Prediction: Tsunami

This is a rough draft. Spirit wanted to wait a few more days because we still need to find out which locations are affected the most. I also need to verify accuracy but I promised to put it out today.

For the first time ever Spirit started with the location by saying ‘this is for the world’. That goes to the size of this prediction.

11:30 — In 11 months

From there its a bit unclear, first they showed 24th, then the 23rd

Thirty-nine different locations affected. The visual is just one of those 39.

I had a visual I was walking through an outside shopping center, I was looking at various fruits and vegetables, the location was packed with people shopping. The shopping center very similar to a swap meet sat next to the beach. In the background of the swap meet were people cooking.

Then I had a visual I was floating in the sky with the Spirits. As a group we were looking down on this swap meet “We are so sorry Eric for showing you this, This is happening in multiple parts of the world.” I heard a loud bang. The water in the ocean suddenly receded. We could see in the background of the ocean a massive wave. It looked like a towering wall racing towards the town. Then in seconds this wave consumed everything in its path. The entire swap meet and surrounding areas became apart of the ocean, nothing and no one was left. From the sky the debris was extensive.

“Eric we have insisted on occupying all your time,  insisted on your dedication, your push to gather an audience so that when the time came we have the capacity to alter this epic event. Our efforts to alter this prediction must become front and center.”

I am asking all of you to be apart of our efforts to alter this tragedy. Now is the time to unite and make an exerted effort in bringing awareness to this one event. Imagine the lives that could be saved, the suffering that could be averted.   We have 11 months to convince you of our accuracy. You have 11 months to convince others of our accuracy. We must build this audience to new heights. This isn’t about just helping people this is about saving lives.

I will be setting up our very first SWC meeting at the beginning of August to discuss options and a game plan. Details will follow at a later date. Time is going to be an issue since fans are in all parts of the world; Australia, Malaysia, US, France, UK. We will need to coordinate a time that works for everyone.


106 thoughts on “Prediction: Tsunami

  1. I urge you to watch this video. (Link at the bottom)
    A native New Zealand Maori elder saw the wave coming (that you described) over 38 years ago.
    You can hear him talk about the degree of devastation and you also hear him say the only indication of “when” was the “month of June”.
    If we count 11 months from now, that’s June 2018. (Its the first of July here in nz).

    The most interesting thing is, over the past week, Spirit has shared things with me relating to weather events in our beautiful country and just last night I was thinking about his prediction and I wake this morning to see your email??

    I have a large following here consisting of spiritual Seekers and providing all the details are accurate, il be looking to set up a virtual meeting of some sort to talk to them also.


    1. He mentioned kaiapoi and kaikora in message between here nz had a 7.8 quake
      He mentions wanganui and taranaki between here quake yet to happen.

  2. Hi Eric and Spirit Thank you for this warning. I was wondering if they are implying an earthquake that is causing the tsunami or something that comes from above like a meteorite? Spirit lifted you to the sky, the loud ‘bang’ and the fact that so many locations will be affected, makes me feel that it might be the latter?

    Thank you……

      1. Do you have any indication of location — ie, Pacific ring of fire, Indian Ocean, Atlantic. Also, any idea on the location of the earthquake? I was just reading that the Cascadian subduction zone was due for a big quake, tsunami. I Googled a Cascadian fault earthquake and tsunami and got this result.

        This is of particular interest to me as I was planning to relocate to the Vancouver BC area. Maybe I ought to rethink that plan. 😉

  3. I think that means astriod hit sea and all world will hit earthquakes that day .bible prophecy even tell us .3 big astiriod hit the world and world era complete change millions will dead .

      1. chaos
        Im with you …
        Im sorry Eric I have to speak my truth..
        I believe we have already gathered many souls of great light and the ability to spread that light in prayer and pro active energy to change this potential prediction .
        We are a force that can alter the outcome .
        Infact I have already begun to over lught this situation and will continue to do so ..
        I implore al SWC to know we can change this ..
        Please dont panic ..we are protected and loved ..
        There will be no Armageddon as some may interpret this ..
        we must wait and be positive
        blessings to all SWC.
        Eric thank your the warning we will be proactive..
        Im confident we can do this ..

