World Prediction: California Earthquake and Putin

I was going to wait for clarity. I still plan to ask for clarity. But a friend told me recently to just share all the details with you. Every single drop. So I decided to give you all of the message as it unfolded, out of admiration for my close friend.

Yesterday I had one of my best friends down from the Los Angeles California area, I live in San Diego. It was a very Carpe Diem moment of pure joy. We went to Guamanian Restaurant that had such awesome food and later had French Dessert, a treat from my close culinary friend. At the end of our day she asked me to check if Spirit had any messages, there are sweet benefits to being closely aligned with ELP. So I held her hand. Closed my eyes:

I had a vision I had opened my eyes. I was looking at myself and her holding hands, quietly, as if out of a cartoon the spirit of me popped out to look around, it was odd? Then from the left a wave. Suddenly the ground shook. The cabinets shuttered violently. Then from the left to the right everything in the room fell from the shelves, the objects above fell, the ground felt like a wave coming up and down. Then I actually opened my eyes and everything was perfectly normal, quiet.

I went into panic mode. So I failed to finish the message. I got a bit scared with how real the vision felt. Especially since we are both in California. So the timing was never given. So I told my friend I would look into the ’when’ later in the night.

At 3 am I woke up to start meditation, we have been practicing as we infuse an entirely new group of Spirits with the current ones, tripling our previous size. So in this moment it was just their voices I could here. They have been practicing using words instead of visions recently, using actual English, sometimes other languages too, so some of this is training for all the newbies adding themselves to our group of Spirits.

”Heat.. heat.. heat.. so many going to the hospital.. so many ill.. the ground burns, burns, burns.” – Spirits Voice.

(Fun fact: Spirit is saying Heat.. heat.. heat. Why is it repetitious? Because those are three different spirits all speaking back to back like a song.)

Even though Spirit is going another way, again implying the summer really sucks, I interrupt, asking ”When does the earthquake happen?” FYI I am so not suppose to do that. Interrupting is very bad.

Silence for several minutes followed by ”Now”

Frustrated I say no, no, no I am asking for a date please. They respond a few minutes later.

“Now?” they said. (Here they are questioning.. are we using the right english word?)

I asked for a date again. but eventually I had one of those work days where I fell asleep, probably because I was partying with my friend. As I slept I had the most awesome vision! But unrelated to this conversation so I will post that later. When I woke up and when I woke up my newly adopted children 🥳, I went outside into my garden to cut my daily lavender that I would be burning soon. The wind was ever so slight, rain had just finished pouring and I heard, as clear as day, carried with the wind, a voice say ”5.. In 5 minutes.” (Minutes means days or a date.)

Then doubt set into my mind.. are they talking about the days in May’s heat wave or the earthquake? Now I contemplate, focus on this earthquake or Ukraine? But my contemplation might be futile, its obvious to me the new way is now set, from here on out we are just getting waves of information of what is coming immediately next. Our new way has started, just as I need the old way to give me answers.

The Story doesn’t end there. I then got on the phone with a wonderful client from Finland. She bluntly asked what would happen to Putin? They answered (A bit of a loop hole.)

I had a vision of Putin preparing his map, the generals surrounded him. Then someone walked up into the room quickly the door closed and then I hear a large bang. Almost explosive like. Outside stood Rasputin, dressed in all black, set to take the Russian leader back with him. Then the Kremlin pulled back, pulled back the carpet of their nation, and what they saw made them gasp in horror.

Fun fact: Each symbol in the visions mean the exact same thing. If I see a storm that means troubled times. If I see the color red or black I know very bad things are coming! If I see a number circled I know we are talking about years. All of these symbols represent the same exact message over and over again in an unwavering form.

When I was in my tweens, Tao (Spirit) was giving me a timeframe of a gift I was expecting and he said this will happen in ”12 minutes” what he meant to say was 12 days. But his misunderstanding of a language so foreign to him, became cemented. They do not waver in their symbolic tongue. So Minutes became days. Hours became months and everyone makes fun of Tao for his silly error. My life.. odd.. but never boring.

