World Predictions 1-12-19

“There is a threat to the United States.. clear and present danger.. bombing.”

I had a visual of the number 7 big and bold afterwards Spirit said 20 minutes. Later Spirit wrote 9 then a minute later wrote 11.

Spirit implied ‘NY’ again. Spirit clarified that 9/11 is a reference to similarities, a building being attacked, New York, an explosion, all mirroring each other. In the previous prediction they showed 1:51 in red. They are now implying the 20th. If I assume 1:00 as January, and 2:00 as February, then 1:51 could be seen as the later end of January. Is the prediction below related? Both predictions imply a timeframe around the 20th.

“I had a visual of a bomb going off in a building, there was massive smoke coming from all directions. (I believe ‘it will be huge’ is a reference to the size of the bombing) Then Spirit wrote 207” — In this prediction made in October they implied the Empire State Building, however that could be symbolic to a New York building or skyscraper.

China.. Train.. 13.. 14

This prediction might be related to a previous message:
I had a visual I was looking down a city, then it showed a black fog sitting next to train tracks. “Train destruction.. 52.. such a horrible event” Then I saw the number 7 30

I had a visual of both rural and farm land that was lush green, the ground was wet. Then the visual shifted to show the droplets of water on the wet ground. Then the visual shifted again to show a woman who looked catatonic, but standing in the field. Then I saw another person who was acting insane. Then the entire visual shifted to show a house, a mobile home, and barn up in flames. The fire scorched the earth.

“What was meant to be a safer chemical.. the chemical is exceedingly dangerous.. ruining ones mental faculties.”

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  1. jules104 Avatar

    Eric… do you know is there a way for us to foil the 9/11 bombing attack in NY…As in it is an event that can be changed? I hope and pray it can be.🙏🏻

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, almost all the predictions can be altered in one way or another. Awareness is key.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thanks Eric… it makes me want to share with the FBI… but I believe you’ve mentioned it’s not recommended.
        Does Spirit know if anyone such as the FBI follows your blog?
        Sending love and light to NY!🙏🏻🌟💫

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I believe we need a bit more detail to do something like that for this specific prediction , if I had the exact building I would jump on it. A few years ago someone called in a threat and I received multiple calls from the terrorist task force, they were not happy about it, what made it worse was their interpretation of the event was misleading. However people in France called the authorities to warn them of the attack on the louvre and because of that the attack never happened. It comes down to approach and making the point to present it the right way, but I am not opposed to warning the authorities, we also did it with FEMA and the Hurricanes, that too worked in our favor. I am hoping to get more details on this attack, especially the building itself.

  2. Ann Avatar

    Does Spirit still see the worst mass shooting around the 10th of January since we’ve already passed the 10th?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its expected at the beginning of the year. No specific message other than 10, my guess, and that’s a guess is February. With that said I have every intention of asking for clarity. Right now though we are expecting this terror attack and some major event in politics again, they said it would be explosive news. Though I personally feel a touch of nausea every time I predict politics, because it always leads to vitriol.

      1. Fredda Avatar

        Eric, I understand your feelings doing a prediction on politics. But, please be assured that the majority of your followers know that your sending messages from spirit to help ALL of us regardless of any kind of affiliation with any party, religion, etc. Some people are, unfortunately, closed minded and just too angry to be open minded. It takes so much less emery to be kind and compassionate than angry and vindictive. Let’s all try the latter.
        Bless you Eric for your wonderful work. I can only guess how difficult it can be at times.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


      2. Fredda Avatar

        Ooops. Typo!! Previous message should have said energy. Less energy to show kindness,etc.

      3. Sara Avatar

        Don’t worry, Eric. I think everyone in the country–no matter their beliefs–is nauseated by the hatred and vitriol in politics today, too. Ironically, that’s something all sides can agree on!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Very true!

