Prediction: Chicago Explosion

“Chicago.. Explosion.. 1”

A few days ago under Predictions 1-21-18 I posted : “Then I had a visual of the number 207 big and bold.” I assumed they were talking about the Tsunami at the time. But I had no idea what 207 meant, two days from now? Twenty-Seven? 27th? February 7th? Or perhaps it has nothing to do with a date at all.

It was some of you who brought it to my attention that the number 207 was used in a previous post: Predictions 1-3-18

“I had a visual of a bomb going off in a building, there was massive smoke coming from all directions. (I believe ‘it will be huge’ is a reference to the size of the bombing) Then Spirit wrote 207”

So I asked late tonight about this prediction and the building that would explode, now to be clear we are not entirely certain its a bombing it could just be some type of horrible accident. I wrote a ‘bomb going off’ however that was an assumption based on observation. Their answer to my inquiry was shockingly :

“Chicago.. explosion.. 1”

This still does not explain what the numbers 2 0 7 represents? Why these specific numbers?  Just in case it means the 27th, I am posting this at 2am in the morning, so that those in the mid west have the information available to them.

Other predictions:

“Earthquake.. in Greece.. Italy.”

Later Spirit clarified the message was more about Greece. They estimate a 6.5 magnitude, and said ‘in 4’ , they also said ‘Tuesday’ but that might be related to the next message.

I had a visual of a stadium.. I then had a visual of water gushing in from different areas of a city. (Perhaps the stadium is a safety zone, or they are implying extensive damage to the stadium)




45 thoughts on “Prediction: Chicago Explosion

  1. “Chicago.. explosion.. 1” — that could mean 1 day after today – the 27th – if “207” really does mean January 27th.

  2. Eric – Brian Ladd’s dream predictions site indicates he dreamt of a large explosion below where Donald Trump is speaking, killing him. He doesn’t express a location. Your prediction made me think Of his dream. Is Trump going to Chicago soon?

  3. I don’t usually post, but being familiar with Chicago I looked up if any prominent addresses contain 207 (in case that’s what it represents). Just about all of the East running streets crossing at Michigan Avenue would be #207. The most notable to me is 207 E Chestnut (which doesn’t refer to a specific building but would reside between the Hancock building and Water Tower place). There is also a 207 E Illinois and 207 E Ohio nearby. Any of those streets would be very populated. I also had a dream that I could never shake 2 years ago where I heard a voice say 321 Chestnut, which never made any sense to me. Hopefully it’s just a coincidence and nothing more.

    • We’ve safely passed Jan 27th 2018 without news, and hope for the same on 2/7/18. I don’t usually post either but Chicago is near my home so I did the same thing, but focused on N/S instead of the E/W addresses. None exactly matched 207 N/S for tallest buildings in town. The #1 highest building is Willis Tower (I still call it Sears Tower) with 108 stories at 233 S. Wacker, close to “207”. Willis occupies an entire block so it fills the space where a 207 S. Wacker would be found. Several of the 50 tallest have either “One” in the name of the building or a “1” as part of the address number, and obviously resemble a “1” in structure. 2 of the tallest buildings are 207 meters tall and have a “1” in their street address. One Mag Mile almost fits both “1” and “207”. Do any of these buildings birdseye view match the related vision of hovering above the Chicago building explosion fire forecast on 9/27/17 (linked in post below)? Here are possible matches among the 50 tallest buildings in Chicago.
      #20 111 South Wacker Drive – 208 m – 681 ft – 51 stories
      #21 181 West Madison Street – 207 m – 680 ft – 50 stories
      #22 Hyatt Center – 71 South Wacker Drive – 207 m – 679 ft – 48 stories
      #23 One Magnificent Mile – 950 N Michigan Ave – 205 m – 673 ft – 58 stories

      • Eric, thank you for sharing your visions. I hope prayers can prevent this fire/explosion. In looking at my short list, there isn’t a perfect match, only some similarities. The 207 could still represent next Wed 2/07 date, and since your strong impression of “1” not written as “One” pulls me towards the rather shocking “111” address on S. Wacker Drive. How this could relate to the “16” that you noted on 9/26/17 is unclear. It’s very interesting that I just looked at my clock and it’s now 1:11 am. I’m up waiting for the Super Blue Blood Moon.

        Just looked up what’s located in the 111 South Wacker building, and found it’s the Deloitte (Financial Services) headquarters. It just occurred to me that there was a news story last fall when investigators discovered that some Chicago highrises in the River East complex were covered in the same flammable metal panels as was found in London’s Grenfall Towers after the fire on 6/14/17. There was some speculation that other Chicago highrise buildings could also have the same panels after 250 buildings in London inspected were found to have the same flammable panels. I cannot seem to find a final report so it may still be under investigation. Perhaps it’s not a bomb that you saw but an explosion from a fire, though your 9/27/17 post said “Terrorism.. Illinois.. 16” would could imply a bomb. The tallest building, Willis (Sears) Tower at 233 South Wacker is only 2 blocks south of there. Please let us know if you have any additional clues from Spirit.

      • One other concern I have is if this does fall on the 7th that could mirror the airplane hijacking which also uses the number 7 but all of that is guess work.

  4. Rhona no reply box for your comment but I think you could be onto something. I noticed that meteor strike too. That link you sent said they had a big fire a year after they opened the chicken export plant. Maybe something like that also? Or some sort of disease outbreak? But yes odd it’s with the meteor strike and Spirits said it’s a “world prediction”. Good catch. Thanks for all that researching.😉

  5. Some 20 flood warnings were issued for Paris and surrounding areas, with French authorities putting residents and businesses along the capital’s River Seine on high alert over rising floodwaters.
    This could be the flooded stadium.

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  7. I live in Australia,there never seem to be any predictions about us,our political system at present is in meltdown,any idea when it will improve,or what will happen next

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