Prediction: Bridge Attack

“We are under attack.. bridge.. coming now.”

“Two” (Are they saying in two days?)

“The bomb hits it on the right spot, destroying the foundation.. there was extensive planning by more than one.. two in the morning.. this is coming in a matter of days.. your bridges don’t have cobblestones.. their planning to do even more in the next day(s).”

“Gay people are under attack.”

Spirit told me to clear my night schedule for this message. The last time they did that was the Mexico earthquake that happened two days later. Though we started the conversation in California, from the view of the cobblestone ground, this message could be outside of the US, it looked like Europe. I still question San Francisco as the old predictions point in that direction. I asked Spirit where and they showed a map that read ‘Kaybeb’ but the spelling was incorrect. In an odd way the map looked like the Netherlands? I plan to ask again, because the location must be made clear. 

The old predictions: “The Bridge will collapse
People very badly hurt.. Gay.. How can they be so cruel.. its beyond approach.
Around 30” – Spirits Voice

The bridge will fall into the ocean.. on purpose.. then.. monuments to the dead.

“Nick.. Nicolas Cage or Gage is an ugly human being.

“Religious fervor is on the rise.”

“Protest in Europe and Asia explode into all out violence.”

“China earthquake.. heavy destruction.. please take caution.”

“Great Britain.. the water just kept going.. growing.”

We are expecting a major event in the coming days. I am going to look over the old predictions to see if any predictions point to a date between the 24th and 30th. If anyone remembers a prediction expected in that timeframe please let me know. 

Are there any LGBT events soon?


104 thoughts on “Prediction: Bridge Attack

  1. Kaybeb—early spellings of Quebec were variations on Kabec, Kaybec. Quebec City is over 400 years old, looks very European, has cobblestone streets, bridges and many monuments to the dead since a war was fought between the French and English in the mid 1700s. The whole city is UNESCO protected, the only walled city in NA outside of Mexico and a great loss if something happened.

  2. If I remember correctly, the LGBT prediction mentioned Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania – can’t remember which one though.

    1. Never mind what I said – forgot about the bridge playing a key role in this most recent prediction.

  3. Eric,
    Your guess about the Netherlands being the place could very easily be right…..the Netherlands is a very low-lying country, two-thirds are vulnerable to flooding and their history has involved building a lot of bridges and dams and pumps.

    “Kaybeb” sounds close to the food “Kebab”. It sounds silly, but Amsterdam–the country’s capital city–has a lot of “Kebab House” restaurants. Also, if you look at a map on google, you’ll see Amsterdam has a lot of rivers in it.

    Maybe the attack happens at a bridge in Amsterdam, near a Kebab restaurant?

    Also, it’s nearest neighbors–Germany, France, Belgium–have all seen a spike in terror attacks in the last few years. Maybe that’s related, maybe not. Thought I’d mention it.

    I looked up “Kaybeb” as it was written, but I couldn’t find a city or town anywhere with that name.

    1. Oh, the Netherlands is also very pro-gay, one of the best in the world. 90% of the population support gay rights.

      1. I also found this: memorial for gay victims at the “Homo monument” in Amsterdam, May 4 and 5. I guess many gay people will attend.
        Looks like this:

  4. There is a LGBT event, a concert at Davies Symphony on March 29th in SF called Bridges which celebrates musical diversity and tolerance through the south. Everyone please be careful!

