Prediction: Tsunami Coming

As I slept I felt a large shake. I immediately woke up and asked for clarity. I had a visual of a massive wave crash against the shore. I had a visual of the ocean rising.

That implies a Tsunami is coming. We have two dueling predictions one by Japan and another in the Indian Ocean. There is some confusion on which is coming first. We need to verify this locations, here are the previous predictions about Tsunami’s: Predictions 12-13-17  Prediction: Earthquake Coming Soon Predictions 12-22-17

In 4 or 5

I had a visual of two pregnant women, they were ready to have a baby, an alarm was going off as if this was the expected timeframe, (27?) but the women did not go into labor, as expected. Spirit pointed to them saying “Something is coming.”

It sounds like the ‘expected timeframe’ is off, but they are making it clear something is coming, sounds like they are talking about terror attacks which we expected today. Two women, two major attacks? We still lack accuracy on timing. The key is 1.36, in 36 days??

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  1. Sara Avatar

    Maybe 1.36 means January 3rd and January 6th?

  2. Sara Avatar

    Yesterday you predicted: “In 3 .. I had a visual of someone putting a bomb or device together. Then the Spirits said The bombing is huge, massive in size”

    “In 3” could mean that three days from when you posted on the 26th–December 29th–a terror attack could happen at or near then.

    Maybe the terrorist’s plans changed somehow and the attack plans moved. In any case, yesterday’s wording “in 3” supports your theory that the time-frame changed. And to me, it also suggests we should still keep our guard up throughout December.

  3. kim Avatar

    A full term pregnancy is 40 weeks. Babies delivered before 37 weeks are premature. Multiple births – twins – are often premature. Maybe that’s where the 36 is coming from – meaning sooner than expected?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very interesting point.

  4. psychic chris Avatar

    eic, is this the tsunami predicted for australia?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There are two messages, one implies Japan area, the other talks about Indian ocean which would include Australia, but we need to clarify which is coming for this event.

  5. doppler2 Avatar

    I am no psychic but I had a crazy dream about 3 weeks ago.
    I dreamt that my friend sent me a text that said “OMG! 9.4” and then I a saw a map of the ocean and it zoomed in on an area near Australia/New Zealand.
    I immediately woke up and ran to the TV to check the news and was happy to realize it didn’t happen.

    1. Renee Avatar

      I had picked up a 9.4 near new zealand earlier this year but maybe the timing was off and is about to happen?

  6. Chewdy Avatar

    At 6:01pm on Dec 27th 2017 I had an overhead visual of the inside of a large stadium. The seats were orange, and only a few of them seemed to be occupied. The picture moved slightly, then went blurry. Then I heard “Mexico City”. December 29th 2017 was indicated. Earthquake..?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  7. lossie2020 Avatar

    2018 will be worst year.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      why do you say that?

  8. freestonew Avatar

    hi all. I posted this post, below, from my facebook page. I see a winter disaster coming for much of the usa. and for years. add this to all of the other bad stuff coming!
    [freestone Wilson. follow me on facebook if you wish!]

    good morning! you all might be tired of reading freestone’s slightly Bombastic weather Doom posts.
    this morning’s Tallahassee democrat, the 28th, warns in a few days Tallahassee might see snow and a high temp in the low 30s. down we all go.
    when I lived in upstate new York, I found the winters run in 7 year cycles. I feel now we all are entering a 7 year cycle of brutal winters, especially east of the Mississippi and the northern states. good riddance to the pythons in the everglades! and our oranges too, here in Florida. 7 years of winters to remember, or to forget!

    no sunspots.…/diminishing-solar-activity-may-…/
    “”The arrival of intense cold similar to the one that raged during the “Little Ice Age”, which froze the world during the 17th century and in the beginning of the 18th century, is expected in the years 2030—2040. These conclusions were presented by Professor V. Zharkova (Northumbria University) during the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno in Wales by the international group of scientists, which also includes Dr Helen Popova of the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics and of the Faculty of Physics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Professor Simon Shepherd of Bradford University and Dr Sergei Zharkov of Hull University.””

    I foresee Tallahassee to have 4 above zero this winter, at the airport. several days with snow and maybe even covering the roads, you do not go anywhere! the northern wineries?! foolish! the cold will kill all of the grapes and even the more hardy rootstocks. they do not have many vineyards around Moscow! and Moscow winters is what many places will see and for those seven years!
    cayuga lake may freeze over, every single winter. no more wineries in the finger lakes! maybe a good place for grapes will be just above the palm tree line, like central georgia. -20…-30. many people will move from the northern areas of the northern states! be glad Brazil is turning forest and nature preserves into farms, they are going to become the breadbasket for the world, soon! expect a huge huge price increase for vegatables, as florida freezes!
    live like, ye upstate new yorkers, that you will see -20..-30 every single winter for those seven years or more!

    in hospitals they keep the temperature very cold to keep bacteria from multiplying so fast. too, all of the invasive plants and animals might be killed.

    a Moral in the metaphor: a good time to Purify one’s life, to remove negative thoughts and feelings. act like the Final end times Judgement is at hand. just look at the realization of washington’s Swamp and the women abuse! time to Get Right With The Lord, and one’s own counscience. let the Cold kill out all of those Weeds of sin and negative stuff. this climate change might be Given to us for to do just that: for 50+ years everyone has been creative. but the violin bow plays both ways and some of those creations might not be so Nice, reeking too too much of “power, control, sex abuse, selfisness.”. time To Weed one’s garden of life, the weeds grow along with the crop!
    the little ice age: start your engines!!

  9. LLG26 Avatar

    Eric, do you think New Year’s Day or the day after might be a time for an attack? In your prediction Spirit says “In 4 or 5”. Four or five days from the 27th is around New Year’s Day…then maybe 36 days from New Year’s Eve or day another attack?

  10. jules104 Avatar

    Eric the two pregnant woman couldn’t be as simple as men/women disguised as being pregnant and the reason they aren’t giving birth as expected is because they aren’t really pregnant but are hiding bombs or such right? Just a thought.
    Also the Tournament of Roses Parade is coming up again in January 1st. Just googling I noticed that this will be the 104th Rose Bowl Game. It reminded me of the number 104 in your old prediction. That was on 3-18-15 “Earthquake Coming” and had to do with the hero boy in the theater and the EQ on the Northwest Coast. Could that be a time marker?

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, didn’t we recently have something about oil in the ocean? I noticed this article said they had evacuated the many oil rig workers Or some such. Oh wait it had to do with the UK being responsible. Here it is.
      May be unrelated but just in case.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Subtle…nor overt…
        Yes, can see your view..,

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  12. Sara Avatar

    The “labor” visual suggests to me the attacks are still coming, though later. After all, a pregnant woman is going to have to give birth eventually–whether normal birth or C-section. I’m guessing the spirits are saying these attacks may be delayed, but they’re going to happen unless something changes.

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  14. star48 Avatar

    Ref ? If any..
    Rare Meteotsunamis –2 form in one day..on Lake Michigan.

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