Predictions 2-7-18

I had a visual of a typed memo that read 6.2 rolling earthquake.

This prediction might be a sequel to the Southern California earthquake prediction. That’s a larger earthquake then they originally implied. – Prediction: Southern California Earthquake

The plane will be forced down, forced to land.

I had a visual of the Capitol. “Government Shutdown.. 6” I had a visual of Trump irate. I had a visual of a jar of pickles, a dirty rag was being taken out of the jar.

I can’t speak for the rag other than a “cleaning up” but pickles in the past have represented the pun ‘being caught in a pickle’. There is a small possibility they are talking about the next round of government wrangling and not now. 

Quit! A leading government official or someone in the presidential administration is quitting.

I had a visual of a baseball player stepping up to the plate with his bat, then he put it down and walked away.

A symbolic message of someone expected “to hit it out of the park”, someone with high expectations but would leave before it could be delivered. Later they would say FBI, but FBI could be the subject and not necessarily the person.

The Spirits implied the explosion in Illinois or Chicago is expected very soon, however the dark predictions about airplanes is not expected right now. They showed the number 7.

Old Predictions about Illinois:

Predictions 9-26-17

Prediction: Chicago Explosion



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  1. Donna B Avatar

    I just wanted to say”thank you” today; for doing what you do. It would be so hard and very tiring to do what you do! Wanted to just let you know I appreciate you and I’m sure this goes for everyone who reads on this site and who follows all the predictions. Please thank the spirits too! 😊And remember to take care of yourself too!

    1. Kacky Avatar

      Ditto Donna B ❣️

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow thanks for the link Star48.

  2. MTN Girl Avatar

    Do you think the explosion is an accident or a bomb? Terrorists are usually politically motivated, the hotel at Trump Tower Chicago is 27 floors, the condo section is 98 floors.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The messages contradict themselves, so I am not sure.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Maybe they’re referring to two events that happen at the same time, one an accident, one a bombing?

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      sorry…Taiwan. 6 persons dead 88 missing. Take a look at that building. My prayers to them.

  3. jules104 Avatar

    Eric could the number 7 be seen as in seven months so 9, in September?
    Or 7 as in the month, so in July. Did you get any feelings for what the time period would? Maybe related to the 777 prediction?

  4. Donna B Avatar

    Off topic sorry I paid for hr reading; please check, my phone number has changed so please email me for a good time for you Eric; I no longer see that as option on your site. Thanks!! Time for a check up! That’s what I call it! Lol. For those of you whom haven’t had a reading with Eric; do it now! It’s great!!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks! I will take a look at the emails after the blog.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Donna can you please email me at so we can set the reading up, thanks.

  5. JustaFollower Avatar

    Hi Eric, Officar leaving could possibly be general Kelly. In your previous posts you mentioned his quit.

  6. LLG26 Avatar

    I think that the shutdown is going to be over the DACA recipients or “Dreamers” who are at risk of being deported unless something is done legislatively to let them stay. The Dreamers came here as children and only know this country as their home. They are suffering now, wondering what will happen to them…they can’t go forward with their lives until something is decided.
    When we had that short shutdown Jan 20th-22nd people were upset that the Democrats didn’t try harder to get something for the Dreamers, and I wondered myself if the only way to get something passed to help them would be to totally shut down the government for a longer period of time…long enough to get the point where Republicans would take the issue seriously. Sure Mitch McConnell promised to let it come up for a vote, but that doesn’t mean something will pass for sure. He basically told Chuck Schumer — trust me the majority of Republicans want to help the Dreamers also. Then recently came rhetoric out of the White House that was so negative, General John Kelly calling the people who were eligible to sign up for DACA but didn’t either scared or “too lazy to get off the couch” to sign up. This would lead me to believe that even if the majority of Republican legislators want to help them, you can’t count on the White House. They may need the shutdown to get the President to sign a bill. The majority of Americans want them to stay and have a path to citizenship. So maybe a shutdown is for the highest good, I hope so.

  7. […] Predictions 2-7-18  Quit! A leading government official or someone in the presidential administration is quitting. […]

  8. Panda Avatar

    You’re on a roll Eric! Predictions are happening quickly now. I have a vague memory of a prediction you made awhile back that indicated that as the tRump regime started to unravel, cabinet members would be leaving in record numbers or words to that effect.

  9. Lori Avatar

    Hi Eric, thank you for all the wisdom and guidance you share. Sending positive thoughts for your health your way. Perhaps spirit was showing “dirty laundry” with the pickle jar. Perhaps it just means embarrassing private matters exposed will put someone on a tough spot. But we’ve seen that with our politicians over and over. I keep waiting for something to come out on Devin Nunes to explain his bizarre behavior.

  10. star48 Avatar

    Plane forced down.
    Vehicle Incident in USA on February 08 2018 07:10 AM (UTC).

    A plane that struck a small flock of birds made an emergency landing at T.F. Green in Warwick Wednesday afternoon. American Eagle flight 5396, which was being operated by PSA Airlines, collided with several horned larks on during takeoff around 12:45 p.m., a spokesman for the airport told NBC 10 News. The flight was headed for Reagan National Airport in Virginia but returned to Warwick as a precaution. The spokesman said the plane landed safely, adding that a maintenance team is inspecting the aircraft. It is unclear how many passengers were on board, but the airline accommodated them by placing them on other flights. Planes at T.F. Green have struck animals at least 51 times since 2015, according to Federal Aviation Administration data. Most of the animals listed were birds.

  11. star48 Avatar

    Explosion on 7th.
    Event details

    Explosion in Thailand on February 07 2018 06:16 AM (UTC).

