Notes on 12-16-14 US Terror Attack

Predictions for 2015, the first seems to either fall in December or early January.
“Bomb” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a colorful cloth covering the bomb making it unable to see with the naked eye.
Metropolis, New York, New Jersey
In about 5 minutes (that means 5 days sometime around the 20th-22nd) but then they said
24.. 2nd.. (the 2nd might be a message related to the location or a floor to a building)
“By the funny sound.. like a whistle” — Spirits Voice
Messages somehow related: I had a visual of a small restaurant in a building. I had a visual of Bagels being placed in a box.
I had a visual of a road that only turned left or right but the arrow they showed went directly straight.
I had a visual of a house burned down and the area around the house burned. “The terrorist were at far north CA.”
“I am not just going to walk away, I am going to take good care of her” – Spirits Voice
Oddly they showed a golden neck less and gave the name ‘Freddie Mercury’ both of which I believe are completely symbolic perhaps about ‘mercury’ like the type of bomb or type of car.
Australia will be hit with a large flood. (Looking into a more specific location and timeframe.)
I had a visual I was walking into North Korea late at night. Then a very large rattle snake coiled next to a large wall snapping its head several times, as if attacking its prey. The snakes eyes were glowing red.  Then everything in the area turned black.  Military carriers were leaving port. “The Korea’s on the brink of war.”– Spirits Voice

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  1. God let this change. Please share this prediction so we can get the word out, at least warn people in that area to be diligent. Not a good start to the new year. Please help us as we try and change the outcomes of these horrible events they are predicting.

  2. Eric this is very similar to what I have seen and been told. I will go back in my notes and see what links up to what spirit has told you.

      1. I don’t even know where to start I have so many. The list I have will be long. And like your predictions some might be tight ed into each other because they were given to me separate times. I’ll be posting what I have shortly. My time frames are off tho. I had most of this happening in november. But maybe that was the start of it all because November was pretty active.

    1. ok this is what I have gotten over the last couple months in sections with spirit (my timing might be off and some things may have happened and some might be happening a while from now. let me know if anything sticks out to you as maybe a piece to the puzzle.
      -I have most of the terror attacks starting November 2014 and ending November 2015. I seen us going to war second quarter of next year…real war not the air strikes.
      -I was told NY bombing Thursday, Saudi Arabia president killed Saturday, and white house bombed Sunday ( not sure on timing (month/ year) but they seemed to happen in a row like this when I seen them) Saudi Arabia has came up a lot in my readings.
      -A mall or store shooting will let us know the group is here, there were different groups sent out to do different missions. I seen two teams in US that were considered the “A Team” they come here the same way but separate once they get her for their mission. (this one I feel is coming true now with the Australia café situation that just happened)
      -there is a smaller attack but is just a to distract us from the big planned attack. not sure where I had this under east coast at the time tho.
      -it will seem like there is one attack a day once all goes into motion.
      -east coast I had more in Philadelphia area, a chemical being unleashed on top of a tall tall building. I want to say it was on top of an apartment complex, not a newer one but an older one. I also had a vision at a different time that the trees will help with this chemical release…like they will suck in the harmful stuff in some areas with lots of trees,…the trees will all die and we will have to replant tons of trees that we get from the south. i don’t know if that can help anyone pin point what chemical they might be talking about.
      -I had a vision of bombs going off up the Delaware river in between Philadelphia and New Jersey. heading towards NY and that’s exactly where the person who is setting them off is headed. not sure if they make it there before being caught tho.
      I was shown isis as more of an octopus, its head rises like a hot air balloon huge. then i seen thousands of legs reaching all over the world. but the octopus hasn’t raised yet but it is coming to show its face soon.
      – NY i know i posted before thinking the crowd of people were in the streets of NY for the thanksgiving parade, then i seen on the news all the protest and actually got nervous that’s when a building would come down, now im worried about NYE. like i said the first post it was like the bomb was set on a side of a building to fall a certain way but it actually back fires and falls the complete other way. still devastating but not as bad as it could have been. something about the structure of the building was set up to prevent it from possibly ever falling that way and was unknown to the person trying to cause this to happen. but because structure was mentioned i think the possibility of an old building just falling could be a possibility.
      -Chicago has been mentioned a couple times…like the second group might be headed out there. im not sure if their are bridges in Chicago but a bridge has been mentioned more then once around there.
      – i have also seen a double bridge like one right next to each other. i know Delaware has one but it wasn’t the Delaware Memorial bridge.
      -i have seen a national park with mountains in it (like cliffs and that sort of natural atmosphere) that possible overlook a major city. there is a big rock that people sit on to take pictures. probably not a famous rock but something the locals might know well (might over look a cliff) there are weapons hidden in that area. someone here has supplied them to these attackers. not by their free will, they were forced and threatened, they hold some of the same believes as the attackers but not all, they do not support the radial part, but again were threatened to help supply the radicals.
      – I was told this saying by not sure if it is a prayer or just description of what is to come……war, serenity, peace, prosperity.
      i don’t know how much of this is symbolic and if or when these things will happen. its just a fraction of what i have…i was told last night by a sergeant corporal in spirit that i cant stop these things from happening because some of this has to happen, if not we will never stand up the evil growing in the world (that ALL the good people in the world need to fight this), that if these things didn’t happen here we would just keep looking the other way, to many innocent have died already and no one is doing anything about it and that we need to really step in at this point. i can see his point but the thought of America ever getting hit again scares me to much that i am still sharing these readings with you all to hopefully help any bad situations. i have no time frames some of this could be ten years from now for all i know so please don’t take all of this to heart…just pick through what you think could be a possible “now” situation.

      1. Wow that’s a lot to take in Michelle. Really appreciate your sharing with us here on the site. What stuck out to me was the smaller attack that will be covering for a much bigger attack to come. I’ve been wondering if that was a plan of the Spiders. The calculated effort Spirits spoke of in the Lone wolf prediction previously.

      2. Hey Michelle!
        I live just outside of Philly, so your predictions are a little scary, but I thought I might be able to identify stuff related to Philly….
        The trees – thought of Cobbs Creek Park and the river drives( Lincoln and MLK) also Fairmont Park….. A lot of little parks scattered about as well.
        Delaware River…. Lots of chemical and petroleum plants/tank farms. Also the Navy Yard, which is in South Philly…. You can see it from the Girard Point Bridge which is a double decker bridge. Girard point is were the Schuylkill River and Delaware River meet. The Philly Airport is located there too. Also the the DOD has a site in South Philly to …. Admin offices.
        Hope this helps.

      3. Michelle,
        Thursday might be Christmas or Even January 1st??
        Umm,I hope nothing happens to the white house

      4. Thank you Michelle for all the information of what visions you have. I think each of us that get visions have seen similar things. I felt that the attacks in my visions seem more downplayed than they are in real life, though maybe what I am comparing them to are not the things my visions were trying to show me as they may happen later on in the next year. But I did get almost the exact same thing…war, recovery, peace and prosperity seemed to be the way it went. The peace came when women seemed to be all running the USA. A huge shift in power that has not happened yet. A woman was President in my third dream. After researching, it seems that is the way astrology views the coming of age as well. Thank you again for your input.

    2. This may be a stretch, but here’s is a link to a yearly local whistle blowing show in YORK, PA- my hometown- lot smaller than NYC. Some strange similarities- hoping can verify yes or no soon- my daughter close by there.

