Prediction: Southern California Earthquake

I had a visual I was watching a famous actor argue with his daughter over her organization skills as they pointed to a shelf, when all of a sudden everything in the room began to shake, then the visual shifted to show the outside of an old liquor store with Hispanic males somewhat intoxicated outside drinking and smoking, when suddenly they felt the ground lift them up. “Was that a quake” one said to the other half concerned and half amused. Then the ground lifted them again.

This spells earthquake perhaps in the southern California area. I would guess LA area, soon, very soon. From both visuals its only expected to be moderately high. This prediction is expected to unfold very soon.

I had a visual of a helicopter rescuing individuals in the ocean, a ship was sinking.

We are working on a prediction about a horrible airplane crash, but we want to gather the details, some of the details are odd, and we need to make sure we get this right. This in turn has delayed our ‘Truth’ our plan is to have the Truth out by the 5th. 

We are still expecting two Tsunami’s, but we need to better understand the messages below, especially the timeframes. One presents 11 months after June 30th, while the other talks about 4 or 5:

Prediction: Tsunami

Prediction: Tsunami Coming

19 thoughts on “Prediction: Southern California Earthquake

  1. Is this the same earthquake that was mistaken for the Mexico earthquake last year that damaged the hospital and surrounding areas?

  2. Could the actor’s name be a symbolic reference, or were he and his daughter shown more to pinpoint location near Hollywood for the potential CA earthquake?

    1. Jillian
      Hi ..we are on the same page ..thought maybe
      Around Orange county or Laguna Beach just had a minor quake ..
      Hollywood as you say it seems to allude to pinpointing area with actor and his daughter.

  3. Eric this update from dutchsinse calls for two 5.5 EQs in CA I believe. That matches your men outside liquor store feeling two EQs. Thought it was interesting. And he has said before that you should expect one magnitude higher at least due to unforeseen circumstances like solar flares, just incase. That could put it at 6.5 possibly?

  4. Eric,
    Do you think the airplane crash is an accident or was it crashed purpose?

    Also, are there any potential terrorist threats we should be aware of in the coming months?

    Lately, ISIS has been quiet in the west, and while I hope it’s due to them being defeated, I know that kind of insane fanaticism doesn’t vanish overnight.

    1. Thank you, James. Yes it happened. But not heard of any report on injured and death. Does anyone know. Are the building badly damaged. Its reported on the land. It’s high for 7.5 magnitude which it’s enough to damaged the building on lands. Hopefully everyone is okay.

      Eric, again today all afternoon. …I am sensing the strong vibes. Its faint vibes and ongoing (strong) vibration from underground. It’s coming again and maybe trigger tsunami. I really don’t know but thr underground is very unsettled and unrest.

      1. It’s almost like a generator that kept it going. It won’t pause or turn off. The vibes is unstoppable. I’m trying my best to describe the vibes from underground.

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