me think of the previous two tt’s in one of your predictions. And why did the Spirits word it that way? I also thought of Texas and the previous prediction of a fire burning down to the main part of town. But it seems that it would be about either Australia or Canada since they spoke of them.
    Also Eric I didn’t get any of the comments forwarded to my email again. It seems like there aren’t to many comments here (not as many as I’d expect anyway), so I am wondering if this happened to anyone else also. I have to go check directly on the site, or I don’t see what’s going on.

  4. Eric, please pardon my simplistic mind. When I read “Australia, Canada, the sister city, “T”, I thought of Sydney. There is also a Sydney city in Canada. “T” can be a mall/shop in Sydney such as Target. Just saying..

    1. Hi. Roxiee. Funny you say a Target I’ve been wondering about that as a possibility for a while now. They had a previous prediction with an actual target visual I believe. Praying for Australia and Canada and surely France.

  5. Lets wait and see, some of yesterdays post sounds very much like the grocery store, down to the part where I was confused on whether I was in a food court or by a restaurant, grocery store?? But Bagels vs Kosher shop seems to be verified.

  6. We seem to be having flooding down Adelaide area some of the places have had record flooding

  7. tomorrows the 12th, had message of four seasons in newspaper headline in dream. connects with this site.

      1. yes, i all ready sent to higher authorities up here in canada so i did my job. might have something also to do with the falls with the last day of festival of lights also. Have not received in any other messages since.Hotel for sure some were.

    1. Thanks for sharing your visions with us Anthony. I am from the West Coast of Canada. I’m not familiar with The Four Seasons in Toronto that much but have been to the downtown core. For some reason I thought there was a mall attached to that hotel? Do you know if there is?

  8. Hi Eric, Queensland and Northern Territory are currently being hit by 4 cyclones, the Brisbane one is a. Cat 5. Could this be to do with your prediction?

    1. 4 cyclones, ?, they only show 2 big ones on the TV, .the one who is already on land by Darwin and the one who comes on land by Gladstone over maybe 3 hours

  9. The place of Candy, could by TOOWOOMBA ….T…., yes, the last flood came part of it from Toowoomba to Brisbane, so I am very worried, that we do get here in the city BRISBANE a big flood again.

      1. Hi Eric! Tasmania, Australia was flooded badly but not until 2016 not sure if that’s what you were seeing. One of my friends passed away in the flood it was devastating to our state.

        Also the bagels, one way street, people scrambling, the number 7, everyone get inside, there was an attack in Sydney, at the Lindt Cafe, across from channel 7 news rooms, hostages were taken, shots were fired 3 people died, it was hectic look up these 2 events if you get a chance to see if that’s what you were seeing. The lindt cafe one is scarily accurate!!

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