Alaska Tsunami

Several fans have pointed out that there is a Durham Alaska in the southern part of Alaska. Others have pointed out the 23-24th as a date. Then there is the number ‘7’ in the Vancouver predictions which many of you note is 7 days later ( Notes on 6-16-14 ) .  The facts of this event continues to show through in their predictions. It’s still unclear if this ties in with the predicted flooding in Vancouver, I will be asking Spirit for clarity on that question. Here are all the predictions:

Notes on 3-22-14 – Major Earthquake
Big one.. major earthquake.. this is going to be a bad one.. 24.. 23 to 24.. dirham.. at its tip or end.. the place shredded and mangled.”  – Spirits Voice

Notes on 4-12-14 Partial Tsunami
I had a visual of a mammoth sea monster rising above the ocean with its tentacles stretching outward, its tentacle slammed into the land, but the rest of the sea monster fell back into the ocean before it could accomplish more.
“Partial Tsunami! Its coming soon.. 18.. 18.. this is the wave that will crash against the houses..” — Spirits Voice

Notes 6-21-14
They showed the word ‘Cracker and Kraken.’

Notes on 6-16-14
Last night as I fell asleep I felt I was in an ocean floating back and forth, I felt I was sinking down, deeper and deeper. It was very unnerving. Previously I have talked about the ground shaking under my feet right before an earthquake happens, this however was very different.

The Facts on 6-23-14 by AP:  “Magnitude-8.0 Alaska quake spawns small tsunami. A strong earthquake near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands triggered a tsunami warning Monday, but only small waves measuring several inches hit coastal communities.” Quoted by



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  1. eric the middle east peace conferrence was held in madrid in october 1991… its worth a read for knowledge alone…also there is a great lebonese influence in yucitan and mexico city itself. just trying to help with this puzzle. spain and lebonon have an intersting history ..

      • madrid conference of 1991……/madrid conference.
        also an interesting note. The moors invaded the Iberian peninsula in 700 called Al-Andalas comprised mostly of spain gibralta potugal..the maghrebis known as moors the mulim areas of spain as was called then. there are 4000 or more Arabic words used in spain. Morrocco in particular is the definate form of maghrib…anyhow more to the point the dirhum was exported from there for a very ling time. and your spirit helpers are ancient so whats a few hundred years trying to find a location. the Iberian peninsula is the south west tip of europe.

        moors the muslim areas of spain as was kno

  2. Star48 Jules 104
    Hi im here too ..
    Trying to help find thread too star ..
    no luck so far ..
    Goid to have you back Jules

  3. Star48 Jules 104
    Star I was concern3d about Ophelia when i saw her on storm web ..I thought thats going to cause probs for Britain and not seen it like that before …
    prayers love and light to them. ..

  4. Rhona2,Jules104

    Ophelia now tropical storm..trees and power lines down,,
    Two people were seriously injured when a tree fell on their car in the southeast of Ireland, state broadcaster RTE reported.

    The storm, downgraded from a hurricane overnight, made landfall after 0940 GMT, the Irish National Meteorological Service said, with winds as strong as 176 kph (110 mph) hitting the most southerly tip of the country and flooding likely.

  5. Star48 Jules 104
    Star thanks for update on Ophelia.
    sad a couple had to be victims of this storm .
    prayers for their families .
    crazy surfers though they just risk everything ..

  6. Star48, Rhona. Do you remember an old prediction about a couple who had been in North CA and burned a house down? They were the terrorists I believe. All of these fires reminded me of that and then Star you mentioned grey terrorism in Spain/Portugal.
    That man driving out of those fires was very brave. He must have been terrified. Him and the car in front of him. So glad they made it.
    And wow Ophelia at 110 mph. Good decision on letting kids out of school especially with those winds taking the school roof right off. Geez. Thank god! I’m sure there wasn’t much left of their school after. Crazy hurricanes.

  7. Star48, Rhona. Latest Dutch. I caught something made me think. Starts around minute 29:00 and goes on but it was between the 32:00 and 33:00 minute. Just take a good listen tell me if you hear/see it. Maybe just me.🤔😳😯

    • Jules 104
      Im not sure but are you referring to the sydney comment ..or is it just the Alaska prediction in general . what it is and i can tell you if i agree .
      Now its bugging me need to know .

      • Yes then I began to wonder about Victoria right there also. Va. An island, its on the West but it’s on the east also. It seems like some of these things have come up before. It also could just be a repeat for another time you know? It just stood out to me. I never knew there was a Sidney Island there. Probably nothing?

  8. Star48 Jules 104
    Im trying to catch up ..
    Ophelia hriucane im so glad the children were not there .
    The asteroids just keep sneeking up on us .
    im wondering if the predicted meteor wiil just come out of nowhere and surprise us .
    I really enjoyed the read on symptoms
    with solar flares etc . some ring very true. .
    Adobe hackers this is just all getting out of hand ..surely someone can come up with something to intergrate security protection ..
    It just crazy …
    The space station. .well it does echo the Russian incident..but sometimes i wonder just how often predictions pick up multiple events
    for same subject know and it comes through strong because of the muliple energy
    of events .you know like energy reinforced because of sameness .
    does that make sense ?
    The 12000 years ago hurricanes forming over cold waters struck me that mother nature will compensate to do what it is she feels she has to do
    amazing article .

    Thats really amazing though..

  9. Star48, Rhona. I agree on the hurricanes forming 12,000 years ago. Pretty interesting read Star48. And that Chinese satellite it brought to mind a prediction I’ve wondered about for a while now. Well besides the Farsight Projects Remote Viewing a while ago that seemed to match for me, what about the old prediction for Oregon and a sidewalk with a walk sign. There was this bright white light when it said walk I think and possible EQ? It just seemed odd with the bright white light. I can search for it and add. Wouldn’t a satellite coming down create a huge amount of light before it hit? Maybe nothing I just never understood what the significance of the bright light was in that prediction.
    Also Rhona, totally understand the repeat events energy type deal. Seems to happen like a repeat of history but just tweeked a bit differently.
    And… I’m beginning to wonder about Vancouver, BC area with possible large off shore EQ creating a tsunami. Im just starting to get that feeling it’s getting closer, right around the corner…as Eric would say. 😉 I feel as though there will be multiple areas getting large destructive EQs. I sure hope it isn’t all during the same time period. Praying I’m wrong. Are either of you picking that up? Praying for small releases of energy stored. 🙏🏻🌎🌟

  10. Rhona2,
    What the ? Perth! Extreme weather..
    A strong cold front over the southern half of Western Australia has brought wind gusts of up to 100 kilometres per hour to coastal areas of Perth. The strong winds have uprooted trees and brought down power lines. The Bureau of Meteorology said the strongest wind gusts were recorded in the northern Perth suburb of Ocean Reef. Rottnest Island, off the coast of Perth, recorded gusts of 96 kilometres an hour. The State Emergency Service received more than 30 calls for assistance overnight across the metro and south west of the state, mostly for minor roof damage. In Armadale, an uprooted tree in Gribble Avenue blocked traffic as emergency services worked to clear the area. Western Power said the network escaped major damage from the high winds. At last report there were 14 homes blacked out in Perth, mostly from tree branches falling on power lines, and 28 homes in regional areas to the north and south of Perth. Perth recorded more than 15 millimetres of rain since the front arrived early yesterday morning. The Bureau of Meteorology said another cold front is due to cross the coast tonight.

  11. Star48, Rhona. Glad to hear you are both doing okay. Wow it seems so weird with all the crazy storms all over and winds north of me when its been really nice and sunny here. No winds at all. Star I hope they get that fire put out. Keep a watch on that. Hope you are signed up for emergency phone calls. Pretty sure you mentioned previously that you were. Keep us posted on the fire. Hope your electric stays on now.
    Rhona hope those storms are finished. Sounds like Australia is getting hit bad. Is that normal for this time of year over there? Stay safe and keep us updated.
    I saw there was a deep EQ over near the Philippines. Palimbang 4.7, 554 km depth.

  12. Star48, great article on tsunami shaped coastline. I’d guess that’s from the Juan de Fuca and Gorda Escarpement??? Just great. 😧😱 I’ve always wondered about these sand dunes over here. Maybe they are from CA. 😬 Or we are just missing something that should be here. Sand Dunes are right north of here like another world almost. It’s so odd. Then you have the bay and all these rivers and lakes and inlets all over. It’s made me wonder whether it was eroded and washed out by a big wave. Hope not. 😳😦

  13. Star48, Rhona. This was a pretty informative video on the possible cat 5 typhoon heading towards Japan. Goes into possible trouble for Ireland and Scotland again also. Think there’s an actual update I’ll try and add after this one. Here’s that link.

  14. Rhona, Star48. Here’s that next update on possible hurricane for U.K. Once again and possible hurricane for FL East Coast or even Gulf around Halloween. Doesn’t Eric have an old prediction for something like that? Here’s link.

  15. Star48, Rhona thanks for the info. Oh my my Star48…you are on top of it for sure. I was off doing something and didn’t catch all this. Well guess it’s a wait and see then eh? But I like that guys style who does the hurricane, typhoon ,cyclone weather updates. Hope you two did also. I’m not much into fluff when it comes to those reports, just want straight talk. 😉🤗
    Also…two EQs off N CA. One 2.3 another 4.2. And a NH and NY EQ. Dutch said they’d happen. Guess he got that right. Okay I swear if I didn’t know any better I’d say the volcanos are swarming in Alaska, WA, Hawaii, Nevada, CA, Idaho, Bend, OR got one even. Etc etc. must be lots of pressure somewhere. Hm. 🤔😟

  16. Star48
    Thank you for all the Hurricane predictions for October .
    oh my what an end to the month we are going to have ..its like all the players are in place now lets just wait for the first player to make a move ..Earth Water or wind ..The fires are already present ..

