Predictions 12-6-16

“Eric we are sorry for the horror we are about to share. December is marked with some of the worst terror attacks” — Spirits Voice

“Bombing in SF.. Bridge.. 26.. bridge collapses.. in December.” — Spirits Voice

“Eric there is a gathering of people on or around the bridge.. a contest.. we might not be able to change this nightmare, but if the contest was dead, perhaps part of this horror would melt.”

The Bridge attack has come full circle. This is one of the very first major predictions they made years ago. They implied an event was happening on the date of the attack in or around the bridge and we should make every effort to warn those people to stay away from the bridge. Imagine if we could save just one life. In the predictions the date has changed multiple times, 22, 25, 26. Also note how the plane hijacking was marked with the number 27.

I had a visual of a large explosion, then a visual of another explosion. Then it was followed by the word ‘bombing’ spelled out.

I had a visual of a zero blinking.

This implies a prediction is about to happen. The implication was it could be one of the bombings. We need to ask for a location, however one of them is assumed to be the bridge.

I had a visual of one massive fire with massive amounts of smoke surrounding it. The inferno was so massive I could not see anything else. “So many lives lost.. everything in its path liquefied.” — Spirits Voice

We desperately need to find the location. But the event is expected in the coming weeks. I don’t believe this is a terror attack

In about 30 minutes (30 days) heavy damage.

“The leader is so off the rails.. unhinged.. an eruption of violence.. the regime is about to fall.” — Spirits Voice

Sounds like Venezuela, even though they did not mention the location, we have been keeping one eye on the events unfolding there.

The old predictions that discuss a bridge attack:

Bridge Attack   “The Bridge will collapse
People very badly hurt.. Gay.. How can they be so cruel.. its beyond approach.
Around 30” – Spirits Voice

Notes on 4-16-13 – Bridge Attack  There is a bridge attack or the bridge is blown up on the west coast of the United States perhaps in San Francisco California, related or not there is something involving airplanes as ’90 plus’ tragedies. Two things to keep in mind is they were not specific on what bridge, and from the visual it  seemed more like an explosion of the bridge.

The number 5 and 2 has come up almost every time or 25. There was also a message of an anniversary, holiday or date  of significance.

They talk about a storm coming for the United States, a storm over the White House, Capitol, and the US as a whole.

The enemies of the US are busy bees planning horrible sinister acts.

“The spiders are out” Spiders are the worst character they use, in the past it has been used to describe Bin laden and Breivik, note the plural part.

Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack   In regards to an airplane(s), a bridge, and the body of water below, fear sweeps the United States. The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed.  All around the anniversary. –25–

I had a visual of an airplane on a tarmac. ‘Hijacked.. 27’ — words written

Predictions 5-30-16   “It is like a war zone, multiple targets attacked back to back.”

Spirit has clarified two different time frames, the first is close, weeks away and the second in December. Keep in mind its also possible these events could unfold on multiple dates  in the following weeks. Some imply a sacred holiday perhaps July 4th. However in previous predictions any time they present the spider the event unfold days or weeks away,  That implies the middle of June.

I had a visual of a large bridge that was half destroyed. It was a horrible sight.

I had a visual of a state land mass that looked very much like Oregon, however the coast was on the east, in the middle of the coast line I could see an explosion. Perhaps they are talking about Massachusetts.

“Airplanes again! Again…”

Notes on 3-8-15   I had a visual of a bridge. Then a vehicle with a bomb was driving towards the bridge.
In the vision it was the Golden Gate Bridge, but this might be symbolic to a popular or famous bridge in another location. Its unclear if the intent is to blow up the bridge or use it for logistic purposes.

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  1. Katie Avatar

    Hasn’t the prediction for the fire come true? Oakland 36 dead.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      This is something new it looked like a brush or forest fire, but in December? It was beyond massive in size.

      1. Jess Avatar

        Could it be in Australia? We are currently in our fire season. We are prone to large bushfires this time of year and some have been catastrophic over the years. I am hoping we will not lose lives this season, as it has been pretty uneventful so far.

  2. Tom Avatar

    River of fire sounds like LNGevent. This is Boston. Facilities in OR and CA.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the link

  3. Joey Avatar

    Wow that’s horrific. Hope it will never happen!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Me too! I really hope they are wrong.

  4. Laurence Avatar

    Just to be clear will a plane be involved in this bridge attack as it seems to be mentioned on a few occasions

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The impression is that this is a multi level attack. One involving a plane/hijacking, another involving this bridge bombing and there is another prediction about a hotel and a bombing/attack, however that last one could be unrelated.

  5. Carolyn Avatar

    Could the massive fire and a lot of lives lost refer to the warehouse fire that occurred in Oakland a few days ago?

  6. bones84603Rob Avatar

    To me its screaming Golden Gate Bridge. Any big events on or nearby this month?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That is a very good question are there any events at the end of the month that any one knows of?

      1. karen Collins Avatar
        karen Collins

        Dec 11 Santa 5 mile run by bridge

      2. Lia Avatar

        Karen, the number 11 is a date they look for.

  7. texasbelle4732 Avatar

    Eric, it appears the Curran Theater in San Francisco, will be hosting celebrations to celebrate its reopening toward the end of December and the first part of Janaury. It’s located just west of Union Station and only a short distance from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

    “The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed.” If you take that literally, it may refer to the old east span of that bridge, which is still being demolished. That would help pin point the location.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  8. Sara Avatar

    In the book “PaperQuake” by Kathryn Reiss, the main character finds out via psychic phenomena that the Golden Gate Bridge was about to collapse. Since she couldn’t exactly stand there with a sign saying “Don’t go on the bridge”–who would have listened?–she did something else…on the day she knew it’d happen, she called in a bomb-threat and warned them to close the bridge.
    Long story short, she saved a lot of lives by doing so.

