Predictions 8-21-18

My hope is to bring clarity to this dire situation, specifically the location. 

For the past several months Spirit has been talking about multiple massive explosions. Now they seem to be separating them into two or three different events. One is an accident involving a plant with rods, but this message is an attack. This might be the message that predicts a return of Timothy McVeigh actions. In previous messages Spirit predicted this attack around the time school starts up again. Perhaps the end of Summer break.

One of the events have a nuclear or radioactive component.  

“Its an attack.. in 2.. the explosion so massive.. a sudden flash of light.. so much destruction.”

Then I saw the word University. But then they showed a US flag made of drawing paper, as if a child made it, hanging from a wall, like an elementary school made it.

I question is that a message about timing, as school is about to start up again? I need to ask about location. 

Then the visual shifted to show a picture of the man who was carrying out the attack.

The new terrorist will be the son seeking his revenge.

This message might or might not be related, here they seem to imply that the ‘son’ of a terrorist is the new leader. 

I also had a visual of Saudi Arabia.

I was asking about the next war, are they talking about that? Or the prediction above?

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41 thoughts on “Predictions 8-21-18”

  1. Bin Laden was from Saudi Arabia and his son is seeking revenge for his Fathers death. Wouldnt be surprised if this is him..

  2. Is this ‘son’ of a terrorist — who will be the new leader — the next Hitler that has been predicted?

  3. Eric, many universities have elementary education majors. So, a department or building dedicated to elementary education – thus child created artwork of an American flag on the wall – would not be unusual. Also, large universities sometimes have daycare arrangements on campus. Universities & elentary schools are starting school now and over the next few weeks.

  4. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::The new terrorist will be the son seeking his revenge.

    This message might or might not be related, here they seem to imply that the ‘son’ of a terrorist is the new leader.

    I also had a visual of Saudi Arabia.

    The State Department is offering a $1 million reward for help locating emerging Al Qaeda leader Hamza bin Laden; Lucas Tomlinson reports.

  5. Eric,SWC,
    Ref::I also had a visual of Saudi Arabia.

    Sabotage attack.

    TWO Saudi oil tankers were hit by a “sabotage attack” off the United Arab Emirates, it was announced this morning – as tensions flare between the US and Iran.

    The ships were struck off the coast of the port of Fujairah – with one of the tankers due to be loaded with Saudi crude oil bound for the United States.

  6. Eric,
    Ref:::I also had a visual of Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
    Terror attack..on airport
    Event details

    Terror Attack in Saudi Arabia on June 24 2019 03:00 AM (UTC).

    Saudi Arabia says one person has been killed and seven others wounded in an attack by Yemeni rebels on an airport in the kingdom’s south. The U.S. sending aircraft carrier and bombers to the Middle East in response to clear indications Iran planned an attack on U.S. forces in the region. The spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition at war in Yemen against the rebel Houthis was quoted in the state-run Saudi Press Agency as saying the airport in Abha was struck shortly after 9 p.m. local time on Sunday. Col. Turki al-Maliki did not say what type of weapon was used in the attack. The Saudi Press Agency reported that a Syrian resident of Saudi Arabia had been killed. A Houthi spokesman, Yahia al-Sarie, said earlier Sunday the rebels had launched drone attacks on Saudi airports in Abha and Jizan. The attack comes less than two weeks after the airport in Abha was attacked by a Houthi cruise missile, wounding 26 passengers inside.

  7. Eric,SWC,
    Nuclear Plant incident….Developing ✔️🚨
    Canada 🇨🇦
    Nuclear warning alert issued in Ontario over incident at power station as people who live in 10km radius are told to tune into local media for updates
    🔺Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is home to eight nuclear reactors – two of which have been shut down
    🔺Ontario province sent out alert to local residents saying that there was ‘no abnormal release of radioactivity from the station’
    🔺Pickering, one of the largest nuclear generating stations in the world, produces 14 per cent of electricity for Ontario’s 14.57 million residents

      1. Eric,SWC,
        Update ✔️🚨🚨🚨

        False alarm! Nuclear warning alert issued in Ontario over ‘incident’ at power station was ‘sent in error’

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