World Predictions: US Attack Coming

I had a visual of a baseball player walking, on his shirt was what I believe NY initials.

I had a visual of a large Zero. A major prediction is about to happen.

It sounds like the North east is also a target of this coming attack. Or they are correcting my assumptions of LA. The baseball reference might be targeting Saturday, Saturday is when our own family engages in baseball ativities. They have used life examples before to set the timeframe. The predictions that might be related are below: 

I had a visual of a baseball. “People being shot.. multiple shootings.” I had a visual of a person who was shot, while others tried to help her. “This happens again.”  Then they said ‘Anniversary or University.’ the verbiage was very faint.


I heard the Rolling Stones song Sympathy for the Devil playing. Then it shifted to show a man getting off a bus.

I had a visual of sets of baseballs, then a set of baseballs rolling.

I had a visual I was watching a ballgame of children, then I heard this high pitch ringing. The ringing in your ears after a bomb goes off.

”A truly evil man”

“Attack is coming.. around 3.. Osama Bin Laden.. what an extremely sick person.”

Then in small print was LA Bombing

Is this also related? Revenge for Osama Bin Laden? : Predictions 8-21-18

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  1. I am curious. Why do you receive these warnings as an individual and the same messages are not projected to thousands of other people, gifted like yourself; at the same time?

    1. every physic is different, and every pyschic, is at a different level of development, which takes many lifetimes, to build a skill. even though, we all belong to GOD, the source, each physic, will take from that source, different information, that will be passed of to the indivual, that is why no two people are alike, neither, can be two physics. Everyone, has their own speciality, their own special connection to the sorce,……GOD.

    2. I don’t know if I agree with that assessment, from what so many people tell me they pick up the same messages, I have had several people that said they picked up cyclone Fani, now it wasn’t thousand, the difference is I post it over the internet. I share it while others hesitate to share. Most in this century would be worried that posting predictions might open them up to extreme criticism, cruelty, and embarrassment. I on the other hand find it a privilege to serve them. To each it’s own.

    3. I’m not sure what’s happening, but I posted this below and it didn’t appear. Then when I tried to most again, it said it was duplication and stopped me posting. So apologies if there is a duplication:
      As Spirit explained it to me, imagine a huge business, we’ll call it Harry’s with multiple entry points. At each entry point there is someone there to assist you. Those assistants are individuals but we call them Harry. Some of us go to Harry’s asking for help and assistance, other go looking for future information, or to thank and praise, and others just go in curiosity.
      Now imagine, outside of these entrances, there are people ridiculing or denigrating Harry’s , claiming that they went to a certain door and got no response or reply to their specific reason for going there. Or others claiming that Harry’s is a myth and doesn’t exist. After awhile, those of a negative nature cause the genuine seekers to back away and so Harry has less customers.
      So basically, the more we visit Harry’s, with a genuine heart and intention, the larger Harry’s will become.
      Harry being The Creator/God, the assistants Guides/Guardian Angels/Spirit Friends etc and our visiting Harry’s is basically a truthful type of regular meditation of a Spiritual nature.
      Because currently our world is anything but conducive to ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, we are getting more interference in the Messages being passed onto us via those of us who are channelling. In the days of fervent prayer and beliefs of religions, apparitions and visions were more common. So basically, the more we all ‘visit Harry’s’, by meditating on a regular basis, the more likely the accuracy of all channelled Information will become. Including an expansion with our own receivership. Pete

  2. Eric while looking for the “black socks” prediction I found multiple references that could match some of the recent predictions. It’s also related to the one of you in the freezer dialing 9-1-1. Also you weren’t sure if the spirits were talking about one or two separate predictions. One in July and one in December. There are multiple old predictions within this one. Just want to add in case there are clues here.

  3. While looking back on old predictions having to do with terrorist attacks on the US, the areas seem to be SF, CA area San Diego, CA area, LA, CA, Boston, Mass area, NYC, NY area, possibly Chicago, IL and TX and Louisiana. Can anyone think of any others? Oh Wash DC. has been mentioned too. Was Ohio mentioned? Is any of this related to the “protect your ships and ports” predictions…or that is separate? Trying to find some more clues.

  4. Leader of ISIS (who had been thought to possibly be deceased) has appeared in video for first time in 5 years trying to elicit violence…in middle east…but also elsewhere. Various agencies still trying to validate video.

  5. Eric this just happened. A 737 went off the runway into the St Johns River in Jacksonville, FL. It was a military contracted airplane which originated from GITMO. 150 persons on board and two minor injuries have been reported. Possibly due to a thunderstorm but still has not been determined. Not sure if this would fit any of your predictions. This happened close to a bridge, I believe the tv anchor said the Buckland Bridge?

    1. Just a side note…this flight was a military contract flight landing at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAS JAX).

  6. Not psychic at all but just trying to piece clues presented here together. I checked the schedule. There is a New York Yankees home baseball game on Saturday. And the stadium is not that far from Columbia, Fordham, and CUNY universities.

      1. Eric,
        So many shooting predictions…
        8 injured now and 2 shooters in custody…

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