    It’s a fictional story, and I’m NOT advocating bomb threats…but if Eric pinpoints a day and time of the explosion…well, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Calling one in on the day of could get the bridge closed down and save lives.

    Not a suggestion exactly, but it’s something to consider if we find out the day.

    1. flamingo Avatar

      What you are “suggesting” is illegal and would be considered an act of terrorism (defiintion of act of terrorism:calculated use or threat of use of violence) You say you are “NOT” advocating bomb threats and in the same sentence say “desperate times call for desperate measures.Calling on in…” ARE YOU SERIOUS!! I do not think anyone should be calling in false bomb threate EVER!

      1. Sara Avatar


        I only meant to give one example of a way to keep everyone off a bridge and keep them safe…that kind of thing wouldn’t work unless we knew the exact day and time, which we don’t.
        There are probably other ways we could help prevent it…I’m just trying to get the ideas flowing–albiet, in a really clumsy way. I have no intention of doing anything like that–the way I wrote my post came out all wrong.

        All I meant was that saving lives is the most important thing, and my example was just that…an example.

  9. Sara Avatar

    Sorry everyone, I should have been more clear in my first post that the book was just an example!

    “PaperQuake” showed one way a girl saved lives by knowing ahead of time what would happen…obviously we need a different way to save lives, what worked for the character wouldn’t work for us, besides being illegal.

    Sorry for the confusion…I guess I need to double check that my meaning is clear before I hit ‘post comment.’

  10. Linda Blair Avatar
    Linda Blair

    So hoping this will not happen….Eric’s track record with predictions is good. Something will happen somewhere but pray that it not of epic proportions.

  11. Sonndra May Avatar
    Sonndra May

    The numbers 2 and 5 seem most likely to be Christmas Day. And if it’s ISIS, they hate Christmas. I just read recently that the San Bernardino attack was triggered by the company having a Christmas party.

    1. Sara Avatar

      You have a good point, Sonndra May…ISIS seems to think every holiday is like worshiping idols or something, so they might be inclined to attack then. I’m also worried about Hanukkah, New Year’s…there’s a lot of holidays this time of year that they probably hate.

      Everyone, just be careful. Be aware of exits in public places, keep an eye out for anything suspicious…I’m not saying don’t celebrate the holidays if you want to, but just be careful.
      And in defiance of those terrorists– Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Nappy New Year’s, and every other holiday greeting!

      1. Sonndra May Avatar
        Sonndra May

        Thank you Sara…. I just wish those two numbers weren’t part of the prediction; hope Christmas is as joyful and peaceful as the Carols say….. Same for Hannukkah and the New Year. There’s always lots of extra love and giving this time of year. Maybe that higher energy will stave off and make benign the terrorists’ goals. Be happy and safe Sara and all spiritual warriors!

  12. twiceblessed Avatar

    Here is a list of races in and around San Francisco this month.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  13. BeachHut Avatar

    The new Bay Bridge has serious structural flaws that have been made very public. It’s held together by weakened/ cracked rods and has been corroding too. If they were going to bomb a bridge in the SF area that would be an effective target, exploiting the inherent weaknesses?

  14. Samanthas Avatar

    Could the 2-5 be number of terrorists or devices or even possibly separate times of the daytime of day since they do insinuate that there will be multiple attacks. And the 25 marking the date?

    On a side inquiry, with some in the electoral college claiming to vote against trump despite their red state do you think you’re past prediction still could be true or that he may not win? BTW readers not a political debate just a inquiry to Eric and spirit, plz take no offense.

  15. mike Avatar

    The rose bowl is January 2nd at 5:00p.m. in Pasadena California.
    (25).California. No idea if there’s any bridges there, but it surely will be a highly visible “contest”. There are other bowl games in California as well but this will probably be one the most viewed.

  16. twiceblessed Avatar

    Tomorrow is the 75 Anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. The timing of December 7th would be powerfully significant.

  17. Observer227 Avatar

    I have some more info regarding a possible terrorist attack. It’s an update of a prediction I posted on this site more than two weeks ago. However, I’m not seeing a bridge or San Francisco being involved. The attack, according to what I gathered, occurs on the east coast. It’s very likely to be in New York City.

    There’s an absolutely enormous blast in Manhattan. It must be some kind of remotely-detonated dirty bomb, because I can’t imagine conventional explosives doing this kind of damage. The explosion instantly destroys a large skyscraper, and a second building collapses shortly afterwards. Significant damage to nearby structures, but most remain standing for at least a few days. Casualty rates are traumatizingly high, and wounded are everywhere. It will easily exceed the death toll of 9/11.

    The events which follow include a global economic collapse and widespread riots in places once considered stable. Civilization will certainly prevail, but governments with a recent history of rebellion are going to fall.

    The tragedy’s likely occurring in the next two days or even today. Those in an American city should stock up on food to last at least two weeks. Generators may be necessary in areas worst hit by unrest. Order will be restored within a month (in the United States), but the event’s effects will reverberate for decades.

    This is all I’ve been told using divination. I’m going to be extremely surprised if nothing happens in a week, let alone the next two days.

    1. Francine Avatar

      That terrifies me, I work in the subway,
      most of my immediate family lives in Manhattan, and my dad will be in town this week as well. One of my big fears is something happening while I am stuck underground.

      1. Tot Avatar

        Oh my that sounds terrifying.

      2. Observer227 Avatar

        You might be fine in the subway AS LONG AS YOU’RE NOT IN MID-MANHATTAN! I can’t stress this enough. Nowhere’s safe around that general area.