      Makes a very loud, almost whale-like sound. This takes place on (24)0 Arch St, crossing (Queen) St. just after midnight 24th. Lots of older buildings around, across from a stadium, but not sure about bagels? Also saw Metropolis mentioned in prediction, and believe Metso Co. involved and Metro banks nearby.

  3. This one scared you more than others, it seems…the way it reads. Explain more. And don’t worry, you have all of us sharing and helping. We talk to our friends.
    Interestingly, Freddie Mercury (other than being one of my favourite rockers and heroes) was born in what is now known as Tanzania. His real name was Farrokh Bulsara. He was Parsi and grew up mostly in India. His family were refugees from India to England during the 1964 Zanzibar Revolution in India. That is interesting to me as thousands of Arabs and Indians were killed. Maybe its a reference to this begins the ‘revolution’? I remember I wasn’t really happy with the way ‘revolution’ played out in my dream last year. I thought it was wrong for there to be violence.
    The golden necklace reminds me of lore, of how people poisoned kings and queens. They tainted jewelry with poisons or they added a fake jewel in the necklace that held a vial of poison. Freddy Mercury died of AIDS (a contagious disease). Would the bomb be biological warfare? Am I just thinking too much?

    1. I know i had a vision of a women with a necklace on walking the streets in the city with a little ball in the charm…The ball was a weapon of mass destruction maybe a women wearing a scarf or something with bright colors? If that’s the case it will def be hard to stop. I hope this isn’t the case.

      1. And I hope not new jersey…I live in New jersey (closer to philly then new york) but still to close for comfort sometimes .

      2. Jules, you have the bestest memory! So glad you are on here. 😀 Bright cloth could mean a window display that they do at Macys where people walk around and view each window (happens in Chicago and in NYC) not sure about other Christmas Window Displays. Man I miss having Christmas Windows. We don’t have them in SoCal, it doesn’t seem. Michelle, that would make sense too. A type of weapon under a shroud. I think this one may be cryptic too. Gosh I wish Spirit would speak more plainly instead of signs, symbols and strange words but it makes sense why. And peace to you Michelle living in Jersey. Will keep the prayers going.

        1. Oh geez Thanks Jon but half the time I feel more like I’ve lost my mind! 😳 LOL. I watch my 2yr old and 9 mo old grand babies and feel like I am running in circles half of the time. Oh waite I am!
          On a more serious note though…I think we do have some good clues. It seems the Spirits are saying the terrorist have come from the Northern CA area recently. Perhaps there was a fire? A bagel shop? Waite the NYC and NJ area. Could that be a suburb inbetween somewhere? I wonder if Eric can give us some more clues on the color of and what he thought the bright colored cloth could be. Like you said, a store display? Some type of Christmas/New Years Eve display/decoration? I also was thinking perhaps the Freddie Mercury…could have ties to East Africa perhaps? Or like Eric said a Mercury being driven. Prayers and light to NYC/NJ. And extra blessings to Michelle.

      3. My uncle(in spirit) told me a lot of what I have seen and have been writing down would be coming to a head soon…I hope what ever I do have to share can help put some of these pieces in place to stop something horrific from happening.
        Now that you mention it i do remember a Vicky to in erics writings.
        Eric a couple questions tho. Need your thoughts on a couple things:
        Funny sound like a whistle…train ride…maybe a kids train ride alot of them going on for santa stuff in malls?
        The restaurant in a building..could it a be a mall? Was your vision like that or a city shopping area environment?
        And the terrorist at far north the ca standing for California or could it resemble something else?
        Just trying to gather more info before I start digging. Thanks;)

    2. Freddie Mercury was from Queen. Area in New York? Michelle talked about the name Vicky. Victoria was Queen. Anything in New York to do with Victoria? There is an area called Victoria.

      1. There is a Victorian arts theater in North jersey…I just found on google. Was there a prediction of art work hung from the walls once eric?
        I definitely feel like there is enough clues here to get this one before it happends. Keep the thoughts coming everyone;)

  4. eric china will take over north korea, at some point, as he will try to mess with china…….. please have everyone say prayers, much weather changes, will happen, that will effect everyone, one way or another. some goverments will fall, BUT, IN THE BIGGER PICTURE, there will be peacefulness in the world, but a lot has to happen. people forget, GOD, is using this all, to teach all humans, but, we have to feel this, and to experience this, so our souls, can learn and grow……….Which is the main reason, WE all are on horrible earth…………….

  5. Don’t subway trains have whistle’s or a high pitched horn that sounds like a whistle? Didn’t a previous prediction mention something exploding beneath a crowd of people.

      1. Time square doesn’t the roads kinda go around the building. Like they bend and time square building in the middle where the ball drops

  6. Fire… Sept 2014 in Weed, CA (far North CA), destroyed 100 homes. Weed is very close to Oregon border. Maybe the terrorist were living there? Home burned down?

      1. Eric Cindy brought up Far North CA as in Canada far north. Could the Spirits have pmeant Canada or did they specifically say California? I know they use a maple leaf, I think you have mentioned previously, for Canada.

      2. Eric I was trying to google house fires/explosions in Canada, and one sticks out to me. It was last December 13, 2013, in Hamilton, Ontario. They ruled out natural gas. It was a lady in her 60’s with dogs and cats. Neighbors said she was very happy and looking forward to Christmas. The house exploded and was leveled within a half hour. They found her (unidentifiable) and her dogs in a corner in the basement. Said water would not put out the fire. The cross streets are Wilson and Victoria. It was a huge blast. If you look on a map it borders New York State and you could take the Queen Elizabeth Way all the way to the US border in one hours time. Could be nothing but wanted to mention just in case.

  7. A lot going on in this prediction: First I live in NJ and work in NYC so I’m very much affected by this prediction. Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen. Queens is a borough of NYC and has a large Muslim population. The street that sounds like whistle I have no idea.

    1. Does/is there a subway or elevated trains in Queens, Rob?

      Also, who/whom is the women that they are taking care of in the message
      “I am not just going to walk away, I am going to take good care of her” – Spirits Voice”
      Is NYC referred to as as”she”

      1. Yes, there are elevated trains in Queens – my uncle used to live right nearby one train stop so I recall it vividly. Not sure @NYC but Statue of Liberty comes to mind.

  8. What about red mercury? Though it’s hard to figure out if it actually exists or what. Supposedly used by the Russians? Does anyone else know anything about using mercury for explosive devices? It seems maybe it makes the blast way more powerful?? If you google bagel shops in NYC there are a lot that come up around the lower Manhatten area.

      1. Canada definitely fits…I wasn’t feeling anything with the California thought..Canada feels right on this one.
        Has their been any activity up there lately with terrorist? Since the last ordeal?

    1. Only thing that comes to mind is Mercury Glass, which all the rage in Christmas decorations from the balls on Xmas trees to all different kinds of lights.

  9. I hate to answer that question, as I know there are things happening behind the scenes that the public is not aware of. Since the last terror attacks on our Militaty Members there has not been any more. In saying that we all need to remain vigilant whatever Country we live, we are all targets. Love and Blessings to all.

    1. Jules.. Oh my goodness. I’m wondering after looking at the prediction you had mentioned from 2-10-14 about “at the time of the dance, when the fireworks run, also spirit showed a dinner and dance” also spirit showed a tall older almost cobblestone building… Old Montreal is full of older architect buildings and the streets are cobblestone, also it’s cold thrre in the winter and its famous for its festivals and fireworks.. Also earrily there is a performance a dinner and dance coming up in the next day or two and the name of it is “Freddie James”…There are certainly a lot of similarities here… Eric please please look at this… I will forward the link and pray it works.. If by chance it doesn’t please google Freddie James Project in Montreal Canada..

