Predictions 1-21-18

Evacuate.. do it now.. the volcano is about to erupt.

That sounds like the Philippines, which they talked about in a previous prediction, It could also explain the burning houses from yesterdays predictions. 

Tsunami.. wait..

Then I had a visual of the number 207 big and bold.

Spirit used this code before where the number ends in 7, I need to research previous predictions with this code and see if it ended up being a countdown or date? The number 7 has been used in the past as a reference to ‘timing’

The 207 could be in two days or also could be seen as the 2nd. I could be looking at this all wrong, with the number ‘one’ being shown yesterday and ‘two’ being shown today, perhaps they are trying to show the 1st and 2nd, however that does not fit with ‘times up’.   

Spirit showed 14  04

In 14 days it’s the 4th. They have marked the 4th I need to ask what the 4th is marked for. 

I heard the sound of bees playing in my ear, getting louder and louder, until it became extremely loud.

In previous messages bees were used to describe terrorist ‘busy bees planning sinister acts’ 


78 thoughts on “Predictions 1-21-18

  1. Does anyone remember an old prediction where this code of using 7 was used. A prediction that ended up happening so I can figure out if its a countdown or date. Thanks

    1. I did a quick search and thought of something. In your “truths 7” post, spirit talks about the darkness and how one spec is sad is the darkness in a pile of sand of light. Perhaps the horrible event we have been waiting for is around the corner.

      There are simply too many predictions with 7 as a marker to find when the search also includes “7” and picks up every date from 2017.

  2. “207”

    (20) + (7) — January 27th?

    (2 = February) and (7th day) — February 7th?

    (2) + (0) + (7) = (9) days (from initial date of receiving prediction) — January 29th or 30th?

      1. hi anita
        Check post 7-29-14
        Mentions 27 and 77
        and 3250 32 and 50 deep.
        Meteor? Crater? Volcano?
        Any ideas?

    1. hi anita
      I was thinking same 20+7
      and i remember seeing 27 quite
      a few times… i think one was with plane prediction. I am going to
      cull thru old posts

      1. Hi tempestmm326,
        I remember when another 3-digit number similar to “207” was predicted for another event and the day Eric re-posted it — the day it happened — it turned out to be the sum of the 1st two numbers and the 3rd number, as in 20+7 = the 27th.

      2. Here’s one. I just happened to have the page up.🤔
        Also a while back I researched the 3250. Scientist do measure the height from the sea floor for underwater Volcanos. I can’t remember too much of what I found but I thought it odd you all mentioned it anyway. Blessings.

  3. If 7 is used to suggest a date/timing, 207 might mean the 20th, maybe next month? But you’re right Eric, that wouldn’t fit with ‘times up’ if it’s a month away.

    Also I was wondering….maybe it’s an undersea volcano that erupts and causes the tsunami and quake. I read that volcanic eruptions could cause tsunamis depending on how much land might slide into the water at once.

  4. sadly I concur Eric. Buzzing/ humming noises for me in visions are engines. (planes, trains, ships) targeted for attack.

      1. No. In the past I have heard the buzzing noise during visuals but not connected to anything Eric is currently predicting. The only visual that may back one of Eric’s predictions regards a port. I posted this last summer. but I can still see it so I don’t think it has passed. I saw the front page of the NYT with a full page black and white picture of what looked like a dock with a ship with a large front. The dock was silent and covered in black dust. Normally if I have a visual it will occur in a much shorter time frame so this could be a part of the on off predictions.

      2. I’ve had dreams where bees are coming out of my mouth and ears…this has happened before.

  5. Eric volcano eruption is mentioned in today’s abc world news. At 6:30 pm. It is mentioned ithat the volcano is the middle of the ocean near Australia. People have asked to evacuate. Also there 2 other news information. One is a gun battle and people killed in terrorist fight in a Kabul Hotel. Second a car run on the sidewalk in SanFransico. Nobody was hurt but damaged some stores. Side walk meters etc. I think these match with the description you provide in your earliest posts.

    1. Just a clarification: island where the volcano is erupted has been evacuated. I do not remember the name of island

  6. At this moment, my great Pryenee (80 pds) is extremely upset and uncomfortable hiding in my son’s room. Something is up. I also can sensed the faint vibration on the ground. It’s very strong tense active underground. Definitely something is up.

      1. Dopeanddiamond, same here. I’ve had extremely painful in my lowerback shoulder all the way to the left hand last Friday that I had to cancel my work. It’s gone down to mild discomfort. We’ll see what happen tomorrow, next few days or in a week. Still uncomfortable with my neck and back. Just accept it and knowing it’s related with physical earth that released the negative energies to the bodies form, trees, air, anything that get onto. My dog seems okay for now. Back to good spirit.

