Notes on 3-8-15

The Spirits are taking a bold step to present predictions with a completely different way of calculating time. They present a number, followed by what looks like a ‘%’, this number is a countdown to a specific date that reflects the prediction that follows. Its brand new, and as they take leaps and bounds to improve our work expect some stumbles and falls in our new structure.

The blue font represents my opinion and is separate from Spirits predictions.

In 3 minutes ( in 3 days putting it around the 10th) a New York bomb threat. I had a visual of yellow police tape blocking off certain areas.

France, I had visual of an airplane taking off, there was an overwhelming feeling of fear both on the plane and at the airport. There was a feeling of someone’s demands to ‘keep going’.
Is this prediction related to the Notes on 3-5-15?

Previous prediction: Notes on 3-5-15    I had a visual of places and people being cut deep, as if a large knife ripped through a path. “The wound will be deep.”
France.. Paris.. again another attack.. in 10 (if it’s a countdown that puts it around the 14th).. oh people of France protect yourself the best you can.
I had a visual of a young man taken prisoner. The impression was given that he was well-known or famous. He was held captive by extremist. Oddly they said the word “Zac or Zeak”

Around May 21st, I had a visual of complete and total devastation. Houses smashed into other houses. The buildings shredded down to rubble. “In Arkansas”

I had a visual of a sign that read 12. I had a visual of several people with sour faces. “A corruption ring is now broken down”
Normally they would not use a sign to present a timeframe, if it is a countdown that places it around March 20th. But to me it sounds like 12 people will be found corrupt.

I had a visual of a bridge. Then a vehicle with a bomb was driving towards the bridge.
In the vision it was the Golden Gate Bridge, but this might be symbolic to a popular or famous bridge in another location. Its unclear if the intent is to blow up the bridge or use it for logistic purposes.

“The mayor of New York falls dramatically ill ‘C’.
It could be a retired mayor.

“A sex scandal.. one horribly wrong event.. drugged.. prostitution.”
We need to gather more details.

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  1. Wow I keep getting this overwelming feeling about Arkansas many times daily it comes into my thoughts. I have been getting this feeling to relocate and I thought maybe that was what Arkansas meant. I have even checked out housing down there. Think I’ll stay put for now.

  2. Eric there are so many bridges around the world, would it help if we found some pictures for you to look at?

    1. Interesting, Star. But that is probably not ‘it’. Being jewish requires it go down the maternal line, not this paternal line. All conservative and most moderate jews accept this as their faith. Zac cannot be jewish unless it comes from his mother’s lineage.
      My thought immediately was the French President is Nicolas Sarkozy as the ‘S’ in the french pronunciation of his sir name sounds like a strong “Z” and many french pronounce it with the ‘r’ a bit silent. Zakozy….
      He has three young sons…Pierre born in 1985 now a young hip hop music producer, Jean born in 1986 and now a local French politician in the French city of Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris (incidentally where his father started his political career), and then his son Louis (pronounced Loui’e) born in 1997. His first two sons are obviously very famous. My thought goes directly to the first son Pierre who would be a target being he hangs out in the hip hop crowd with the African influence culture. Just a thought.
      The tornado thing is no surprise. Massive tornadoes will grow in the midwest and south as climate change grows. We will see multiple F-5s wipe out towns and cities over the next years. I would not advise anyone to live in the Plains States now.
      Hoping the French government can wipe out ISIS and radical islam completely and once and for all from the beautiful country of France. Vive La France!

      1. Hi Jon Blue. Thanks for all of the great info regarding France. My first thought was someone having to do with the music industry. The accessibility factor makes sense to me. (Though my daughters first thought was Zac Efron like others). Regarding the climate change. I wondered if you had heard about this and thought you might find it interesting if not absolutely ridiculous. (Yes let’s all stick our heads in the sand because don’t you know that makes everything disappear!) Here’s a link. Blessings.

  3. Erik, the destruction in Arkansas, do you see this as a tornado or is it possible a huge earthquake. Arkansas does lie on the New Madrid fault, and they keep saying an earthquake on the New Madrid fault is due.