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  1. Is Putin shot or do I misunderstand it completely? Do you think the next president is as bad as Putin? Or maybe he is the evil you have been talking about?

      1. The only thing that makes me think Putin’s assassination fails is that we still have the prediction about Putin snickering in the corner as Americans brawled with each other over, in my opinion, the Russia stuff that hasn’t surfaced yet. And October is when the major stuff about Russia comes out.

  2. Eric- I can see why you would be frightened with those visions while out with your friend, but….I’m lost in semantics. When you asked what messages does spirit have, did you say for your friend or simply in general? Haha… because a vision of a tsunami/earthquake doesn’t necessarily mean CALIFORNIA but could mean elsewhere. You have the one outstanding-Sri Lanka….think Fiji too. California is one vision as well but maybe its simply an upcoming event located anywhere in the world. I assume you asked for a message for your friend but maybe this vision had to get out “now”. Sorry friend (your friend)….you are put on stand-by. Just a thought.
    Interesting on Putin!

    1. The message was for her. She lives in LA, so I am expecting the earthquake there, however Mexico is now attached. FYI. Fiji happened. It was the Tonga volcano , literally on the the date. The waves swept through Fiji.

      1. I wondered about Fiji and that massive volcano but wasn’t sure if it matched the prediction. Sri Lanka has me very concerned. They already suffered greatly back in what? 2004? Hope they have an updated or advanced tsunami warning system in place, something better than wiping out a quarter million people through immediate death or later by injury last time.

        1. Even more confusing is I saw that old prediction, a tsunami, multiple locations damaged from the volcano and then I saw Australia flooding in Brisbane, I thought the must be related right? That was a no. I have a reputation for those errors.

          1. Well now there will be clusters of earthquakes it’ll be hard to pinpoint. California seems to be ramping up…but so are other places.

  3. Hi Eric and friends. I will be putting this at the beginning of next week’s Blog, as is and will add more if it comes to hand.

    “We have been waiting a long time for the major quakes off and on the US West Coast. As my Spirit Friends said at least two years ago “We don’t know exactly when they will hit, but sadly, the longer they take the more severe they will be.”
    On Monday morning 21st March 2022 I read Eric Lee Pinks Blog where he predicted a rather large quake, I assume, coming to the West Coast ‘in 5’, which he predicted as weeks.
    Instantly I received this message:
    Spirit Friends: Pete, there will be three to five quakes of moderate strength with one of about 6.3/6.5 strength around mid year, most probably May/June occurring along the US West Coast. Tsunami warning too late for Hawaii low lying areas and for similar island in close proximity to the US.”

  4. I also got this personal message for you Eric. Hope you don’t mind me posting it here:
    “Spirit Friends: After the seriousness of events Eric and his family have gone through the past few years, he has been running at a less powerful degree psychically.
    As of Nov last year, he started to have a change of Spirit Team.
    As of April this year, he will have a completely different team with his ‘Old Friends’, still there, moving back for this New Team to take over. This is necessary for this New Age and They are extremely powerful. Much of the changes that They will bring will have him far more in the public eye as They spread ‘the news’ of his accuracy.” Pete

    1. That is great news he’ll be more recognized! ^^

      Also Pete I sent a tip to a seismograph organization, I made sure to word it a way that makes logical sense and hopefully its read.

  5. Hmmmm…referencing vision with friend at restaurant….maybe this is what you are referring to Eric- March 30th falls on Wednesday this year. Maybe 5 is 5 pm. Not sure San Fran or your Eureka one. 7.8 magnitude. No doubt that would be widespread damage. Or on April 7th or 8th?
    “30.. Earthquake.. 7 8.. horrible damage.. when dinner is served” Then I had a visual I was standing by a bay, the water was in front of me with a large city in the background.”
    Again you have several eq predictions outstanding.