    1. I wonder more if this prediction may come true this year in July with the US administration saying that time has run out on North Korea. No matter when/of it happens it will be so horrible.
      I haven’t heard about this particular person, thank you for sharing.

    1. but we can. We have the power, each of us, to hold light, to anchor it to the planet, to use the power of our collective consciousness to change even an earthquake. The more of us that work together to heal Mother Gaia, to anchor light and to turn even the smallest part of the collective consciousness, the more power we have to, if not stop it, at least mitigate the damage.

    1. I saw that too–news outlets are saying it was a disgruntled ex-employee who worked there.
      Why do people think it’s okay to take out their anger by killing innocent people?

      1. They’re saying the shooter was a Dr., and so were at least 3 victims; he’d been fired & targeted Dr’s & others, I believe. This is what we’ve come to? The shooter killed himself. He was a Family Dr.

  4. Eric – when you were in the sky looking down, did you see Japan, or are you saying the magnitude of the tsunami was like Japan?

    1. Eric, I see now that you said 39 areas targeted! Not good! I had a terrible, vivid tsunami wave dream about two weeks ago. I felt in the dream as if I were in the U.K. It was a high cliff where there were large, beautiful Victorian style homes. It was mammoth in my dream.

      1. There have been mammoth waves with asteroid impacts in the past. Also when Krakatoa erupted, tsunami waves were 120 ft high.

      1. That was the same question I was wondering, if there were any clues as to where this may happen.
        At least we have almost a year to try and get the message out.

      2. I wonder if it could be Brazil or some west coast south American country. I also had a vivid dream of a huge tsunami a week ago like Lia, except I saw fishing boats and a statue where people were on top to escape the waters. I couldn’t see exactly how the statue looked like because of the huge wave. The only Latin countries I know with statues is Brazil and Easter island, but there could be others I don’t know.

  5. If 39 locations were effected, the wave must originate someplace where there are a lot of different lands–maybe islands. And if the world as a whole would be effected, my guess is it’s also in a densely populated area.

    Maybe southeast Asia is the place that gets hit worst….it’s extremely populated, and a quake or asteroid in the right spot could cause a tsunami from Japan to China, possibly Indonesia and the Philippines. And since the world trades a lot with nations like China and Japan, any massive damage there would affect the rest of the world, too.

    That’s one guess, anyway.

    1. Sara, please take a look at that link I posted above. It showed that if the Cascadian did it’s expected cyclical movement, it would hit the West Coast, Japan, Australia, and South America Western Coast. It was really surprising simulation but apparently this happens on cycles. I took a bunch of geology classes in the early 80s and my professor was adamant that SF was due for the next big one by 1990 — Loma Prieta quake hit in 1989, right on cue. The last one in the Cascadian corresponded to a big Japanese tsunami in 1700.

  6. In a past new zealand quake prediction Eric you mention spirit say sorry Eric its 1130. And mentions quake in 3. New Zealand Australia Plymouth. Remember this prediction. Think u did I in 2015.

    You said recently this quake is his around the corner. Id say its here now.

  7. Also wait a few more days they say id say it’s gonna occur in just a few more days this event.

  8. Notes 8-1-15 “Sorry Eric, its 1130″ “NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” —

  9. Eric its this event i believe they talking about. That you said in 2015. It may the new zealand big quake effect Australia by water and many Pacific nations which will feel it.

    1. Whether this prediction is about New Zealand or not there is obviously something major going on beneath our islands – I mean Christchurch finally settles just for Kaikoura to be hit with a thankfully far less damaging but geologically massively significant 7.8. It does seem that our landmass is increasingly unstable – & unfortunately we are extremely overdue for the alpine fault to go 😦

  10. If you were to start the countdown on July 1st, 11 months from tomorrow would put us in May of 2018 (on the 23rd or 24th, as you said), but this would also depend on when you actually received this prediction since I’m sure you didn’t just receive this prediction today or a few days ago.

