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Predictions 5-17-18

I had a visual of a flash of light followed by one massive explosion. In the corner of the visual was the number 2.

One huge explosion? Or a nuclear bomb being tested? 

I had a visual I was looking at a clock that read 3:09

“Earthquake.. 19”

“There will be one massive flood in Vancouver.. and areas around it.”

I had a visual I read two 00’s next to a crosswalk that showed “walk”.

Two predictions are about to unfold, Spirit is using a symbol of a “walk” sign to describe symbolically which prediction they are talking about. 

I had a visual of a person holding a detonator, ready to blow up a location.

“It is obstruction of justice.. your resignation is full proof.”

Whether its Trump or one of his surrogates, there is an indictment of ‘obstruction of justice’ however they seem to be pardoned, or their crimes are waved based on a resignation.

I had a visual I was walking in a baseball field, with metal fences.

Perhaps a message of an old prediction: I had a visual of a baseball. “People being shot.. multiple shootings.” I had a visual of a person who was shot, while others tried to help her. “This happens again.”  Then they said ‘Anniversary or University.’ the verbiage was very faint.


Notes on 6-24-14

Vancouver? I had a visual of a wet towel being squeezed out. ‘drenched’.

Wichita Kansas..
“Corrupt acts, unethical workings are coming.”
I had a visual of massive damage, either a natural disaster or large accident.

Eric’s Comments: They want to start new predictions as I ask for clarity on old ones, with these places as the locations, I have to assume that the messages below are connected to those locations. With Vancouver it sounds like those predictions are still coming.   I also asked about the 4th of July, will their be an explosion? They expressed concern over showing me a visual of the 4th, which implies that something is coming.