      1. [Sigh] We shall see. Btw your predictions regarding Ukraine and Russia date back roughly past 6-7 years. They are embedded here and there with other predictions. Crazy, crazy accurate!!!

  6. Hi Eric, I contacted another intuitive relaying your message from the California area. I hope it helps!
    Maybe with further input, we can get clearer on the date and other information.

      1. I understand. She emailed and said she is feeling it too. Hopefully, more details will come and we can get the word out. Have a good night, Eric!

        1. Good morning Eric, I know you are working on a lot…Putin and the earthquake and others. I don’t want to add more to your plate. Last night I got the black widow spider crawling and then heard shots being fired. I know you had mentioned a possible terrorist attack in one of your previous predictions. Are you picking up on this now?

            1. You saying Russia is bombing the UK or Poisoning? Can you try to get more information on this? Is it in London?

  7. I thought it’s interesting that RasPutin has Putin in its name:)
    I really hope the prediction will happen as soon as possible before many more innocent lives lost.

  8. I wrote this prayer together with another spiritual person (also in relation with your prediction with WW3): Thank you Heavenly Father for intervening now and stopping Russia from invading Ukraine any further. We thank you Lord for immediately sending Russia home and restoring Ukraine back to the independent country that it was. I thank you Lord for transforming Russia, China, North Korea and Middle East into peaceful and sane countries now. I thank you Lord for sending your Ambassador, the great world leader who will have the right words to unite mankind now, to inspire us, to prevent us from having wars ever again. WE ARE READY NOW AND I THANK YOU.
    L-alam al-mein aa-meen

  9. I have been wondering to what extent one prediction allegedly attributed to Bulgarian seer Baba Vanga has concretely encouraged Putin’s invasion of Ukraine (see, e.g., It is claimed that, as reported by Russian writer Valentin Sidorov, she had said “All will thaw, as if ice, only one remain untouched – Vladimir’s glory, the glory of Russia” and that “Russia will become the lord of the world”. Of course, this can also be a misinterpretation or even a complete fake, created and used for political purposes. However, as far as I know, the Russians are extremely interested in and aware of predictions, and also this one has certainly reached the Kremlin.

  10. In Texas we have very hot summers especially in the month of August. Will it be any worse than usual for us? Just wondering what I should prepare for and hope my tires don’t melt on the pavement.

        1. Sorry, something happened to the headline in the post above:
          Antarctic and Arctic heat records have been smashed. What’s going on?

  11. What if the earthquake is so strong that it opens fissures in the Earth, hence the heat? I don’t know.

  12. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:: from this post

    ”Heat.. heat.. heat.. so many going to the hospital.. so many ill.. the ground burns, burns, burns.” – Spirits Voice.

    (Fun fact: Spirit is saying Heat.. heat.. heat. Why is it repetitious? Because those are three different spirits all speaking back to back like a song.)

    Spring heat wave could challenge record highs in LA, San Francisco ✔️. Starting?

  13. Eric are you sure all this heat is because of global warming? Its summer in the southern hemisphere when it’s winter in the northern. There is not much news about record temperature this year. Also when you say east region do you mean east Asia or you talking about east coast America?

    Are you sure it’s just not the tilt of the earth changing? Maybe slowly over time Russia and Antartica will flourish and equator will become the desert and the cold countries will become the new tropical weather countries?

  14. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:: Heat.. heat.. heat.. so many going to the hospital.. so many ill.. the ground burns, burns, burns.” – Spirits Voice.

    Ground burns.
    Fire crews across the country have been busy trying to contain and extinguish dozens of wildfires that have broken out and burned tens of thousands of acres and forced thousands of people from their homes.

    1. 7 here reminded me of World Predictions where we predicted a medical breakthrough. I have the Genetic prediction from 2017. But there was another that talked about a massive surge in medical growth. Does anyone recall? I feel sheepish, I can’t find my own work. It is a fairly large library.

