Europe is Burning

”Heat.. heat.. heat.. so many going to the hospital.. so many ill.. the ground burns, burns, burns.” – Spirits Voice.

World Prediction: California Earthquake and Putin

This World Prediction is happening, please take precaution. We are expecting temperatures to rise and food supplies ruined with this heat. With that said, this problem of today will have one epic solution tomorrow. We use mini drones in a swarm formation to attack these fires, and it works.

13 thoughts on “Europe is Burning

  1. With climate change going on, a lot of places are getting hotter. I hope humanity, as a whole, realizes what a threat this is and does something about it. Otherwise, it’ll just get even worse.

  2. “56 degrees Celsius” from 5/18/22 prediction. Hmmmm will this come to fruition soon?

    1. From what i saw on zoomearth live temperature i saw iran and iraq having a temperature of 51 degrees Celsius so its possible

          1. 133 degrees. They are two separate predictions, so I am assuming this will come later. The overall message shows one leap up in temperatures that will no longer fall. We are headed towards 133. This too will ruin our food supply. On the flip side climate change will be solved. Climate change will fall like all the other problems that cross humanity…
            But maybe we should all focus more on this growing fire before it burns us.

            1. Hi Eric, when you mentioned climate change will be solved, how will it be solved? Is it using drones like you mentioned?

              1. The planet seems to have a self fixing process, volcanos seem to become horribly violent. That in turn diminishes the heat. Doesn’t make sense to me because isn’t that carbon?? The polar axis will also shift dramatically. also had a vision of massive growth in Technology. Machines that fix the air, machines that give us power of nature, later we have so much that we can control the weather. Its one epic swing in the following century to prosperity and a revived love for our planet.

    1. Yes! Thats my question. Some of this is my heart. I tried to do World Predictions yesterday and I couldn’t do it. So my health is disrupting things.
      Historically speaking when they present an earthquake prediction they have Part 1 and Part 2. We are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Part of the problem is they sway from Mexico to California on the location?? But I assure you I very much want that prediction complete. That rat should arrive soon too.

  3. I wonder when will the corporate greed succumb to popular pressure, since they’re responsible for most CO2 emissions that cause global warming…

    On a different topic, I’ve been willing to ask you Eric about what is a black hole, according to spirit. It would be enlightening to know what’s inside, or anything about its nature. Thanks for the great work

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