        Of course, don’t stay in the city. To avoid any possible injury, anywhere with skyscrapers/large buildings in New York City should be avoided. There’ll be glass breaking from the shockwave, and you don’t want to be standing underneath a tall skyscraper coated with the stuff.

        Even after the blast, I still wouldn’t advise stepping foot in Manhattan for a long time. You probably couldn’t if you wanted to as security services will force people out at all costs. Radiation, I’m afraid, might make a good part of Manhattan uninhabitable for the forseeable future (assuming this is a miniature atomic bomb).

    2. Stagemom Avatar

      Do you have any information on where in NYC the blast will be?

      1. Observer227 Avatar

        On the periphery of central park. Likely the southern side. To completely avoid injury I’d stay away from Manhattan and any heavily populated areas surrounding it.

        1. Deb Avatar

          Do you still feel like this will happen in the next day or so?

      2. Observer227 Avatar

        Deb, I’m afraid it may happen today. Getting a lot of disturbing vibes the past few hours. I thought it would happen tomorrow or the day after that. If it happens today, it’ll be between now and 6:00 EST.

        An earthquake occured off the coast of California today. While no injuries or damage were reported, Eric mentioned that an attack would occur in San Francisco: Earthquakes tend to be red-herrings, in my experience. Eric was likely correct about the terrorism link, but the earthquake threw the location off. The spirits mentioned the east coast in some of his past readings.

        The similarities between Eric’s prediction and mine (huge terrorist attack, in a large city, significant damage, occuring today or next two days) are surprising. A user said something about “Farsight”, a psychic group of some sort. Their predictions aligned so perfectly with mine that there must be SOMETHING happening in New York extremely soon.


        1. Deb Avatar

          Thank you so much!!

      3. Observer227 Avatar

        Deb, the timeline might be off from what I originally stated. I’m truly sorry if my warnings about today and tomorrow end up significantly disrupting your schedule. I just NEVER want to be the guy who says “Everything seems fine, carry on with your day in Manhattan” and that’s when the bomb goes off.

        I was basing the timeline off an odd vision I keep having which changed gradually over the last few weeks. It started with the United States slowly crumbling into some black chasm underneath. It took more than two weeks in the vision for the United States to completely crumble. In the last five days, however, the chasm began to show flames on the edges. The flames kept getting stronger. Orange and red light began filling the chasm, like a volcano about to erupt.

        I started getting worried when the vision began changing drastically within the last 24 hours. I’ve never seen something like this through my clairvoyance, so I assumed the prediction was going to occur today (it might still, but seems somewhat unlikely). When on the verge of eruption the magma in the center of the volcano rapidly formed a depression that went so deep it went to the other side of the Earth. This odd shift reminded me of a rubber band pulling back ready to snap. I expected the “rubber band” to snap in a massive explosion on the surface, which I assume will be the exact time of the attack.

        As of now, however, the rubber band isn’t snapping back as fast as I thought. I made an incorrect assumption that the rubber band would snap upwards upon concluding it’s inner-Earth descent. I’ll keep a lookout between now and tomorrow. If something changes in my vision, I’ll let everyone know.

        1. Deb Avatar

          Thank you, I really appreciate it.

    3. Laurence Avatar

      Hi can I just ask where do you get your source of information from and have any of your predictions ever happened ?

      1. Deb Avatar

        Do you have any information on where in NYC?

      2. Kacky Avatar

        Good question Lawrence. I have been reading observer227 predictions/comments and would like an answer as well.

      3. Observer227 Avatar

        Yes some of them have come true, although none of them I posted online so I’m afraud there’s no way to prove it.

        I mostly predict earthquakes in the past (like the 2010 quake in Haiti), but I found myself also predicting events like the assassination of Bin Laden and years later the various attacks in France.

        None, however, compelled me enough to take action because they simply weren’t clear enough. Looking back, while these events were certainly awful for all involved, it appears I’m most sensitive to events with longlasting/signifucant GLOBAL consequences. The French attacks, in themselves, had significant short-term consequences but negligible long-term results worldwide.

        Only quite recently have I started taking my visions/predictions seriously. They’ve improved unusually quick since about mid-2016. Although many future events still elude me, it was when I predicted Donald Trump winning (when everyone believed he wouldn’t) and the earlier Brexit results, that I became confident enough in my prediction for this future bombing which utterly dwarfs both of those previous events combined.

        The details are still a bit foggy, but I’m certain the event will occur in the United States and will be the most significant historical event since World War 2.

    4. Marsha Ritzler Avatar
      Marsha Ritzler

      I simply googled bridge 26 and it is in Brooklyn and is a refurbished warehouse were weddings and parties are held.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Can we have link to that.

      2. Marsha Ritzler Avatar
        Marsha Ritzler it is also next to a bridge, just a suggestion

    5. Marc Avatar

      Observer what is your email address?

      1. Observer227 Avatar

        I don’t want to post it here.

        If I can figure out how to PM you via the mobile version of this site I would.

    6. Observer227 Avatar

      Truly sorry everyone. I was so caught up in personally ironing-out the details of the approaching potential attack that I forgot to follow-up. I hope it’s not too late.

      Anyone who lives in north or south Manhattan should have the best chances of avoiding injury. I’d strongly advise staying away from windows, however. Subway might ironically be the safest place to be if in Manhattan (except near the epicenter of the blast). Of course, to completely avoid any possible injury or death you should stay out of Manhattan and the metropolitan areas immediately outside it.

      Mid-manhattan, especially the area just south of central park, is what you want to avoid at all costs. I’m afraid this is no ordinary bombing, and will involve a crude yet incomprehensibly dangerous nuclear weapon. Almost certainly related to terrorism.

