Predictions 12-13-17

Several of the messages here are more details for previous predictions.

France attacked.. in two.. around 15. I had a visual of multiple police cars with flashing lights. This message is in relation to Predictions 11-30-17 , this time however they implied an explosion, for some reason they are blocking what the attack actually entails, perhaps its too dark to see. 

Don Jr will be indicted.. the wheels are starting to come off.

A Tsunami is on the horizon.. in the Indian Ocean. They implied this Tsunami would happen at the end or beginning of the year. I will ask for the details. 

The oil tanker will dump massive amounts of oil. Could this prediction be related to: Predictions 11-30-17

Zane or Zene up high will fall. I had a visual of a young man falling from above.. Toronto.

Ohio shooting is next week. This prediction is in relation to : Predictions 12-1-17

Dinner is done! (I heard someone scream out to a family).. then Spirit said ‘Earthquake’ Are they talking about the California earthquake? Today? 

North Korea.. A test missile fired.. affecting the ships in the ocean.. two days later war begins.. the power taken out.

With North Korea they implied that the war would unfold just as Trump’s position as the President begins to unravel.  They implied December, but I question what is in December? The war or Trumps unraveling? December or January seems to be a target timeframe.  I am going to ask them for a countdown to the war, perhaps we can narrow this down. 


52 thoughts on “Predictions 12-13-17

  1. Eric; Is “power out” possibly referring to the electrical grid in the US? Also; any clues as to where in Ohio, they are speaking of? Thank you Eric; thank you Spirits!

      • Eric, what part of Ohio? What day? I want to try and keep my grandchildren from going to school. I have been praying everyday to God to send angels to stop this shooting from happening. I am terrified. Can’t sleep. You do believe this can be prevented by prayer. Right? I do!

      • I believe prayer can help, many of the predictions here come from prayer. However its the heavens giving us the message, warning us, I really believe they are giving us that message so we will alter it.

  2. Toronto is a popular place for roof topping, could this prediction be similar to what happened to that man in China who fell to his death, it’s insane these stunts are popular.

  3. As always thank you for sharing. Really there is so much goodnss in the world. News is 100% on the darkness. Sure hope you are feeling better Eric. I so look forward to your e-mails. Have a great Holiday season and hopefully next year you’ll be 100% better!


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  4. I wonder if Ryan Zinke is the person who falls from grace and does not literally fall..not sure about Toronto. Zinke has used private transportation to exotic places on our tax payer dollar.

  5. On November 19 2017 my Spirit Guides said: “Pacific Retro Syria” Retro means: of, or designating the style of an earlier time, backward, back. What it tells me is The Pacific will be like Syria has recently been.

  6. It was mentioned on the news tonight Don Jr has been questioned for over eight hours and is still being questioned. “Don Jr will be indicted.. the wheels are starting to come off.”

  7. Chewdy, please elaborate by the meaning of The Pacific? I’m wondering if your guides mean the pacific coast states or countries in the Pacific Ocean.

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  9. There is a new development in the North Korea situation. The US is proposing a naval blockade as a sanction against North Korea. This is something Rex Tillerson will bring up at the UN security council meeting this Friday for discussion. A naval blockade will involve ships keeping watch around North Korea so that ship traffic to and from North Korea trying to deliver or pick up goods will be blocked. North Korea is already responding to the idea of this blockade as a “violation of its sovereignty and dignity” and that it would take “merciless self-defense measures” against the blockade, which it sees as an act of war. This statement came from this article:

    In your prediction above, Spirit says that a test missile will be shot “affecting the ships in the ocean.. two days later war begins..” It makes sense that with a naval blockade there will be a lot of ships in the ocean that may be in danger or which may have to react to the missile situation.
    Also, LIndsey Graham is telling reporters that in his weekend golf outings with Trump they talk about North Korea all the time and how to handle the rogue nation. He is claiming that there is “a 30% chance President Donald Trump orders a first strike on North Korea to prevent the rogue nation from acquiring a nuclear weapon capable of hitting the United States.” and a 70 percent chance of war if they test another nuke.

  10. Looks like I am having a lot of trouble pulling myself together. I was too scared because I have the feeling of what will happen: if the US strikes, then Russia, China and (probably) even India will intervene, and that would result in a nuclear war…

    Sometimes I want to cry if that will happen, because if either Russia or China were to use nuclear arms against the US, it makes me want to scream (at the top of my lungs) “IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!”.

    When will it all end? What will Russia or China do if it happens?

    • Lunafreya please don’t worry. I think the Spirits are saying that Kim Jong Un will be taken out first (the power taken out). No one will let it get to that point I am pretty sure. The people talk a big game but no one will have the balls to blow up the world over a little country like North Korea.

    • Luna,
      Don’t forget, China and Russia may be “allies” with North Korea, but they’ve been losing patience with them for years.
      As much as they want NK as a buffer state, I don’t think they’ll do nuclear war to defend Kim Jong Un. They seem to be distancing themselves from him.

      They know Kim Jong Un is a liability and a danger, so if worse comes to worse, I don’t believe they’ll go to war on his behalf. If anything, they’ve been pushing for a peaceful solution. But they know KJU is a danger; any nuclear accident in North Korea would endanger their people since they live so close.

  11. Eric, you mentioned children being killed in France, and something about a train. The other day, a bus and train collided in France and children were killed, and many people injured. There was no terrorist connection, however,
    Yesterday in Ontario, a helicopter crashed while trying to land and four HydroOne employees were killed. Could this be the falling from the sky prediction?

  12. In reguards to North Korea, I’ve heard a lot of talk that a war with NK would give Trump a chance to declare indefinite marial law. I realistically couldn’t see it happening myself, but it’s still concerning to others if that were to happen.

  13. Eric, SWC,
    🇫🇷 France.
    School bus/Train..
    Four teenagers died on Thursday in the crash at a level crossing in Millas, near the city of Perpignan. Eighteen others were injured, several of whom remain in hospital in with life-threatening injuries.

    Dec.1, 2017
    Madness.. such evil.

    They then pointed to a location in France, first starting with Paris then shifting outward to one then two cities out from Paris.

    There was initially the feeling of a vehicle attacking people but then it shifted to a train? We need to clarify exactly what happens.

    There was also an implication of an attack on youth because they showed a back pack on the ground.
    France attacked.. in two.. around 15. I had a visual of multiple police cars with flashing lights. This message is in relation to Predictions 11-30-17 , this time however they implied an explosion, for some reason they are blocking what the attack actually entails, perhaps its too dark to see.

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