  4. Do you think the predictions on 2/15/15 about the stone dinosaur is related to the bridge reference above?

  5. Eric regarding past predictions for a bridge attack…YouTube Video on August 22, 2011, Notes on 4-16-13 – Bridge Attack, and Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack, on April, 28,2012. You had specifically mentioned the bridge in the US on the West Coast being destroyed somehow, something involving airplanes though you weren’t sure if it was related and the visual you had seen was more like an explosion of the bridge. Also having to do with being around an anniversary, date or holiday of significance, numbers 25 or 5-2. Do you think this is related to those old predictions and can we still thwart the bridge attack?

    1. Normally I would say they are related, but I have said that before with other predictions and it ended up having no connections to previous predictions, so I say it cautiously.

      1. Okay Thanks Eric. I was wondering if you were being cautious and totally understand.
        Also, Thanks so much for the reading you gave my younger daughter Camilla this evening. I know she was rather hesitant about doing one beforehand, but I could tell she felt very comfortable speaking with you. I think she now has a renewed sense of ease, joy and purpose. You were very spot on as usual and gave her some wonderful information to work with and take forward in life. Thanks again Eric…Many Blessings!

          1. Maybe I worded that wrong. Hesitant in terms of it took her a few months to decide on whether she wanted to actually do a reading. Then it was sort of, on again off again on again. I think she was worried about your legitimacy and she knows I follow your site. She probably gets tired of me always talking about the predictions also I’m sure. (I’m pretty sure I am the Chicken Little the sky is falling person in her life, :0 LOL). So in those terms she was hesitant. But… The first thing she said after her reading was “Okay he’s legit, I felt like I really bonded”. And of course being her Mom, I probably shouldn’t have but… I had to say, “Told you so”. Thanks again Eric, great reading!

    2. Jules & Eric (& community)- what about 25 de abril bridge in Lisbon, Portugal? It’s a sister look to the golden gate, and there’s your numbers! If Eric was having this type of vision it would still appear as if it’s the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran. Similar appearance in similiar setting. Any thoughts?

        1. Thanks for the link Star48. That’s pretty similar looking just to glance at it.

      1. Thanks for posting that star48! Do a simple google search of “Lisbon, Portugal terrorism “. See how many recent articles pull up related to terrorism concerns 🙁 I’m trying to find an article I briefly caught that talks about a recent passage allowing jewish citizenship (dual) reinstatement in that area…Jan 25, 26th 2015 article ? Possible retaliatory move by a terrorist group?

      2. That is definitely similar R2D2. I’ve never heard of or seen that bridge before. Thanks for the info. Very interesting.

    1. Yes that is so. I see the distress call was at 10:45 with 140 people on board. From Barcelona, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany. Though they are saying they r still looking for survivors, just to be sure.

  6. Eric could this airbus crash over the French Alps have to do with this prediction as well as the later one? Also the German Civil Aviation Service is reporting 154 (54?) persons onboard. Reporting a distress signal at 10:45 (104?)

      1. Eric, there is more to this crash than at first reported. Recordings have shown that one of the pilots was deliberately locked out of the cockpit and tried to break down the door to get back in but did not succeed. Speculation now if it was suicide or terrorist attack.

        1. Just hear that pat45. So sad. Saying people heard screaming on board knowing what was happening probably knowing they were going down. I can’t even imagine. This all reminds me of the flight into the Indian Ocean somewhat.

  7. Some of the people from the village near to the crash site have stated that they heard a loud explosion followed by the sound of fighter jets accelerating away from the area. A lot of speculation being voiced about bombs etc, but we will have to wait and see what transpires, they have located the black box.

  8. Eric, Prostitution ring in UK involving Hungarian women. Excerpt…..
    “Detectives executed dozens of warrants in Hungary and Britain, arresting 11 people in 2014, after a woman who escaped from a London brothel told police how she was sold, exploited and raped over six years.
    Scotland Yard said police then identified a wider criminal network that trafficked and exploited up to 250 women at around 50 brothels in London and Peterborough, central England.”


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