California Wildfires

This tragic prediction has happened. Please everyone stay safe.

I had a visual of one massive forest fire. People in a neighborhood were trying to find a way out, but they would not unfortunately.





Notes on 8-19-15

“An invasion
they will be invaded
war brews.” — Spirits Voice

I tried to ask Spirit for information on unfinished predictions, but they made it clear that  the only focus will be on predictions that are coming ‘now’. They explained, they will do everything in their power to revisit these unfinished predictions but only when the prediction are about to happen.

Some really awesome news, they plan to poke or remind me of predictions when they are about to happen.

These predictions below have happened.

Predictions 8-17-15   In the US fire will spread fast and uncontrollably, all at once.

The Facts: “As of this week, more than seven million acres of American land have been scorched by wildfires this year. That’s about the size of Massachusetts, and more than any other year at this point of the season, in at least the last decade. This week, active duty military personnel were mobilized to help fight fires for the first time since 2006.” Quoted News:
Notes on 7-16-15   “A dark sex scandal” — Usually we stay away from this type of news, however they showed it twice.

The Facts: “British Lord quits Parliament after embarrassing prostitutes and cocaine video scandal” Quoted News:

Notes on 8-10-15   I had a visual I was standing in a desert and people were hanging dead from above.  (Sounds like ISIS)

The Facts: “Top Syrian expert Khaled al-Asaad, 81, had run ancient site for four decades; terror group hangs his decapitated body from a Roman column”  Quoted News:

Wildfires Emergency

This prediction is happening, however the real center of this fire is Washington, not North California. Lightning was believed to start the Washington fires as well. The video reflects the multiple North Western locations. The three burners could be seen as the multiple states.

Notes 6-12-14 I had a visual of three burners red hot. Where? “Yosemite will spark a fire”
Eric’s comments: Burners are used to describe large forest fires or bombs. Three burners are unheard of. Last year when we had forest fires they presented one burner. Its unclear if we are talking about three different fires at the same time or one massive fire. 

Notes on 7-11-14 I had a visual of the north west United States.

The Facts on 7-18-14: Lightning caused fires in Yosemite. Thunderstorms have continued over the Sierra Nevada crest in the afternoon hours and have caused lightning fires in Yosemite Wilderness. Two new fires were found yesterday; one near White Wolf and the other is near Moraine Meadows. Quoted News:





Notes on 8-8-13

“There are three burners coming” I had a visual of three burners on, one was much larger than the other two. – Burners represent the bombs of terror attacks  but could also be seen as wildfires.

“Germany you are clearly a target of the rats and enemies, take precautions” – Rats have been used to describe Al Qaeda and other terrorist.

“The wild fires rage out of control in Texas.” – It was projected in July and did not happen, but they still seem to imply Texas will have some pretty bad fires.


Fire Rages

This Prediction is unfolding it reads under Notes for 5-31-13 :

..They also said the fires will start raging soon, across several areas of land. We will continue to strive towards locations, but Texas was a focal point…

The Facts:
On May 31st in Texas,  four firefighters searching for people they thought might be trapped in a blazing Houston motel and restaurant Friday were killed.
On June 2nd in Colorado, wildfires prompt evacuations near Evergreen of hundreds of homes.
On June 3rd Southern California fire scorches 29000 acres.
On June 3rd a massive fire kills 119 people in China.

Summary of Prediction 30

Prediction 30 (Posted July 9th, 2012) reads: In July there will be a raging fire that will burn through Texas.

July and August have some of the worst fires. In August 14 western states have been affected and this prediction doesn’t cover the massive scope of the situation. Texas is just one of the fourteen. Prediction 26 ‘Drought of 2012’ is also unfolding. With the 2012 drought and the expected food price spike, its likely to become a massive issue for those who cannot afford food.

Wildfire Smoke Map, 2:12 p.m. MT, August 14, 2012

Map showing the distribution of smoke from wildfires, at 2:12 p.m. MT, August 14, 2012.

Original Post – Prediction 30 Texas Fire:

Original Post – Prediction 26 Droughts of 2012: