Germany Terror Attack

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the people of Germany.

Spirit again mixed up Germany and Belgium, keep in mind they use the colors of the country. I cannot emphasis enough to get the word out of the other predictions that talk about a US and UK terror attack. The US attack is expected in December. It must be altered.

Predictions 5-28-16  I had a visual of the center of Europe colored red. Multiple nations where covered.

I had a visual of  a black spider with a fat belly crawling towards me.

Predictions on 12-22-15  “Eric the prediction about killing, the truck, is about to happen.. now.”– Spirits Voice

Prediction: A list of Terror Related Attacks    Here is the list of predictions we are still concerned about. Remember the message warned us that we would have two different groups of terror related attacks, the first predicted in late September and the other in December, so some of these events might not happen now. However the battleship attack, the base attack, and the airplane hijacking are expected soon.


Prediction German Train Bomb

I had a visual of a train crawling by. I had a visual of two trains sitting next to each other.
I saw the word “Bomb” written
“On the train” (Or Subway)
Soon.. German

Unfortunately we do not have a timframe yet. We will be focusing on timing in the coming days. This prediction was made right after the Paris prediction, and its timing is expected soon. — ELP

Ich hatte eine visuelle eines Zuges kriecht durch. Ich hatte eine visuelle zweier Züge nebeneinander sitzen.
Ich sah das Wort “Bombe” geschrieben
“Im Zug” (oder U-Bahn)
Bald .. Deutsch

Leider noch keine timframe haben wir. Wir werden in den kommenden Tagen auf Timing konzentrieren. Diese Vorhersage wurde direkt nach der Paris Vorhersage gemacht, und das Timing wird in Kürze erwartet. — ELP

Notes on 8-8-13

“There are three burners coming” I had a visual of three burners on, one was much larger than the other two. – Burners represent the bombs of terror attacks  but could also be seen as wildfires.

“Germany you are clearly a target of the rats and enemies, take precautions” – Rats have been used to describe Al Qaeda and other terrorist.

“The wild fires rage out of control in Texas.” – It was projected in July and did not happen, but they still seem to imply Texas will have some pretty bad fires.


Notes on 5-1-13

Here are the notes from spirit on 5-1-13

“Germany seems (?) under attack.. 1,2.. There is massacre or mass death in Chile..”

I had a vision of a nuclear bomb going off followed by them saying: “We already know what happens but can we make the explosion much, much larger.. idiot humans” It sounds like someone is testing a much larger version of a nuclear bomb.

I had a vision of people playing and relaxing right next to this massively large steep mountain and then out of no where a loud sound followed by rocks falling from the mountain onto the people below. Everyone scattered as the rocks fell.

I had a vision of a peninsula sitting quietly then it was consumed by water in the worst way. Nothing was left untouched by the massive flood that unfolded. It was presented from above the sky and its location was difficult to make out. It could be Florida and they have mentioned how Florida is hit very hard with a super-storm version of a Hurricane, or they could be adding/correcting the spot of the Tsunami. There has been some doubt of where exactly this Tsunami will unfold. I know we have been wrong twice now with its timing but their insistence that it is coming has not changed.

Written: 148 and around 8. Perhaps they are implying one of the major predictions happens around the 8th. Also they have marked another timeframe around the 19th give or take a day or two. I can’t help but notice the number 8 keeps popping up – 28.