  11. I hope you’ll be able to give a relatively small timeline; I am trying to imagine trying to convince my seaside friends, and I think many of them would heed the warning if I said, get out this weekend or go away these couple of days, but many won’t if I say get out for the end of June, for example, because of their jobs, etc.

  12. Eric and SWC… this related to NY shooting and we tried to narrow down to Bellview these last few years. The shooter was the doctor named by Henry Bello. Wondering if the spirits tried to say “Bell O” Instead of “Bellview”.

    Need to find out more description as where the shooting took place to see if this is a match to your prediction few years ago.

    1. He wasn’t a doctor, he was a pharmacy tech who’d been fired over sexual harassment allegations, and I highly doubt that that local incident is related to anything here.

  13. I wonder if it will be South East Asia. Many dinferent countries within close proximity to each other, and going across Indian Ocean etc

  14. Hello from France,

    wow 39 location affected :/

    i had a vivid dream where there were some several tornadoes around and people running to hide in an open building… then i was in an elevator with 2 types of people…some were descending (service to self) and the other were ascending…
    so i guess it was a kind of premonitory dream about an Ascension … happening in a near future… in an apocalyptical way…what do you think? did u have any dream about this (Ascension to come)…?
    our dreams are pretty announcing something

    best regards from the other side of the Atlantic 🙂

  15. If this hits areas of many countries the silver lining (which I do try to look for in most cases), perhaps we will all then realize that we are actually one planet, one community, no matter where our brothers and sisters live. Maybe this will help people to see we must work together to benefit all people of the world.

    1. Beautifully put Karen….wondering if Eric’s prediction of untold resources from the sea may come about as a result of a major sea upheaval caused by devastating earth quakes.

      1. Pete I have been giving a lot of thought about the resources Eric mentioned at the bottom of the ocean. I wonder if someone already knows about this and if they are trying to harness the energy or figure it out already. Maybe not on a level large enough to be known to the masses, but on a smaller scale in some university somewhere. Eric, could you ask Spirit if this is happening?
        I hadn’t thought about this prediction in terms of the energy, but Pete you may be on to something. My guess would be that many areas that were land would be covered in water, which may actually bring some land forms up from the sea bottom.
        Imagine if we could get the message out and save some lives, while allowing this to bring us all together to work toward the same goal of humanity and being about new energy. That would be amazing.

    1. The NOAA link showing the predicted tsunami waves above is also good. I am really thinking it’s Cascadia too – 70+ years overdue But I imagine anything big in the Pacitic Rim could have similar implications, regardless of which way the wave goes. If it’s a big enough earthquake, it can cross the ocean. 😦

    2. mhb, yes tsunami can travel very far. Here in New Zealand we have been hit by tsunami travelling from off the Chile coast. A distance of over 9000 km 😦

  16. Hi Eric, may I suggest that you could record the SWC meeting and post it online so that anyone who couldn’t make that time could view/hear it later and post comments? We used to do that for some of my classes. I can’t remember the meeting site off hand but would be happy to do some research. The school had the agreement with the meeting website but any student could logon from where they were.

    1. Could it be a YouTube video that is faced towards the computer? While it wouldn’t show Eric it could record the rest or a FB live one? I don’t know much about either, but I believe you can comment while the FB live is going on.
      I would love to be a part of the conversation/group but can’t guarantee the time set aside, however if it’s on FB live some of us may be able to follow along with the portion that we can and post comments along the way.
      Again, I have limited understanding of technology so neither of these may be possible.

  17. “39 locations” – Eric what constitutes a ‘location’, does that mean countries, cities, islands or is it not defined as yet? It sounds very precise.

  18. whew! so difficult to sense how True this prediction is. the words sound simple, but there are many ways of interpreting this.
    39 locations. could be 39 cities along a very populated area in asia, all of 50 miles long!
    all over the world infers random places on coasts of many oceans! asteroid? crustal shift?

    there is another predictor who for years has foreseen the big west coast quakes, los angeles. now he sees Yellowstone erupting to bring a small ice age to great lakes.

    predictions. any ole spirit can give these to a receptive person. and from on any plane, from low to high. does not make the prediction True, just because it is given by a spirit .
    I, myself, have gotten visions in dreams of where I was going to live, ten years in the future, images right down to the pixel true! there ARE true seeings!

    so many seers are seeing Bad Things Coming! but all of the above?! war…quakes…volcanoes….and nothing! some see we muddle through with no disasters.
    I will follow this here prediction….over the months.

