Predictions 11-30-17

I had a visual of a British flag, underneath the flag was a massive field of murky water.

I had a visual of rich people getting into a car with scandalous intent.

I had a visual of smoke rising into the air, the air was turning black, as if poisoned.

I had a visual of a large wave of water crashing down, in the visual it looked as if there was something behind it, a damn or water canal? Or are we talking about a Tsunami? We need to clarify the situation.

It’s unclear if all these predictions are related or not, however from the images and feelings its some type of major disaster, then a poisoning of the people or the land. One that has a scandal behind it. Perhaps a cover up. The United Kingdom was at the center of it.

I had a visual of a picture of this young happy couple then the visual shifted to show the lady with a gun, very upset, walking towards something.

I had a visual of Iran, with a fever blind patriotism on their side, and an anti- muslim sentiment from the US president the path of war has been set. Its not right at this time.. but you will go to war.

The implication was that through Trumps rhetoric Iran and its leadership could stir up a false enemy, someone to point to for their woes, leading to rising tensions and then a bloody war.

Oh so many lies. Its impossible to defend the indefensible. I had a visual of a man showing a folder to everyone, inside the folder was a list of facts about the situation. The facts completely contradict everything you have been saying. Then the visual shifted again to show a TV flipping channels of news outlets. All of them headlining Trump.

Sounds like Mueller investigation.

Are you (Trump) promoting anti muslim propaganda. Does that condone attacks against Muslims? Because that is what is coming.

I had a visual of John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy in their youth holding hands, kissing each other. Then it shifted to show a prince and princess holding hands, both very young and happy. Then a Spirit came by to point at the belly, “Just as they begin, a baby will follow.”

I had a visual of a large red clock, on it was a countdown that read 3 – 32 -00, that implies in three days. A prediction around the 2nd. I need to review which predictions mention the 2nd? I will try and ask what is coming? They also implied a ‘far fetched’ prediction made is about to happen.

I can only think of one prediction that fits both those events: Predictions 3-24-16 “The second.. number 2.. a meteor will strike South America, and leave damage in its wake.



69 thoughts on “Predictions 11-30-17

  1. Prince and Princess..could it be Harry and Meghan Markle?

    I did sense a baby soon…I even felt movement in my vision.

    • The wording “the far fetched prediction” sounds intriguing. I can’t figure out what would seem so far fetched, but it might refer to something the spirits knew people would doubt would happen. I’ll look through the old ones.

      • Eric,
        These are some of your predictions, which might connect to the number 2 or the 2nd.

        Sept. 21st: I had a visual of a large airplane nose diving towards the ocean or large body of water.
        “The plane will crash into the sea.. in two
        (Possibly the 2nd of a month?)

        September 22: The truth is out! Get ready to put on a defense.. will it affect his teflon exterior that seems unpenagable.. this time it will.. how can you support someone who blatantly did that. 23”
        (Maybe the 23 could refer to the 2nd and 3rd of a month?)

        Predictions 3-28-16 “World wide panic.. airplane attack.. bombings.. 1 and then 2”
        (1 and 2 could also refer to the 1st and 2nd of a month.)

        On a personal note, I’m not sure if either prediction counts as “far-fetched”, but they’re some old predictions I found that might match with the 2nd.
        The one made September 22nd sounds like a continuation of political scandals.

    • Another idea….only mentioned because it has the number 2 and 3 in it.
      Posted August 21st
      Protect the children, the children are in danger, elementary, just when you think it can’t get any worse.. Charlotte.. 23.. logan.. school.. main street.” I had a visual of this demon like woman sitting in the back of a classroom she delicately put down a bag on the floor.

  2. I wonder if the prince and princess with a baby to follow is referring to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? At the engagement announcement, Meghan looked pregnant in one of her poses.

  3. I agree that the prince/princess is Harry and his fiance. I felt that their engagement and upcoming marriage is quicker than would normally occur, which generally means someone’s pregnant. I got married for that very reason, though of course I”m not royalty.

    As per the red rock, since scientists can now see hidden asteroids and since once was a near miss recently, it’s time for that meteor strike. The US is after all in the midst of major upheavals as a result of the eclipse, so the craziest things you could image can happen now. The only other red rock possibility is the mesas of AZ. Perhaps some of that toxic waste being stored on Indian reservations explodes.

    A mess.

    And could someone please get the Cheeto and his friends out of office before he destroys the world? Just is provocation of violence against everyone, whites included, is reason enough to quarantine him and his ilk in Guantanomo with the key melted into a ball of metal.

  4. It’d be a great news for the prince Harry and his bride to have a baby in the belly. Congrats is in order. I would not judge anyone if they are not married. This is their life and happiness. ♡


  5. I cannot see Meghan being pregnant now as the wedding is not planned for nearly six months. It could be a honeymoon baby, that would fit.

  6. Want to know why Iran is our enemy?

    The Iranian gov’t, not the people, is our enemy because in the 1950s Iran had a democratically-elected gov’t, and the president was Mohammad Mosaddegh. His goal as leader was to expand American-style democracy throughout the Mid-East.

    Well, guess who didn’t want that to happen? The CIA. They didn’t want this to happen because it’s hard to control democracies that aren’t your own because they can do whatever they want. In fact, an democratic Iranian gov’t would mean that they could take their natural resources and keep it for their own people and not have to allow Western corporations to come in and take it and exploit it or sell it for their own self-serving interests.