  10. 2-10-14 post: An Attack!” .. “Things were very happy and quickly became horrific.”
    “Around the time of the dance, when the fireworks run, as it all closes up, its ending” “Soon” The Spirits showed individuals with heavy snow jackets so we are talking about a winter location or timing.
    “1,2” The spirits showed two explosions, but it was unclear if they were just showing the same explosion from different views. They showed a long list of names and faces of those who were injured and tragically killed.
    “In the crowded area.. in the North East.. from the fireworks.” The spirits showed a diner or restaurant for some reason. They showed a row of fairly new buildings one of the buildings looked like a castle or a tall square tower made of rocks or cobble stones.

    this prediction has always stood out to me…and because you are mentioning a restaurant along with the north east again is it possible this one had more clues to this prediction.
    I wanted to post the whole prediction in case this helps someone who hasn’t went back and read all your post. maybe it will connect some dots for someone in the New York area.

    1. niagara falls new york and canada on both side of the boarders,at the same time.People are looking down from the restaurent.Could be new years. They also have festival of lights which is fireworks

  11. I can’t help but think this has to relate to the 2/10/14 prediction for a terror attack in the Northeast crowded area, winter jackets, fireworks, and a square looking cobblestone tower. If you look at a lot of the churches in and around the NYC area they tend to have square towers attached that would look similar to a Castles. Also the Belvedere Castle in NYC Central Park. Just a thought.

  12. Posts from 5/8/14 and 5/13/14, speaks of terror attacks. Remembering the “Oakley” or “Oakla”. There are a lot of Oakley Streets in Canada. There is an Oakley Ct in Hamilton, Canada. Or Oakley Stores in NYC. Maybe the Oakley was for Canada??

  13. the only thing that makes sense. niagara falls new york and canada on both side of the boarders,at the same time.People are looking down from the restaurent.Could be new years. They also have festival of lights which is fireworks

      1. check also school buses crossing bridge as it might be tied to another dream i had way way back.Two of them

      2. must be new york,new jersey. jewish.Starts today. Chanukah – the Festival of Lights – is finally here!
        We’ve experienced way too much darkness and terror in the Holy Land in recent months and are overjoyed to celebrate the victory of Israel’s light over darkness.

      3. Date should be the 22nd. might be begin and end. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this area from December 22 to January 19 each year.One of four CARDINAL signs. If i was in the area i would probably pick up more.Not canada thou. Some terror group over jewish holidays. President is on vacation as of friday.

  14. I just had another bizarre dream early late last night between 3 am to 7am. It’s quite uneasy. It’s the symbol in my dreams. Dreamed that my home I grew up doesn’t exist anymore cuz it was destroyed in 1999 F5 tornado in Oklahoma City.

    However, my home was falling apart and unstable. I reached to opened the wired fence gate but was stuck cuz the in grown tree blocked it from opened it. As I tempted to opened the gate, then the house was slowly shifting like a fault. The whole house was nearly fall down then I carefully closed the gate and the house shifting back to prevent it from falling down. Its very unstable and dangerous. From what I see that house looks like a big fault will be soon.

    That was in my dream early late this morning. So, I just wait and see what happens. I don’t have all the answers.

  15. I’ve emailed the agencies that I could think of, and which could possibly stop this from happening. Hopefully they will take a look and get something more out of this than we have. I hope Eric can get some more info from Spirits soon. Sending prayers and light and love to the North East US. Blessings to All!

  16. unfortunately, the issue with emailing agencies like jon said, is the lack of specific details.. its all piecing together of a puzzle and a lot of us see the pieces fitting in a different way.. i really hope things start getting better.. i cant take much more sadness

  17. Hi everyone,

    I’m pretty new here, and I live in the NY metro area. When I got this prediction yesterday, it scared the crap out of me.

    I know that it’s everyone’s intention to help and to uncover the truth, but please be careful with your comments and with what you’re doing with this information. Spreading panic and alerting authorities at this point isn’t helpful – because we don’t know anything specific. Jules – I don’t mean to call you out – I know you have nothing but good intentions, but you have to think about how your message is being received by those agencies you’ve emailed.

    If we’re going to help Eric decipher these messages, then let’s focus on that, instead of throwing a million questions at him, and then running off on tangents. This is relatively serious and I think we can all hear the distress in Eric’s words. This is certainly very scary for me, and I’d just like to ask everyone to remember that we are talking about people’s lives here – let’s try to handle this as responsibly as we can.

    1. I agree completely panic only makes things worse. I m not totally convinced this one is new your now tho the Canada thing sounds pretty close to this prediction Cindy posted. And we have gotten a lot about Boston in eric predictions. I know in mine ny always comes up but I feel like it could just be a sign of East coast might not be actual ny so please don’t let my predictions scare you. I’m in New jersey so I hear ya. We all know the risk of living outside major cities.if anything ever were to happen to Philadelphia or new york, new jersey would pretty much be screwed to.

    2. Hi Fromheretolove. Yes it is very scarey. I get where you are coming from. But I also understand that we are running out of time if Spirit is saying five days, and there is only so much Eric, Spirits and those on the site can “actively do to stop any terrorist “physically” from delivering a sinister act of some kind. We all can decipher and talk about it but who on this site is going to actually go and detain these people? I am not trying to be sarcastic. Just a realist. The whole purpose of this site is to change the outcome of these horrible situations which are predicted by Spirit/Eric.
      Blessings and Prayers

      1. Certainly. Of course you are correct. But what are the authorities doing with your email? Are they randomly detaining everyone named Vicky with a gold necklace and colorful scarf in NY? That’s the issue – that none of this is actionable in its current state, so there’s nothing to do at this point. If we can get some clarity, by sharing and thinking and asking questions and suggesting interpretations, then we may have something real to present to the authorities, that will lead to actual credible detentions. (I’ve worked with law enforcement in the past – and vague general psychic predictions without credible actionable information, just make us look like looney tunes and further dilute our credibility when we actually have something real to say).

        1. Yes totally agree Fromheretolove. I think we are both basically on the same page mostly. I’ve emailed these agencies in the past and have no idea what they do with the info. It is up to them to research or act once they have it. I figure they can use all the help they can get these days. If they don’t want to look at it because it comes from Eric and the Spirit World, I can’t change that. Any information this site could give them will always lead back to Spirits and Eric eventually. I have to say I would rather they think I’m a loon and take a look then not take a look. I don’t give them specifics of what my opinions are on the matter. Just let them know they should read the Post and pay attention for any details that may stick out to them. Something we on the site may not pick up may really be significant to those who do this on a daily basis. I know these agencies may look at this type of info as being not credible since it is from a source that isn’t their “norm”, but all it takes is just one person to look at it, see something we here don’t see, act on it, and cause a change for the good. Perhaps eventually more will pay attention. This is just another tool for them to use. Not the only one. If only they would begin to realize this.

      2. ok lets get back to the important stuff…
        fromheretolove….does any of this prediction symbolize anything you see in or out of NY? the strange whistle? I know that’s hard to pin point because there is so much going on in NY. Take the subways out of the picture when thinking about it. like any business have a whistle to create attention to their establishment or anything? the roads mean anything to you? I know that one might be tricky to because their are plenty of t-roads even around here. but maybe something significant in front of where the road ends? I have only been to NY once for a modeling gig when I was in my teenage years so I am very unfamiliar with the area. and these questions can apply to anyone…bosten Canada anyone who has a hunch. just focus on the clues. because you are right, no one in law enforcement is going to do anything but throw out the email and make fun of it, psychics aren’t recognized that much in law enforcement. they go for real facts hard evidence.