    • Star48
      I agree it most certainly could apply to Yellowstone or Salton Sea .
      good old Lusi has been creating difficult curcumstances for Java ..
      for a very long time

  17. Star48
    That Geoid low in Indian Ocean is facinating
    You pick the best articles of interest .
    Thanks for posting .

  18. Wow thanks for those links Star48. I agree with Rhona…you find the most interesting articles. Exactly what could happen over here in the US with those mud eruptions. Well that explains somewhat of what is happening down below. So amazing. And the geoid. I’d not ever heard of that. Is that what you meant by something may be bulging under South America due to the strange water/tide occurances? There is really so much to learn still about our planet. Seems like we are just now beginning to figure it out with all the amazing technology becoming available to scientists. Really wonderful. May be a bit scarey for some to learn how not in control humans are though. 😳😯😉

    • Thanks Rhona will keep watch. I’m feeling something coming for CA, MX, NV maybe. Like if you could make that into a triangle. 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

  19. Star48 Jules 104
    Flores Sea Indonesia
    just 1 hr ago had a
    5.1m at 200 depth .
    so thats two for Papua new Guinea Indonesia are that are deep ones .

    • Rhona2,
      thanks..I was wondering.what was happening..
      I thought there is a quiet time before eruption…so stil very volital.

  20. Wow Star48, TD6 asteroid looked to be crashing into Earth.😧 Well let’s hope not but that’s what it seemed to be doing as it swung around. Oh with the solar flares, couldn’t that spot that’s spitting them out become a problem as it turns towards the Earth? Hopefully nothing thrown our way. 🙏🏻
    Rhona thanks for the update on Mt Agung. 600 EQs a day that’s a lot going on. I’m glad they are keeping that evacuation zone in place. Seems it’s inevitable that it will erupt soon. Wonder what the VEI will be. 😐 Praying for lots of small bursts of depressurizing prior. 🙏🏻

  21. Rhona, Star48. Did you two catch this new research and discovery made by the Dutch as in Norway? Old ancient plates discovered and match up where Dutch has the D for deep earthquakes. It’s long as he clicks on each one but interesting.

    • Rhona2,Jules104

      Meteor over Long Island. New York.bright during daylight..(video)
      See thread prediction us terror attack.,see video. Seen in many states..

      Side note
      another meteor made huge sonic boom and discinerated into pieces feel off the coast of Sri Lanka….I put it on Sri Lanka thread..

  22. Star48 Jules 104
    Star loving our companion asteroid ..
    Jules just about to check out Dutch ..having my morning cuppa ..have a great night you two ..
    will be on watch while yoy sleep ..

  23. Star48, Rhona… just watched that video on companion asteroid. That’s so cool. Never closer than 9 million miles. Well that’s good. Maybe it will knock out some of the others coming our way. 🤔
    Interesting that Sri Lanka got an asteroid break up too. Glad they are breaking up and disintegrating prior to landfall.
    Rhona are you getting vibes for Banda Aceh Sinabung area?

    • Star48
      oh wow what a eye opening article .
      I guess we have all long wondered about such things as political edges etc …informative on magnetic fields .great info. .
      very candid article .

  24. Rhona, Star48. This guy is really informative. So he shows how Typhoon Lan may get carried over via the jet stream to the West Coast US, travel down the coast and end up in the Caribbean affecting FL and the east coast around Halloween. Bringing snow and colder temps to the North East US and unusually warm air to the US West Coast. It’s very rare and is called a Madden Julian Oscillation.
    Also Ireland and U.K. Are going to get hit again possibly two more times.
    Check this out. These always remind me of Van Gogh paintings.

    • jules 104
      sorry about late reply for this video of MJO
      ..oh wow ..what a forcast … west coast Oregon nth Cal ..and then the Carribean ..
      seen similar jet stream patterns before ..remember ..but this is phenominal ..
      oh Halloween could well be a doosy weather wise .
      absolutely eye popping info .
      will be watching .Thank you ..
      take care andxwill be praying it intensity is not over the top..

  25. Jules 104
    Just watched dutch
    Well isnt that just confirming everything ..
    Sea of Japan . Java Sunda …Guam and North of Agean Sea ..
    Edge of Craton 😯😨
    Back side of Bolivia ..all our suspicions confirmed ..truly amazing ..

  26. Jules 104
    Hi Yes I am getting vibes about Banda Aceh
    have been for some time it jysr feels thats where the Sri Lanka prediction. .
    will start from too ..hey ?😊😉.

  27. Rhona2,Jules104,

    New report..Major undersea fault.

    We can think of this fault system as the San Andreas of the north,” said Danny Brothers, a USGS research geophysicist. “It appears to be the fastest moving continent-ocean strike-slip fault in the world.” Speedy faults like Queen Charlotte can trigger earthquakes and tsunamis more frequently than slower faults.

  28. Rhona2,Jules104

    Even one person observations make a difference.
    From Spain.,1886

    White-light flares correspond to the most extreme cases of this phenomenon, where so much energy is dumped into the chromosphere and corona that the energy propagates downward to the photosphere, heating it up, and producing the excess brightness that we observe in white light”, according to another of the authors, Jorge Sánchez Almeida, of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC).

    • Star48
      How wonderful ..Courage indeed that he published his observation of white light .
      Happy that he did ..and here we are reading it now .
      what a privilege. .
      thank you

  29. Jules 104
    Thanks for Haley’s commet article .will be watchibg ..
    brought back childhood memories of watching
    with my mum a dad a great shower of meteorites ..
    The skies were so much darker then .easier to see .

    Star 48 Queen Charlotte fault article ..exciting discovery for them should put some light on events up that way . interesting ..
    thank you

  30. Jules 104 Star 48
    Intraplate quakes 3 of them last 2 hrs doubt from Indonesia deep ones .
    Central Ranges middle of Aust.
    3.1m 36km depth
    Koorda W.A. 1.9m 10km depth
    Southern Cross 2.7m at 10km depth

      • star 48
        yes I really do believe you were picking up elp..part of your self was not present totally ..busy supporting that to which you were drawn in support ..Its happened to you previously and its happened to myself ..I know the feeling well .
        and the part of you thats in the mundane at such times is often less sensitive than the whole self ..
        your compassionate self was busy ..sort of to say ..
        I know you get my drift ..
        True The fiji one is another watch .
        blessings dear heart .

  31. Star48 Jules 104
    That should release a fair amount of pressure hopefully she is finished for now ..
    as they say she is massive beneath the surface .. .
    decent explosion ….

  32. Star48
    The drones ove Agung soynded like moquitos
    on steroids …grwat to see whats hapoening there .
    This could take months or never..but still feel she will blow ..

    Hmm that is a disturbing thought ..but it is so
    crappy we have to worry about that kind of terrorism ..and the wind could change and blow all back to them . ( tongue in cheek )
    SERIOUSLY concerning ..
    not far fetched at all .

  33. Star 48 Jules 104
    Aguanga CA swarm is bringing San Diego quake threat to mind ..
    long shot i know… Eric mentioned a hospital people working everything started shaking..
    is it possible Eric being in hospital in San Diego is tied in and could VA have been CA
    Even though eric said Sri Lanka Napal or Greece for VA ..
    Its still not clear ..

    • Star48
      Thanks Star for your thoughts on references
      5days ….
      Philippines ouch especially around there so many faults …

  34. Star48, Rhona. Where did the five days from now come in at? I must have missed something. I think your observation is great Rhona. I didn’t think t put those together. Also, there is a VA Hospital in San Diego. Just a thought.

  35. Jules 104
    I see what your pointing out with the dates for Disney land and Back to back quakes for those dates
    also the short video with Sandy ..propmts thoughts of how maybe weather hurrricanes are trending like normal weather patterns that repeat them selves seasonally ..this could be the start of a new repetitive cycle .

    • Rhona I just found it interesting that it seems to be lining up with a possible Halloween hurricane in Florida after Eric mentioned the end of Oct prior and it talks about an EQ also. I worry about that North CA one. I just start getting that odd feeling it’s coming up now.
      I really hope the Disney World prediction doesn’t happen ever. I know some people have brought up the fact they have a merry go round and someone dreamed about that. Praying that is foiled if so.

      • Jules 104
        im.posting quickly .flat out at moment
        Im wondering has the slow slip stopped up north or is it still going?
        Will look later but thought you might know .
        im praying too anout Disney land being fouled .

  36. Rhona I haven’t seen an update from
    Dutch for the 22nd 10:00pm yet, but I think the slow slide is still going. Hope so anyway. Think USGS is hiding EQs off the Coast lately too.

  37. Star48, Rhona. That Typhoon LAN does look like it could become an issue for the Fukushima plant and surrounding citizens…of the World. Ugh. Let’s pray not more so than it already is.
    That’s a deep one for sure over there in the Philippines Star. Something to keep a watch on. And that one in the middle of the Ocean. It seems I have seen one on dutchsinse before but maybe not. Where do you think it came off of? Hope not the middle of the Ocean EQ Eric was seeing. I don’t see many below Africa either.