      I’m not sure how someone could sneak such a thing into the United States without tipping off the feds. I just have no other explanation as to how this bomb can be so powerful, if my prediction holds true.

      Also, I need to correct a certain statement regarding the weeks following this tragedy. Generators and stocking up on food, while a wise decision at any time/location, doesn’t need to be focused on if you live in the city. If you live in an area that can be considered rural, however, my previous advice remains unchanged. I’m afraid these areas will suffer the most, although it isn’t perfectly clear yet WHY. It likely has to do with politically motivated violence against the givernment, and rural areas tend to be hotbeds of anti-establishment sentiment.

      I’m not sure if the replies below mine are updated once I post within. I don’t want anyone to overlook this info, especially those in the immediate blast vicinity or in less-developed regions of the world.

      I’m not religious, I don’t like fearmongerimg, and I certainly don’t like misleading people. Even with these things in mind, I can’t shake the feeling something incomprehensible is imminent for United States and then the world. I could be completely wrong about the details, but I’m certainly not wrong about the event’s catastrophic implications.

    7. Lia Avatar

      I had a vivid dream about this exact scenario a few months ago. In the dream, I was up in the Trump Tower & I knew Trump was elected. People in my dream were outside Trump Tower in a panic & chaos was in the streets surrounding Trump Tower. Awful dream!

  18. alma Avatar

    I don’t normally post here but I am from the SF Bay Area and it really scares me that a tragedy like this may happen. The only huge celebration that occurs around December is the annual New Years fireworks where literally thousands of people gather to watch. Here’s the event website:

  19. Linda Blair Avatar
    Linda Blair

    Wondering if the Manhattan prediction could be trump tower.

    1. Observer227 Avatar

      Looking at the aftermath proceeding the attack, I’m worried this must be the case. I don’t believe it will be in Trump tower itself, but perhaps in a building immediately adjacent? Like a parking garage? I’m not familiar with NYC’s layout so I’m not positive whatsoever. The bomb must’ve been transported in a small semi-truck (at least; could be larger). Seems odd how anyone could drive a truck with a WMD inside it without being caught, especially near Trump Tower. There might be some shady deals being struck between employees in the location, but I have no evidence of this.

      1. mariakaos Avatar

        Thank you for your postings Observer227. Spirit man Joseph Tittal made a prediction I think 2014/15 that there would be a dirty bomb go off in an American City causing devastation but it would not be in that time frame but a bit further ahead. I just can’t remember what city.
        I absolutely hope this is not the event coming but based on your contribution I have done a bit of research. It defy’s all sense that a terrorist has traveled from across the world with a radio active suit bomb and evaded all authorities. If this is to be a radioactive event the materials already have to be there. It is quite possible they were built into the building and do not need transporting. I did google map Trump towers and there are delivery areas to the side of the entrance. Tying in with your south side of Manhattan is:
        “The Manhattan Project” (Black Dog & Leventhal), published last month, Dr. Norris writes about the Manhattan Project’s Manhattan locations. He says the borough had at least 10 sites, all but one still standing. They include warehouses that held uranium, laboratories that split the atom, and the project’s first headquarters — a skyscraper hidden in plain sight right across from City Hall. This is in the area of Brooklyn Bridge. Can any one with more local knowledge identify the remaining Manhattan Project building? It’s possible this is a building capable of containing such materials.
        I hope more than anything that this is way off track and the event is not as serious as a small nuke attack.

      2. mariakaos Avatar

        Spirit man joseph. Unable to find the prediction of a dirty bomb. “I have no doubt that New York will endure another huge attack much like 911 within the next year to 2 years. Not sure if Lady Liberty is part of that.”
        Brings us back to the south side of Manhattan.

  20. BeachHut Avatar

    Dual attacks, West/East coast, SF/NY? I recommend people watch this month’s Farsight predictions here

    A lot of the imagery they come up with fits unnervingly well with what’s under discussion here.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      I also believe that a NY attack could very well focus on Trump or Trump Tower.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      I’ve seen that December Farsight video also BeachHut, and was thinking the same exact thing while reading all of Erics predictions. It’s a bit unnerving. Hoping we can change the outcomes.

      1. maria Kaos Avatar

        I watched the farsight predictions. The first remote viewer described 2 women with the names starting with T & C. He describes in a lot of detail a shop front. As many people are predicted to be caught up in the blast I wondered if T& C could represent the shop. Target corporation or Tiffany and Co? There seems to be more than 1 event which is causing confusion. Another theme from the 3 viewers was water pathways in the area of the bombings. There is a Tiffany and Co next to Trump towers but there is no water so I don’t think this is the right area. There also seems to be an assassination of a single man that causes shock.
        It may be worth people with local knowledge looking into active drills in the suspected areas. Here in the UK the 7/7 event occurred in the middle of an active drill.

        1. Deb Avatar

          I too watched the video. The drawing with the water and train tracks reminded me of San Fransisco. The store front drawing reminded me of NYC. If any shoppers could pay attention to chain store window displays maybe we could get an idea what store. The drawing was a window with a banner type display with letters maybe of sale or name of store?? colors purple, red and white.

          1. Deb Avatar

            I will be in NYC tomorrow and I will look for a store with the details given. The gentleman also mentioned the smells around the store front smelled like evergreen, spices and soap……Christmas. Makes me think it’s some kind of store that sells candles and soaps???

      2. Observer227 Avatar

        Maria, I haven’t heard of this Farsight group before but if what they’re saying is so similar to my original prediction then there’s no mistake something occurs in this area. It’s likely a false-positive when only one psychic foresees a disaster. It’s far less likely a false-positive when three unrelated sources are predicting the same exact thing.

