Predictions 4-18-16

I had a visual of a bomb going off, there was a building with a large hole in it. The visual shifted to a man holding a large black bat. He began to swing the bat violently.
“Backlash.. behind the chairs.”
237  (either they are talking about the 23rd or its a countdown from 15th of April which should put it around May 8th)

I had a visual of lines going up and down, then the lines plummeted.
“China stained.. the markets fall.. the countries with unstable economies begin to collapse”

To be clear we are not talking about a depression. Just one large fall.

Spirit has shared their mission on how we can change the future. I am truly excited.

It is very important to note these are not predictions, the examples used  below have not been verified as actual events.

I had a visual I was watching a commercial, or a video, the video was simple just words behind a dark royal blue screen. It read; “To the people of Florida” the words faded away and then another set came in “A massive hurricane is coming in October” the words faded “Please prepare yourself” the words faded “A message from the Spiritual Realm” then you could see this sites address end the video.

The video was mocked, laughed at, joked about, until the event actually happened. Then another video was made, and another. Then the visual shifted to a place in Latin America, the video begin again. “To the people of San Pablo” … “A massive earthquake is coming, 100s will pass” …

Then the visual shifted to Latin families taking their valuables out of their houses. Others were putting up tents to sleep in, many people went to pray in churches. There was clearly a date that we presented because the people stood outside waiting for the event. The night came and it looked like nothing was coming, twelve o’clock passed and then two hours later a massive earthquake hit Mexico. But the prediction failed to predict the correct amount of deaths, only a small handful of people died.

The visual was so beyond clear, I could feel the heat of the town, I could hear them talking to each other as they raced to empty their houses. There is a couple of things to take away from this message. These videos seem to be focused on  altering just the major events.  In true Spirit form the presentation is simple, humble, and direct. Finally when we get to that point of making videos we are asking all of you to do everything in your power to share these videos with the world, with a focus on the area. This is how things change, this is the first time they have shared a specific plan on what we must accomplish, how the world will react, and the end result of our efforts.

If you are apart of a company that makes videos or has ties to media relations, please let me know.

66 thoughts on “Predictions 4-18-16”

  1. Hi Eric,

    What kind of media connections are you looking for? Also – we do a bit of video wok too. Let me know.

    Thanks for all you do! I am continually impress by your gift!!!


    On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 9:34 AM, World Predictions wrote:

    > Eric Leigh-Pink posted: “I had a visual of a bomb going off, there was a > building with a large hole in it. The visual shifted to a man holding a > large black bat. He began to swing the bat violently. “Backlash.. behind > the chairs.” 237 (either they are talking about the 23rd or i” >

    1. It took me awhile to understand the proper way to blog in a way that reaches people, I don’t want to make the same mistake with these videos, I want it racing out the gate as soon as we get there. They still need to present the first video but they have already hinted its going to be a hurricane.

  2. The U.N. will be holding several high level meetings in Geneva, Vienna and Spain on 5/9, which, depending on the time of the occurrence, could be 5/8 here. “Backlash…behind the chairs.” The U.N. Executive Committee is meeting in Malaga, Spain on the morning of 5/9. That said, all participants will be gathered in those locations for pre-meeting events on 5/8.

  3. Eric, go to – as a freelancer, you pay very little to create wonderful videos – done simply. The coolest aspect of this portal is that you can have all of us respond to these videos with our input via phone voice, text, or video (our choice as to which medium to use) and everyone can see the responses of everyone else! I am looking into this system for my own work right now, and very reputable places like UPENN and other universities are using this portal for interactive classroom experiences.

  4. Hi Eric,
    I wouldn’t know how to make a video, but I could help you translate from English to Spanish, so the video could be seen in another language. That’s my humble opinion.
    Kind regards,
    Lili from Venezuela

  5. Great news Eric!!

    Until that day there are things that have to be done! We should create a team and make lists of social media of interest,newspapers and tv -radio stations, ministries of defense and other possible places that could help spread the word or take precautions.Email lists should be ready and targeted because posting on FB individually has not the same impact.
    If you Eric agree let’s build this .
    Star48,jules,Rhona, and rest of the blog company what do you think?

  6. Eric – I had another dream last night; dreamt of another 911 incident where a plane was flying into the Empire State Building in NYC. It was very vivid that this was not the twin towers, as in 2001. This could relate to your clue about the hole in the side of a building. Did you ever get anything about the Empire State Building from spirit?