  19. Our timeline of life events are said not to be linear, or fixed.
    One of the most viewed or take notice remote viewing sessions was with Courtney Brown. The team collectively saw ocean water reach inland (in some country’s) far inland or touching high cliffs.
    Humans are very strong mentally, especially when they are collectively working/thinking together.
    There are many fascinating theories throughout time that could point to humans using group thought to change outcomes.
    There is also software and a collective internet search tool that tells us where people’s mind set is by what they are searching as a whole.
    Thank you Eric for raising awareness and hopefully the severity of this future event!

  20. Based off your description Eric to me it sounds like an large Asteroid or meteor will hit the middle of an ocean. That would cause a large Tsunami in a 360 direction that could affect worldwide and 39 different locations. hence the big bang hitting the ocean and the aftermath tidal waves.

  21. Whatever the prediction, how does one stop mother nature? The best anyone can do is to warn people of the upcoming crisis….trouble is, most will not believe it.

  22. I am seeing this tsunami from last two years in my vision, but lately seeing a big earthquake and in last one month indications are coming of something big will happen.. a world event.
    We can try to alter it.. if we unite above everything.

    Sunny Etimaal

  23. Hey Eric- this sounds like it could be something I’ve gotten a few times the past several months (though have never had a timeline associated). Mine seemed clearly to be related to Vietnam… but I’m almost positive there were references to the “entire world” related to the tsunami event. Will try to find some time tonight to go back through my intuitive journals where I write down when I get stuff and see what’s in there related to share it with you.

  24. A number of Astrologers are indicating the upcoming ‘Great American Eclipse’ could be quite serious. This is part of one comment from a well known and respected Australian Astrologer Ed Tamplin:
    “The 2017 solar eclipse could be more connected to the Republican’s new healthcare proposals and how they may impact directly upon the population, compared to previous Great American Eclipses. Virus has a whole new meaning in 2017.
    Also it could connect to cyber-warfare. And those viruses engineered by state entities have a mysterious way of turning up in places originally unintended. Like Stuxnet – they can return to infiltrate and contaminate the Internet. And infiltration has been increasingly in American headlines with the probe into Russian cyber meddling.

    1. Pete I must thank you, because of you I have delved in to astrology. While most of the things that are said go way beyond my knowledge or comprehension, nevertheless you have expanded my awareness of how the planets interact with our world. I am completely fascinated by this.

      1. Thanks Karen. Now that Stephen Hawkins has proved Einstein’s theory of warped time and space, and that serious study has commenced on the effects of this energy on us all, it’s possible a new ‘science’, born from the parents Astronomy and Astrology is about to be born. This would definitely assist in the fine tuning of psychic predictions I believe.

      2. Someone who has started to incorporate this new perspective in her Astrology charts is British Astrologer Lorna Bevan.
        She incorporates outer planets, black holes and other, previously unheard of, heavenly elements in her projections. I find her details hard to follow, but that’s because I am only a layman Astrologer. Her interpretations are starting to become quite accurate.

  25. I can’t find where I posted this but about a month or so ago I posted a prediction Spirit gave me that to me at the time seemed wrong. Because of the pain medication, my short term memory is terrible but I’m pretty sure it said there would be a major tsunami coming and it would strike Eastern New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and even down around New Zealand. Since then I’ve got that there will be multiple earth quakes/tremors that will create more than one tsunami around the Pacific Rim, but it’s possible it could also involve the northern Pacific.
    I post this as confirmation not as competition with Eric.

      1. mhb I don’t put them on line any more. Mostly it’s for our close Circle, but if Eric doesn’t mind, and it’s relevant, I’ll pop one or two here. I encourage people to lean how to determine Spirit messages from an individual’s own thought. That’s my calling now. Intuitive teachings.