    An explosion has ripped through Phi Phi island in Thailand, injuring three people and destroying multiple buildings. Firefighters battled to control the blaze, which engulfed more than 20 buildings, after an explosion occurred at the October Hostel and Restio about 9pm on Tuesday morning. One witness told Fairfax Media she saw five hotels and hostels up in flames, with the blaze “spreading like wildfire.” Emergency services blocked off the area, and are investigating the cause of the blast, believed to be triggered by an exploding gas cylinder. Navy officers and rescue workers evacuated thousands of tourists and residents who vacation at the popular destination to safer areas including the beach. The fire was brought under control by 11pm local time according to ThaiPBS. There are reports that two Thai nationals and one foreign tourist had sustained minor injuries. Australian Jaylan Reiher witnessed the blaze, and said the island launched into “immediate chaos.” “The fire was fought for over three hours by literally [people] using buckets, bins, drums and any other items fit in carrying water,” he told Ten Eyewitness News. “Hundreds of tourists and local Thai people worked together, climbing ladders onto the buildings while they were alight and filled with gas bottles, pouring buckets of water over the fire by hand in casual beach wear and just a shirt covering their face for smoke protection,” he said. He said people scrambled to find water from pools and taps to help the effort, and even bags of iced were being used. Devastating footage of the aftermath of the fire has emerged, showing burnt out businesses and charred rubble. A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokeswoman said local authorities have confirmed that no Australians were injured by the fire.

  12. anthony Avatar

    Fbi has the power to bring down trump and all the crap. Wack a mole time. Corruption, wheeling and dealing, fraud, tax evasion, it’s not all about trump. House cleaning is in order. Same goes for the Democrats. Their no angels either

  13. anthony Avatar

    It’s actually quite simple. If you apply the 10 commandments to government then only a couple apply. One must come from a good family. Look at the way they treat their mother and father. Do they honor them. If you don’t honor your mother, look at porter as a example. You shall not murder or particpate. Trump is going to have to wheel in the cia on this one. You shall not comit adultery. No one in white house period. You shall not steal. Side deals in white house. Contracts. You shall not covet. Middle east. Oil. Etc… pretty much sums everything up.

    1. anthony Avatar

      Explains why clinton was not voted into whitehouse adultery.

  14. LLG26 Avatar

    Government shutdown just became more likely as Senator Rand Paul is “delaying a Senate vote on a funding bill to prevent a government shutdown, throwing Congress’s timeline into limbo…he wants 15 minutes of debate and a vote on an amendment to keep budget ceilings in place.” Rand Paul is against the increased budget spending and feels it is irresponsible to pass this funding bill.
    According to the article below, the vote may now end up taking place after midnight in the Senate unless they figure something out to resolve the situation. Voting in Congress was expected to happen after the Senate vote. Government officially shuts down if no funding bill passes by midnight.

    1. Karben Avatar

      I’m wondering about the stock market. We may be headed towards another recession or worse.

  15. LLG26 Avatar

    This was such a short shutdown…I wonder if this is not the one Spirit is talking about. The bill passed only funds government until March 23rd, so there will be a chance for a longer shutdown then. The DACA recipients time runs out March 5th. If congress doesn’t pass something by then deportations may start, or perhaps some other contingency will be put in place to help them. I hope so.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There testing their new way of predicting, focused on predicting events that are happening very soon.

  16. star48 Avatar

    Ref;; shutdown
    Article..trump signs spending deal..ending brief shutdown.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Here is a breakdown of events from Boston Globe..
      While you were sleeping: Since you’ve gone to bed, the government has shut down and then (almost) re-opened (phew). A government shutdown began at midnight, the second closure of the government in less than a month. After a brief recess, the Senate re-convened and passed the budget bill just before 2 a.m. by a 71-28 vote. Then the House re-convened at 4 a.m. (seriously), debated for awhile, and passed the bill, 240-186. As soon as Trump signs it, boom, shutdown over.

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  18. Jillian Avatar

    I just heard on Chicago radio that there was a car fire on the 7th floor of the parking garage of the 4th largest building in Chicago, the John Hancock. The radio DJ said that the sirens made it appear that all of Chicago’s fire department was there. As there was no massive fire or explosion, I don’t know if a larger fire was prevented here, but thought worth mentioning..

  19. Jillian Avatar

    On the prediction: Plane will be forced down, forced to land…

    Russian passenger plane went down near Moscow, 71 feared dead.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am almost sure there is an old prediction that talks about this horrible tragedy, I need to go through and look , as I recall they corrected me by saying the airplane crash was not an attack but horrible accident

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s the prediction thanks

  20. […] Predictions 2-7-18  The plane will be forced down, forced to land. […]

  21. James Avatar

    7.5 quake just now mexico

  22. […] Spirit started by saying South America, by Brazil. Then Spirit shifted to write the words ‘here’ then the word ‘Alpine’ which implies California again. Predictions 2-7-18 […]

  23. […] Spirit started by saying South America, by Brazil. Then Spirit shifted to write the words ‘here’ then the word ‘Alpine’ which implies California again. Predictions 2-7-18 […]

  24. jules104 Avatar

    Eric regarding the pickle jar…Attorney Preet Bharara while on Wolf Blitzer today equated Trumps troubles with Stormy Daniels prior to the elections as “finding himself in a pickle”. Now the truth is or will be all coming out. I think this is the dirty rag being pulled out of the pickle jar.

  25. star48 Avatar

    Ref..Quit! A leading government official or someone in the presidential administration is quitting.

    Kelly threatened to quit last month.

  26. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Ny to Dallas diverted to Philadelphia..
    Engine explodes..passengers injured..

    Ref…from this post.
    The plane will be forced down, forced to land.

    At least one passenger was taken to the hospital after a Southwest Airlines plane made an emergency landing in Philadelphia on Tuesday, officials said.

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