        My prediction aligns with Eric’s and the Farsight predictions. It’s entirely possible another attack occurs in SF shortly after/before the NY prediction. The few inconsistencies between our visions probably result from us seeing two different events at the same time (like you stated). I’ve entirely focused on the NY scenario as of late, so it’s possible I haven’t picked up a SF attack.

        However, concerning Farsight’s “Trump Tower” and “T & C” (Tiffany and Co is undoubtedly what this is referring to as the Tower is adjacent to Tiffany’s), the “waterways” must be sewers. I’ve had a sense that the bomb wasn’t in the building itself but directly underneath it. Sewers would make sense, then.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Just a note. I believe the colors he saw on the store were red purple and white? I think this was some sort of a banner on the store. Does anyone in the area know if that matches up with Tiffany & Co. or another store close by?

      3. BeachHut Avatar

        I just posted some of this information under another of Eric’s updates, but I’m leaving it here as well to keep info together in the right place.

        Observer227 wrote more details of his/her visions about the New York attack, under the post about the port attack. It reminded me once again of the Farsight video:

        Specifically, observer227 saw a vortex in a location partially underground, near the Trump building. I looked up Columbus Circle on Google maps and saw the Lush store highlighted at the station by Trump Tower; Lush being a store notorious for its pungent smells of soap and scented candles, the type of store that Dick Allgire identified as the vicinity of the attack, which people believe is inland Manhattan and probably Trump territory. As others noted here, the same Farsight viewer describes the soap-smell store as having a banner in the window of purple white and red. Like this?

        I haven’t been past a Lush shop for a while, but I assume the design theme is the same across all the company’s seasonal branding? All the details about this event, across several viewers’ stated visions, fits and corroborates. It is seriously freaky. That vicinity looks like prime candidate. But what day?

      4. BeachHut Avatar

        I also think I should correct some confusion about those two waterways that people have referred to. In the Farsight video Aziz Brown pulls back for an aerial view of what looks to be this same event. There is a waterway that forks either side of a land mass, with tall buildings and built up areas all around. The event takes place sort of in the middle of the land mass. It looks like Manhattan. But the two waterways were ‘near’ in a wider geographical sense, not a close-up on-the-block sense. Aziz also mentions an open space across the road from the event. Perhaps that could be Central Park or Columbus Circle.

        Do watch the video if you haven’t already. It all fits.

    3. Tot Avatar

      I watch the farsight predictions every month. This months predictions are very similar to Eric’s.

      1. Laurence Avatar

        How accurate have the farsight predictions been in the past ?

      2. BeachHut Avatar

        Some of the Farsight scenarios have been eerily prescient. What has been striking is the detail that chimes exactly with an event, so it’s not just *any* event of a particular type, although sometimes there isn’t enough detail and so do seem generic (‘an earthquake with many dead.’). They are good at capturing precise nuances of mood and intent, ambience and complexities of the circumstances, so much that when the event has appeared on TV news I’ve recognised it immediately from the descriptions. Like when Eric’s posts contain key words, details and numbers that exactly fit the circumstance. It’s just frustrating because you don’t know what the puzzle pieces represent until afterwards.

        For instance, November’s predictions had a man coming on a stage to try and console a large group of people. The reader conveyed a very specific range of intents, moods, reasons and effects. John Podesta’s late speech when Clinton had lost the election was an exact fit, and it was the key moment of the evening. In the summer, another reader exactly described what happened and why when David Cameron resigned outside number 10 in the wake of Brexitaggeddon. Another reader had a string of visions about terrorist attacks. It appeared as one ‘story’ but actually included several of the attacks that month including the Nice waterfront, and what proved to be the attack on Istanbul airport, and elsewhere too (I forget now, perhaps the German incidents?).

        What is interesting with the first two examples is that Farsight have strict protocols so that no expected, scheduled event in itself can be ‘predicted’. But what happens is that an UNexpected event will be predicted, that is a vital turning point of the big story that everyone knew was going to happen.

        What lets them down sometimes is that the presenter can be rather hyperbolic and sometimes twists things to fit their rules after the fact. There is also a hypothesis that making public statements about things that are being secretly planned may change the plan as it’s been made public. But as he also says, it is an experiment, and a lot of it has been very impressive.

      3. Mari Avatar

        hi toy

        jules104 has no teply box so pls forgive
        my dropping on on yours,,
        tot.,jules. Hope u are both well!’
        Rockerfeller center on 5th ave
        has tree and caroling and
        ice skating for holidays and
        lots of blue red purple. it is flowing
        with people and lots of police, dogs, swat
        and security

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Hi Mari, tot. No worries Mari. I saw that area. It is beautiful this time of year. It seems with all of the lighting, shopping, large crowds of holiday cheer, onlookers and big decorations it would be a prime target for terrorists. Praying it’s not though. Hope we can foul these attacks. Blessings

    4. BeachHut Avatar

      Aziz Brown’s drew a ‘map’ which looked like an island with watercourses forking round either side and areas with skyscrapers, with cityscape on all the other banks. It fits with the Manhattan theme. Princess drew what looked to me like the bay between SF and Oakland: lots of railway tracks looping round by the shore and a pyramid structure on the opposite side of the bridge.

      I also want to thank Observer 227 for their contributions. Very interesting reading, along with Eric and Spirit of course!

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        Should say, the pyramid shape might be the pointy bit of a clock tower, not necessarily the skyscraper. SF has two clock towers along that waterfront, one right next to the bridge.