      3. Jules, but how can anyone prevent it from happening? Maybe we should respect someone like fromheretolove as it frightening her.

        The only way I know is the power of pray. It helps to reverse it. Because the devils are doing all the dirty works to destroy the people. Through power of prayers the devils couldn’t do anything. This is why Blessed Mother Mary visited the earth urging us to pray, pray and pray. It works. No pray, disasters result.

    3. fromheretoLove, not sure you know this but FBI, CIA and Police use psychics all the time and do take the emails and calls. What they do with the info is up to them. I have friends and old college mates that work for all three agencies. Each have told me that they use psychics and also take in to account of things credible psychics see. Not sure if you know that or not. Be well and do give into the fear. How we can change it is by realizing the ‘threat’ is there and being mindful and cautious. I think you have a saying that they also use in my former city of Chicago. “See something, say something”. Thats how it can be stopped. Terror will never win in the long run. Love will always reign. Also, do what some of us do, Transcendental Meditation. It helps calm even in crisis. Even our military is using it for the troops and PTSD. I volunteer for the Naval Hospital here in San Diego. They teach it there. It helps. Peace to you, my friend!!! 😀

      1. Hi Jon Blue – You are right. I had the distinct honor of being introduced to two retired secret service agents while working years ago; I told one of them about my precognitive dream about foreseeing the assassination attempt of President Reagan by Hinckley back in 1981. This particular secret service agent saved the President’s life in that event. He was stunned that I’d had that predictive dream. He said in all of his years, no one had told him that they foresaw that particular event. The second retired secret service agent turned to me and said, ” People like you are hired by the FBI.” That was the first time that I’d heard that fact. These two men were AMAZING people. I consider getting to know them for a brief time as one of the highlights of my life. I have an autographed photo as a special remembrance 🙂 So yes, the FBI is probably taking in all that Eric and we say here.

        1. Hi Lia and Jon Blue. Those are amazing stories! That is such great news to hear these agencies take and use this type of information seriously. Perhaps they have evolved after all. : )

      2. Thanks Jon Blue, but I think you’re missing what I’m saying. I know they work with psychics – that’s great, but not relevant to my comment. The point I was trying to make is that this prediction is so vague that even if they wanted to do something with it – what could they do? It’s not clear where, or when, or how. (Imagine you’re an agent at the FBI and you get Eric’s prediction – what the heck are you going to do with it? Nothing. Because there’s not one single solid fact to go on – I’m not bashing anyone, I’m just stating a fact). To say “what they do with that info is up to them” is silly and takes all responsibility off of you for providing useless info.

        What that does is just spread panic. Panic in its own right is useless. Awareness, vigilance, and rational thinking is helpful in emergencies, not panic. If all we do with this prediction is spread panic, then people are in fear and not thinking clearly. They’re not making rational connections. Their mental pathways are blocked with fear.

        We have in essence a language barrier with Spirit. They are trying their hardest (as I think Jennifer said above) to show Eric something, and on this side, we are trying our hardest to understand those messages. All I was asking for was that instead of running around with our hair on fire and screaming and panicking, when we aren’t even sure what we’re panicking about (or where or when), that we tone it down and try to be more responsible with what we’re saying and doing.

        1. Fromheretolove, I am just curious as to how you absolutely know for a fact, that this info is useless to anyone in any of these agencies that may look at it?

      3. Fromheretolove, hi again 🙂 Here is a brief thought on what agencies do with information from psychics, even vague. They have data and intel themselves that what Eric says may seem vague to us but to government agencies it may fit in just right with what underground spy things they may hear that this would confirm a particular area they are thinking of. That is how it is used. Even the things you think are vague, actually are not vague to those with more information from wire taps and internet taps. Just don’t be too quick to call something vague or to say it is causing panic. It is in how you read the information. Don’t fear the information, that is what is useless. Use the information to be more aware of your surroundings. Honestly very few people on this site that respond live in fear because we have learned to deal with our gifts of sight, or instinct or aura or whatever our gift may be. We come together as a collective to try and translate dreams. For instance, when I need help with a specific dream, I contact my very best friends who has known me 20 years. They also have similars gift. We are usually able to descipher the meaning. We need each other to help figure out. Even the smallest detail makes a difference to authorities and agencies.
        I will keep you in my meditations that you are able to read the comments and questions people pose as not fear based but as conjecture to try and solve a puzzle. A fun TV show you can get on Netflix is called Bletchley Circle. It is a loosely based true story of women in the 1950s who had been underground diciphers of code for WW2. They circled together to secretly solve crimes. They would bounce ideas off each other. Great series and hope it helps you maybe understand what and why we try and piece together a complex puzzle of translating ancient spirit language into modern day language. Peace to you my friend. All will be will. Now put your detective hat back on 🙂 Lets solve some mysteries together.

  18. I also posted at the top some of my journal writings from the past couple months, I have been getting scattered messages while taking with spirits about things that might be coming to a head. if anything sticks out to anyone please let me know. I hope maybe some can be connected to eric readings to piece things together. i encourage anyone who is afraid to speak up that this might be the time you want to, if you feel something, had visions of something, or dream or are connection the dots by reading all erics post please shed your light. I know there is a gentlemen out there that is very close to breaking the code. I felt it and still feel it. I know it is there if you go back into all the writings and check the outcomes when they happened and the wording and is there. keep trying. 🙂

  19. Michelle – I can’t think of anything that sounds like a whistle or any buildings that look like they’re made of stones (unless you include bricks). If you look at the Hoboken (jersey side) skyline, you can see a bunch of modern glass and steel buildings and an old clock tower at the train terminal. There are often fireworks there in the summer time.

    I took the “24 and 2” as perhaps the intersection of those streets in Manhattan – “24th Street and 2nd Avenue.” If you look at street view on google maps, there are a bunch of little stores which are part of large residential buildings. No bagel shops though. There is a Mercury Lounge in that neighborhood, but it’s about 15 streets away (on 3rd avenue and 33nd street, I think).

    Nothing specifically helpful – but maybe this jogs something for someone else here.

    1. I thought 24th and 2nd also. Googled them and 24th runs into the VA Hospital. You can only turn left though unless you are on foot. There have been predictions on bridges and tunnels also in the past for terrorist attacks. Have you heard the strange sound people speak of coming from the One a World a Trade Center Fromheretolove? I’m sure it’s just the wind but it supposedly is a strange noise many have recorded. Maybe Spirits mean “funny”, as in strange whistling?

      1. I’ve heard people say that the new WTC makes odd sounds, but I’ve never heard them.

        The trains in and out of the Hoboken terminal do make screeching sounds often. There is something in the tracks that sounds like a high pitched metal on metal sound almost every time the trains go in an out. They also blow their train whistles when entering or exiting the station… but that would be true of any train station.

        1. Yes a lot of people have brought up the trains on the tracks whistling noise. Eric has had a prediction about trains/tunnels previously. I really hope this can be a “foiled” prediction. Spirits said some can be foiled others can’t. I am really tired of these evil people wanting to hurt innocents.

