World Predictions 1-22-20

”Your under attack!”
I had a visual of a spider crawling, while hearing a clock tick in the background.

I had a visual of a captured soldier, being taunted, tortured.

All of this sounds like the previous message:

I had a visual of a clock running down 1:24, 1:23

I had a visual of a TV screen split into four, there were four separate attacks coming. 

I had a visual of a battleship in the ocean, then another visual of other commercial ships, then it shifted to show another visual of ships at a distance, Smoke was bellowing from them (or one) as if attacked. 

“Hezbollah campaign… attack.. assassinate.. maim… ambassador.” 

“Pull him (or them) out right now.” 

I had a visual of a man coming up to another man and then assassinate him. 

I had a visual of a man lob a grenade or explosive device into a place. 
This message could have ties to a previous prediction where a grenade was thrown into a military base. 

The drums of war begin to beat loud again.. but will it lead to all out war? 

I had a visual of vehicles, a semi truck, under a layer of mud. As if a massive mudslide took place.

34 thoughts on “World Predictions 1-22-20

    1. Worrisome. Im upset with Trump deported soldiers to Iraq or Iran. Praying its avoided and send them.back home please. Trump is a risk.gamble not to be trusted.

  1. I wonder if this soldier being captured/tortured prediction is further retaliation for Gitmo/CIA torture program (remember ISIS putting their victims in orange jumpsuits to resemble Gitmo detainess) or if it is solely related to the US-Iran conflict? I remember the Hezbollah leader saying they would target U.S.soldiers in the Middle East after the Soleimani assassination.

    Hopefully this is avoided; if not, hopefully the soldier is released.

  2. Eric,
    At the bottom of the predictions on January 17th were these numbers: 7:26 – 7 33. Any idea what they might represent?

  3. Is this that “water poisoning” thing that you spoke about before?

    Also, you mentioned grenades, I have a son who’s only 19 but a Marine and I’ve had some bad dreams since the first retaliatory attack from Iran but I woke this morning remembering a guy throwing a grenade/bomb I don’t recall what happened because of it but then there was further investigation that found a small, looked like homemade bombs (oddly made inside solo cups) stuck to the bottom of tables. It was just odd. And then to come here and see you mention it, further making me worry.

  4. I wonder if it correlates to below this prediction, tagged-military base bombing? In “1” the rain will pour? Miramar….then 56 fire…fire…Thursday 18. Tomorrow is the 23rd (correlation with this prediction) in the month of January (1)? Could 56 be the hull number of a ship? Amount of people affected? 18 perish? Ugh I hate writing that. Fire could be base, commercial or military.. whatever. Grenade thrown in any of these listed?

  5. How soon is this attack going to happen? Is it related to Iran tensions, or is it separate from that?

  6. On different note. 2-2-2020 is superbowl on Sunday. Anything will happen that day from old predictions?

      1. not reports of damage. there was a 4.5 hrs before that one. hopefully no bigger to come..u did predict quake in that area for wellington to new plymouth shaded grey for quake. so hope no extra bigger to come.
        but geonet reported it broke record with most number of new zealanders reporting feeling the quake on their website.

  7. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of a captured soldier, being taunted, tortured.

    American citizen is ‘kidnapped by the Taliban’ in Afghanistan while working as a government contractor

    Mark R. Frerichs, 57, of Lombard, Illinois disappeared last week in Khost province
    US officials suspect the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network of abducting him
    Taliban says it knows nothing about the kidnapping and declines comment
    Frerichs is a government contractor whose company works in conflict zones
    Comes as the US and Taliban try to reach an agreement in peach talks
    PUBLISHED: 15:30 EST, 6 February 2020

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