  21. jules104 Avatar

    Eric for the SF prediction. Should we be looking for some type of contest then, like a run or a marathon that is near to or on the bridge, (a bridge)? There is a run on the 31st that has teams and cash prizes. That one has runs throughout the day and at night near the Golden Gate Bridge. Also one on the 18th that would be near the Golden Gate Bridge. Maybe a vendor or such hired to bring in food etc? There is also a SF 49s game coming up and a Boat Parade. Here are some links to runs and events in San Francisco.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I would try and get a list of the events for that week and perhaps we can get them to Spirit. The timeframe is the only lacking part. Is there anything going on the 26th.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        I will search some more. I’ve been racking my brain on the “contest” part. Looking for any typeof a contest. Art, cooking, etc. They usually have a photo contest of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it has already been cancelled. And I’m not exactly sure what the normal date for that was. I will keep searching.

  22. Mo Avatar

    Massive peaceful demonstration on Golden Gate Bridge on Inauguration Day Jan. 20,2017.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  23. Nicole Avatar

    Eric- as I was meditating today the word Alcatraz came up. It was very odd as it’s not something I think about but there is a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from there… but I googled to see about events related (didn’t find any) HOWEVER I saw a pier number to get out there… which gave me the chills because yesterday I kept thinking 26 could be the number of the bridge or something but it didn’t make sense. Anyway I decided to google San Francisco Pier 26… and google said:

    “The existing historic Pier 26 in San Francisco is located on the Embarcadero with its entrance directly under the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, several blocks southeast of the Ferry Building. ”

    Could the spirits have been seeing the number 26 at the bridge or bomb site??? Would this make any sense to you- or are you positive it’s a date?

    Haven’t looked for contests around there. But worth looking into?

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Nicole. Thanks for sharing. Interesting. I was going to ask the same about it being a date. I can’t seem to find things for Dec 26th. There is a marathon on March 26, 2017 where people run over the Golden Gate Bridge with traffic off to the side of them. But that is not in December. For me the most likely “contest” would be a runners marathon. I will keep searching though.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Nicole this is a parking garage/storage area now. It use to be the Port of San Francisco, Pier#26. It is on the eastern side of the bay/bridge. If you look at the picture it sits directly under the bridge. Also, while googling I noticed that down from this is a big building with an old “Hills Bros. Coffee” on it. Eric had a coffee all over prediction once which I believe supposedly already happened. Just found it interesting. There is also a parking area #26 near by.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s not certain I my part that 26 is a date

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The numbers could be something else. Thank you for the information

  24. jules104 Avatar

    Eric can you please ask Spirit about this “Embarcadero” area. And “Pier #26, Port of San Francisco”. It is no longer used as a port but a parking and storage area. But there is the port connection. It sits directly under the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge. I was led to this by comments on a page someone posted. They kept talking about the Embarcadero for watching fireworks. Then the Alcatraz and Pier 26 by Nicole. This is on the eastern waterfront side. Just looking at a google map of the Pier 26 with the bridge over it gives me goose bumps. I’ll try and post links.,_California)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We are racing the clock, I still need to get information on the other attacks first, hopefully there will be enough time.

    2. BeachHut Avatar

      Jules, I noticed this place too in my researches. Pier 26 is under the Bay Bridge not Golden Gate.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Oh gosh sorry for the mix up. Is the Bay Bridge the one with structural issues? I guess maybe this or the Golden Gate Bridge? Unless it is on the East Coast. Perhaps terrorist attacks involving both coasts. NYC and San Francisco? Praying not. My question is what could possibly be the “contest”? Unless it’s a Marathon of some kind. A football game maybe?

      2. BeachHut Avatar

        Yes, the Bay Bridge is the new multi billion dollar white elephant deathtrap (!) although that controversial new section is over by Oakland not the SF side. I too have no idea what the contest might be. I remember the earlier prediction mentioned ‘gay’ so I wondered if it may be an LGBT event. Gay San Francisco would be an obvious meaningful target for religious extremists. Events listings for December are drowning in New Years Eve parties, and that part of the waterfront is the beating heart of it all. It’s hard wading through all the information trying to find likely candidates.

  25. Shannon Avatar

    The river of fire kind of sounded like a volcano to me and then I happened to see a documentary about this volcano:

  26. Lia Avatar

    Eric, Joseph Tittel, who is a psychic, just recently posted a YouTube broadcast saying there would be a terrible terrorist attack between Christmas & New Year’s Day. I’ll watch it again. I forget if he saw a bridge or a location.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can you forward the link and where he said that.

      1. Karben Avatar

        Eric – Joseph Tittel has a facebook page. The link mentioned is there.

      2. mariakaos Avatar

  27. Jess Avatar

    Eric, we are in bushfire season in Australia at the moment and we have had some horrific ones in the past. Could you ask the spirits if the fire is in Australia and possibly where abouts?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I plan to ask for some clarity, hopefully we can narrow the location.

  28. Observer227 Avatar

    Eric, 6.9 earthquake off northern California! Must be related to your prediction.

    No details yet on damage or casualties. Just received a text about it. Praying for all those effected.

  29. Mary Avatar

    Maybe 26 is the date or death. I think it’s the date as its busy after holiday. Pray it’s foil.

  30. Kim Avatar

    Vedic astrologer Joni Patry also predicts terrorist attack around New Years Day. Everyone continue to think and send positive thoughts out Into the universe. Blessings to all the lightworkers trying to protect humanity and all of life!

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I’ve recently watched some of her predictions Kim and she is very good. The one for December 2016 on You tube is enlightening. Matches up with what Eric and Spirit are saying for terrorist attacks.

  31. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    Another EQ in the Solomon Islands at 7.8, tsunami warnings in effect.