      • Star48, think we commented at same time. Same thoughts new faults or plate boundaries? Yes that would affect a lot of countries.
        That research is pretty interesting. Makes sense that the solar storms could be affecting some mineral or metals/bio makeup in our bodies and brains. Magnetite the guy said. Well no wonder people are feeling off lately. Lots going on.

  38. Star48, Rhona. Just checked this recent Dutch video out after I replied. So it’s really short but he points out the deep Philippines EQ and the EQ below Africa and how it’s starting to become the norm with getting hit lately. I see the middle Ocean EQ is not on this update yet Star so hopefully he will have it on a point it out tonight at the 10:00 pm update. Seems something may be changing along the plates maybe? New plates? Here’s that link about 6 min. Oh he shows slow slip update also Rhona. Blessings You Two.

  39. Jules 104 Star 48
    I just noticed a comment i made about Dutch never posted .
    The deep Philippines is to split north and south of there Japan and papua he was saying pos two 6.4m or 7.4 .
    Star i have had a bad virus ..getting better but the syptoms of solar flares are evident in my system also .it seems .maybe exasserbated by virus .
    Im including a link for Bouvet Island soth of Africa ..I too have not seen so much activity from this massive volcano .
    it hasnt erupted for over 1000 yeats .
    Blessings you two

  40. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Saline lakes..
    Saline lakes around the world are shrinking in size at alarming rates. Lakes like Utah’s Great Salt Lake, Asia’s Aral Sea, the Dead Sea in Jordan and Israel, China’s huge Lop Nur and Bolivia’s Lake Popo are just a few that are in peril. These lakes and others like them are suffering massive environmental problems according to a group of scientists and water managers in Utah and Montana

    • star 48
      oh my thats a tragic problem for the lakes with no real immediate solution .
      climate change is praying it will swing round again .

  41. Rhona, Star48. That’s hilarious You Both posting on Bouvet at same time. It’s in a triple junction area also. could the ice that covers the crater be melting also? Dutch will maybe talk about that area when he talks about the area below South Africa that’s been more active lately during his 10:00 pm update He said he would earlier. I hope he adds in Bouvet area too.
    I hope PNG and Japan don’t get any large EQs. That wouldn’t be good. Especially Japan now getting hit with the Typhoon Lan. I think that may have ended up as a 4 on the scale.
    On another note, I sure hope Eric is doing okay. Hopefully getting a lot of rest and recovering. Poor guy. Emergency surgery…can’t have been good. Glad he’s got all of his Spirits and family around him and lots of people sending healing light, energy and love his way.
    Blessings You Two

  42. Star48 Jules 104
    star those simulations for Cascadia are riveting Sticky points are a worry and its not a rosy picture at all as they said ..

    Im in agreement with you about a watch for Brazil meteor strike. .still wating for it can feel it coming ..

    Bouys washes up on Oregon coast now thats a curiosity thats out of ordinary hope the find out why .

    Jules I watched the 23rd 10pm report so the ones you posted are a catchup for me ..
    The Swarms and when he mentiined Seattle my ears pricked up ..The reason I asked the otger day about whether swarm pnw had stopped was that i got a fkag for Seattle but didnt post as wasnt sure i know it was in the making ..
    Also Just got 2 Flags back to back from singer about Japan one song” Sukiyaki ” and one verbal from commentator on radio half hour later mentioning japan past quakes ..unusual comment it was out of blue .

    Side note we have gad 3 beliw 2m quakes here in West Aus just in our fault zone outside north and east of Perth in lasr few hours . so movement in Indonesia or philippines again coming up .

    o.k Bit ling but think i added all i wanted to mention .

    Jules j6st going to listen to second Dutch one
    you posted
    Thank you both
    blessings stay safe and well

  43. Star48, Rhona…sorry late in reply. Star saw those Cascadia simulations and as I suspected…time to move! 😛 Interesting simulations though really.
    Also the meteors…you could be right on Brazil. I’d not thought of that one.🤓
    Rhona thanks for heads up on Seattle and Japan. It’s strange because I was wondering about Mt Rainer possibly becoming unstable just the day prior then you mentioned Seattle.
    I just took a look at the Dutch video on PNW real time tremor map and it’s still going as of last night 10:00 pm. But he does make mention of something odd happening with “creeping on the creepage” in CA. And talks about USGS hiding quakes off the Oregon Coast. Absolutely I think so. I swear I’ve felt a few lately.
    What’s going on over in West South Pacific? Deep EQs around Australia. I don’t get a feeling that Australia is in danger of a big one though it’s relieving the pressure. Dutch mentions it’s like a tent affect there. Hits the middle and then moves out along the edges. Does it seem like that to you Rhona? I’m thinking more like, Sumatra?, PNG, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Japan, NZ. Those areas need to be on watch. What do you two think?
    I will add his latest update. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet. I keep falling asleep. Sheesh. 😵😴

  44. Jules104,Rhona2,
    3 deep eq’s today..
    4.5 mag North Mariana Islands 243km deep
    5.0 mag. “. “. “. 246 km deep
    4.2 mag Fiji. 384.1 km deep

  45. Star48 Jules 104
    Jules I agree it will only cause small quakes in Australia possibly up to 5m as we have had before ..nothing in highly populated area though..its a good measuring stick of whats happening with the plate .
    Star its a good thing they are monitoring Canary Islands. .thats spiking for a reason .
    Saw the deep ones around very active .
    Thanks for your updates yoy two

    • Thanks for keeping us in the loop.😎 I saw briefly Dutch mentioning Italy the other night. Maybe I should go back and see what it was about. Lately I try to forward through some of it and mostly make sure I get the slow slip tremors map part, because I just know I’ll be falling asleep before it’s all done. 🙄😳

  46. Star48, Rhona. Glad they are monitoring the Canary Island volcano. That’s an awful lot of tremors in one day, so something’s definetly going on under there that needs to be watched.
    Three deep EQs. Praying just minor EQs from those deep ones.
    Rhona I hadn’t thought about Australia movement as a measuring stick of what’s going on with the plate there. Glad you are on it. 😉
    Hey I was thinking about the day Halloween is on this year, Tuesday. Could the old prediction of “Wed, one left” be related to that. I can’t find that prediction anywhere. I did find predictions when I was searching just now on a big crack for Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and a tsunami in the Asian Nations area. One was talking about 1/2 a tsunami which reminded me of the 1/2 kracken sea monster wave that hits the houses in BC I believe it was. I thought that was odd because it didn’t mention BC at all. I hope you two followed that crazy brain 💩 of mine. 😆 Okay will be keeping an eye out for what Dutch says. Hopefully I can finish one before falling asleep. Argh. Blessings You Two.

    • Holy Molly those pics at night are really mesmerizing. I can see why people would go on volcano sight seeing vacations. But yes, no wonder Sinabung has been rumbling. Sheesh and I don’t think I’d feel very comfortable sitting there watching the whole thing on a motor bike like I see the guy doing in your link Star48.😱💩

  47. Rhona Star48, latest Dutch update for 10:00 pm. Rhona you were right about Italy. Around minute 11:00 on. Rare EQ near coast 60 km from Rome also. Slow slip slowed down. Waiting to see what’s next, if it increases again. Sure hope so.😛 Possibly have two EQs off PNW Coast. 5, 6 mag. Possible smaller 4? EQ in North East CA.? Star48, Idaho will start to swarm again soon.
    Looking for large EQ in West Pacific to keep spreading out. Watching the silent zones. I stopped with 16:16 min left but will watch the rest tomorrow. Too sleepy. 😵 Here’s that link.

  48. Star 48
    Sinabung oh my goodness what a picture ..thats amazing to see no wonder she sent off such a big grumble . that to me rings volcanic warming your right im with you there ..what other explaination could there be .
    Saola hoping and praying not too bad for Okinawa ..

  49. Rhona, Star48… here is the new post from Dutch that I spoke about. His website had been shut down but now he has it back so has started to post again. I like that you can just read what’s going on instead of watching the whole video. Makes it easier if you don’t have the time to watch it all. Just click on each day for more info. Blessings.
    Here’s that link.

  50. Star48, Rhona. Wanted to add this fishing advisory off our coast here down to North Ca. I noticed a domoic toxin crab advisory on FB the other day. If you look at the multiple advisories it seems to show the areas off the coast that have the issues. I don’t know squat about fishing in this fishing village 😳, but one article I saw said they have been having issues over the last three years with toxins and closures. 🤔 Anyway here is the link for all those closures and the areas that are open too. Wonder what that would look like on a map.

  51. Rhona, Star48. Here also s the latest in2ThinAir update. He has a mention on the flesh eating disease that’s killed a few people already since Hurricane Harvey, that Mary Greeley put out. And the comet fly by on the 27th Oct and that 6000 year old tsunami victim over in PNG. Think it’s trying to tell us something? 😧 And a small update on the invest possibly forming into bigger trouble around Hallowen. It’s pretty short.

  52. Star48, yes I think there may be a bigger EQ about to occur. Where is the question. There’s so much going on all over. I’m going to search for some updates from Dutch and in Eric’s older predictions on where it could be. Hopefully not off the Coast here. 😯 I think it’s got to be somewhere over in the West Pacific don’t you?

    • Rhona2,
      will watch..👀

      Did you get the post about a Eric having complications? 2 no surgery..
      Just contributed to go fund..apparently medical expenses around 20, thousand..yuck.,

      • Star48
        no i didnt see it ..lord be with him .saw
        great idea of go fund me set up ..
        2o thousand . praying we make short work of that..
        Thank you Star 48

    • Thanks for update on Japan Rhona. So are we looking at three flags then? Son shows in Seattle, US on 21 Nov. So…could be Japan or PNW/CA.🤔😐

  53. Star48 Jules 104
    Star i agree its a little quiet in the home front across the globe ..
    Jules im not sure where its going to stike next
    im swinging toward Indonesia and Cali
    so many possibilities. .