    1. Pain is almost gone today. Interestingly, I woke up pain free and was amazed before I heard the news of the earthquake in Alaska. I was born there and am guessing that is where my pain came from. I got it with the new York andd new Hampshire quakes which are close to me. The cat, however, had no odd behaviors at all this week.

      Hoping your pain goes away promptly

      1. Same here. .Pain gradually Went Away Right After the volcano erupted and earthquakes. Crazy….so I’m good as old self. No pain. 😉

      2. Dopeanddiamonds,

        Also my dogs are back to being themselves. No nervous nor uncomfortable. It’s stopped sometimes after Alaska quakes and volcanoes erupted.

        Glad you are good! Blessings to you.

      3. Please forgive me as I don’t remember what day my dogs are calm. I think it was either Monday or Tuesday. However, I remember feeling fatigue on Tuesday morning and realized thr volcanoes released that day. I felt great today and hopefully stay that way next few days.

    1. Police are now saying they weren’t IEDs, but flares. Sounds less like terrorism, and more like someone mishandling the flares they bought.

      1. Lossie2020
        Bees? Was referenced due to report of IED..
        However the report was corrected the next day by the primary source..
        Not IED’s ..
        So Bee’s ?(terrorists) does not signify…
        The question mark was initially put on because not verified..

  7. Interesting to note that early this morning, Dorrigo on the NSW’s north coast had a number of quakes that measured at our Government Seismic Centre with the largest being 3.1.
    Very, very unusual for Australia and a sign that no where on the planet seems to be safe any more.

  8. There was a 6.1 in Java, Indonesia just now. Reuters Top News 4m4 minutes ago
    BREAKING: Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 strikes off Java in Indonesia – USGS. No other news yet.

    1. Rafael
      good catch ..thank you for posting.
      sorry to hear this one killed a person and injured others ..mind you it reads as it could have been much worse .
      Here is hoping volcano Kusatsu shirane has now settled .

    1. Star48
      SWC praying sending love and light to all on west Coast and Hawaii.
      Jules 104
      Stay safe you and yours ..thinking of you .
      hugs .

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Sending heaps of love and light .
      prayers for lessening .
      Thanks for info Star .
      Thoughts with Jules and her family .
      but maybe just have minimal affect for her .
      Thanks for all info

  9. Be safe; Eric!! You were right on target with prediction. Perhaps timeline was 27 hrs presented that way.

  10. Water was pulled away from Kodiak Island, buoy jumped 32′. Reports are there will be a tsunami. You were right, Eric. People should evacuate, but they are unsure where the tsunami will hit or how big, just that they know for sure there will be one.

  11. My heart is beating for California. I observed the behaviors and pattern of quakes and it was slowly down last week for short time then it picked up peak. Make me little nervous as I feel it’s a long process to make thr result of the coming up big quake.

    1. Oh my gosh….just now read the report of Alaska quake via SWC. Thanks Star and others for updating. So scary…:/

      Everyone stay safe.

  12. The whole Pacific region (especially the Ring of Fire) seems to be ramping up. It was really active last week for a few days. But, now, it’s even more activity. Could this be what may affect the Indian Ocean quake you’re getting in the visions, Eric?

  13. Short Dutch update after Alaska EQ.

    Should spread out in three directions. North towards Arctic, down US West Coast to CA , down Craton edge.
    Eric sorry if this seems off the subject area of Indonesia, but is it possible there could be a somewhat large EQ in Colorado? During a recent reading Spirit pointed to CO for a natural disaster to happen there. Are the number 8s popping up now different EQs. happening maybe? Or the different areas affected by the transfer of pressure from the 8 EQ? Next will be the 9 EQ?

    1. Colorado has a lot of pumping operations. Would not be surprised if a quake occurs at one of these operations and causes an awful accident. When Dutch shows all the fracking and pumping operations so close together it is shocking something horrible has not happened at one already. They have caused earthquakes in places they have never happened before and with this added pressure, it does not look good. Pressure releases at the weakest point and a bunch of new, man made cuts in the crust are a prime target.

  14. Eric,
    Twin explosions..
    Event details

    Terror Attack in Libya on February 09 2018 06:49 PM (UTC).

    Libyan officials say twin bomb explosions at a mosque in the city of Benghazi have killed at least two people and wounded 75 others. Motaz Agouri, an official at Benghazi security directorate’s media office, said the explosion took place during Friday prayers inside the Saad Ibn Ibada mosque in Benghazi’s busy Berka district. Agouri said the bombs were planted in separate rooms inside the mosque. In January, a twin car bombing near a mosque in Benghazi’s Salmani neighborhood killed at least 33 people. Benghazi has seen often seen fighting between forces loyal to the self-styled Libyan National Army and Islamist militia opponents. Libya descended into chaos after the 2011 uprising that toppled and killed ruler Moammar Gadhafi. The country has been since split between rival governments and militias.

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