Wildfires Emergency

This prediction is happening, however the real center of this fire is Washington, not North California. Lightning was believed to start the Washington fires as well. The video reflects the multiple North Western locations. The three burners could be seen as the multiple states.

Notes 6-12-14 I had a visual of three burners red hot. Where? “Yosemite will spark a fire”
Eric’s comments: Burners are used to describe large forest fires or bombs. Three burners are unheard of. Last year when we had forest fires they presented one burner. Its unclear if we are talking about three different fires at the same time or one massive fire. 

Notes on 7-11-14 I had a visual of the north west United States.

The Facts on 7-18-14: Lightning caused fires in Yosemite. Thunderstorms have continued over the Sierra Nevada crest in the afternoon hours and have caused lightning fires in Yosemite Wilderness. Two new fires were found yesterday; one near White Wolf and the other is near Moraine Meadows. Quoted News: http://www.nps.gov/yose/blogs/Lightning-caused-fires-in-Yosemite.htm





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  1. Hi Eric,

    Lots of wildfires in BC, Canada too. Many communities are being asked to evacuate. It is one of the worst wildfires in more than 30 years.

  2. Eric,
    The fires are terrible in BC. Some have moved into the neighbouring province of Alberta where some communities there have been evacuated as well… It’s really bad here. Not just in one area but spread across the entire Province.

    1. Hi Lehayla. That seems strange because last night I had a really vivid dream as though I was watching an IMAX movie. It was a mountain that was erupting but I saw no lava just a huge chunk of the mountain blew off and I just remember like little pieces of black obsidian spraying all over plus the piece of mountain landing really hard. I also remember thinking this was Mt St Helens, but also maybe Mt Rainer for some reason. I use to live in Kirkland. I looked all around and thought no wonder the piece of mountain landed so close because there were mountains, almost like a high mountain range all around to the east of me. I mostly found it strange though because I hardly ever dream any more or never remember dreaming if I do and this seemed so real. Praying for the beautiful North West.

      1. Thanks for sharing! I’m praying all goes well. I’m not sure if I’m worried about an eruption or disturbing fault. There are so many unknown faults along the PNW, who knows what this could potentially trigger. I have to trust they know what they are doing, but how can anyone be so sure when we know so little about the land we live on? Just last month they discussed how little they knew and understood about the faults in the area, and here they are setting off 20 explosives to create 20 2.0M quakes.

      1. Eric, yes I know it already happened..as you and spirit mentioned…
        Is there a chance that there could be a overlapping of time.,? As three is our number?
        Could 3 burners also infer 3 years?
        Not just severity? To also give us a time frame?
        As the Drought and severity of Climate change is ongoing….

      1. It’s not a laughing matter for sure…but glad you clarified that “nude”. I was trying to figure out why they’d all be nude??

        1. Jules104, you make me laugh out Loud…****
          I realized I made the error after …I think I will sign off. For tonight ,obviously too tired…
          Thank you for the laughing — I needed that….Blessings…

  3. Eric, Canadian Wildfires are the size of.
    “PRINCE ALBERT, Saskatchewan (AP) — Wildfires in Saskatchewan burned out of control Friday, with one blaze more than five times the size of the province’s largest city, Saskatoon, officials said. Fires also raged in British Columbia and Alberta.”

    Smoke is drifting into multiple states in US..

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