      4. Cody Avatar

        I wonder if it’s ISIS/Al Qaeda related or maybe that new terrorist group you mentioned before that originates out of the north?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Hi Cody, it might not originate out of the north, they could be called that for another symbolic reason. For example before ISIS the kept referring to a group they called ice

      5. Ann Avatar

        Can’t imagine how much more worse American politics will become once terrorist attacks start happening in the US.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I agree

      6. Dianne Avatar

        Eric, please continue to share Spirit’s messages, including the political ones. It helps so much to have a warning of what may come; it softens the impact. And if what is predicted isn’t what we want to happen, then we should get involved and change the system. Bless you for your efforts on this blog; it brings a lot of comfort to my mind and soul.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  3. Sara Avatar

    So we’re still expecting a bombing in NY and a shooting. Yikes.

    Is the shooting’s location narrowed down yet? Are they both in NY, or different places?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Still working on it.

  4. Kal X Avatar
    Kal X

    That chemical is very concerning.

    It is a agricultural related something to do with the medical field?

    1. Kim Avatar

      Trump has authorized the EPA to allow the use of pesticides, that were previously banned.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thanks for the link Kim. I was wondering about that. Though I wouldn’t imagine anyone thinks that is safe…so I wonder if it is something else, like unexpected.

  5. Maura Avatar

    Eric, I had a dream several days ago. Grand Central had two young terrorists in the lower level, they were standing near one of the cafes quietly talking, and then I heard someone yell TEAR GAS and stuff was being thrown at the crowd of people! (I had to Google tear gas) Then everyone screamed and started running toward the stairs to get away. The men at the register behind the counter ran around, one jumped over the counter to chase the terrorists. The terrorists were American, but looked Latino, central American maybe, they were running away from security. A security alarm was blaring. I woke up huffing and puffing. What do you think. I hope it was just a bad dream.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the information, I was meditating earlier hoping for more details and they did show a gas mask.

      1. rhona2 Avatar

        OK confirmation of sorts thank you .
        Will post if I receive more .

    2. Cassandra Apollo Avatar
      Cassandra Apollo

      I got the Spirit Chills reading your post. That means there is some truth to what I read.

  6. Lance Avatar

    Maryland was the 7th state admitted to the U.S. Anne Arundel county in Maryland is only a few miles east of Washington D.C., on the Chesapeake Bay and it’s ZIP Code starts ‘207’ as well…
    An attack here, would symbolically be an attack on Washington D.C.
    First feeling I had when I read this…it is a large attack on the Capital…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Does it have large, skyscraper buildings at all?

      1. Lance Avatar

        The northern tip of Anne Arundel county is less than 2-miles from the center of Baltimore. YES.

  7. rhona2 Avatar

    Hi Eric
    I’m a little surprised and taken aback this morning as I stepped out of bed I heard spirit say Nepalm. .I came outside to have a cuppa and read your site ..I read this prediction for first time and realised what the NEPALM may have been refer to ..
    I didn’t get it when I heard it this morning and thought it bazaar ..really odd for me my thoughts never entertain fears or focus on such things ..
    We a all know Nepalm can produce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide dioxygenates ..
    I asked where and the bridge near 911 came through .That’s Brooklyn Bridge area ..
    I’m not convinced I have the location right so I have asked for confirmation .
    I will post as soon as I know ..
    Thank you God bless All be aware love and light America always

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the information, I too just received information where they showed a gas mask

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Wow hope not Rhona.🙏🏻 Keep us posted on anything else you might get.
      Napalm is also hard to put out I believe.. longer burning time. Sticks to everything. Not good!
      Thank You for the prayers of love and light to America.❤️🌟

    3. chime18 Avatar

      Rhona2…..That did make me think of an old prediction of Eric’s where there were bodies in the water and as they floated rescuers would not go near them. Can’t remember why though. Does it ring a bell with anyone else?

    4. chime18 Avatar

      I found the prediction. Was relating the sores over the body to napalm effects. It also mentions something about Russians which I’m not connecting to the above, just posing it because of what is going on in the US at the moment. Here it is:

      “Now is the time for the Russians to cash in all the work they have put in when it comes to the meddling of America” I had a visual of an area around Greece.
      The implication was that just like Crimea they would meddle in the affairs of nations that have Russian ties, the hope is to bring them back into the fold through force. Unlike the previous administrations of Bush and Obama, they are not expecting the US to stand in their way. Little by little they will try to chip away at Europe”.

      1. chime18 Avatar

        It also mentions bridges in it and a Bay Area.

