Predictions 1-3-18

“Eric you have it backwards.  First will comes terrorism and then the Tsunami.” I had a visual of the number 5. “Multiple terror attacks are coming back to back.. 5.. It will be huge.. The Tsunami.. 10”

I had a visual of a bomb going off in a building, there was massive smoke coming from all directions. (I believe ‘it will be huge’ is a reference to the size of the bombing)

Then Spirit wrote 207

The Spirits used the number 5 in another prediction: Predictions 12-22-17  Bombing in 5.. so bloody, so brutal.  Either the individual had Pakistan ties or the bombing is in Pakistan.

I believe the number 5 Spirit is correcting however is related to this prediction:

As I slept I felt a large shake. I immediately woke up and asked for clarity. I had a visual of a massive wave crash against the shore. I had a visual of the ocean rising.

That implies a Tsunami is coming. We have two dueling predictions one by Japan and another in the Indian Ocean. There is some confusion on which is coming first.

In 4 or 5

I had a visual of two pregnant women, they were ready to have a baby, an alarm was going off as if this was the expected timeframe, (27?) but the women did not go into labor, as expected. Spirit pointed to them saying “Something is coming.”

I assumed 4 or 5 was a reference to the Tsunami, but the Spirits have corrected it with a reference to a mass surge in terror attacks. The two different timeframes might be two different dates based on time zones. It’s horrible news, it could just be one large surge starting with a massive bombing or it has ties to these predictions below:

Prediction: Multiple Terror Attacks

Prediction: Airplane Attack Coming Soon


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  1. Betty Avatar

    Hello Eric question with the cold bomb cyclone in east coast, I believed you had a prediction talking about it, mentioning generators and keeping people warm.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes we have I plan to post it late tonight or tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. iamtot Avatar

    It is dog eat dog at the White House today. Bannon has accused Trump, Trump’s famy, and colleagues of treason.

    1. iamtot Avatar

      The treason story is also on Breitbart

      1. Trina Avatar

        Maybe that should what the “pregnant” means? Relating to Trump.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Why Trump?

  3. Sara Avatar

    Do you think the numbers 207, 4, 5, and 10 are dates or countdowns to the attacks, or could they mean something else?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am at a loss with the 207, it could be a reference to the 20th being marked, but what that has to do with everything else??

      1. Samanthass Avatar


  4. petemedium Avatar

    Hi Eric. Hope you don’t mind if I link to my latest Prediction Blogs for the next few years. As promised, I limit posting any predictions her at your site, in respect to you, and will only post my site links. Thank’s Pete.

  5. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, SWC. Just an fyi. The 52nd Super Bowl will be on February, 4, 2018 at Minneapolis, Minnesota. Indoor stadium event. The Festivities will begin 10 day’s prior. Starting Jan 26th thru the 4th. “Epic 10-day fan festival leading up to the Super Bowl.” Here’s a link.

  6. mariakaos Avatar

    British Airways flight BA207 London Heathrow to Miami. Many flights with 207 if indeed this is a flight number.

  7. jules104 Avatar

    Eric I found this as a possibility for the number 207 in this prediction. An airplane? “Cessna 207”, seats 8.

  8. Sara Avatar

    I have a theory that the cold weather, the massive storms on the east coast might be delaying the attacks–what with all the flights cancelled and the lack of people gathering in crowds outside, it probably isn’t ideal for terrorists right now.

    Also, maybe the numbers mentioned 5 and 10 are countdowns from the day this was posted–the 3rd. Which could suggest the 8th and 13th of the month….though I don’t know if the weather will have improved enough by then for terrorists wanting to do an attack.

    207 could be a plane number.

    Eric, do you get the sense these attacks and/or the tsunami are going to happen soon, or do you think they’re still a ways off?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They keep talking about the Tsunami, again and again. The attacks are confusing, the information seems off, the timing off, but they showed a bombing… I will be asking for clarity soon.

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    1. Sara Avatar

      On CBS, they mentioned the failure of a U.S sattelite, though it supposedly went down in the Indian Ocean. Maybe it didn’t, maybe it went off course and caused the explosion in Russia.

      But, it could just as easily be a meteorite or some kind of natural phenomenon.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Never mind! I took a closer look at the article, and it said the satellite failed on Sunday, not today.

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  11. […] Predictions 1-3-18 “Eric you have it backwards.  First will comes terrorism and then the Tsunami.” I had a visual of the number 5. “Multiple terror attacks are coming back to back.. 5.. It will be huge.. The Tsunami.. 10” […]

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  13. star48 Avatar


    Malaysia 🇲🇾
    8 militants arrested…with links to terrorists before any damage..arrested..

  14. star48 Avatar

    Terror attacks

    Austria 🇦🇹
    At least THREE dead and 15 wounded in Austrian rampage: Police hunt for terrorist still on the run after ‘multiple’ gunmen opened fire on revellers during Vienna’s final night before lockdown

    🔹Several people are thought to have been killed in a shooting rampage across six different places in Vienna

    🔹Police are urging people to avoid public transport and the Vienna city centre as they deal with the incident

    🔹There are reports of several attackers, with one shot dead by police during the rampage in the city on Monday

    🔹Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told Austrian broadcaster ORF: ‘It appears to have been a terror attack’

  15. adventuresofashton Avatar

    This is interesting in comparison to current events and predictions.

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