Predictions 5-17-18

I had a visual of a flash of light followed by one massive explosion. In the corner of the visual was the number 2.

One huge explosion? Or a nuclear bomb being tested? 

I had a visual I was looking at a clock that read 3:09

“Earthquake.. 19”

“There will be one massive flood in Vancouver.. and areas around it.”

I had a visual I read two 00’s next to a crosswalk that showed “walk”.

Two predictions are about to unfold, Spirit is using a symbol of a “walk” sign to describe symbolically which prediction they are talking about. 

I had a visual of a person holding a detonator, ready to blow up a location.

“It is obstruction of justice.. your resignation is full proof.”

Whether its Trump or one of his surrogates, there is an indictment of ‘obstruction of justice’ however they seem to be pardoned, or their crimes are waved based on a resignation.

I had a visual I was walking in a baseball field, with metal fences.

Perhaps a message of an old prediction: I had a visual of a baseball. “People being shot.. multiple shootings.” I had a visual of a person who was shot, while others tried to help her. “This happens again.”  Then they said ‘Anniversary or University.’ the verbiage was very faint.



37 thoughts on “Predictions 5-17-18

  1. There ar3 areas of British Columbia which are being hard hit by flooding already, in the central south and eastern parts. Vancouver itself is unlikely to flood, but the Fraser River delta around is is preparing. An island in the Fraser, close to Vancouver, has been evacuating livestock, with the ferry running 24 hours a day, and volunteer sandbaggers helping as well. The army has been called out to help in other parts of the province. We’ve had a heavy snowpack this year and the last several weeks have been hot; warmer than Los Angeles, with some rainfall expected in the next few days. We’re hoping for cooler temperatures and no rain!

  2. SWC, Eric is this earthquake 19 for the CA prediction then? And could 3:09 be for three EQs at 9 mag or the actual time or what?
    The Olympic peninsula up in WA area over to Juan de Fuca Strait and Victoria has been really moving over these last few days. Here is the PNSN Real-time Tremor map. You can click through the last 48 hours up on the right and see how busy it’s been with a big cluster there.

  3. SWC, Eric the Vancouver flooding brought to mind these old earthquake/tsunami predictions. I don’t believe the large tsunami ever materialized. And as far as I remember the predictions said it was still coming.
    These old predictions mention the number 18 and Vancouver taking the brunt of the flooding. “This is the wave that will crash against the houses.” There is also a white flag with British type flag.
    Is it possible we are looking at three different eqs? Does anyone know what 3:09 is referencing? Here’s the link.

  4. Vancouver is hardly likely to be hit by a tsunami. An earthquake, yes, but Vancouver Island is in the way. Its
    west coast would be the likeliest, along with Haida Gwaii. They have tsunami escape
    routes posted on the island. My Vancouver home is about 300 feet above sea level, so I’m pretty safe!

  5. Yo creo que no hay duda de que esperamos un terremoto para pasado mañana será 3:09 la hora del terremoto?. Tambien creo que esta ligado a la erupcion del volcan de hawai.

  6. Olá a todos, sou do Brasil. Uma irmã cristã, vem divulgando em sua fan page do facebook que Deus lhe mostrou em sonho um grande terremoto que vai acontecer no dia 21 de maio. Sem detalhes de qual lugar vai acontecer.

  7. The prediction on obstruction was a tad confusing, but since the pardon was added, i think it indicates one of Trumps surrogates. I wonder when this will occur. 🤔

    • It is, Its important to remember English is not their language, so you have to interpret a lot of their work as if you were reading a foreigners work. They did not set a timeline, but it mirrors another prediction about many of the events with Trump just like Nixon.

      • I think there was a two year investigation into Nixon, so If it mirrors Nixon maybe it’s around the two year mark. I do hope it’s sooner, but the July reference they gave earlier could point to when it all starts to unravel. The beginning of the end? Yes, I’m aware of how difficult it can be to Interpret spirits language and especially time frames. 💐

      • Eric,
        It could be used to destroy coastlines…and infrastructure…with no one knowing if natural or triggered by that device…perfect tool of chaos..

      • It says in this article “designed to destroy reinforced naval bases”. That would be bad if one country could take out the others Navy.
        That also brings to mind the old predictions about the ships and ports. “Protect America ships and ports will be targeted.” But that seemed to be from terrorists.

  8. Eric,
    Syria 🇸🇾
    Ref::I had a visual of a flash of light followed by one massive explosion. In the corner of the visual was the number 2.

    HUGE explosions reported at Syria HAMA airbase..
    Cause unclear

  9. There was an active shotter at a high school and this weekend is the aniversery of another school shooting

  10. UPDATE: 8 dead at sante fe high school after shooting, shooter is in custody and had used a shotgun

  11. I’m concerned about the explosion prediction.

    Eric, is it connected to the “I had a visual of a person holding a detonator, ready to blow up a location” prediction, or are they too separate incidents?

    Explosives have been found at the school where the shooting took place, but since they didn’t go off or anything, I don’t think it fits with either of the explosion predictions mentioned above.

    However, it does sound a lot like the last prediction, the one about ‘shootings’ and ‘anniversary’.

  12. Eric,
    Here’s a thought. Remember that prediction you had before, of four 0’s rolling down the street and stopping? You said you felt they symbolized four predictions?

    Well, today, your prediction had “I had a visual I read two 00’s next to a crosswalk that showed “walk”.” Maybe they’re saying two of the four 0000s represent events that already happened, and that two more predictions still are on the table. No idea which ones.

    If I had to guess, I’d say the Hawaiian volcano and the recent school shooting are the two predictions that already happened. But that possibly leaves two more 0’s, two more predictions, that are coming.

  13. Eric,SWC,
    Another explosion in South one hurt..

    Numerous explosions at a welding company in South Dakota have prompted a massive police evacuation as fire and billowing smoke engulf Sioux Falls’ skyline, it has emerged. Sioux Falls Police have declared residents are being evacuated within one mile of the incident in the western area of the region. It is understood everyone except emergency staff are being asked to move away from the scene. Photos of the scene show smoke billowing into the sky as authorities desperately try to bring the situation under control. Video has emerged on social media of explosions going off in the area as resident fears skyrocket. Fire officials have stated the cause of the fire is still under investigation. It is understood no one was hurt as a result of the incident at the A-OX Welding Supply Company. Many of the streets near the horrifying explosions have been barricaded off.


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