      2. The public in general is getting tired of these attacks by terrorists. I find the recent siege on the Lindt Cafe in Australia and the school in Pakistan to be exceptionally evil. Prayer might be the only way out of this mess.

    2. New to this site, and very intrigued. What came to mind first is those traffic police who control intersections with heavy traffic. Just a thought.

      1. Thought of heavy traffic in busy New York streets which sometimes utilize traffic police who use whistles. Just following threads of Queen-thought Queens borough NY and when saw bagels, NY instantly came to mind. Lots of things point to NY to me. Also read of necklace with ball inside and thought of ball dropping at Times Square,

  20. Hi all. I am familiar with the NYC area. There is a cafe called “The Corner Cafe” in NY that sells bagels literally right on the corner of 24th. Has what looks to be apartments above I think. It all sounds stupid and meaningless but the bagel image is not for nothing obviously. They wouldn’t waste their time showing bagels if it weren’t significant. Just can’t figure out why???? I wish there were clearer information. I am so scared for these innocent people. I disagree with those who say don’t panic. This is immediate, dangerous,etc. There is not much time to create a warning.

    1. Hi Jennifer. Yes every little bit of info helps I think. 24 hour bagels. I did see that bagel shop on google earlier and didn’t put the 24 and bagel together. Thank you!

      1. Do you think its worth anything? Spirit tried their best to communicate with Eric. They showed bagels. In relation to a potential terror attack. It’s not meaningless. It’s not meant to be cute or funny. They used all their effort to show bagels in the same day they told him “bomb.” So it couldn’t hurt to have undercover officers looking for suspicious activity. The problem is, it’s all just speculation at this point.I can’t even tell if by 24 they mean a location or day. But at this point I do think that New Years is the most accurate potential time, especially considering last time they showed themselves watching TV and looking sad after the countdown reached 1. Perhaps they’re a bit off with the whole “in 5 days” thing. Or not. Who knows.

        1. I think it could be really. The more I think on it the more it does seem relevant. We’d not have known about a Freddy Mercury jewelry collection if you had not mentioned it. Eric can maybe just soft through some of the comments and take from them what he can use and leave the rest. I have faith in him and Spirits. And I believe he knows that we all are only trying to help gather info and won’t be offended if he tells any of us, that’s not it, etc. Heaps of Blessings Jennifer.

    2. Maybe the box with bagels indicates that the perpetrator is a delivery guy for a bagel establishment? In NYC, bagels are often delivered to corporate clients so a delivery driver would have access to many buildings without looking suspicious.

      1. I would suppose that if a bomb could be placed into a shoe, then one can be placed in a bagel, too. Scary thought. Also, how to distinguish a perpetrator delivering a box of bagels to a corporate office? Gosh!!!! Maybe he/ she wears a signature like Freddie Mercury jewelry….quite a stretch…. But maybe that’s how spirit works.

        1. With the shoe they are describing some type of place, look for the symbols. Remember the “Place of Leaves” ended up being Canada, because of the Leaf on their flag.

        1. Did the brown uniform three crescent moons prediction already happen Eric? Someone had mentioned a delivery driver or the bio hazard symbol at the time then. Just a thought.

    1. Wow very interesting Flamingo 101. I’d say that isn’t “nothing”, but another possible piece of the puzzle. And if it isn’t relevant, no harm done

  21. Eric – I agree w/a few of your writers on this thread…the clues appear to be too cryptic and we all seem to be going into different directions. Just wondering if New York, New Jersey came across clearly to you. Could it be Boston? I only ask because you’ve mentioned a Boston attack in previous messages and Boston has fireworks on New Years’ Eve as part of its first night celebration. Also, the parks connecting to the Boston Common where they do the fireworks are known to be called “The Emerald Necklace.” Further, nearby the Boston Common up the street is a huge gold, steaming teakettle that overhangs what is now a Starbucks Coffee shop. This teakettle is historical and though it does not make a whistle noise, the steam comes out of the kettle as if it were whistling. Within several feet of this teakettle. Is the MBTA Faneuil Hall Rapid Transit Station – the subway is one of the busiest stops. The road nearby the teakettle forks and perhaps that could be interpreted as an unusual intersection.They probably serve bagels at Starbucks, but I have no way of knowing. The architect of the Boston Emerald necklace is Frederick Law Olmstead. It was called the Emerald necklace because of the connections of green parks with rivers, streams and Boston byways looks much like a necklace hanging on the neck of the Boston peninsula. I hope it’s not Boston but the clues might lead to Boston. If you are DEFINITE that it’s NYC or New Jersey then let us know in order to keep my interpretation from taking us off track.

    1. Lia Thank You for your calm demeanor and kind way of expressing your thoughts. Thats great info also and I’m sorry if I seem to be going in different directions. I don’t mean too. I just am soooooo tired of these Spiders and their sinister acts and want everyone to contribute whatever they feel may be relevant. I really wish we could help to change the outcome. I am definetly praying and sending light and love to the Northeast area as I am sure so many others here are also doing the same.

      1. Hi Jules, I was not expressing you personally going off track – I really value what you have to say on this forum! In fact, this is the most polite prediction forum I’ve experienced which is a testament to Eric’s leadership and the tone that he sets. If anything, I suppose that I am frustrated that the clues are so cryptic which leaves the predicted event to be so elusive in terms of pinpointing a perpetrator and a location. It appears that most of us are anxious about this particular prediction. I think the authorities affiliated w/ homeland security watch this site, too. At least, I hope so. The necklace symbol and the weird whistle clue led me to think of the Emerald neclace of Boston and the huge teakettle me government center in Boston. But, Eric did get NYC or New Jersey so that seemed more clear in terms of location. I thought Jennifer’s theory below about there being two explosions on two different dates is a new idea for this thread – it is very possible that there are coordinated attacks planned. let’s hope that all is uneventful this holiday season!

        1. Oh gosh I agree on the anxious frustrating part. I guess all we can do is try, get the word out, and put all of the cryptic messages together that Eric gets from Spirit as best we can. Praying he can get some clarity on some of the things Spirit has already told him or more info for us to work with though. I think the more people who are contributing what info they can, no matter how small they may think it is… the more pieces we can maybe put together. I do hope the agencies who have the power to find these Spiders and take them off the streets and put them someplace where they can’t harm any more people, ARE paying attention. Even if I never found out that we may have helped to prevent some sort of planned attack, as long as it didn’t happen I’d be happy.

  22. 2-10-14 post: An Attack!” .. “Things were very happy and quickly became horrific.”
    “Around the time of the dance, when the fireworks run, as it all closes up, its ending” “Soon” The Spirits showed individuals with heavy snow jackets so we are talking about a winter location or timing.
    “1,2” The spirits showed two explosions, but it was unclear if they were just showing the same explosion from different views. They showed a long list of names and faces of those who were injured and tragically killed.
    “In the crowded area.. in the North East.. from the fireworks.” The spirits showed a diner or restaurant for some reason. They showed a row of fairly new buildings one of the buildings looked like a castle or a tall square tower made of rocks or cobble stones.

    They mentioned “TWO EXPLOSIONS”

    Perhaps they meant in 5 minutes (days) the 1st

    then on “24th the 2nd” ????

    I still keep thinking NYE though.