    • Thanks for link Star48. Just what we already knew right? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. I swear if people just used their common sense a bit more prior to causing a big mess we’d all be better off. Well I guess we’d also need corporations to be less greedy too.😟

      • ,jules104,
        To insert a little levity?..
        🎶🎶🎶That al be the day🎶🎶🎶🎶
        Unfortunately companies since the advent of computers..have become “bottom line obsessed”. Strange I remember before that the 79’s my od company I worked for used one of the first…
        Companies were more responsive to their customers..( compassionate).not anymore.,

  54. Jules104,Rhona2,

    New report on earthquake modeling.,aftershocks..

    The current model also takes into account the likelihood of ruptures jumping from one fault to a nearby one, which has been observed in California’s highly interconnected fault system.

    Based on these and other new factors, the new model increases the likelihood of powerful aftershocks but downgrades the predicted frequency of earthquakes between magnitude 6.5 and 7.0, which did not match historical records.

    • Wow Star48. That is great that they have this technology now to predict what will occur. Not so good that the magnitude for larger aftershocks increases 300 times, I think it said. Yikes. And now the S CA slow slip. 😧

  55. Star 48
    The study on Nankai Trough ..Japan
    Friction obstruction to subduction .
    yes locked up …and saying they expect the pattern to repeat and affect same area again .
    thanks for info ..easier to watch and understand .

    Jules the Orlando Disney prediction ..27th and 28th wirh quakes in the mix ..
    Its always hard when the date is there but no month hey ..but we do have flags within prediction. .so it could be October or does it stretch out to a more distant month ..
    Im with you I think Halloween has been marked or just after
    .we will just have to read the signs for earthquakes ..these old predictions are like dinosaurs yes ?

  56. Jules 104
    sorry i could have been sure those predictions were older ones too but they are reasonabley
    recent .
    not so Dinosaur. .
    i see 17/7/28 is the date posted .

  57. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Dutch just posted this.,,

    California Earthquake ALERT — Offshore oil rigs hit — BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ** San Andreas / Southern California is now in a ‘slow slip event’ **
    The West coast is now moving, and professionals have announced a slow slip taking place in Southern California. Be on watch this week.
    An earthquake warning has been issued for the West Pacific, and California is under watch to the Northwest.
    Please have a plan, and be prepared.…/

    30 30

    • Jules 104 Star 48
      yes please be aware .I know you are Jules but be vigilant .
      Thanks star sending prayers love and light to area of Slow slip in Southern Cal and west Pacific to north west ..
      blessungs stay safe hugs

  58. Star48, Rhona. Do you think there could be an EQ in West Pacific then transfer over to East Pacific? Just a thought. It does seem like the ones near Fiji and such hit prior to ones hitting off PNW or CA.

  59. Star48, Rhona. Just a thought. I know Eric said this school bus shooting may have already happened with the school in Malaysia I think it was, but I’m not so sure. I was watching the in2ThinAir latest update with him talking about all the rain coming for Florida and the East Coast and it brought this prediction to mind. And there’s always copy cats after mass shootings such as Las Vegas. Maybe I’m just being paranoid. 😬 Here’s the old prediction. Oh I’ll add the latest for in2ThinAir next.

      • Jules 104
        Reading through the preduction I started thinking ..are you perhaps thinking as i am that the disney shooting prediction ties in with This Florida tropical depression dumping massive rain turning areas into mud? .
        It sounds feesable to me ..
        at least thats where my mind went ..

        side note I had New England drop in to my mind last night ..just the name ..It wasnt associated with anything to do with shooting ..funny enough it seemed weather related and as they mention on Thin Air .Biston and New England and what a 60% chance of this developing into something worse due to Bomba Genises he called it. ..a sudden drop in pressure ..Poor Carribean and Florida .
        prayers love and light that way ..

        Most quakes in Fiji Solomons seem to affect chile and Baja Cal ..New Zealand too of course ..
        not sure about PNW Jules
        will watch more closely ..
        we had another above 2+ m quake at southern cross west aus over night .
        this fault seems to be stirring the same
        one that caused the Meckering quake in 1968 6.8m 14th october …40seconds it lasted ..181 miles east of Perth ..3metre high surface faulting ..40klm long ..South siezmic Zone ..Meckering Fault scarp 300km 500km area ..12000 tremors since 2001..most after shocks of major tremors ..

        so a watch for us if this baby is stirring .
        Im going to go cross reference this quake and see what occurred in Indonesia at that time ..see the intraplate effect as a yard stick .
        will let you know what i find

        hugs you two

  60. Rhona, Star48. Yes that was what I was thinking also about the bad weather around Halloween and the school bus. Could be anywhere up and down the east coast I think.
    Oh good call on New England. May be bad up there real soon
    So 1968 had a resurgence in EQ activity around the planetper this.
    And another article had Sulawesi having a 7.4 ithink it was but I bet you are on it already. Need to keep a watch on the Meckering Fault there for sure.

  61. hmmm Hi jules 104 Star 48
    i did some searches and its seems the reverse
    Indonesia in 1968 had a notable quake that caused a tsunami 200 dead ..
    it was in August ..Meckering was october ..
    still an interplate connection perhaps ..

  62. Rhona2,Jules104,

    Scientists at the University of California, Riverside have detected spontaneous tectonic tremor – a signature of slow earthquakes deep below the earth’s surface – in the Anza Gap region of the San Jacinto Fault. Tectonic tremors are believed to increase the likelihood of a moderate to large, damaging earthquake occurring close to the earth’s surface by altering the stress along the fault.

    The San Jacinto Fault zone, which is part of the San Andreas Fault system, runs underneath densely populated areas of Inland Southern California, including San Bernardino, Redlands, and Moreno Valley. It is the most active fault in Southern California and sits five miles from the University of California (UCR) campus. While it is technically not a plate boundary, the San Jacinto Fault accommodates some of the movement that occurs as the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate grind together at the San Andreas Fault.

    • star 48
      oh wow .that is a definite watch ..and a real worry ..looks like its creeping in ..
      Sending lots of prayers ..especially San Bernardino area hoping vigilance is being
      used ..very concerned .

  63. Jules104,Rhona2,
    I am just as curious as to the reason. I checked on Mississippi 120 mile stretch. Still dry or low as of 2 weeks ago..
    The water movement that the sea performed in Brazil, Long Island Bahamas,Tampa etc has not been answered..
    Still unsettling…
    Will be monitoring..

  64. Star 48 Jules 104
    two for Chile
    4.1m at 246km
    3.7m at 131
    Fiji 4.6m at 237km
    kuril isle 4.1m at 379km

  65. Rhona, Star48. Here’s a strange EQ.
    5.7 North of Franz Joseph Land, 10 km depth. Above Asia? Theres no marker on my map for it. I’m not really sure but there may be more than one EQ. Or they are readjusting mag.

    • Jules104,
      Usgs has 2 eq listed as 5.7. Than another 5.7. Now a 6.0
      Is that the question? It seems the high fives are all over..

    • Rhona2,
      That is unexpected..I did not know about spheres there!
      Are you thinking of the boulders prediction..that was Japan .( I believe)
      ..that is already posted as fulfilled..
      Do you want me to find it?

  66. Jules 104 Star 48
    sorry should have included above yard stick for intraplate .
    3.3m at 10km northern territory Aust
    West Aust approx 134km outside perth 2.6m at 10km

  67. Jules 104 Star 48
    im posting these as they come in
    flags for Cuba Barbuda Guatamala area
    not sure if correct. .didnt have that gut feeling assurity with it ..but posting anyway .

  68. Star48 Jules 104
    Singer is coming in with south America and central america flags this morning ..just a heads up
    movement there is expected by myself ..will c
    a watch I know thats broad but with north pole
    quake it could be broad .

    • Star48 Jules 104
      my husband has some levity
      on north pole quake ( Franz Joseph Land )
      He says thats just Father Xmas GETTING ready 😉😊🎋🎍🌲

    • Rhona2,
      Looking at South America…nothing has been posted on USGS over 2.5.
      Utterly silent…the whole continent..
      So yes, ⛑🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚑🚑🚑. Watch out..

  69. Star48 Jules 104
    singer …he really is bombarding this. . this morning
    he just brought in Siberia Russia ..i take that as confirmation of flags and proximity to Franz Joseph Land .

    • Rhona, I’m not so sure it still isn’t a danger. What do you think. It sounds like they were worried about the tourism there. I hope they won’t regret it. Hopefully there will be signs and enough time to evacuate if it picks up again.

  70. Star48, Rhona. Another deep Fiji.
    4.4, Fiji Region, 574 km depth
    I noticed Argentina somewhat deep EQs pick up now and a smallish EQ in Sumatra. Tajikistan had another 4.0, 138 km depth. It seems like the whole planet is moving. 😬🤷🏼‍♀️
    Oh and an offshore Guatemala 4.1, 70 km depth Rhona. I can imagine these storms dumping rain aren’t helping out in the EQ arena also.

  71. Star48 Jules 104
    wonder if the Franz Joseph quake affected the magnetics ..does that affect them or thermal change ..octopus lwaving the ocean its crazy ..