  32. BeachHut Avatar

    I have just seen a recommendation that Treasure Island in the Bay, which breaks the Bay Bridge into two sections, is a great place for people to go to watch the NYE fireworks. That would lead people onto or over the bridge for a gathering. I can’t see any official events, contests, anniversaries or references to gay-anything though.

    There is a Trekkie convention this weekend, which is for the 50th anniversary and has a grand costume contest (which sounds like they could be having a ‘gay’ time?) but that’s way out at a hotel by the airport: aeroplane links though?

    There is so much festivity going on this month, the themes could apply to a lot of events. The boat parade sounds nice!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you, after we get the information on the other attacks, we will back track and ask for a better timeline on this SF attack.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Is the SF attack happening after the other ones; is that why you’re asking about the other ones? Just wondering about the order/timeframe.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Actually no, we are starting with the biggest event and working around it. We are expecting another attack prior to. But that is the next focal point.

  33. Observer227 Avatar

    Important update on my vision: The “suspenseful music” is playing over the United States again, except it’s even louder than when it stopped in late-November. The strange depression which formed in the metaphorical “magma” atop the United States seems to now be hovering over New York state. Before it was simply smack-dab in the middle of the United States but with no exact location being highlighted.

    From what I’ve gathered reading Eric’s and other psychics predictions, there are two major events that occur around the same time in the United States. I believe the first is a terrorist attack in New York City(based off my visions and a group/podcast called “Farsight”). The second is a destructive earthquake off/in San Francisco, which ultimately results in a major bridge collapsing (Eric’s visions and a bit of Farsight’s conclusions; The 6.4 quake off northern California yesterday could be the precursor an even larger earthquake).

    I’ll update everyone as the vision develops. Please, stay safe!

    1. westcoast Avatar

      Have you thought about starting a blog so we can keep track of your predictions? Both yours and Eric’s work is deeply appreciated, and I’d love to be able to follow both of your predictions as time goes!

  34. Shay Avatar

    Santa con is a huge event tomorrow

    1. Deb Avatar

      Mon Dec 12 is a Muslim holiday. The Sept 11 attacks happened on a Muslim holiday.

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        I came here just now to add that, Shay. You beat me. 🙂 When I looked at Santacon info and pictures, I was reminded of an old prediction of Eric’s that included the word ‘red’ on its own and no-one knew what it referred to. I can’t remember what that prediction was but when it comes to Santacon it’s the first word that comes to mind.

        The holiday on the 12th is Prophet’s Birthday.

        I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it in all these posts, but this year, unusually, and rather specially, Christmas and Hannukah fall on the same day. It would be especially symbolic to target that day.

        In addition to the big quake just off California, West Pacific has just had an eight. The biggest of the year. I’m off to watch Dutchsinse (earthquake predictor) while I have my lunch to see how things are looking.

  35. […] Predictions 12-6-16   I had a visual of a zero blinking. […]

  36. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, All. Could some of the older predictions have clues in them we could use. In one you spoke of a colorful cloth that hid the bomb from the naked eye. One spoke of a golden necklace and the spiders using more powerful weapons. Also I am wondering if some how the spiders could use one of the large Christmas decorations that are lit up all around NYC. Here are some of the old predictions for US attacks. Keep in mind some of these may have happened already but not all.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The one odd part of this event is how many different dates they have, all of them the last part of a month.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        I agree. Unless it’s because the spiders need to keep changing their dates due to unforeseen circumstances like weather etc.?Or there are multiple attacks on different dates and in different places?
        Also, I was wondering about this a while back and not even sure if or how it could work. But would it be possible to have someone that is in the city or area which is expecting an attack, to do something such as a reading but for purposes of extracting information in regards to a date, or a more specific place? Just for big attacks that will be having a large impact. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but sort of a middle man. Is that to risky with too many other things involved? I really don’t know what all or how it all works. I’ve just wondered about whether that’s something that’s even possible.
        Let’s say someone in San Francisco goes to see the NYE fireworks every year. Could you tell, through them, what if anything was planned as in attacks that night? Or someone uses a bridge every day, and Spirit says stay off that bridge. Is that doable? It just seems like if I lived in NYC and did a reading prior and something like 9/11 happened after, Spirit would have picked up on that plane attack being in the works or atleast some catastrophic event in my own neighborhood approaching. Would using a third person be overstepping Spiritual boundaries? Sorry if it’s just more confusing. 🙃🙂. Just trying to figure out some way to narrow down more specifics about events as they get closer.

  37. smalltowngirl Avatar

    I am not a psychic, but early today morning, I dreamt of Hillary, smiling and very calm, going through a list of world leaders, calling them up one by one. I got a sense that she was now the President, and she was showing those around her, how you actually call up world leaders and talk to them diplomatically, unlike Trump. Anyone else have a feeling Trump won’t take office?

    1. Nicole Avatar

      Smalltowngirl- yes. To the point that I will personally be more shocked if he’s sworn in than if he’s not! Though I’m personally pretty sure that it won’t be Hillary (and if all this was wishful thinking then I would be saying it will be– I worked quite hard to try to help her). Through the election I kept strongly feeling like “Trump will win” – AND “neither of them will be President.” Several times pre Election I would get fleeting “Mike Pence will be President” thoughts at random times. Once I heard “Trump is just the vehicle to get Mike pence into the White House” (As though this is princes destiny and he couldn’t have been elected otherwise). . I couldn’t explain any of it. Since the election I have flipped between it feeling like Pence (at first) to Romney somehow for a while, now it’s back to Pence. I think there’s a slight chance Romney will somehow be– though I think maybe I was misinterpreting him being POTUS because I’m quite sure he’ll have a major role (if not POTUS either VP or Secretary of State). I’ve seen images at random times (i.e. Suddenly when not thinking of this) of Pence being sworn in on Inauguration Day on capitol steps. I’ve also seen Romney standing behind a seal (which may be why I thought it was him for a bit. But I realized I could never read the seal so not sure– and feels now like just as likely it’s VP or SOS seal).