  15. Eric,
    World Prediction 2

    “Covid response team quick and fast. did we stumble onto something? Yes we did! A cure. A solution. A breakthrough.

    I had a visual of the number 7 with a degree in the corner. The image was large.”

  16. Eric,
    Another example.

    Ref of post —Cancer Breakthrough

    In the past the Spirits predicted 3 different major breakthroughs, Cancer, AIDS, and Autism. They also added scientific discoveries.

    Notes on 4-16-15 “Such great news! A massive breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. They will be able to fix what they couldn’t before on a massive scale. For you a day, or day and half. (Day means year.)” — Spirits Voice

  17. Eric,
    Example from post 10-14-14
    Cancer.. Cancer.. The treatment of cancer dramatically shifts.. a lot!.. massive medical breakthrough.. dark community no more.. so many lives around the world saved!” — Spirits Voice

    “AIDS, Diabetes, Ebola, and now Cancer all major medical breakthroughs.. such a better, safer, healthier world on the horizon, this year and next. ” — Spirits Voice

  18. Eric,
    Another example.
    From post 10-21-20

    I had a visual of the words ”Tech and Healthcare,” then I had a visual of a set of stairs. One epic leap is coming.

    They compared it to the 80s and 90s explosion of the cell phone industry. Remember the days before cell phones. That type of leap.

  19. Eric,SWC,

    Ref: I had a vision of Putin preparing his map, the generals surrounded him.
    Putin’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu has had a ‘massive heart attack not from natural causes’ and TWENTY generals ‘have been arrested’ over bungled invasion

    🔹Shoigu is thought to have suffered a heart attack possibly caused by foul play
    🔹Russia’s defence minister, 66, has been a close ally of Putin ever since 2012
    🔹He was a mainstay early in the invasion but has been largely absent for weeks
    🔹Russian-Israeli businessmen Leonid Nevzlin made the extraordinary claim
    🔹If his claims prove to be true, it would confirm suspicions of a major rift between the isolated Russian president and his closest advisers and military leaders
    🔹Nevzlin was once one of Russia’s richest men but fled the country in 2003 when Putin and the Kremlin decided to seize his oil company

  20. Eric,SWC,
    I had a vision of Putin preparing his map, the generals surrounded him. Then someone walked up into the room quickly the door closed and then I hear a large bang. Almost explosive like. Outside stood Rasputin, dressed in all black, set to take the Russian leader back with him.

    How key Putin allies have died, been jailed and suffered mystery ‘heart attacks’ as he fights off Palace coup

  21. Eric,SWC,
    Followup ✔️
    Dangerous heatwave conditions are affecting vast swathes of India since mid-April, bringing temperatures 4.5 – 8.5 C (8 to 15 F) above average in east, central and northwest India.

    The heatwave comes after the country recorded its hottest March on record.
    The country as a whole recorded 8.9 mm (0.35 inches) of rainfall in March, which was 71% less than its long period average rainfall of 30.4 mm (1.19 inches). It was also the third-lowest precipitation in March since 1901 after 7.2 mm (0.28 inches) in 1909 and 8.7 mm (0.34 inches) in 1908.
    An energy crisis is now affecting portions of the country as coal supplies have run out amid record consumption.
    A change in temperatures is expected around May 4 with a cyclonic circulation system developing in the Andaman Sea followed by low pressure by May 5.

  22. Eric,SWC,

    Ref: Heat,Heat

    Heat dome to bring return of triple-digit temps to Southwest

    When there is no moisture in the soil for the sun to evaporate, solar radiation heats the dry ground directly.

    “This ends up adding an extra couple of degrees of heat into the atmosphere which sets up a feedback loop,” Lundberg explained. “Extra heat dries out the ground even more, adding once again to the overall strength of the heat.”

  23. Putin is the only one standing up to the mob, forget them deep state thugs, glad they set off Turkey earthquake, Turkey is mafia headquarters, them mafia fools must go! 🙁

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