    • Jules104,
      For some reason I cannot get the link to open via Safari browser.
      Will try to get some other source.😁

      • That’s weird Star48. It opens easy for me. There’s not much info but about the magnetite in the whales brains and using the earths magnetics.

  72. Star48 Jules 104
    Star it could well be the change of cold plasma reconnection aftet solar storm
    very intersting article ..

    Jules i had no trouble openning your link
    I have not heard anything about octopuses having magnetic sensors but i threw it out there because now im curious. .its like they just had to escape a very uncomfortable environment or maybe they do it occasionally
    in secret and we didnt catch it before ..would love to know why ? 😯😕

  73. Star48, Rhona. Something different. Watch the whole video with slow motion. Really odd.

    It reminded me that my daughter at University recently saw something over the treeline/mountains in the distance. She thought it was just a shooting star until it got right above the treeline and stopped, then proceeded to zip around then shoot away at a high rate of speed to just disappear. She has had more than one experience and in much, much closer proximity before.
    I wonder if the UFO sightings have increased lately, just curious.

    • Star48 Jules 104
      in some points it looks like an object collides with larger one or a sonic boom of some sort .
      or like an energy wave hits it gases of some sort make it flare up .
      very curiously mysterious.

  74. Rhona, Star48. 5.7 EQ Satipo, Peru. 112 km depth. I also noticed a lot of activity for Mexico. Didn’t Singer mention Mexico, South America Rhona? Also Kamchatka Peninsula 4.3, 220 km depth.

  75. Star48 Jules 104
    just looked through Dutch update you posted Jules .
    so a warning for Off coast Oregon prayers live and light .
    also see he mentioned Italy another flag Singer issued earlier and Im hesitant with this one as it came to me phsycicly
    Croatia high 7m to 8m
    not sure where thats coming from but worth a mention.
    stay safe

    • Rhona I think Singers got them right on the mark so far. Croatia it is then. Will be keeping a look out for one over that way. 👍🏻😁

  76. Thanks Jules Im making an effort to be more open to his promptings. I need to start trysting more .

  77. Star48 Jules 104
    Loyalty isle having several high aftershocks
    stay safe Queensland ..hoping it settles .remembering Brisbane flooding prediction.

  78. Star48 are you talking about this thread the South America flooding, also the Bombogenisis flooding on other thread. Yes we are all thinking lots of flooding events.🤗

      • Jules104,
        Just went thru the list, apparently only 3
        7.0/6.8 mag New Caledonia
        6.3 mag Hila, Indonesia
        6.8/6.6 mag New Caledonia..

        Too many musical chairs on downgrading of eq’s totally confused me for awhile..

        However small tsunami waves..
        New Caledonia.
        7.0/6.8 mag

        Small tsunami waves for 6.8/6.6 mag.,
        New Caledonia..

        LIFOU NEW CALEDONIA 20.9S 167.3E 0250 0.02M/ 0.1FT 06
        LENAKEL VU 19.5S 169.3E 0256 0.10M/ 0.3FT 04
        MARE NEW CALEDONIA 21.5S 167.9E 0249 0.06M/ 0.2FT 04

  79. Thanks Star48. I’ve been out all day doing kids Halloween parties trick or treating etc. so hadn’t caught those. I agree USGS always rearranging those mag. 😕

  80. Jules 104 Star 48
    There was a 6.3m at 32km depth in Seram Indonesia On 31st october
    only ine thread reporting that i could find
    Iris ……

  81. Star48, Rhona. Did anyone comment on this on the site yet? North Korea nuclear test site tunnel collapse possible 200 dead. Could this be the prediction where NK makes a way bigger bomb or the EQ where over 100 people pass? First 100 working on clearing tunnels pass then another 100 go in for rescue operation and believed to have passed also.

    • Jules104,
      I see your posts..what do you think of the February reference?
      Sri Lanka ref doubled down,,

    • Jules104,
      .I had learned years ago from a sage that it was an end of a cycle.
      Completion.,transition to another cycle.,

      However here are some more meanings::::

      For the Hebrews nine is a symbol of truth.

      Nine is the number of magic.
      Nine is a sacred number.

      November comes from the Latin word “novem”, meaning nine.
      Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac.(November 22 – December 21)

      The Fruits of the Spirit
      The Apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Galatians about nine fruits of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22. The nine fruits of the Spirit are: 1. Love 2. Joy 3. Peace 4. Patience 5. Kindness 6. Goodness 7. Faithfulness 8. Gentleness 9. Self-Control
      The Ninth Hour is the Hour of Prayer

      Jesus died during the ninth hour, hanging on the cross.
      In Catholicism a novena is the act of saying prayers for nine consecutive days.
      The prayers of novena are of urgency and for a special and specific cause.
      The name “novena” comes from the Latin word “novenus”, meaning “nine each”.

      In general, THE NUMBER 9 is the largest and last digit correlating “finality” and completeness. The number of finality or judgment is committed unto Jesus as “the Son of man” (John 5:27; Acts 17:31). It marks the end and issue of all things as to man — the judgment of man and all his works (Bible Study). The use of the number 9 (nine) as a numerical symbol in Scripture is unique and somewhat diverse, but there are two striking verses; the nine FRUITS or the nine GIFTS of the spirit.
      Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will. 1 Corinthians 12:4

    • I think I’ve actually seen a date in old predictions for the 2nd, do you remember any? May have been recent also. And Eric’s in the hospital. Remember the hospital shaking. I thought we were maybe out of the woods once he was sent home but now… Could be the 4th also I think. Do you think that could be the big EQ that was out in the middle of the Ocean?

    • Wow lots of this type of thing going on lately. And not very comforting if you have a home and are living in that area after seeing that.

  82. Jules104,Rhona2,

    Iceland 🌋

    Bardarbunga, which is under the ice cap of the Vatnajökull glacier, is “clearly preparing for its next eruption” within the next few years, University of Iceland volcanology expert Páll Einarsson told The Express. It was hit by four separate earthquakes, measuring 3.9, 3.2, 4.7 and 4.7 on the Richter scale.

  83. Star48 Jules 104
    so much info ..
    i see Agung in Indonesia was on that list of volcanos .and wow the lake in Russia phewee
    i wouls be outa there ..then Stromboli volcano Italy. .Im really with you two on the time marker with Eric in hospital again and New Caladonia ..the piece that mentionex it synched last time with Japan .
    side note
    i had a vision and audio of mega uplift some where but no real indication where it felt near New Caladonia for trigger but wasnt near there for upliftv..maybe Japan.

    Im really in high alert as we all are ..its on its way ..a doozy ..The uplift looked to be about
    15foot ..and was shear black slate colour rock
    it was rising from ocean but close to land .
    Hope singer gives heads up .
    hugs my dear friends

    • I was thinking BC/PNW. I remember so much slate being used for fireplaces walkways etc. when I was young living in Seattle area. Exactly what you are picturing here. Though I was trying to figure out how Eric would feel it in hospital then remembered the Southern CA slow slip occurring also. Hopefully that’s not the fault that unzips all the way up. Yikes. Okay keeping watch. Thanks for Singers updates. 🤗🌟😎

    • Rhona2,Jules104,
      There have been 20 eq near or over 5.0 out if 38 eq over 2.5,,
      Very high number../ratio,

  84. Star48 Jules 104
    just got ” north to Alaska ” flag from singer .
    some of those over 150 deep have been
    Alaska ..a watch .

  85. Jules 104 Star 48

    Just got another flag from singer
    ” warm San Francisco night ”
    a watch. will let yoy knowxif i get more

    • Wow Star48 that’s amazing technology isn’t it? Thanks for the link. That article brought to mind Eric’s old prediction about getting clean energy from the deepest part of the oceans. I always wondered if it’s where the plates are butting up against each other and somehow that’s where you could get the energy from.

  86. Star48 Jules 104
    Hey you two thanks for all the links Yosemite
    and the energy use from volcanos etc great science .
    Jules just catching up with dutch .

  87. Jules 104 Star 48
    be safe pacific north west warned and Japan Taiwan. .Looks as if November is going to be a big month quake wise

  88. Star48, Rhona. Wyoming just had a 4.2 EQ but on eastern side of state. Portland OR had a 2.4 earlier. CA swarming. Something’s up or upcoming. Hope that big black rock you saw wasn’t the Juan de Fuca Rhona. 🙏🏻😬

  89. Star48, Rhona..have you heard anything about the mysterious booms in San Diego? Makes me wonder what’s going on. Could it have been a solar flare coming in? Here’s a link. Supposedly not the military or an EQ per USGS though seismic activity picked up by others.

    • star 48 This Childrens hospital is absolutely Shameful to the previous Barnnet Government ..
      its been Plagued with lead in water pipes ni this ..
      2 years behind schedule and they reduced theatres and beds in old Princess Margaret Hospital for children when they thought the Perth Childrens Hospital was on time ..nothing but un acceptable processes .they had to reopen old sections of old hospital to accomadate .
      Our Daughter inLaw is in ICU as nurse in princess Margaret …
      Perth hasnt seen a child yet ..not even open .disgracful ..

    • star 48 That is really beautiful ..thank you Abundance and believe me I was thinking about how much i love Italy ..well picked up ..

      Yes “Early Mornin Rain” seems to be pounting to plane prediction .Flag from Singer

      • Rhona looked up those lyrics. Interesting. Do you think there are clues in the lyrics? Heading west, three hours, somewhere sunny?

    • star 48
      Loving this article fantastic .
      yes we already knew ..plasma and filaments .
      connecting us all ..