    So, at the behest of Big Oil, the CIA overthrew the democratically-elected leader/gov’t in Iran and then installed a U.S. puppet called the Shah of Iran, who was a brutal dictator to his people. This galvanized the religious people with the revolutionaries and they overthrew the puppet that our gov’t had installed in Iran and replaced him with the Ayatollah.

    In essence, Iran became our enemy because they got irate the U.S. for overthrowing their democratically-elected gov’t and installed a right-wing dictator puppet for the U.S. You’ll never hear this in the corporate-backed mainstream news because they’re tied to the very same gov’t who overthrew Iran’s gov’t more than 50 years ago. And you now know the context behind why Iranian gov’t leaders shout “Death to America!”

    Want to know why Saudi Arabia is our friend? $$$

    Two reasons: 1) they control the petrol dollar in the Mid-East, and 2) they’re the number one buyers of our military arms in the Mid-East (we just recently sold them over a $100 million), which they then sell to terrorist groups like ISIS (who, by the way, they were funding — just like Al Qaeda in Iraq) or use those weapons to commit war crimes in countries like Yemen.

    That’s why we the U.S. gov’t and presidents can ignore the fact that some of the Saudi princes helped finance the expenses of the 9/11 hijackers prior to the attack, and it’s also why we can ignore the fact that 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. And yet after all of that, we still invaded two countries that weren’t called Saudi Arabia.

    • Just read this and had to re-comment: Trump’s said to be replacing Tillerson at State Department with current CIA Director Mike Pompeo, filling vacant CIA Director’s spot with Tom Cotton – who has big donors in the defense industry and is an anti-Iran hawk. Be prepared for 2002-2003 redo. Apologies for misspellings and leaving out words in the previous post.

  7. I wonder if the UK water thing could be a chemical attack of some kind. Or perhaps a ship carrying toxic waste will sink and pollute the area.

    The giant wave could also imply a tsunami or a collapsed dam could somehow cause a chemical disaster. Kind of like Chernobyl’s nuclear leak.

  8. I’ve mentioned this before, but since the holidays are coming up and ISIS recently made more threats for during the holidays—everyone be alert.

    I don’t know if there are any upcoming predictions about terrorism….but considering the fact experts warned ISIS will retaliate for losing ground in Syria, we should all be cautious during Christmas, Hannukkah, New Year’s, etc.

    So, alert police if you see anything suspicious.

  9. There’s definitely something nefarious going on in the Middle East, with the biggest arms deal in history, it’s terrifying that the US government is encouraging conflict, Trumps strange behavior lately seems staged, he said he’d go to the Middle East & take their oil, he needs a war to do that. The prediction of JFK & Jackie is strange, their happiness ended in tragedy.

  10. The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby around the time of Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Also it looks like the financial centre of London will be moving to a new European destination because of Brexit.

  11. Hours after yu r prediction .houthi in yeman sapport by Iran fired missiles toward Saudi Arabia .and war is immediately .I think second December war between Iran and Saudi Arabia begun .

  12. Eric- so happy to have you back! I pray you are feeling better.

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E

  13. The way things stand right now, Trump wants to remove Rex Tillerson and install Pompeo as Secretary of State. SInce Pompeo is presently the head of the CIA, he would then have to fill that position.This article says that the pick he wants is Senator Tom Cotton. This article also mentions that both Pompeo and Tom Cotton are anti-Iran hard liners. They will be pushing for war with Iran.
    A quote from the article: Cotton has spoken casually about war with Iran, offering that even if a bombing campaign doesn’t completely destroy the Iranian nuclear program, “You can destroy facilities,” he told Israeli reporters in 2015. “We can set them back to day zero.”

  14. Isis urge to attack youth and children
    Yesterday video .so I think public schools will be a target .at same Germany found explosive divise chrsmass market .I think this predictions is immediately .about France and Ohio

  15. On Iran….just read that Trump will announce moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which will inflame the mideast further.

  16. Regarding Eric’s comment above regarding predictions wth a 2 or 3, I came across the one below. Also, on Sunday there will be a Supermoon. Some studies have shown there might be a correlation with earthquakes occurring witihin 2-3 days before/after a Supermoon-Full moon, such as last years 7.8 which occurred in New Zealand November 13 2016 a day before the Supermoon on the 14th. So possibly, the 2nd or 3rd of this month? Time will tell if there is a possible correlation. . .

    Predictions 9-26-17

    Earthquake? In the previous post they discussed a large earthquake coming, after the post they showed the number 3. If the three is a countdown that would imply today or tomorrow. . .

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  19. Eric, SWC,
    I had a visual of a large wave of water crashing down, in the visual it looked as if there was something behind it, a damn or water canal? Or are we talking about a Tsunami? We need to clarify the situation.
    Dangerous lake forms after landslide at Glacier in India.
    Large wave of water crashing..?

  20. Eric,
    Ref::I had a visual of Iran, with a fever blind patriotism on their side, and an anti- muslim sentiment from the US president the path of war has been set. Its not right at this time.. but you will go to war.

    Israel 🇮🇱
    Warns of Impending Missile strike coming from Iran 🇮🇷


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