Germany Car Rampage

Please pray for the safety of those attacked in Germany.
The message and the 24th is there but not an accurate location. Is this the beginning of their predictions?

WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-22-20 ”Your under attack!” 
I had a visual of a spider crawling, while hearing a clock tick in the background.

I had a visual of a clock running down 1:24, 1:23

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    Officials said Tuesday 52 people were injured in the collision, more of half of whom were hospitalized.

    Officials said the driver was slightly injured, but investigators haven’t yet come up with a motive. They said they have not ruled out terrorism.

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    Germany 🇩🇪
    A 30-year-old Iraqi man detained after a series of crashes on a Berlin highway Tuesday evening is being investigated for what prosecutors have called an Islamist extremist attack.

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      They caught him! Good

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