  90. Jules 104 Star 48
    Yes Jules I believe heading West is a clue as thats the direction they fly to USA from Heathrow .and 707 could be 777..close
    though Eric did say Canada ..but the Hijacked one is separate is it ? sorry should look up..but thinking as i type ..
    and maybe sunny is a hint too .
    All i know is that it feels like a flag for Plane .
    early morning flight will look up predictions see times that maybe there. .that synch with flight times out of Heathrow

    • Rhona funny I had searched for three hour flights from San Diego and Vancouver/Seattle area came up. Was going to add earlier but didn’t because I thought well that would be going south. But look San Diego I just googled it and it has a runway 9. I’m feeling TX also. How long I wonder are those flights? Seems it wouldn’t be too long. Maybe multiple planes. Here’s short runway 9 landing British Airways.

  91. Star48 Jules 104
    Hi you two
    done some research
    Here we have 9-1-17

    It states Changed to tomorrow which to me is spirits way of saying in a few months ..BA..
    9 was brought in .could be runway number 9 in song .
    or ….months from 1st January. .takes to 1oth month October but then says 901 so 9+ 1 is 11th Month November .
    Then 27 is brought up so is that a date ?
    and 777 Eric says not sure what 7 is ..

    another is 9-14-17 ..17TH marked

    side note 10-3-14…John wilks moment 76 passengers killed .

    oh dearci think i got those links reversed ..if i have sorry ..

    • Rhona2,
      I was a little confused with the last link? 8/7/2016 or 7/8/2016?
      If it is the first..only a list of topics…

  92. Star48 Jules 104
    earthquake update
    Sicily Italy
    2.3m 5km
    2.1m 175km
    3.3m 132km
    central italy ..2.7m 8km
    Thats two deep Italy
    Kep Indonesia Tanibar 4.8m at 138km
    Colombia two one off shore 4.3m at41km
    5.1m at 160km
    Chiapas Mexico
    4.6m at 154
    Potosi Bolivia 3.8m at 175km
    so round of deepish similar depth too
    too many to add links .

  93. Star48 Jules 104
    side note.. looking at earthquake map silent total silence west of Ring of fire .nothing for several hours ..not Africa.. Europe.. India ..
    very little activity on ridges and plate boundaries. .

    • Star48 Jules 104
      meant to mention Italy 2.1m 175km depth one is Valleta italy VA ?

      jules Thanks for research on San Diego and runways number 9 as usual more than one possibility.
      Ibe day we will get more precise and on target .till then great work . i think .

  94. Jules 104
    indon to san diego is 11hrs 15 min .
    is that the flight you were thinking of ..hmm texas About same ..short runway Heathroq oh wow canberra here in Aus .everyone holds into hand straps like in a bus or car when you land ….so funny .✈✈✈

  95. Jules 104 Star 48
    Im starting to think between Tinga New Caladonia and loyaly isles ..that they are foreshock as they are not reducing by much
    in magnitude to be aftershocks. .
    Im nobexpert but i jyst feel theyvare so consistantly up around 5 and 6 mag .
    thoughts ?

    • Rhona2,Jules104,
      That is the new reality…I keep waiting for a nine in that region.,
      Too many deep eq and high mag eq’s …prologue…🎬🎥

  96. Rhona, Star48. That is my thoughts also. Too many EQs in that one spot about to become one big one. Possible 9 or I think Eric had a prediction for an 8.8 once. But either way it’s big. Praying it’s just a lot of releasing pressure slowly though. 🙏🏻🌟

  97. Star 48 Jules 104
    Thanks for your thoughts confirming a larger
    quake expected in South Pacific. .New Caladonia Loyalty Isle region .
    praying its not too destructive in its wake .

  98. Star48, Rhona…thanks for all those EQ updates earlier. You probably got this one just now:
    5.4 EQ NNE Ndoi Island Fiji, 470 km depth. Do you think this is the prediction that’s out in the water and wasn’t there one about and Island?

    • Rhona I just reread what you sent. I couldn’t figure out what I was suppose to be looking for so I just went to Tonga Trench. Was about to add and ask you about the Pacific slab, but I see that’s what you were talking about in the first place.😆 Yes elasticity stored up there. Could be rubber band. Do you think that could send a wave to South America?

      • Jules 104
        Hi Jules glad you caught it ..i wasnt too clear hey ? ..Yes im thinking it will go over to sth America or alternately… NZ
        or even Japan ..last two not rubver band snap .
        but im hedging Sth America .

  99. Jules 104 Star 48
    did you also notice in prediction for rubber band ..Elastic …it says time frame marker for meteor strike as well .
    prediction 3-29-16..
    as i linked above on Pacific slab avalanch post .blessings

    • Star48, I saw another video the other day on this and meant to add but must have had a brain malfunction. 😆
      I found this really strange also that you have this boom and shaking on the West Coast and then another happening over on East US same day. Odd that right? Hm🤔

      • Jules104,
        Side note..
        ( um the lights just went out for a moment…( lights out planned?)
        Oh well they are back.

        Now the boom and flash was recorded …it was seen and heard across the country…
        Check out the video when light and sound was recorded on camera.

  100. Star48 Jules 104
    this is my Third attempt to post this .
    Last night i was sitting at my outside table have a cup of tea ..The weird bit
    I hot up went out to middle of lawn ..looked up turned three times while waving saying Hello everybody..
    when i finished i shook my head at myself wondering why i did that was spontaneous. .then i thought Just saying hello to my space brothers and sisters .
    weird .

  101. Jules 104
    Yes the link with all the plane references also says around sacred holiday .Xmas is coming up .praying these attacks on usa soil are foiled. .
    so much info in the link ..its crazy ..
    synchronicity though I was looking at that link on weekend .

    • Yes that sacred holiday prediction. Well I will be flying along with family in December so keep us in your prayers please.🙏🏻 If I had a choice I’d probably drive instead. 😬

      • oh Jules prayers and abundant love and light I will be on wing .I usually track all love ones flights on fight status app for
        duration of flight .
        so will be tracking you all .
        hugs enjoying your festive season soon to come is what im seeing .

  102. Star48, Rhona. Thank You for the prayers in advance. It means a lot to me. I will update you both prior to those flight dates and times. I’m sure all will be fine but, I believe extra light energy and prayer from you both will work wonders. 😇😇🙏🏻🙏🏻🌟🌟 Hugs 🤗
    Rhona thanks for earthquake update. That’s another deep one eh? Sheesh.😯

    • Thanks Star48. Love the erupting. volcano video. I was thinking the only area around the ring of Fire without any volcanos letting off steam seems to be the US West Coast. Well we do have the geysers in Yellowstone I guess, but I’m not sure if that counts.

  103. Star48
    Thank you for volcano updates .
    videos were interesting watching and hearing ..though results are not so good .
    releasing pressure is good though hopefully..

    • Star48
      Im seriously with you ..especially at night .
      they are really scarey ..wouldnt be waving hello i guess😨😲😱 ….but curious is right .

    • Star48, that’s just crazy. I’ve seen other videos of this type of thing being heard all over the world lately. I wonder what the scientists have to say about it amongst themselves. That would be pretty scary I think. I wonder if it could be some sort of happenings in space where the sound is just reaching us after a long period of time. Or an echo from what’s happening underground maybe? Yikes. Thanks for the link.

    • Rhona2,
      So many deep is getting unnerving…
      I keep waiting for the other 👠 drop.

    • Thanks for adding that deep one Rhona. I missed it. Was right below those other 6s. Sheesh. Right that’s deep. We could be talking a 👢😯

  104. Star48, Rhona. Here’s a short Dutch on the USGS reported 6.6 in PNG. Think it’s atleast a 7. USGS not showing other magnitudes list but Europeans are. First on list 7.8 😼

  105. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Update and upgrade of volcano in Philippines.

    The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) raised Alert Level 1 over Mayon Volcano in Albay province after it recorded 25 volcanic earthquakes on Monday and the sulfur-dioxide (SO2) emission went significantly higher than the standard measurement. In its latest bulletin, Phivolcs said the quakes that rocked the volcano on Monday and the spewing of an above normal SO2 gas signify the volcano remains restive. SO2 emission was measured at 633 tons, which is significantly higher than the standard measurement of 500 per day The volcanic quakes brings to 91 the total number of quakes that jolted Mount Mayon for the past two days. When asked about the increasing SO2 emission, Phivolcs volcanologist Ed Laguerta said the abnormal emission could either be due to steam degassing or magma pressure beneath the volcano vent. “Aside from the quakes and the abnormal rate of SO2 emitted by the volcano, we are still validating other given parameters using other instruments,” Laguerta said. The parameters directly associated with eruptions include earthquakes, gas emission, dome growth, crater glow, lava flow, pyroclastic flows and ash fall. In an interview, Cedric Daep, Albay Public Safety Emergency Management Office executive director, said with the elevated abnormal behavior of Mount Mayon, disaster authorities would strictly enforce the “no human activity” protocol inside the 6-kilometer permanent danger zone (PDZ). Daep said visitors, as well as villages living close to the 6-km PDZ, are prohibited from climbing to the Mayon crater. He said while the Alert Level 1 (abnormal condition) is hoisted over the volcano, those residents living outside the 6-km PDZ could continue with their normal activities in towns and cities surrounding the volcano.

