Beirut Explosion

Prayers for all those in Beirut Lebanon. God help us.
This prediction has happened.
The last prediction is in question as that is clearly a terror attack and as of yet we don’t know the details, that 4 would imply today, August 4th though.
I also believe with horrible sadness that the visual comparing destruction to an earthquake is the blast in Beirut. I just could not believe an explosion would destroy such a massive amount of land and buildings but unfortunately it did. The predictions:

THE UNKNOWN Three separate times I have had visuals of epic destruction. In one vision I was looking down to what looked like a massive explosion. The other visual showed me standing on a hill looking down at a valley that was destroyed. 
The third visual implied one huge earthquake. The destruction was buildings crushed. 
Are they related. I am scrambling to find the location. Due to my lingering illness which is annoyingly interfering in everything I do here, I can’t see the location, but everything tells me time is running out. So I am posting it now. 

WORLD PREDICTIONS 7-18-20 I had a visual I was in a desert, there was one epic fire, huge smoke stacks. I believe it was a factory or oil refinery. The smoke was so thick it was hard to see

Notes on 7-3-15    “Two, dual.. dark scorn.. 40 (could be 4)..” I had a visual of a large explosion, then you saw a man and woman holding each others hands with an evil look.
“This situation will bring out the horse of war.. who has been sitting in its stable.”