    “Bomb” — Spirits Voice
    I had a visual of a colorful cloth covering the bomb making it unable to see with the naked eye.
    Metropolis, New York, New Jersey
    In about 5 minutes (that means 5 days sometime around the 20th-22nd) but then they said
    24.. 2nd.. (the 2nd might be a message related to the location or a floor to a building)
    “By the funny sound.. like a whistle” — Spirits Voice

    1. Although it was unclear if they were showing two explosions or the same one from different views

      1. A few months should I dreamt of a tower collapsing onto a courtyard. The tower I saw was round and red brick burnout was like a restaurant on top. Sounds a bit similar to yours.

    2. It’s really odd , you talk about bagels!
      My kids have been enjoying done waffles recently and each time I talk about them , I’m calling them bagels. I don’t even know what bagels are. My kids keep saying why are you saying bagels?. There has to be some significance !

    3. A few months should I dreamt of a tower collapsing onto a courtyard. The tower I saw was round and red brick burnout was like a restaurant on top. Sounds a bit similar to yours.

    1. I had asked Eric a while ago about what it looked like and he said square cobblestone like browns. Though perhaps just symbolic of a tower in general? It didn’t sound like it. Rosemary’s tower was red brick and round at the top. Is the pic of the Train/subway station in Hoboken, NJ? There were train/subway terrorist attack predictions. They spoke of a crystal bridge once. Anything in the area that would match? I do get the feeling that they want people to think they are only lone wolf acts, disorganized attempts at terrorist attacks, while their objective is something much bigger.

      1. Jules there is a museum out of Arkansas called Crystal Bridge Museum of American Art, they bought a Frank LLoyd Wright home located in NJ and moved it

        1. Hi Flamingo 101. Yes I saw that a while back. My daughter went to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and I believe that is in Bentonville maybe? Right next to it. At the time of that post we were talking about Russia and the Olympic Games so didnt mention it as relevant. They have a walkway out of a train station in Russia that the locals call the “Crystal Bridge”. Very interesting that this was moved to NJ though. Thanks for the info.

  23. Like everyone else here i to am sick of the sinister acts and all the innocent people who suffer from these senseless acts. I hope and pray that with all of us here at the site even if its a small bunch can make a big difference in this world i dont know how much itll work with my small network of friends but i shared this post on facebook. Hey michelle i keep practacing on contacting my spirit guides cause they say we all have one but cant calm my mind down to do it yet my question to you is do dreams work or if anyone else can answer that looking forward to hearing responses much love to all.

    1. Jon blue might be able to answer that one…I don’t dream to much I have always been medium and talk with past spirits.
      What are you seeing when you meditate? Try focusing on the white light first..don’t try to hard to see it …it will come to you then surround yourself in it. Really the first steps. I might have been jumping around a lot when i tried to explain it before. Try calm ocean music in the background might help or if the rain calms you…try to relax enough to almost hit a dream like state but sit in a seat so you don’t fall asleep. There are things on you tube like I said before…Some even walk you through it. Like you can turn one on your computer and let it run to and try it while they are talking you through it. If I have time I will look for a good one and put the link up. Or if anyone else knows one please share with Travis. I have seen and talked with my spirit guide but honestly my grandfather and uncle have been playing a bigger role in my guidance these days. Once you get to that state try calling on a close relative that might be past. That might work. Or even ask for a dream. You may have a dream of them that night. Hope that helps…keep asking away if you are having a hard time with it. I will definitely lead a helping hand where I can;)

      1. Make sure it’s the right time to. Like when you have nothing going on maybe before bed even when the night is calmer and nothing is going on. That’s usually what works for me because there is always something going on any other time of the day for me. Or maybe when you first wake up before the day has actually started to get your mind racing

        1. Great advice Michelle. I might add for you Travis to be consistent and make meditation a daily practice.. Start small with say 5-10 minutes and each time your mind wanders bring your awareness back to your breath. You can also see the thoughts that infiltrate your mind floating away on s cloud until you are able to remain still.. Thoughtless.. I teach meditation classes and I will be honest when first starting out it may seem frustrating but I promise if u make it a daily practice it will pay off.. Try out different meditation music as Michelle mentioned to begin with, you may have to try a lot to find the right one. Also read about Budhism and the practice of mindfulness.This is a way to connect with Spirit. Eric is a master and totally dedicated to his meditations … be consistent.. Consistency breads success… 🙏🙏

      2. Cindy I forgot to mention the breathing part to Travis last time thanks for bringing that up because it is a big part. glad you added that. I am no teacher by far…I’m glad someone with teaching skills had some advice for Travis;)
        Travis add the deep breathes (inhale and exhale slowly) and see if that mellows you out a little bit and tell us how it works out. 😉 if you are anything like me you might even fall asleep a couple times it’s ok if that happends;)

      3. Thanks for the great advice you two i will try to be consistent with it i will try to light a candle listen to calming meditation music and focus on deep breathing also another question there wont be no evil spirit trying to pose as good will there

      4. Ok i just didnt wanna do something wrong and invite evil spirit in i know id love to connect with my dad

        1. Hi Travis, the biggest help any of us can do is get that word out to as many people as possible, come up with new ideas on how to get the word out to everyone.

    2. Hey Travis buddy. Yes, each one gave great advice. I literally saged my entire place and all the window and door frames with a few of my close and loving friends. We each read beautiful cleansing verses from the Bible, Buddha’s teachings, and other loving teachings from Gandhi that brought love, light and holy spirit of joy. Literally my entire place smelled like a cathedral afterward but that was my very first step. Each friend read a verse or said encouraging loving words at each room, doorway and window we saged. After they left, I would light a white candle in one of those tall glasses (away from anything that could catch fire obviously). I did that for about a week. I had not intended on any dream or visions or anything like that. But each night I would do Transcendental Meditation. Peaceful centering. After a week of that, the dreams came with my grandpa. They were very strong and powerful. If you have the ‘gift’ it will come to you as it did for me. It takes practice, dedication to keep it up. For me, it was just those three powerful dreams then later a few quick dreams that happened just before waking up in the morning. Like split second clips and things would happen either that day or that week that would be from those short clips. The ritual of meditation must be constant. Look up the website in hopes of helping. I also have an app on my iPhone called “Calm”. I use that as well. Start there. Many hugs and peace!!!

      1. Ya Travis if you are worried about any evil being around you you should take Jon blues advice a smudge with sage maybe before you really start the meditation. Very good advice jon;)
        It’s hard for me to describe all this because seeing spirits came to me before I knew what meditation even was. Meditation for me is just a way to control it. A time I dedicate to spirits so they don’t just pop in on me and scare the heck out of me. Peace for me came when I excepted my gift. I didn’t run from it anymore.
        I have seen evil and I know it’s because I have been reaching for information. I know it when I see it. Once you get that purity of light in our soul you will be able to identify anything with bad intentions. And if you ever do come a crossed something bad focus on the white light and the surrounding of white light you put yourself in for protection. So make sure you take baby steps and work at it.

    3. is a good site to try for meditation and/or calming the mind. You can choose from many backdrops and sounds, like ocean waves, rainfall etc. You can also set a timer if you wish.

    1. Not for nothing …but I hope they got some kind of permission from north Korea to make that move I don’t know much about it i seen the preview and what we are ok with here is definitely not the case in North Korea. Any know anything about the movie and possible permission? This could get messy if they didnt

    1. The name of the bagel shop was Haymishe Bagel.

      But it gets weirder, another Jewish kosher deli – Perls Deli – two doors away had previously been on fire too ??

      “Bracha Sorek, owner of Haymishe Bagel, another Jewish institution famous for their homemade chocolate bubka and raisin challah, was the only store open in the mall when the fire started.