    • Star48, I’m not surprised as I’m sure you are not either. Sheesh lots of volcanos underneath that ice sheet. There’s just so much change going on with the planet lately, it’s truly amazing times we are in. Praying we don’t get the 👢😮

    • Jules104,
      The timing from 2008…
      Still no explaination..just theories…I find that telling..
      New technology…or ? Maybe singer can shine some light on it?

      • Star48
        Hello from singer .
        Im telling Rhona while she reads and listens that it is a loop ..
        you are familiar with audio loops in music ..
        its feedback from signals sent out from attempted communications with space friends …
        now the puzzle is it reson ating after you have moved into a new position in your galaxy and windows and doors are open in a way that you havent as a planet experienced before ..resonating after bouncing off a fragmental link of the matrix or chrystaline grids ..
        or is it your space friends returning your own sounds in answer to you ..hoping you fear not ..
        wait see hey ..
        There will be answers but its not my position to inform on this subject unequivically . Its not harmful ..
        best wishes to all singer xx🎺🎵🎼🎻🎷

        I decided to give it just as i was getting it ..I have never done that publicly before ..
        Im not sure how much was me and how much was singer ..but i took the monent and went with it .
        blessings you two

      • Rhona2/singer..
        Thanks to you two !😍. Appreciate your imput and explainations..I will wait and see! 😊

  106. Star 48 Jules 104
    Hi Im adding link on Cosmic Lattice ..which was posted from singer as Matrix .I remember and i know yoy recall we have discussed this before just thought i would add as singer is confirming the existence of the Lattice as absolute truth ( .his words )

    • Wow Rhona that’s an amazing read. I don’t understand it all when they go into detail, but its a start. Hard to wrap my head around all of it but good to know, have and reference along the way. So very interesting. I’m sure there is a lot more to come for us humans here on our little planet in the vast Universe in regards to all of this.
      Tell Singer thanks for imparting that message, and You also. Thanks Girlie! ☺️

    • Oh my that’s just not right. I wonder if this is more about money and tourism and not so much about the safety of the people there. Sheesh. Praying for those who live there.

  107. Star48 Jules 104
    Star what the….its just doesnt stand to any reason that they would reduce the alert .
    It serves no purpose …there must be some
    explaination that makes sense. .or you would hope so …
    A picture says a thousand words .

  108. star 48
    yes and singer is saying 2 more in next 14 days
    He is saying he will flag …
    hope im listening…😕😶

    • Thanks for the heads up Rhona. Great job on the flag for Japan. The next two EQs Singer mentions reminded of a prediction Eric has where there were two or three EQs and then the big one after those. Has that happened yet? Keep us posted. You are doing fantastic!👍🏻😉

      • Jules 104 Star 48
        Thank you Jules
        Youe right Eric did say that about mext two then big one ..saw that second one
        for Japan ..
        Will absolutely keep you informed .
        and thanks for uncouragement. .

    • Star48
      Thank you for November sky guide .
      i will refer to it often this month …and see whats visible from here. .
      even though the influences are interesting to know whose pairing up ..

  109. Rhona, Star48. EMSC 5.8, 2 km depth, Ascension Island Region, USGS has 6.3, 10 kmdepth, for Ascension Island Region. Same time 5.2, 8 km depth another 40 km depth for ENE of Tadine, New Caledonia. USGS just added another exact 6.3 , 10 km depth for Ascension Island. Doublet?

  110. Star 48 Jules 104 Fiji again deep 4.5m at 417depth

    Layalty Isle still high 5.2m at 40km

    also like to add singer gave a verbal “all flags go .” .is what he said ..
    so im remembering
    San Francisco …there is a slight build up there with some release tremors happenni g
    Sth Pacific
    Sth America Baja cal in particular
    he said Croatia region is still a goer
    JULES He says Oregon is o.k. will flag if not .
    When i get specific flags will post ..

    • Star48 Jules 104
      Thats a lesson for me
      the syncronicity of our postings of recent quakes .
      as i was typing he came in with Ascension Isle and i didnt print thought it was me .and the list was getting long .
      will listen and not let possible miss get in my way .Its ok to be wrong
      .right !?😉

    • Rhona thank you and also Singer for the o.k. on Oregon. That’s a much needed stress reliever for now.☺️ Will keep watch on other areas you’ve named.👍🏻 I’m thinking there’s about to be a large one somewhere. Or maybe they are all leading to the Feb EQ prediction from Eric? But feels like somethings stirring.

  111. Rhona I can’t find what you just commented on for Ascension Island anywhere on this link. I’ve looked three times refreshed got out of page come back again etc. Is it on another link? I’m dumbfounded. 😆

    • jules
      there is no comment on Ascension Isle i. thus thread .
      I noticed that you posted about the quake there as i was giving singers list ..and as i was typing his list he told me to put Ascension
      and i didnt listen so left it off .
      I didnt see your ascension isle post till after i posted mine..
      does that makw sense ..I missed putting in a direct hit flag it was happening. .

    • Star48
      thats amazing sience on geomagnetic spike .
      would live to find out what kinds of e events took place 100bc while all that was going on .
      maybe some biblical phenominal events ???
      we just dont know interesting .and thought provocing .
      love it
      thanks again for another readable piece

  112. Jules 104 Star 48
    posting an update from dutch .
    he is talking of sliw slip from up in Washington down to cal now i noticed on the map he presents that your inbetween in the silent zone
    Jules yes take care ..
    singer hasnr given flag for youvbut if he does i know it will be unequivicle in its warning.
    so just keep watch .You have both probably read this one but wanted you to know im onto it

    • Rhona thanks for the link and warning. Yes saw that. I know you will keep me posted on any warnings from Singer as I believe also he will be letting you know in a grand manner. 😉🙏🏻

  113. Rhona2,

    Here is another article..Russia or Kazakhstan..
    There was a lot of speculation as radiation monitors showed something…
    Remember all the iodine pills? Now this information comes out after the fact..
    Now it is just lie level information…
    The pollution recorded indicates that an accident happened in a nuclear facility in Russia, or just over the border in Kazakhstan, in the last week of September.

    This comes just a week after the UK was struck by “radiation fog” with the Met Office issuing an alert.

      • yes yes thats right I do remember the iodine pills ..and the Russian accident .
        Thank you for prompting my memory.
        Radiation fog in U.K.
        low level info alright .
        Lies are coming into though
        Fraudian slip or not.

      • Star48
        oh dear cant believe i spelt Freud wrong after all the study i had to do in him ..

    • Star 48
      popo pics of eruption with houses and traffic on road brings it home how at risk they are
      usually pics are just of volcanos ..
      she is stirring ..

    • I’m not sure I would want to be that close to Popo. Seems like it could just blow on down the mountain at any minute and vaporize the town. Yikes.

    • Star48, Rhona. I’m not sure I would want to be that close to Popo. Seems like it could just blow on down the mountain at any minute and vaporize the town. Yikes.

  114. Star48 Jules 104
    posted seems to have disappeared again
    got a South Pacific flag from singer
    “Happy Talk ” so posting again .

  115. Star 48 Jules 104
    Thank you for Cota Rica quake notice was out and missed it
    The Iran qauke is tragic ..prayers for the peoples of the area and their families .
    too late after horse bolts but singer pointed to red sea area .. and i thought well Eric has said Iran and desert location i left it un said .
    I really must just pist wha ever I get to be able to hine this connection. ..
    I feel OK with it another dot on lwarning curve

    The geothermal under ice is fantastic science .so much to be learned .

    • Star48, my daughter who is at University sent me this the other day. I told her oh yeah I know.🧐😉I went through and found the similar one you’d sent previously and forwarded it to her. 😆 It was sort of funny since she assumes I am a dinosaur in the dark sometimes. 👍🏻

  116. Rhona, Star48. Meant to post this am. Another deep one.
    4.8, 528 km depth Fiji Region.
    Poor people in Iran/Iraq. Praying for them. Saw that 6.8 Costa Rica also. What’s next I wonder.

    • Rhona thanks for the flag, and Singer too. 🌟 I thought about this just now…remember you’ve mentioned a while back that you thought Japan was going to have another. So you were ahead of Singer somewhat?😉

  117. Star48 Jules 104
    I notice North East pacific rise 4.7m at 10km
    west Chile rise 4.8m at 10km
    both within hour or so of each other .
    wonder if a watch exist between
    Antofogasta and Concepcion .
    maybe just after type shock 7.0 m in Costa Rica or could be fore shock for silent zone..

    • Jules104,
      I saw it too..the CA eq could be foreshock…
      These two refs together could be a shadow…a flag?

    • Jules 104 Star 48
      Jules if i did get one for Tajikistan it was a while ago ..i don’t recall a recent one .
      The two Cali ones could well be foreshocks
      and singer did give San Francisco flag ..on 1oth November 2017 ..with a comment on the movement slight build up there .and in 9th November I said to him would prefer more than one flag before a big one hapoens there .
      so at one flag and looking for one more given size of those recent quakes ..

  118. Jules 104
    no worries its not easy keeping track especially if some time passes.
    At least hw had latelt been within a week or two if not days ..
    looking forward to it honing in more acurately .
    im more open to it now …

    • Star48
      Thanks for link on recent qauke Monterey. .
      here is hoping Baltay is right and no need for concern ..or it will be more than slight sea sickness they feel .
      live and light to area .
      fingers x

  119. Star48 Jules 104
    another plane flag from singer .
    Thats the second one in 2 weeks i believe .3rd November posting with” Early Morning Rain” was first
    ” Next plane to London ” is second ..
    Im thinking he will give a third just before BA plane Hijacking. .
    Im paying attention to when they come . this one was by chance overhearing radio in perfect synchro timing ..