      I am not sure the road that leads to Trump not being sworn in…. I feel like it could be a few things and not sure which! I’m picking up on “there will be chaos” and “nobody knows what to do” and “this is unprecedented.” It also feels like it may somehow connect to Russia? Not sure on that part though,

      There’s always a chance I’m symbolically picking up on him being “President in name only” – i.e. Pence really running things but technically still VP? Or of course the Pence stuff could be some more distant future him running and being elected President.

      But I also think if somehow trump does actually get into office he won’t even last a year before something crazy makes him leave.

      I’m not picking up on Hillary being a part of anything though I could very much see her being asked to call world leaders because of her past relationships and her own candidacy to reassure them this is ok if there is turbulence (etc) or something unexpected changes everything.

      I will be in DC for a few days next week. Will be interested to see if I pick up more details while there.

      (sorry Eric – know you and spirits don’t want us focusing on this…. I just keep getting a lot of it and she asked).

      1. smalltowngirl Avatar

        Thanks so much for your indepth explanation Nicole! Truly appreciate it. I’m quite religious, and everytime I think about the future, while awake, I can’t see Trump on TV as the president. I have a feeling that Obama comes on TV and announces, “looking at how Trump has conducted himself since the election, and also after his statements on the world stage, I do not personally feel I will be fulfilling my duty as POTUS if I hand over power to him. Part of my oath included guarding the nation against domestic and international threats, and I strongly believe that handing over power jeopardizes the safety and security of the nation.” I don’t hear what he says after that, but there is a huge applause..

      2. karen Collins Avatar
        karen Collins

        Anyone see the CIA report on Russia and T***p tonight? Hmmmmm

      3. Nicole Avatar

        Smalltowngirl- I don’t envision any scenario where Obama would refuse to step down (both intuitively and just understanding how he operates). Logically I feel like he has to leave office Jan 20 no matter what’s going on… but I have had a strange feeling he may somehow end up staying a tiny bit longer (like a week or two. Nothing crazy). But if that somehow happened I think it would just be to restabilize before things were handed to Pence and I believe congress would unanimously agree via some kind of formal vote. I am not sure how much of this part is my own logic vs intuition. I just can’t see Obama unilaterally saying I won’t go. That said I do have a very deep sense he’s going to be continuing some kind of very very important work with deep influence even after he’s out of office.

        Karen- I did see that. Interesting. Honestly the Russia part of what I’ve gotten may just be because it’s been in the news a lot. I’m not putting too much weight on it. But seeing tonight’s reports does make me wonder!! I go back and forth with different ways it could happen and none of them seem clear. I don’t know if that’s because the end result (him not in office) is somewhat set by some kind of higher power but the “how” is open, or if my own curiosity is making up various possible scenarios.

  38. Nicole Avatar

    Eric – (or anyone else!) – are you picking up anything related to Detroit? For some reason last couple days I keep randomly hearing Detroit. Not sure what it means (zero context around it) but it doesn’t feel positive?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I have not.

  39. star48 Avatar
    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s probably one of the bombs. Ouch.

  40. Francine Avatar

    Wow. My mom recently asked me to go with her on an organized tourist excursion to Egypt in February. I immediately told her this is the worst possible time to go to the Middle East, which is just common sense, imo, but reading about that bombing still rattled me. Thanks for the link, star.

    1. star48 Avatar

      That is the way spirit works! Free will….
      So happy you will make other arrangements….there is a whole world out there….

  41. Sara Avatar

    Could the double bombing in Istanbul be related to the two-explosions prediction, the one with the blinking zero?

  42. chiron Avatar

    The prediction earlier.. Russia.. tapes.. scandal.,. Now CIA says Russia has been hacking.,. can they give evidence and what happens?

    1. Andrea Avatar

      The hack took place for well over a year. This whole thing about Russia hacking to help Trump makes no sense to me. Considering that the hacker would have had to have known that Trump was going to win the nomination before he had even declared his candidacy.
      So in my opinion, if they were hacking, it was more than likely to just gather intel.

      Just some food for thought.

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  44. […] Predictions 12-6-16   I had a visual of one massive fire with massive amounts of smoke surrounding it. The inferno was so massive I could not see anything else. “So many lives lost.. everything in its path liquefied.” — Spirits Voice […]

  45. Andrea Avatar

    For the massive fire and smoke prediction, could it be a volcano? Check this out:

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thank you for the info and link Andrea. I’d never heard of that Super Volcano before. That’s pretty interesting stuff. It would definetly be a massive fire and smoke if it ever had a full blown eruption.

      1. Andrea Avatar

        Yeah, I’ve never heard of it before either. The fact that it has recently shown increased activity is worrisome, especially since it’s very close to a high pop area. Definitely something to keep an eye on.

  46. […] Predictions 12-6-16   “Bombing in SF.. Bridge.. 26.. bridge collapses.. in December.” — Spirits Voice […]

  47. […] Predictions 12-6-16 – Bridge/gathering of people attack expected around the 26th […]

  48. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::“The leader is so off the rails.. unhinged.. an eruption of violence.. the regime is about to fall.” — Spirits Voice

    Sounds like Venezuela, even though they did not mention the location, we have been keeping one eye on the events unfolding there.

    Venezuela 🇻🇪
    See..Madura threaten armed revolt ahead if elections..

  49. star48 Avatar

    Ref::I had a visual of a large explosion, then a visual of another explosion. Then it was followed by the word ‘bombing’ spelled out.

    Christmas bomb

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