    1. Looks like this event/concert is near two bridges in SF, the Golden Gate and Oakland Bay Bridge.

  5. Hi all…
    There are no major LGBT events coming up this next week or into April. As a gay man myself, world traveled and now partnered off, the big events are always in the summer starting Memorial weekend going thru early Fall in different parts of the world. The LGBT community is fully backing the March For Our Lives Movements and the MeToo movements that are currently going on.
    On a side note, as you know Eric and a few others of you who have been following Eric for years now, I posted my story years ago of seeing the same things Eric is seeing now. The things I saw were right after my full Near Death Experience in 2012 with the beautiful Light being holding me, sending me back to earth and the subsequent dreams where my grandma and grandpa came to visit me and walk me through what I believe to be 7 years in time span. Most everything has come true up to this date, including the nazi takeover of America and the intense violence and the stock market shakeup. But just two weeks ago, I sat down for my evening 30 minute meditations and bam, the visions came again. It has been a very long time. My partner happened to walk into the room where I was meditating and just watched and listened. I did not know he was there. I was talking to my grandpa in my deep trance. That also doesn’t normally happen. The visions just come and I have no idea when they are going to happen during my meditation time. I didn’t realize I was talking out loud. My partner could only hear me as I saw something similar, Eric, about an attack coming for the LGBT community among other things. That evil forces under the name of Christian Right would be responsible. That it is not anything Christian about it. At first I thought it was coming for me and my fiancé. But then it was clear it was bigger than us. I spoke to my minister at my loving church later about it. He prayed with me as always to keep protection on those I love and to keep being a light for others. Something around the Easter weekend. My partner and I have decided to cancel our normal easter vacation and stay at our peaceful home with our 4 fur kids through the Easter holiday. Instead we will attend Easter service at our church then have a small luncheon with close friends. I have warned my closest friends that something is coming. Thankfully they believe me because they were there when I experience my NDE and then listening to my dreams back then and now seeing them play in real life. Thank you for your guidance too as you have always made me feel like I am not alone in having this…well what some people call a ‘gift’…but I just haven’t seen it that way just yet. And also thank you for the Our Father is Coming message. That goes right along with what the Light Being that held me in Heaven said. That I was loved and being sent back to share the same message. Namaste to all!

    1. Thank you, Jon, for sharing this. Is there anywhere you have written or blogged your experience and visions? I’m always interested in hearing what people who’ve experienced NDEs have seen and been told.

    2. Hi again Jon. After reading your descriptions above I went back looking for your prior posts where you describe NDEs. It’s something I’m keenly interested in and I frequently read the material at and

      I noticed you posted back in 2014 about visions where Russia and China would be a true threat to the US and world peace. In light of what’s been going on recently, it really seems like it’s particularly insightful. I don’t know if you want to revisit what you were told about Russia and China, but if so, I’d eagerly read it.

      I know that for those that follow the Catholic traditions and particular Light of Mary, they consider Russia as the future problem child in world peace. I believe Pope Francis even prayed for the consecration of the sacred heart of Russia (I’m not Catholic so may be misstating exactly what the pope prayer for.)

      I found your older posts very intriguing and would love to hear more about your visions. You and Eric seem to be on the same page. I am so impressed with how those people who have NDEs seem to be forever changed for the good. A lot of those with NDEs end up being more open to the divine.

  6. thank you very much jon blue for sharing your message! it is so hard, not, to live in fear. eric ‘s message, of father is coming, took away so much blackness, that is all around us, I don’t even want to listen to the news, from any source, as I cant believe, I lived this long, 56 , to hear and witness, people treating people, like animals. I am so hoping, that fathers coming, that his love and energy, will spread throught the world, It cant come soon enough,…. please keep in touch, with everyone here, and thank you for sharing your wonderful message, it is nice, that all of us, left on earth, are not forgotten,

    1. Allen,
      Unfortunately, people treating each other badly isn’t a modern problem–it’s gone on since ancient times, with slavery, wars, feudalism, oppression….

      Fortunately, there are more laws to protect people, and more activist groups for good causes than there were back in the BCE era. Things are still bad a lot of times, but we have made some gains. Still have a lot farther to go, though!

  7. Hi Eric & everyone,

    I’m in Australia & reading the above post brought back a very strong vivid scene I had over a year ago.

    Can anyone please tell me if there are dry, dessert-like mountains, occasionally snow-capped, to the east of San Fransisco?

    I know there is S/E of greater LA.

    The vision contained symbolism of evil plaining being cooked-up in that landscape for use elsewhere.