  8. rhona2 Avatar

    Rereading I’m not sure if maybe the chemical Nepalm was meant for farm area and catatonic woman in field ..similar affect as carbon monoxide and dioxide..
    Oh dear I will ask which way this is meant .
    ..maybe my psyche was just picking up reading your prediction later after I got up ..

    1. rhona2 Avatar

      Hi that’s a lot don’t think they will infect our phones etc now they have been linked here …I have no idea about these wondering .

      1. Annie Avatar

        Its one of those you won claim your free prize things have to exit out of site to get rid of it ….its Not happing today. Thanks

    2. rhona2 Avatar

      Hi that’s a lot don’t think they will infect our phones etc now they have been linked here …I have no idea about these wondering .
      Blessings maybe just just if we click on them .
      So won’t be doing that .

  9. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, after having searched through a lot of your old predictions I’m wondering is it possible this will be more than just one attack or location such as what happened on 9/11? That was actually four coordinated attacks. Is it symbolic to that? There’s so many old predictions about there being multiple attacks on the US and then you have the old airplane hijacking predictions. Could Spirit be referencing “this will be huge” as in more than one location will be attacked? NY, Chicago, Pennsylvania (Ave?), the Nations Capital, Texas (British Air), California (Miramar)… are just some that come to mind. I don’t think any of the older predictions have happened yet have they?
    Sorry not trying to fear monger. I’m just wondering if it could be multiple attacks.

  10. JonBlue Avatar

    As you may remember I had my second brain surgery up at UCLA December 11th to remove the Timor again. I get out of rehab on January 20th and we are taking Amtrak Surfliner from LA back home to San Diego that evening. Your prediction about the 20th and train and attack scared me. I can’t travel by car because I’m not well enough yet as it will make me carsick. Amtrak train is fast and does not have the quick stop and go that traffic does in all of SoCal. I don’t know what to do as I have been in rehab for a month and just wanna get home to my little house, my two doggies and two cats and my rose garden and vegetable garden. What do I do? Should we travel another day?

    1. Lia Avatar

      Jon, I feel “prodded” by spirit to have you look up Debora Wayne – she is an
      energy healer in California who does remote distance healings on YouTube as demonstrations of her healing ability within the interviews. Look up the quantum conversations interview show on YouTube with Lauren Galen- Debora was interviewed there on YouTube and does a few minute demonstration of her distance energy healing in the interview. I signed up for her distance energy healing day – a little expensive for the “day of healing” but worth every penny for me – about $200. Or more, so not too high. Amazing healer! Before her, I did not know that healing energy could come from her hands directly through the camera and into my living room to heal my auric biofield. At minimum, you will feel intense bliss or peace. I could never meditate effectively, but I was put into a bliss state within 20 seconds. Much pain of fibromyalgia “disappeared” within a few days. It has stuck – the healing, that is! LOL!!! Eric, you and your mom must look her up, too. This woman is the REAL DEAL!!!! No religious discussion, no judgement – pure energy transmitted.

  11. jules104 Avatar

    Eric this is an older prediction from Sep 10, 2016. US Terror Attack 1. It has a shooting and then a bomb going off with what sounds like another bomb placed where people are running to (joggers).
    Are these old predictions not relevant to this prediction?

    1. Mike Avatar

      Jules if I recall correctly this ended up being a successful prediction regarding bombs being placed in dumpetsers/trash cans along popular weekend race routes for 5k/10ks. The bombs luckily were located and did not explode

  12. Rob Avatar

    Eric, I notice that you used the phrase ‘all mirroring each other’ in the prediction. The date of 1/19 closely mirrors 9/11 of course. The year ‘19 similarly continues that pattern. I hope that attack, whatever the nature of it, doesn’t happen. Thanks for your work and healthy wishes.

    1. Lia Avatar

      Hi Rob & Eric, You have a good pt. I keep seeing 119 all over lately. 11:09 on clocks, 119 on license plates, etc. Hope not, but it. Could be a significant clue.