      Sorek said she called 911 after a customer alerted her that smoke was coming from the deli, which is only two doors away.”

      Hmm…. I’m confused???

      1. Quote from the article… “That day, Teausant told the source over the phone that he and a group of people had discussed ‘hitting’ the Los Angeles subway on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, authorities alleged in the affidavit.”
        I’m sure that they have so much intel on who this guy was with and who the group of people were but maybe not.

      2. I’m just sensing that this guy was an amateur though. But its probably some sort of similar concept like this.

  24. He did say it was a house, not a restaurant, that burned down though.
    I feel like I’m just following meaningless information that will probably amount to nothing …. ugh

    1. The core of the prediction is above, don’t get to caught up in the small messages they gave. The house seemed something in the past or perhaps another group of terrorist, almost as if to say these villains started in Ca??

    1. Hi Star48. I agree with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. There just seems to be a bigger picture/event/target coming up that the Spiders are trying to distract everyone away from, in my opinion.

    1. As I said above. Don’t start going into it wanting to contact spirits. Go into meditation to heal. If it is meant for you to contact them, they will find you within your meditation once you have done the things I mentioned. Go slow and use mindfulness and love as your guide.

      1. I do see a quick or flash light before going to sleep. I opened my eyes thought it was lightening or someone turned on and off the light. I do dreams that seem very real. Not often, but spirits communicate with me to understand what’s going on in the world. . The best thing is that I’m deaf so everything is silent. It helps me to turn off the sounds distractions without the hearing aids. I guess that’s helps to meditate with spirits.

  25. I asked my Spirit about NYC. Quick vision in my dream. Saw the Queen as the Statue of Liberty being the target by whistling ship carried bottles and oranges used by the terrorists. Ships exploded aiming to the queen.

    I hope not. Pray it doesn’t happen.

      1. Hi Eric and Mary. I was going to ask you about that exact one. I think from Sept 6 or 16th maybe? Also a vision of people running screaming I think. I wanted to know if anyone else saw a connection.

      2. Idk. Right now, I’m so confused. I’ve some doubts. I will believe when it happens. Again, I hope not. So I just have to wait and see. No worries.

  26. I have often read this site and find it fascinating. This is my first time commenting.

    The ISIS as octopus prediction is a terrifying image. I pray that they are stopped in their tracks sooner rather than later.

    Eric/Michelle, do you see ISIS taking over the world and enforcing their ‘beliefs’ on us?

    1. I agree with Eric they won’t be able to take over but what I seen was when they finally show themselves and try and raise up they will me attached to ever continent. They are more underground right now so we really don’t know the true size of the whole group. But we will. I did see the head deflate so it will definitely be defeated to some aspect.

    1. Pope Francis is amazing! Glad you provided this link because I did not know he helped both countries to work together. Good for him!

      1. Thank you, Eric. I agreed also. Felt or sensed positive thing about the Pope. Idk why some said negative things about him. Its puzzled me.

      2. I have a friend whose husband had a near-death experience about a year ago. It was a profound experience for him; he said he communicated with God ( was not religious prior to the NDE) and God told him that Pope Francis is His pope for the world.

  27. i had a dream related to this first event. its a parade. i came out of building and i looked to the sky and said its awfully dark. i asked for the time and it was 12.30. i looked to the sky and saw big floats/ballons in the air. Bomb im guessing is a bagpack which was another message. did not say what date.

  28. Hi everyone safety and loving prayers and loving energetic light to all…i was thinking maybe the coloured cloth could be a christmas parade or table cloth of sorts …im sending much light to new jersey /new york and your authorties at consistant ever present energy …my thoughts are with you america..

  29. 2-10-14 post: An Attack!” .. “Things were very happy and quickly became horrific.”
    “Around the time of the dance, when the fireworks run, as it all closes up, its ending” “Soon” The Spirits showed individuals with heavy snow jackets so we are talking about a winter location or timing.
    I like alot of people was thinking New Years Eve – but something led me to thinking this–
    Radio City Christmas Spectacular is 90-minutes of dance, fireworks, and a flying Santa at Radio City Music Hall. Pre-show, meet a Rockette or Santa, and admire 10,000 crystals hanging in the Grand Foyer.

    1. OK, this came from a prediction for this year from another psychic. He said there would be a St. Patrick’s massacre- googled and found Radio City Music Hall 22 blocks away.

  30. This is probably nothing but wanted to mention it just in case someone else sees anything here. I looked up the word, “Metropolis”, and the 1927 film “Metropolis” came up. At the bottom it says, “Some scenes from the film were featured in the music video for Queen’s 1984 hit “Radio Ga Ga”. The tracks were prepared by Freddie Mercury”.

    I don’t know much about this film except it speaks of the Tower of Babel, there is a women in a gold shiny outfit and it is suppose to be 100 years into the future.

    1. “Metropolis” is an *amazing* movie, and in spite of the fact that it is made in 1927 (which might be off putting to some) – it actually portrays via allegory, the way things are currently in our world. In that the little people do all of the work, producing the wealth for an elite few who hoard it unto themselves.

      There is much symbolism in the movie, and it is one I would recommend to all, simply so they can see, more clearly, our world today.

  31. Think i got like my first sign today or whatever you wanna call it so i tried meditating and i guess i can say it calmed me down afterwords i was on the computer watching a show and all the sudden i caught on to i guess like a calling it repeated meditating twice and something bout keep practiceing which i felt it was trying to tell me to thought that was pretty neat to share

  32. Hey gang. So I was just reading on CNN of the new report on the Secret Service being low staffed and strained and not as proficient as they used to be. Also read the article about the blimps that will fly over Washington DC from now on that will detect cruise missiles. This cannot be a coincidence. There must be intel that the public isn’t aware of regarding a serious threat. I don’t think this is a precaution or they would have done this a long time ago. Seems scary surreal. Eric, any thoughts on the blimps and the extra protection going on in DC? Anything to do with your visions or old predictions?

    1. Hi Jon Blue. Funny you should say they must have some intel on something In the works. That was my thoughts right after the Sydney incident. All of a sudden they are on high alert in NYC etc. I just got the strangest feeling they knew more than what they were/are saying (obviously right). I was thinking, okay here’s their chance to sort of break the news to us Americans with out causing mass panic. (If that makes any sense). Also, in this article I had read, they were talking about how many counterterrorism people they have just in NYC alone. Strange they say they are lacking in the DC area. Hmmm. Going to be praying and sending out the light and love to All. Blessings Always.

        1. Hi Jon Blue. I hope that didn’t come off as I didn’t believe you. Not intended to. Wow though. That’s pretty ridiculous. Thanks for the info.

    2. Hi Jon, I will have to read that article on CNN. My former Secret Service friend who saved President Reagan’s life had as his motto,” Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.” It sounds like they still hold to this motto.

  33. Forgot when Eric wrote the prediction about the stadium, cheering and celebration followed by horror. I looked up Freddie Mercury’s hits. “We Are The Champions” he said was intended for football – a cheer! Also, his song, “We Will Rock You” is often played at sport games. I looked up the schedules of the NY Giants and the NY Jets. The Jets play the New England Patriots on this Sunday, the 21 st. At 1:00 p.m. EST. Also, there is a huge catering menu at the Met Life Stadium where they play – it includes bagels. Well, hope I’m being outlandish and this is just my imagination. The whistle symbol – not sure if that makes sense.