    • Thanks for second flag Rhona. This isn’t about the “right after a gathering of Americans”. Isn’t that what the prediction said? I’m thinking Thanksgiving. Maybe the plane hijacking around that time? So do you think it’s a BA or going that way or both?
      You are doing really good with flags.👍🏻😎

      • Jules 104
        sorry for late reply on this one. .
        The feeling I got was Leaving U.K or even though it said next plane To London ..hijacking on route to U.S…
        Now Im not 100% on that but it does seem to be between Thanksgiving and the 25th of December ..maybe because of the prediction that says 25 ..I will try and find it ..
        and because Eric said BA and both singers flags have been someone leaving I thought UK..even though first flag is singer singing in the U.S.
        “Early Mornin rain” ..
        maybe he was picking it up a beat to be a little more specific with second song
        ” Next Plane to London ” every chance i have it back to front ..but the feeling I got was leaving U.K…

      • jules 104
        When I said singer singing I meant the person singing the song ..not implying singer singing it ..If you catch my drift.
        and thank you for your suppirt and encouragement means alot ..I feel more comfortable when i know its being recieved .This post ties in with one below ..wanted them both to be close ..

      • jules It ok it posted as a follow up under the correct posting concerning Flags for songs about London plane etc .
        I thought it was going to be above it but its not its in sequence. baah urgh 😨😰😶😶😶😶😶 sorry …

  120. jules 104
    Just remembered .
    in 28th October singer brought in Sibera Russia after that Franz Joseph quake .
    and he also brought in Russia on 30th October
    so Tajikistan may have been it ..
    Thoughts .

  121. Star48 Jules 104
    The South Pacific is really reving
    for summary
    5.5m at 589km. .88mins ago
    4.5m at 557km ..4hrs ago
    4.7m 239km …6hrs ago

  122. Jules104,Rhona2,
    Thanks for all information..sorry I have not been as present as usual..
    Fighting off something…taking care of myself…
    Will try to do better tomorrow..Blessings..

    • Star48, I totally understand as I have been dealing with a bug also. Finally feeling somewhat better. Just the head cold now. 😟 No fun. Hope you get to feeling better soon. 🙏🏻

    • Star48
      Totally understand as well I have just got over a bug that has lasted 7 weeks it called 100day flu ..not a flu at all ..its adult hooping cough .still have a few dregs ..

      Please take care ..lots of live and healing to you..
      You too Jules lets all just give this thing its marching orders .

      • I agree give it its marching orders! Yes take care Star48. Lots of water, soothing teas and rest. Stay warm up north there too. Glad you are finally done with yours Rhona. Blessings You Two

  123. Star48 Jules 104
    sorry clip board has shuffled links not sure why but the links are not corresponding to my posts on each quake .not going to re post links ..
    will sort clip board out first

      • Rhona2,
        You posted, checked and disappeared?
        I can see your post..
        .is this the second time you posted?

      • Eric,
        I was replying to Rhona2 comment..
        she had to post twice…one of her initial posts did not show up.
        See her comment 11/15/17 at 2:30 am..

      • Hello Eric
        Best wishes to you .
        Eric it is manely earthquake links I include and they are regular links .
        It could be a prob from the link end .
        Thank you for asking. .It may even be my phone not picking up the post properly at my end .I did have one that posted then I went back to read and it wasnt there .
        no biggy just a mystery then .
        blessings to you and yours

  124. Star 48
    Morning to you ..Hope you slept reasonably well .
    Yes that was the second time i posted ..I cant see first post.

  125. Glad you are feeling a bit better Star48. Wow thanks for all those great links and videos. Lots of activity. I could see where someone would think that was an airplane crashing. The sonic boom and shock waves are incredible. It’s amazing how powerful they are. Yikes. Liked the video where they explain the speed of sound the air etc. Going to go look at Volcano links now.

  126. star 48
    Thanks for the meteor sitings ..
    Im hoping its Leonids it seems practicle that it is ..havent had a chance to listen to sounds ..
    going to do that now ..

  127. Star 48 Jules 104
    wow what a sky show across the world .
    thats the most and quite large pieces i have seen…
    Maybe the meteor predection is not too far off
    im going to have another read of it…
    Star that meteor boom was soooo loud and scary it would have scared the begeebies out of me if i had been where they were when it happened .
    I think we are in a stay tuned period .
    Thanks for all the exciting footage etc …
    blessings Stay well.


    • star 48
      Absolutely .Im with you on that one New Caladonia swarm is a definate watch ..yhats alot in short time there ..its usualky a little more spread out .

  128. Star48 Jules 104
    That South Korea quake it rings alarm belks ..wonder if its a result of past nuke testing from Morth Korea and there is displacement or they have woken a sleeping Dragon .wouldnt be surprised ..What do you think ?..or is it all that activity in Indonesia and ring of fire triggering fault lines that were sleepers .

    • Wow that is not good and I’m sure what’s going on with all of the missile testing in North Korea can’t be helping much either. Thanks for the info and link Star 48.

      • Jules104,
        Just a correction,,
        That link from Telegraph with 2011 info is from Rhona2…
        It we are all on the same page✨

    • Oops thanks for mention Star. Thanks Rhona for the link… and Star48 for the first mention.
      Out of sorts. My phone charger went kaput and phone died lastnight, had to get a new one today and recharge. Sheesh really don’t like not having a phone.😉

      • Jules104,Rhona2
        Totally understand! 💃It is hard dancing during these trying times…
        Technology adds a different level of stress..just keep 💃👯🕺
        Everyday feeling a little better…( so much I have not done, yuck…oh well going with the flow🌊

  129. Star48 Jules 104
    a little update on sth Korea quake .
    The city of Geyongju hit in 2016.. (article i posted ) is in same spot almost Heug hai.
    and Ulsan..that was struck recently .
    shows that fault is active now . dont you think? oh dear .

    • Rhona thanks for asking. I feel a lot better lately. Still a bit of a head cold but it’s not too bad. Thanks for the EQ updates. I’ll be surprised if we don’t get a big one soon…maybe that Baghdad Iraq flag from Singer.

      • jules 104
        happy your improving ..but yeah the sinus head cold bit hangs in there .😷😳😵
        You will be bright as a button and back to your cheerfulbsrlf real soon.
        Bagdad flag may just be firts one ..not sure if he will give another .
        i like having more than one if its going to be big ..but i think he and I are shifting to a different kind of communication. .im getting more eelings and over sights with the flags so i will see how it goes .baby steps .
        opening slowly…

      • Jules104,
        Glad your feeling better. Take care of yourself..
        Just an aside..
        strange we are all recovering from something..
        Rhona2, you, me, now Eric back in the hospital! Do you not think that strange?
        (Eq warning possible now…)
        Oh, now Dutch warning

  130. Star48 Jules 104
    Flag from singer Bagdad Iraq..
    ” Kismit ..Stranger in Paradise ”
    beatiful song .

    • Star48.
      Its shaping up thatvway isnt it?
      The Brazil meteor prediction maybe just a day or so away ..soon anyhow ..

      side note Thanks for picking up singers acuracy with Japan quake ..he was onto .

    • I agree Star48. One of these days… In the meantime, praying there really is an invisible force field.🙏🏻🌟💫Didn’t you add an article that talked about that recently?😉

      • Jules104,
        Yes, I did..than Rhona2 sent us info on Cosmic lattice…
        Lots of action and information this month to absorb…
        A little absorbed with Eric situation..not even a quarter to the vial on his fund…it is so disappointed 😔
        I did not want to say anything before but his condition can be very serious..
        ( my grandmother had it and she had complications and did not survive)
        So, I am praying very very hard for him everyday..🙏🏻

  131. jules 104 Star 48
    Its not a biggy but noteworthy
    off coast in Coral sea Qeensland
    2.9m at 10km depth
    Near Cairns high north east queensland
    Im.thinking Loyalty fiji Caladonia swarm is unsettling things up that way ..
    just a hunch ..wouldnt be surprised if Flinders Island gets a 5+m

    • Jules 104
      The clay plate…im still thinking thatvone is another big Japan quake ..and gathering og Americans it could be Thanksgiving but the time is so ambiguous with this prediction and it being so old ..there is some markers but those quakes that were marked happened at a later date are hard to x reference too
      The New Zealand Au ones havent Happened ..that I know of ..
      side note .
      4.6 in Iran near Iraq border ..prob after shock
      175km or so from Bagdad .
      not sure thats a hit I think singer means for one closer to Bagdad with his previous flag .

      • Rhona meant to mentioned there was a 4.1 EQ struck at Baja, CA that wasn’t reported by USGS. I’m pretty sure you made a mention on that area recently. It was on a Dutch video.

  132. Star48
    just read your comment on Eric’s go fund me ..I too Am disappointed ..
    and his condition is quite worrisome he is constantly in my thoughts know first hand how this can be with your grandma ..
    My nephew as well …quite a horrendous journey. praying they can get in top of it .

    • I’m making an executive decision here. Oh wait that’s You Star.😉 Yes sounds good. You start it Star48. Woohoo. Oh hello it’s Rhonas Birthday in Australia today!🤗
      ❣️🎉Happy Birthday Rhona!!🎂🎉

      • Jules 104 Star 48
        Thank you for my birthday wishes ..
        had a grwat day made..heaps of teaabd recived 3 dream catchers thatcfamily made for me feathers abound ..
        even got a gold one from a daughter .
        so beautiful .

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