  13. Carolyn Avatar

    On January 19th, we have the Women’s March here in NYC, so we will have huge crowds of people in the streets. Lots of People will be coming by the bus loads and by train loads into Manhattan. Terrorists like to sow chaos in big crowds. I’m hoping and praying nothing happens this Saturday as I’m planning to travel into the City for this march. I’m wondering if I should just stay home? I will be traveling into Pennsylvania Station.

  14. Interested Avatar

    In the post from 1-31-17, the 2 that is circled, could be two years? I don’t think this one happened – right?

    “Spirit showed the number 2 in big bold print, then circled it, with a clicking clock noise in the background

    “An attack on the US.” Spirit showed both the US and the UK. “Around Football.” “Cancel it”

    I had a visual of a subway arriving, the doors opened, I felt a chill afterwards.”

  15. Interested Avatar

    There is another post where the 2 may reference two years, which would be now. The post January 1, 2017..

    “First. I asked Spirits about the terror attacks expected in the US, I was a bit excited that perhaps I was wrong and nothing was coming. But unfortunately they showed a visual of a jar of jam that was almost empty. Jam in the past represents ‘on hold’ ‘jammed’. Then they showed the number 2 again and this time added 14. “

  16. Betty Avatar

    Hello Eric,
    I wonder if the 7 means seven days which is around the 20th. In another note this is developing right now Active Shooter

  17. star48 Avatar

    Kenya 🇰🇪
    Developing 🚨
    Explosions,gunfire..hotel and office building…
    A terror attack is underway at a five-star hotel in Kenya with reports of guests held hostage and explosions.

    Somalian terror group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack in the capital city, Nairobi.

    At least two explosions were heard near the Dusit Hotel and vehicles were seen on fire.

    Witnesses were spotted covered in blood and fleeing for their lives.

    There are also reports that hotel guests have been held hostage.

    One woman who works in a neighbouring building said: “I just started hearing gunshots, and then started seeing people running away raising their hands up and some were entering the bank to hide for their lives.”

    One man came out covered in blood as nearby university students were evacuated.

  18. star48 Avatar


    Syria 🇸🇾
    Attack on troops..

    United States service members conducting a routine patrol were among the 16 people killed Wednesday in an explosion set off by a suicide bomber in the Northern Syrian town of Manbij, officials said.
    The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the blast, saying an attacker outfitted with explosives targeted a U.S.-led coalition operating in the area, located about 20 miles from the Turkish border.

  19. star48 Avatar

    Foiled attack…Developing…

    Scott MacFarlane
    NEW: Feds arrest Georgia man suspected of plotting attack Washington Monument, White House and Lincoln Memorial with weapons and explosives. Per court documents – man had “hand-drawn diagram of ground floor of the West Wing”

    More on next comment…..

  20. star48 Avatar

    Terror attack …Developing..🚨🚨🚨🚨
    Washington DC..
    Plot to attack.,,

  21. jules104 Avatar

    Eric the Women’s March is coming up on Saturday 1/19/19 or 1/19…seems to mirror 9/11. This is happening all over the country I believe, though this link shows Washington DC, Pennsylvania Ave

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the information

    2. star48 Avatar


      Re:: women’s march…

      Here is an article about some issues they do not cover..
      Sex trafficking? Child marriage? FGM? Forced face veiling? Honor Killing? None of these issues are being addressed by the American Women’s March leadership.

      See opinion piece….interesting ..

  22. Betty Avatar

    Hello Eric, I live in Arizona and police had made an arrest yesterday here. Apparently was planning an attack in my state. Here is the link:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Wow, thanks for the information.

  23. […] World Predictions 1-12-19 “There is a threat to the United States.. clear and present danger.. bombing.” […]

  24. star48 Avatar


    The Cape Cod,
    Unexplainable illnesses..toxic chemicals….

    Flint, Michigan is no longer the only American city synonymous with contaminated drinking water. Cape Cod, with its quaint hamlets and salty breezes, is more closely associated with Camelot than contaminants. But the seaside escape has been gripped for decades by instances of seemingly unexplainable illnesses.

  25. star48 Avatar

    Hamas obsessed NJ man talked of NY terror attack..
    Also hate filled..
    He also spewed hatred against Jewish people, allegedly vowing in an Instagram Live video that he would go to a pro-Israel march and “shoot everybody.”

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