  34. Forgot to say that MetLife Stadium is used by the NY Giants and NY Jets and is located in Rutherford, New Jersey.

      1. I thought that, too. Also, “Met Life” name stands for Metropilitan Life – Metropolis, NY, NJ phrase more fully makes sense.

  35. I looked up the NYC breaking news late last night. There was 200 firefighters at the Queens apt. One firefighter died fell through the ceiling. He was 17. 24 apts with 2 swimming pools burned down. The numbers 24 and 2, Queens and burned down all similar but the prediction is for California. Please look up on Internet as I do not know how to transfer it to emails.

  36. You were right Eric about something happening in New York. Some person came in from out of state and shot two NYPD officers today.

  37. Eric, I have seen signs and remembered your visions sharing with us. You saw yourself in hood on the horse with arrows and bow. I was watching the TV series called “Arrow”. I saw the name Queens industry factory. Do they have the Queens industry factory in NYC? If so, does the factory has funny whistled sounds?? Is there a yacht called “Queens” that has whistled sounds on NYC harbor?? Just brain storming.

    This is different topic. This afternoon, I was very depressed for the world of sinners. I spoke with God. He showed me in my dream. I am not Catholic but i was in my childhood. I reached out to Pope’s robe and cried my face unto his robe at His feet for His forgiveness of our sins. Omg…its HIM. Its discreetly. He came to the world for Peace. He is the Prince of earth. You all know who He is. When he dies, he will return His Second coming. Does that ring the bell to you? Be careful. The more people know who He is, He will be persecuted. I know it sounds crazy but He sent Pope to the world for Peace. He is the One. The Satans and devils know who He is but flesh humans doesn’t know it.

    1. Mary – I said in another recent thread that a friend of mine, her husband had a near death experience. He spoke with God during his NDE – telepathic communication. Anyway, God said to him that Pope Francis is the face of Christ.

      1. Does that mean He IS the Christ? That gives me the goose bumps. That was in my dream yesterday. I cried in His white robe. Then I felt knowing He IS the Christ. I only shared with you but not for the world to know. Because many will attack Him. He came for Peace. He IS the only Saint on this earth. This is so unreal. But I believe it. Would love to meet Him knowing He is our Christ, the Savior. It’s almost make sense “Second Coming” in Book of Revelation.

      2. Wow – what a beautiful, powerful dream you had, Mary! I think we are all the body of Christ – each and every one of us shines a light from within, though some through free will possess diminished inner lights while others have activated the Christ within through love. Pope Francis is the face of Christ and every single being on earth is the body of Christ. That we are all ONE is the transforming awakening that is now happening in the world.

      1. Thank you, Lia for your kind words. Its very special to have Saint Frances in our time on this planet. I don’t think he is THE Christ. But it felt like he is the Christ but he is not. Again thanks. Have a beautiful and merry Christmas!

  38. Two police officers were assassinated yesyerday, December 20th, in nyc. The gunman then ran into a subway station and killed himself. I don’t know if this is related to the prediction.

  39. Also, the assassination occurred in Brooklyn, home to a lot of Jewish people and bagels.

    1. Makes sense. Saw on the news. My heart is heavy for hatred and madness sins. Pray for peace. I’m sorry for their families loss. It made more unease for most police officers.

      1. Hi Eric. There is a statue of Mercury on the clock on the facade of the Grand Central Station/Terminal building (which also is in front of the MetLife building). It is also on 42nd street (not 24 though, like you mentioned) however in front the street goes left or right or you can go straight to enter Grand Central Station. There are vendors inside who sell bagels as well as many other things. Maybe this helps??

        1. That’s a very good point, bigger than that they actually mentioned a clock last night, but they put it on a tower of some kind. We are planning to ask for clarity on the clock tonight.

      2. One more thing, you said, “24…2nd”. Interestingly, on February 24th, 2013 (2/24) there was a bomb scare at Grand Central. They said, “Metropolitan Transportation Authority shut down service of its shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central on Sunday night, and briefly had 4, 5 and 6 trains bypassing the station after a bomb scare halted activity to the transit hub, according to MTA officials.”

      3. Thank you Jules for posting a pic for Eric. I hope I’m not right. I don’t want to be right. A terror act at any time is horrible, but New Years in New York would be absolutely devastating. Please, God, let me NOT be right. 😦 I ask for your protection and love around New York, a blanket of joy and happiness and celebration and for everyone’s safety.

      4. Eric, just saw this link to images of Grand Central Station in NYC. The depiction of constellations on the ceiling is interesting; recall your previous prediction where you were with bow and arrow targeting light beams toward NYC (I think) and I said you were like Orion in response to your post. In the images that Jules posted as a link to GCS, the central constellation is Orion (in this image, Orion carries a club instead of a bow and arrow). The three stars as his belt is what makes this clearly Orion. Hope nothing happens during the holidays.

    1. Gen..i think your GCS location is by far the most likely, and what we have been trying to find. As an aside, about 2 months ago, I made my brother promise me(!) that he and his girlfriend would not be going to nyc this new years eve. He has done this for a multitude of years, and has always used GCS and stayed in the city…actually just this past sat. I told him I had a bad feeling about this train station specifically, he reiterated that they would not be going this year.. And now I have just seen what you wrote, and it made me do a double take.. Love and blessings to all.

  40. May not be a terrorist attack at all but simply a warning of a tragic accident.
    Yesterday afternoon December. 22 at around 2.30 a garbage truck whose driver from eye witness accounts had collapsed at the wheel careered along the sidewalk in Queen Street in Glasgow killing 6 people and coming to a halt at the entrance to Queen Street Station. many more were injured.
    The bodies of the deceased were covered in green tarpaulin whilst accident investigation started.
    I saw a woman interviewed on TV who had stayed talking to a badly injured woman for some 40 minutes and refused to leave her till professional help arrived.
    Also the newspapers today showed the route the truck had taken marking it with a red arrow. The Glasgow streets in the city centre are set out in a grid system. Queen Street is a straight street with other streets off it to the left and right.
    I suggest the BBC website for further details
    Dark days

  41. I don’t know if this could be related or just an odd coincidence. The Travel Channel has a special coming up tomorrow, Sunday the 4th called, “Metropolis-New York, San Fransisco”. It’s about those two specific cities. It just seemed strange to me.

  42. Eric – This is extremely late in the game, but the Golden Globes are tomorrow at the Beverly Hilton. The only correlation is that Freddie Mercury stayed at the Hilton.. As far as the flooding in regards to candy in Australia, there is Cadbury’s in Tasmania and Walker’s close to Perth that I was able to find.

  43. Just looking through older predictions. Not sure if these are related but the was a natural gas explosion at an apartment building in NYC on March 26th. There was a Sushi restaurant on the ground floor. Also, there was an explosion at a bagel store on March 1st on Central Park Avenue. Not sure if this adds anything.

    1. I honestly thought about that, especially the multiple fires over there, but Spirit said no. They said it would be a sinister act, but question whether it will happen or be foiled.

  44. Eric, SWC,
    North Korea firing of Missles. Put Japan in Danger..
    Emergency meeting of UN Security Council called..

    US, Japan call for emergency UN Security Council meeting on North Korea after country’s ballistic missile launch – AFP

    1. I’ve been thinking about the prediction in the bunker/underground place with pics on the walls. North Korea? That guy is a loose…ballistic missile!

      1. Jules104,
        perfect visual…the man is obviously Looney Tunes…
        And it would not surprise me that you are correct!

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