    1. jules 104
      Alot of Coblestone ones too ..mixes odd stone and steal .
      synch I googled the exact same ..
      Hamburg cobblestones .

    1. In the UK I’ve only ever heard it pronounced as kibab but of course regional accents will affect the pronunciation all over the world.

  8. Part of the prediction reads: “They’re planning to do even more in the next day(s).” That suggests to me at least two incidents–maybe the bridge incident and the gay incident are separate events? Or it could mean other things being planned.

    People should keep their eyes open and report any weird activity to police. especially if they see unauthorized personnel in employee-only areas of airports or subways. Or anyone tampering with, or leaving bags under, bridges. Or unattended bags near bridges or public places.

    1. petemedium
      Absolutely tragic .
      in a cinema as well .
      prayers to families of lost loved ones .

    2. I heard about that–some said the exits were blocked and there were other neglect issues in the building’s safety.

      It sounds just like the Triangle Factory Fire in NYC, in 1911…..when workers were locked in to keep them from stealing, fire-escapes weren’t strong, they’d never had fire-drills, and that ended up becoming a death-trap.

      When will people realize that it’s a horrible idea to lock exits in public places?

      Prayers for everyone who lost their lives.

    1. There is a bridge connection for the Trans Pride event in Edinburgh too, I mapped out their route on Google Maps and part of the route that is described on the website listed by Jules104 includes the George IV bridge, which is essentially an elevated street near the Royal Mile in the city. Here is more information about the “bridge”

  9. Eric,
    Does this concert have a bombing and shooting at the same time….
    I had a vision and it was so real…,
    I could see faces and chaos.

  10. Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Eric, this is amazing because last night. I dreamed about a city was attacked by some type of pin-point laser beam and a bridge was cut in half. Your information confirmed by dreams, great work.-Mel Brake

      1. Hello, Eric. Yes, I did I was given the location for San Francisco. I failed to write it early because I was having my own doubts the dream until I read your post this morning.

    1. There’s a restaurant in New Orleans named Kebab. Looking at photos the inside walls are cobblestone.

    2. There was, originally it was SF , then France, mainly because in one message there was a red white blue flag similar to France, however I would later learn that flag fits many places.

  11. I am worried about the water part of the prediction with England. I am going there in two weeks. Was it Southern or Northern England? I will be in the way North of England.

    1. yay it worked after three goes ..Updates can really mess with our browsers ..😡😢all good now ..

      1. Hi Eric its ok it was at my end ..
        browser problems when i updated and a gltch in logging in again ..but i got it sorted ..
        Thank you for asking .

  12. Eric, i just looked up gay events for you and there is a LOT of events that are going on worldwide this week..its like picking a needle out of a haystack!! Im going to keep researching and see if there is any possible way to narrow it down!

  13. Eric, i just looked up gay events for you and there is a LOT of events that are going on worldwide this week..its like picking a needle out of a haystack!! Im going to keep researching and see if there is any possible way to narrow it down!

  14. Eric,
    Is it possible the confusion over location is because of multiple events happening around the same time? In different places?

    Several months back, you predicted a multi-level terror attack, but it didn’t happen, it was delayed somehow. Maybe the plans have started again. Could the spirits be trying to communicate a lot of simultaneous events and the messages are getting mixed up?

    Is there a way to separate these events, if that turns out to be the case?

      1. Maybe the people planning the attacks are still trying to decide which locations to target?

        Actually, do you remember how you predicted an attack at Disney? Well, recent news articles report that the Pulse Club shooter originally planned to attack a Disney park, but was scared off by the amount of security there.

        Maybe something similar is happening now, and the locations are “in flux”, or still undecided.

  15. Sadly, when I read ‘keybeb’, the first thought I had was for the Turkish ‘kebob’, a derivative dish served in the U.S. often called ‘shish kebob’. Traditionally, cubes of muton (or sheep) meat grilled over flames.
    I saw the word, and instantly saw ‘sheep to sacrifice in the flames’…

    Sorry, but fire is clear, within this vision of ‘bridge attack’…

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