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Predictions: Major Events Coming

Major Events: First Spirit brings up a massive explosion. In many ways it sounds like terrorism. In one of the messages it could be a nation testing a nuclear weapon? Then Spirit is predicting a huge wave of natural disasters, in all different directions:

The 28th is marked.

Again Spirit pointed to New Zealand and surrounding area in regards to their predicted earthquake and then slammed their fist on the map several times, expressing the damage of the situation.

Spirit also showed 59 seconds, as if implying a prediction is a day away.  (Minutes represent days)

I had a visual of one massive fire, followed by another massive fire sweeping across the land “Spain.. Spain.. beginning of August.”

“Al Assad dies.. toxic poison.”

I think they are saying he is poisoned? 

I had a visual of jets flying one way, then another set of jets flying the other way. Then the visual shifted to show the US flag being folded. (The US folds?)

“The spider lays wait in the bush”

Spider represents a terrorist or someone who commits a sinister act. Historically when they say ‘bush’ its a reference to Australia. I need to go back and ask for the details.

I had a visual of an entire town devastated by flooding and mud. Everything looked demolished. From the visual it almost seemed as if flood waters or a mudslide came crashing down, or perhaps a dam broke. “Argentina”

I had a visual of a mushroom cloud explosion taking place. It looked like a nuclear bomb going off. “The huge explosion is coming very soon.”

This might be connected to a previous prediction: I had a visual of a flash of light followed by one massive explosion. In the corner of the visual was the number 2.

I had a visual I was looking out a window to see a very large storm unfold.  “N..C.. 8.. 8.. 8”

(Is 8 August?)

The Russian bots strike Mexico.. determined to make enemies of the border countries.

3.. 2.. 1.. Now.. bombshell.. break up or divorce.. done.. over. Spirit implied this was a reference to the old July Trump prediction.

Predictions 1-11-18  I had a visual of a large picture of Trump, with the words July on the frame.  Then the picture was slashed in half. “Its done.. over.”  Later they implied the house of cards fall in July.

Then it shifted to show laundry being pulled away, underneath was a hospital bed with an IV.

This might be related to another prediction:   “I don’t like being in the hospital it gives me the creeps.”   There is a concern over Trumps health and his heart. They are predicting a health issue, they also implied all would return to normal.

Spirit ended by marking the 28th, 12th, 16th, and 20th.

I also wanted to put together these old predictions spanning back to last year, I am unclear if they are related, but my gut tells me they might be. Either way it seems like the IL event is just around the corner:

“Chicago.. explosion.. 1”

“I had a visual of a bomb going off in a building, there was massive smoke coming from all directions. (I believe ‘it will be huge’ is a reference to the size of the bombing) Then Spirit wrote 207”

‘Massive explosion.. I.. L.. its coming soon.”

“Pillars at the corner or base”

I had a visual of the Sears tower, perhaps a prediction about Chicago.

They showed the number 7.

“Terrorism.. Illinois.. 16”

I was standing up in the sky looking down to see a skyscraper in flames. Smoke bellowed up towards the sky.  Visual of the letters ‘il’   I had a visual I was walking down a street when I saw a building explode.

“Timothy McVeigh is returning.” (Could this be related?)

Prediction: Chicago Explosion

“Chicago.. Explosion.. 1”

A few days ago under Predictions 1-21-18 I posted : “Then I had a visual of the number 207 big and bold.” I assumed they were talking about the Tsunami at the time. But I had no idea what 207 meant, two days from now? Twenty-Seven? 27th? February 7th? Or perhaps it has nothing to do with a date at all.

It was some of you who brought it to my attention that the number 207 was used in a previous post: Predictions 1-3-18

“I had a visual of a bomb going off in a building, there was massive smoke coming from all directions. (I believe ‘it will be huge’ is a reference to the size of the bombing) Then Spirit wrote 207”

So I asked late tonight about this prediction and the building that would explode, now to be clear we are not entirely certain its a bombing it could just be some type of horrible accident. I wrote a ‘bomb going off’ however that was an assumption based on observation. Their answer to my inquiry was shockingly :

“Chicago.. explosion.. 1”

This still does not explain what the numbers 2 0 7 represents? Why these specific numbers?  Just in case it means the 27th, I am posting this at 2am in the morning, so that those in the mid west have the information available to them.

Other predictions:

“Earthquake.. in Greece.. Italy.”

Later Spirit clarified the message was more about Greece. They estimate a 6.5 magnitude, and said ‘in 4’ , they also said ‘Tuesday’ but that might be related to the next message.

I had a visual of a stadium.. I then had a visual of water gushing in from different areas of a city. (Perhaps the stadium is a safety zone, or they are implying extensive damage to the stadium)