Notes on 8-19-15

“An invasion
they will be invaded
war brews.” — Spirits Voice

I tried to ask Spirit for information on unfinished predictions, but they made it clear that  the only focus will be on predictions that are coming ‘now’. They explained, they will do everything in their power to revisit these unfinished predictions but only when the prediction are about to happen.

Some really awesome news, they plan to poke or remind me of predictions when they are about to happen.

These predictions below have happened.

Predictions 8-17-15   In the US fire will spread fast and uncontrollably, all at once.

The Facts: “As of this week, more than seven million acres of American land have been scorched by wildfires this year. That’s about the size of Massachusetts, and more than any other year at this point of the season, in at least the last decade. This week, active duty military personnel were mobilized to help fight fires for the first time since 2006.” Quoted News:
Notes on 7-16-15   “A dark sex scandal” — Usually we stay away from this type of news, however they showed it twice.

The Facts: “British Lord quits Parliament after embarrassing prostitutes and cocaine video scandal” Quoted News:

Notes on 8-10-15   I had a visual I was standing in a desert and people were hanging dead from above.  (Sounds like ISIS)

The Facts: “Top Syrian expert Khaled al-Asaad, 81, had run ancient site for four decades; terror group hangs his decapitated body from a Roman column”  Quoted News:

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  1. Harvey Avatar

    I remember reading somewhere that the war begins in September. I thought it’d be next year. 🙁 I suspect it’s Kim Jong Un wanted to attack US.

    Pray for peace.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am not entirely convinced he is the black villain, I am leaning more towards Kim Jong Un’s demise Notes on 8-4-15 and Notes on 9-4-14

      1. Harvey Avatar


      2. pat45 Avatar

        Eric, thought you might find this article of interest, in it, it states that a peace treaty has never been signed, although a verbal agreement was made in 1953. no injuries, but Un is definitely trying to provoke South Korea into retaliation.

      3. midlife krisis Avatar

        Hi, pat45. I’m currently living and teaching in South Korea. I’ve been here for 4 years. There are incidents like this about once a year. Generally, the South Koreans don’t worry too much when something like this happens. They have been living with it for decades. I personally feel the North wouldn’t be stupid enough to start an all out war. My only concern would be if the government were on the verge of collapse from within. In that case, I fear they might do something completely reckless to “Save Face.” There are rumours that the government is indeed unstable. I trust Eric and his Guides will warn us. Currently, no one here is the least bit worried, or even really talking about it.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Take a look at the new notes, the big news will be the horror behind the curtain.

      4. midlife krisis Avatar

        Thanks, Eric! I just saw the new notes. It will be such a remarkable and positive change of the regime collapses. I am keeping a close watch on your notes. Thank the Spirits for the information, and for watching over us. Many thanks to you as well!

  2. travis Avatar

    Do you know what kind of invasion or war were looking at do we know where itll be praying we can divert it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It might lead to war, or the threat of it, I am planning to ask who the transgressor is.

      1. travis Avatar

        Alright hopefully we can all help bring in the light and crush this evil and the darkness

  3. Harvey Avatar

    Eric, in your older post as you mentioned of the white house on fire. I wonder if that will occur during the WW III? just wondering. Thanks.

    1. Harvey Avatar

      It posted on 12-23-13. About the president house burned down and president being shot. The number is 23rd.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        I’m sorry it’s 12-22-13.

  4. Harvey Avatar

    Guess what? The Internet companies were out today in DALLAS. Mine was out about 2pm till 11pm. No phone and Internet services. I wonder if it affected other places outside of Dallas as well. It’s freaky.

    1. travis Avatar

      Thats odd things been really strange lately i have my theories its almost as and this is just my opinion plus all the things im reading is these global elite goons that have so much money they dont know what to do with sorry ramblin on anyways the elite are pushing to keep us devided thats why i think these strange events are going on like jade helm drill is to implement martial law cause they feel like there time is running out and they fear people are awaking

  5. star48 Avatar

    regarding War brewing, invasion? Excerpt

    “The North’s official Korean Central News Agency reported Friday that leader Kim Jong Un ordered at an emergency military meeting that his troops “be fully ready for any military operations at any time from 5 p.m. (0730 GMT) Friday.”


  6. LL Avatar

    Could the “dark sex scandal” refer to the Ashley Madison data dump? The hackers have just released a second dump. There could be suicides, divorces, jobs lost, friendships ruined, etc. as a result of 37 million people being exposed as adulterers.

  7. […] land grab will come out of southern Europe. Previous prediction: Notes on 8-19-15 “An invasion they will be invaded war brews.” — Spirits […]

  8. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::In the US fire will spread fast and uncontrollably, all at once.

    Projections for fire in Pacific Northwest..
    Wildfires…dry spring.

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