    1. It sounds like many people here who have dreams or predictions all have mentioned New Zealand, so one would venture to think somewhere along the way they would be affected by this.
      Perhaps you and Eric could help teach those of us who don’t share your gifts how to become more intuitive. I feel like I spend a great deal of time researching, guessing, questioning and looking for the silver lining in these predictions. If we could somehow learn this gift maybe we could help narrow down some of these predictions, and help more instead of the thousand plus questions I seek to ask when there’s a prediction. Just a thought. I personally would be happy to pay for such services if I thought it could help our world.

  26. Going through my journals and finding references to what I’ve picked up on that may be related to this–

    12/10/16-” in meditation- something about a flood. It may have been a tsunami (I think there was a giant wave first). I think SE Asia… seemed like seeing Cambodia on map then zeroed in and heard ‘no! Vietnam!!’ Images of houses covered in water and people in boats next to roofs. They’re wearing those Vietnamese farm hats.”

    12/11/16 (meditation) – “A giant wave over a map of Asia. It zeroes in on Vietnam (like a wave going over the map). It seems horrific but there was something about the whole world coming together. Unity. Something about a miracle related to the situation (and I think how if effects the world?). Kept getting the world ‘miracle?’).

    2/8/17 – sudden sense of “Vietnam is shaking” and an image of a giant wave again.

    2/11/17- driving and start asking myself if the shaking/wave thing I thought was Vietnam was really about the earthquake in the Philippines. Sudden feeling of “knowing” – ‘no: tsunami. It’s the tsunami and it’s in Vietnam.’

    2/14/17 (meditation)- image of an Asian woman in a boat. ‘Knew’ it was flooding. Heard the word “tsunami.”

    2/16/17-” image of woman working in rice paddies in Asia. Suddenly like it’s flooded and full of water. Seemed to be a reference of time but I couldn’t understand it. Is it this year or could this be next year?”

  27. I’ve had visions of this 10 years ago, in Central America possible …

    What I saw was the tsunami itself, the damage the huge rescue efforts and its rebuilding , it looks like U.S. extended its boarders to Central America after the disaster.

  28. With so many locations involved, the thought crosses my mind about a repeat of Fukushima. How well are the nuclear plants designed, as they are often by water. Can you ask Spirit if nuclear issues (radioactive pollution of land and water) will be connected with this tsunami?

    If you were mayor of a seaside town, relocation of the entire town would be sweet. With 11 months notice, you have a lot of work to do in a hurry. Massive destruction seems the more likely outcome, and just getting people away from the area to save lives may be the reasonable goal.

  29. There are predictions about a volcano in Canary Island that would create a big tsunami in the Atlantic.

  30. Eric this sounds like an event that is so large it will be affecting different areas all over the globe. Do you know if this is actually one single main event that happens during a period of one day then? It seems like it would be a meteor maybe breaking up or a large under sea volcano erupting like Krakatoa or major big plate movement, or even an unknown type of weapon that’s not been used before. Has Spirit shown you what actually causes the tsunami(s) during this epic event? Is this something that the scientists will be, or are aware of but not going to tell the public maybe? Or will this come as a total shock to everyone?

    1. The 2004 Tsunami affected 11 nations, I don’t know how many cities and towns and killed over 280,000 people. Though this event seems slightly larger I still believe it’s a tsunami.

  31. Should this tsunami occur, and should some area not be listed. Pay attention to the animals, they will sense it a lot earlier and move to a safer spot. It will be our cue to move too.

  32. I believe a magnitude 8.3 earthquake with high coastal waves & tsunami warnings has occurred in Chile

      1. I had entered my usual search to watch quake activity in New Zealand & it was oddly at the top of my results, but when I repeated the search to get the link for you it no longer was. I just had to do a few new searches to find it – & I think I may have been misled (thankfully) by a photo from 2015 on a site dated this week? Sorry (phew)!

  33. If it is going to be one major event involving an earthquake maybe watching where these big quakes are happening will help to pinpoint locations likely to be effected by this? A lot of recent activity seems to be related to the pacific plate.

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