Prediction: Earthquake in Sri Lanka & India

I had a visual of Sri Lanka, India, then it shifted to show a massive crack.

I had a visual of an area by Popocatepeti Mexico and the ground begin to shake violently.

Another mass destructive force, another epic tragedy, in this horrible month of October coming.. now.

In the old predictions they implied the 9th.

They also implied a Tsunami that would strike the Asian region.

i had a visual of  one epic snow storm.

So many places below zero, in one swipe, at one time the winter will consume so much of the world with freezing temperatures. The first time the human race can no longer deny the problem in front of them.

In the coming decades the temperatures will go to excessive extremes massive cold freezing conditions followed by heat waves so large you can’t go outside until the night.

The threat isn’t the massive storms coming or the mass exodus from areas under water, it’s the food. You can’t grow food in the snow and you can’t grow it at temperatures in the 140s.

On a lighter note they showed a visual of a very different type of vehicle. It had excessive space in the interior of this new type of vehicle and had a large bubble look.

Previous predictions about Sri Lanka earthquake some of which imply a Tsunami:

I had a visual of a very large wave rushing across the sea, then they connected it to Sri Lanka, confirming a Tsunami, they must be talking about this previous prediction: Predictions 12-27-16

A massive earthquake.. Sri Lanka”

The implication was that it was an earthquake and tsunami. They implied February which is odd, they usually don’t go that far out for an earthquake.

Prediction: India Earthquake

I had a visual I was in a town somewhere in India. Then the visual shifted to show a map of Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. Then the visual shifted to show a seismograph running wild. An event we are expecting in the next few days


44 thoughts on “Prediction: Earthquake in Sri Lanka & India

  1. Fault-lines seem to be very active lately. Anyone who lives near them should take precautions–stock up on supplies–especially water, plan meeting places for family if you get separated, know the safest place to go during a quake, whether it’s in a sturdy doorway, under a desk, or outside.

  2. I know this is neither here nor now, but do you see there being a massive die-off from the hardship of growing food due to climate change in the coming decades or are we able to perceive it coming and thus able to innovate in time in order to limit mass causalities?

  3. Anything new on the predictions about earthquakes in California or other places in the U.S.? I mentioned it once before, but I keep getting flashes of a bad quake in the center of the country, I’m guessing it must be the New Madrid fault.

    • I truly believe that the “San Josey “ prediction was about Mexico. I assumed because of the name it was about CA. However the does not change the existing prediction About a CA earthquake coming, I will present the question asking for an update but unfortunately they aren’t taking questions because there is just so much to cover but will see

  4. Is the same earthquake going to effect both countries (India and Sri Lanka) or could there be two separate earthquakes?

    • Not necessarily, they showed the region, as the location, it is unfortunate they have not narrowed it down,there is a small possibility it’s a tsunami, which would explain why they show the entire region.

  5. SWC
    im hedging the tsunami for sri Lanka will originate in Aceh area like it did before ..
    Indonesia sumatra is probable starting point .
    just a thought .

  6. Since sep. 19th I thouhgt there is going to bean other earthquake herer.. but I don’t know when. also people knows because people ins’t going to spend time out side

  7. Was watching this one particular channel on YouTube — they were having Q & A from viewer emails — and one question was about when CA was going to have another major earthquake (e.g., high 7’s possibly an 8). The psychic — who’s channeling the son’s message to his mother and viewers — said it would be sometime in early 2018 (could’ve given a specific month, but I can’t remember this particular video’s location).

  8. There have been lots of smaller quakes in California and Alaska lately….but maybe that will release some of the pressure on the fault lines, make a big one less likely? I don’t know, just a guess.

    • Hi Sara. Don’t know if you’ve been visiting Dutchsense’s site lately. He explains that ALL quakes, everywhere in the world, are related/connected. So after the four 6mag quakes of the past two days, more serious quakes are likely to hit at the other end of the plates….that will be the west coast of the Americas….Canada to the bottom of South America and more around NZ, New Guinea and also in some places in Europe. Just a few minutes ago there was a 4.1mag at Seven Trees California. Not very big in itself, but compared to previously, as you’ve said, most have been small. Earthquakes are not separated by a country’s boundaries. If a big one goes, anywhere on the fault lines, the rest of the world will cop something from either varying degree magnitude quakes to, and including, a serious set of tsunamis.

      • Yes Lossie, crazy. Even here in Bundaberg, Qld Australia there have been some very low quakes registered by locals….we’re not on any major fault line, but there have been quakes in this region before. I truly believe the world’s in for a major shock re volcanoes/quakes/tsunamis.

      • Yes petemedium, I agreed. It will be huge and don’t know where it will happen. :/

  9. Dutchsinse’s weekly forecast has been put back to Tuesday night now, so I should be able to go through it in 24 hours’ time.

    • BeachHut, I sensed the earth through my feet last night as it almost like the hrartbeat….much much stronger. I suspected it will not be a good sign at all. :/ there are low hummm and deep Humm as I cant describe it that I can sensed or feel very faint through my feet if I be still and listen to the earth. Last night it was very deep vibes I can feel it knowing this is not too good. It affected all over the globe. Wish I can describe the best I can. So I’m saying something huge is happening either now or much sooner.

      I don’t know where but felt it.

      • I can feel it thru my feet. Not much stronger like last night. Weird. I will follow up on like “heartbeat” or stretch vibration. Very faint. Probably alot of people won’t feel it but just be still. If you have the iron bed. Put your hand on it and listen or feel it. Just wait and it will come to you.

    • Oh no..Hopefully many people will listen and be prepare for this winter below 30 degrees in northeast.

  10. Eric,
    “.In the coming decades the temperatures will go to excessive extremes massive cold freezing conditions followed by heat waves so large you can’t go outside until the night.”

    Extreme weather EU wine harvest historic low..

  11. Eric, SWC,

    Ref::: from this post..

    So many places below zero, in one swipe, at one time the winter will consume so much of the world with freezing temperatures. The first time the human race can no longer deny the problem in front of them.

    Winter cold extremes linked..
    High altitude polar vortex. Weakening


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