    1. Lia. Thanks for sharing again. Didn’t we have an old prediction having to do with the 2nd floor of a building and a lot of people figured it was the Empire Stste Building? Probably under the old NY Predictions. Hope it’s just a dream but… Blessings

      1. Just found “notes on 1-19-15”; it was part of the bell view discussion. Also, Eric was seeing ’24’ in the vision. Hope it’s not about the 24th in a few days.

    2. Wow….I too had similar dream or vision in daylight that the helicopter attack the Statue of Liberty. The helicopter could be a tour or hospital related.

      1. ..I felt in my gut that is likely to happen. The helicopter attack the Statue of Liberty. It’s related with terrorism.

        Right now, the migraines are back. A lot of negative energies going on around. Just wish it’d switch to positive. I’m not in a good mood but tolerate with it. Please everyone pray for positive and peace.

      1. Let’s hope not. It’d be disaster and heart wrenching.

        Praying for peace on earth. Thanks for all you do!

  7. There’s a city in Turkey named Batman. It’s the site of a military airbase, a large oil field and refinery, and a Syrian refugee camp. In other words, a target for ISIS since it’s only 55 miles from the border with Syria.

  8. Early this morning I had a dream. I was a passenger in a vehicle and we were driving on a red dirt road on a mountain side. In the distance I could see the road had collapsed as far as the eye could see. Then the vehicle took to flight and I could see red clay homes below with what looked like red clay cooking areas behind each house. The trees and vegetation were sparse. My impression was Mexico so I believe Mexico will have a somewhat major earthquake within 3 days. So far the recent major earthquakes are tying into a set of dreams I had in July 2012. Along the Pacific Ring of Fire would be large earthquakes that would start in Asia and work their way around through New Zealand, South America, Central America and culminating with a big one in California. Somewhere in there Athens, Greece would see a 8.0. If Mexico gets hit next then I suspect California will not be too far away. I may elaborate more later but will leave it at this for now.

    1. Think of any ship as Marine, submarine, cruise, products delivery, etc nearby and arrive to Ca….I’d contact everyone to be aware of it and hopefully it’s all foiled.


  9. hi Davel i agree i pisted some lunks on heliports and helipads just recently
    what i was thinking now and thus is far out ….naval base ships …they have helicopter tours over San Diego Naval base thats a worry …U havent been able to shake helicipters for months now….
    blessings to you davel

  10. I have waited a while to say anything until this was posted for a while because I do not want to cause a stir. Eric, your remark about the markets and economies that will collapse is not news to me. Most countries around the world, including ours have been making drastic mistakes in dealing with economic maters. They/we have built our futures on borrowed money and monetized debit. That is just not sustainable and is destained to collapse. What surprised me was your statement that this was not a prelude to a depression. When economies collapse depressions follow, how could anything else be? I have been expecting the spirits to warn of such a collapse, (wishing it would never come!!) because when economies fail, governments fail, and bad things usually follow. I’m not physic but pride myself in being informed. What are your thoughts?

    1. I do not think they are predicting a depression of any kind, when the big recession hit they mentioned it as a ‘borderline depression’ this prediction talks about one massive drop. But for economies like Venezuela that will push its already fragile economy over the edge, that too is a prediction earlier in the year.

      1. I see, I do agree the US will fair better than those in countries like Venezuela. Let’s hope this is a wakeup call to us all to what is important in life!! My hope we will be in a position to help those less fortunate than us.

  11. Eric
    a heads up on this post.. This weekend? Numbers to be released…
    China DATA: The latest figures for Chinese retail sales, industrial production and fixed asset investment are expected this weekend. The numbers will provide further clues on the direction of the protracted slowdown of the world’s second-biggest economy. Export data released earlier this week showed further contraction as global and domestic demand remained weak, underscoring the difficulties officials in Beijing face in trying to reverse the slump.

  12. nothing happened in July? Markets keep climbing to new highs in August?

    I had a visual of lines going up and down, then the lines plummeted.
    “China stained.. the markets fall.. the countries with unstable economies begin to collapse”

    1. Tom,
      hi there was one market July.. Eric commented on it..
      We are expecting more of an unfolding…

  13. Eric, SWC,
    Most Asian stocks down as investors await next week’s Federal Reserve chief speech; Nikkei225 down 0.07%, SSE Composite down 0.45%, Hang Seng down 0.31%, KOSPI down 0.14%, ASX200 up 0.27% – AP, Google Finance

  14. Eric, SWC,
    Asian stocks are slumping on Fed official’s rate rise comments; Nikkei down 1.77%, Hang Seng down 2.82%, SSE Composite off 2.07%, KOSPI down 1.83%, ASX200 down 2.26%, SENSEX down 1.51% – AP, Google Finance

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